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I’m a teacher of intellectual property law in the United States and, since November 2007, an administrator here. Most of my Wikisource projects revolve around United States legal subjects of one sort or another, although periodically I will branch out into other areas. I also work on organizing and tidying some of the more unkempt corners of the site as time allows (which, mostly, it doesn’t).

My Ongoing Projects

  • The United States Statutes at Large, which is the official compilation of all legislation enacted by the U.S. Congress. I maintain a site that hosts scanned page images of the earliest volumes of the Statutes at Large, and I have also placed many of them online at Wikimedia Commons.
    • Current work: Proofreading Volume 1, and identifying common OCR errors in the remaining volumes that may be corrected automatically by User:TarmstroBot.
  • Max Farrand’s The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, a foundational reference for American constitutional law, is available online in a few different versions, but none of them really take advantage of the possibilities of hypertext. (Indeed, some of them are just page scans.) I would ultimately like to see Wikisource’s version become a definitive reference by allowing for easy navigation between (1) the daily narratives of the Constitutional Convention by the participants, (2) the background materials and correspondence collected by Farrand, and (3) Wikipedia-based biographical information about the authors.
    • Current work: Uploaded page scans for all three volumes that are in the public domain in the United States (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3). Now adding text from Volume 3, Appendix A. Once these are complete, I’ll jump back to Volume 1 and begin wikifying the existing entries, then continue adding new ones. (Hamilton’s records have been particularly challenging due to the odd notation he uses, with lots of curly brackets and indentation—see here for a sample—but I’ll aim to reproduce Farrand’s original as closely as possible (and certainly more closely than other online versions of the text).
  • Digitizing legislative history of the Copyright Act of 1976.
  The 1976 House Report is complete and available at Copyright Law Revision (House Report No. 94-1476). Wikisource now has what is, to my knowledge, the only free online repository of the text of this important and frequently cited work.
  The 1975 Senate Report is complete and available at Copyright Law Revision (Senate Report No. 94-473).
  • There are several more volumes of legislative reports, beginning with a series of topic-specific studies that were drafted by request for the Senate Judiciary Committee beginning in the 1950s. Some of those are pretty valuable, and I will try to locate scans that can be hosted here for transcription.

Past Projects


At some point I'll get around to writing Wikipedia articles for those cases listed above that don't already have them, but that's not my highest priority. I'm interested in getting some of the classic Supreme Court copyright cases online here, but there's already a Supreme Court community in existence here and on Wikipedia, so I'll probably direct a fair amount of my attention to what's happening below the Supreme Court level in the Courts of Appeals (which is frequently where the real action is).



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