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I am an enthusiast for older novels, films, cartoons, and TV shows, and I am the founder of WikiProject Film. At Wikisource I mostly work on transcriptions of public-domain books and films, as Wikisource's coverage of films is very lacking. I also upload lots of film videos to Wikimedia Commons.

I will mercilessly use content from public domain works, sometimes without context or attribution. That's the beauty of the freedoms associated with the public domain.

...I think the movie Night of the Living Dead would be scarier if it had a copyright notice... Now that would legitimately give me nightmares!

Useless stuff for anyone but me:


  The Green C of Completeness
I hereby award you this Letter of Merit for completing all extant PD novels of Olive Higgins Prouty. Inductiveloadtalk/contribs 16:39, 12 April 2021 (UTC)

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Books I'm reading all at onceEdit

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Stuff that pretends to be nonfiction with no basis on realityEdit

Works made by me (all released into the public domain)Edit

Nostalgia (from my younger years)Edit

  • Fantasy Writing (c. 2009), a cute short story I wrote that I only recently discovered in my trove of old papers
  • Armaneens, an unfinished comic book I made cumulatively when I was in middle school
  • Revengers of D'Equois, an unfinished novel I was writing in a notebook in around 8th grade


  • Public Domainism (very haphazardly put together, only a draft now), a joke religion

My Wikisource opinionsEdit

  • I SINCERELY dislike lowercase titles for works. I think title case should be required here. If you were to add a Wikipedia article for a book, for example, a lowercase title would never be acceptable. It just looks really, really weird to me, and this is against convention everywhere else at all except libraries.