Waring Ice Cream Parlor manual (012413)/Fruit Ice Cream


FRUIT ICE CREAM is made from either plain or French vanilla ice cream by adding fruit puree and/or fruit pieces to the basic mix. If the fruit is reduced to a puree, it can be added to the mix at the start of the freezing process. If, however, large bite-size pieces of fruit are desired in the finished ice cream, it is better to mix them in by hand at the finish of the freezing process, just prior to hardening. The reason for this is twofold...First, large pieces of fruit tend to clog the slots of the dasher and prevent proper agitation during processing. Second, fruit pieces added at the start of the freezing process are more likely to end up objectionably hard-frozen in the finished ice cream.

The following recipe can be used with any fresh, frozen, or canned fruit, and can be adjusted to suit your preferences with respect to the relative amounts of fruit introduced as a puree at the beginning of the freezing process, and that held aside for hand mixing into the processed cream.



  1. Slice 1 to 2 cups of ripe fruit to bite-size pieces. In a small bowl, combine half of the sugar called for in the basic ice cream recipe you will be using with the fruit slices. Mix fruit and sugar together, cover, and allow to "age" for 24 hours in your refrigerator. During this time the juice of the fruit will combine with the sugar to form a flavored syrup, and enough sugar will infuse into the fruit pieces to help prevent it from freezing solid during the hardening process.
  2. After aging, save aside whatever portion of the fruit you wish to add later as whole pieces, and puree the rest into the syrup. Your Waring Blendor® will puree fruit. Add the pureed fruit and syrup to the basic cream mix just before processing. Mix in the reserved whole pieces by hand, after processing and before hardening.


Allow frozen fruit to defrost and age in refrigerator for 24 hours.

Proceed as in step (2) above for fresh fruit, using 1-2 cups of the defrosted fruit/syrup mixture.


Fruit packed in syrup can be processed as it comes from the can or jar, without additional aging. Use 1-2 cups of chilled and drained fruit and proceed as in step (2) above for fresh fruit.