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Published MMXXII

Written by the author of Sandbox!

Work edit

None of these categories are as discrete as I would like them to be, and that's okay. This is to keep track of works that I have significantly contributed to—whether by proofreading or validating, or by some technical usage that I want to remember. As such, this list is not comprehensive. For that, please see: Special:Contributions/Nmarshall25.

(Anglo-)Catholic edit

...authors edit

  • Index:The Eleventh Virgin (Dorothy Day, 1924)   Not done
    • Lessons: double header row (dhr) template, more careful about parentheses vs brackets, full upload process through Commons, italic block template

...history edit America edit

...saints edit

  • St. Francis of Assisi (G. K. Chesterton, 1923)   Done
    • Lessons: first attempt at transclusion, number subpages with numerals (I, II, &c.), full table of contents, running header maintenance
    • Next: front matter lists works of "Hodder and Stoughton's People's Library" series

Pittsburgh edit

...history edit

Miscellaneous edit

...fiction edit

  • Orley Farm (Serial); Serials 16–18 (Anthony Trollope, 1862)   Done
    • Lessons: standardized formatting across a work, feedback from others edit

...grammar edit

  • Index: Practical Text-Book of Grammatical Analysis (William Stewart Ross, 1870)   Not done
    • Lessons: simple table management and creation, don't be afraid of strange characters
    • Next: see advertisement in back of work for other Thomas Laurie-published educational works

...history edit

...lyrical edit

...technical edit

  • Warfarin (5002) (1994)   Done
    • Lessons: math tag lets you use Template:LaTeX on WS, use other works in series as foundation for formatting if available
    • Next: NIOSH has tons of works already in the index namespace...