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WikiProject US Supreme Court

WikiProject U.S. Supreme Court cases aims to improve the collection of United States Supreme Court case documents currently on en.wikisource as well as author pages for the justices.

Progress edit

Phase Task Status
1. Format the cases listed on index page to conform to the project's style manual. Complete on 01/10/06
2. Add the text of every published case to the U.S. Reports. In progress. See the bot's import status.
3. Wikify internal links, including links between cases and other cited material. In progress. Many citations are automatically wikified during import.
4. Categorize cases by topic according to the project guidelines. In progress. Many categories are automatically added during import.
5. Review and proof-read the collection of cases

Getting involved edit

Currently, the project is importing, reviewing, and organizing cases. A partial list of cases is available at Portal:Supreme Court of the United States, and a full list of cases is available at United States Reports.

To-do edit

  1. Import. See the bot import log.
  2. Review each case
    1. Does the page title follow the Wikisource:WikiProject U.S. Supreme Court cases/Case name guide?
    2. Are there any missing concurrences and dissents?
    3. Is there an author indicated in {{header}} for the syllabus, opinion of the court, and each concurrence and dissent?
    4. Are there any missing footnotes?
    5. Are all citations links?
    6. Does the page generally comply with the Manual of Style? see below.
  3. Proof read
  4. Lists of cases
    1. Change links in United States Reports to the case on wikisource. Check against the bot import log.
    2. Add links to Portal:Supreme Court of the United States.
      1. When a court's list gets too long, move that court's list on to a subpage. More information.
    3. Update the U.S. Supreme Court justices' author's pages.
  5. Categorization
    1. Organize all the subcategories in Category:United States Supreme Court decisions by topic.
    2. Identify and add other categories by topic.
    3. Verify that pages in Category:Automated categorization have been properly categorized.
    4. Categorize pages in Category:Uncategorized United States Supreme Court decision.
  6. Other
    1. Add author pages for justices
    2. Change links at wikipedia to link to the wikisource text
    3. Create a standard list of external source links (e.g., template urls with [vol.] and [page])
    4. Disambiguate case names in need of disambiguation

Manual of Style edit

All SCOTUS pages should conform to the following guidelines.

Naming edit

  • xxx v. xxx =title page with general info and syllabus
  • xxx v. xxx/Opinion of the Court =Opinion of the court
  • xxx v. xxx/Concurrence [author's last name] =Concurring opinion, each to have its own page
  • xxx v. xxx/Dissent [authors's last name] =dissenting opinion, each to have its own page
  • xxx v. xxx/Concurrence-dissent [author's last name] = Opinion concurring in part and dissenting in part, each to have its own page
  • xxx v. xxx/Separate [author's last name] = separate opinion, each to have its own page

Headings edit

Long SCOTUS headings at the top of court publications should only be included on syllabus page. That means this thing below must be on the main page but not on the decision pages which should have a simpler heading like "MR. JUSTICE DOUGLAS, concurring."

The long heading looks like this:


408 U.S. 238

Furman v. Georgia

No. 69-5003 Argued: January 17, 1972 --- Decided: June 29, 1972

They should be centered and bold with case name in italics as seen above. This makes for easy reading.

That heading can be created by the {{CaseCaption}} template. Just include the following:

{{CaseCaption <br />
 | court = <br />
 | volume = <br />
 | reporter = <br />
 | page = <br />
 | party1 = <br />
 | party2 = <br />
 | lowercourt = <br />
 | argued = <br />
 | decided = <br />
 | case no = <br />

Page numbers edit

Page numbers are essential to case citation and must be included in brackets in bold to look like the following from Schenck v. United States:

This is an indictment in three counts. The first charges a conspiracy to violate the Espionage Act of June 15, 1917, c. 30, § 3, 40 Stat. 217, 219, by causing and attempting [p49] to cause insubordination, &c., in the military and naval forces of the United States, and to obstruct the recruiting and enlistment service of

Templates edit

At the top of each main page (with syllabus) insert the following:

      | title    = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
      | author   = 
      | section  = Syllabus
      | previous = [[Portal:Supreme Court of the United States|United States Supreme Court]]
      | next     = 
      | notes    = (brief description of case and significance)

and for opinion pages:

      | title    = {{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}
      | author   = (full name of justice as written on Wikipedia) 
      | section  = "Opinion of the Court" or "Concurring Opinion" or "Dissenting Opinion"
      | previous = [[Portal:Supreme Court of the United States|United States Supreme Court]]
      | next     = 
      | notes    = (brief summary of opinion)

then below each of these will go the navigation bar template. for main page:

    |percuriam                   =("yes" only if case decided per curiam)
    |concurrence_author1         =(last name of authoring justice)
    |concurrence_author2         =      ''
    |concurrence_author3         =      ''
    |concurrence_author4         =      ''
    |concurrence_author5         =      ''
    |concurrence_author6         =      ''
    |concurrence_author7         =      ''
    |concurrence_author8         =      ''
    |concurrence-dissent_author1 =      ''
    |concurrence-dissent_author2 =      ''
    |concurrence-dissent_author3 =      ''
    |concurrence-dissent_author4 =      ''
    |dissent_author1             =      ''
    |dissent_author2             =      ''
    |dissent_author3             =      ''
    |dissent_author4             =      ''
    |separate_author1            =      ''
    |separate_author2            =      ''
    |separate_author3            =      ''
    |separate_author4            =      ''
    |linked_cases                =[[w:pagename|citation]]<br>[[w:pagename|citation]] 

Do the same for opinion pages only {{USSCcase}} should be {{USSCcase2}}

Linking edit

Wikify important document names to link to the appropriate wikisource document by placing them in brackets. The first ten ammendments to the constitution which are referenced constantly should link to United States Bill of Rights.

As for linking on the appropriate wikipedia article, link to wikisource like Schenck v. United States using the {{wikisource-inline}} Under the "External links" subsection. The talk page for the template explains how to use it.

Participants edit

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