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Mexico and its reconstruction.djvu

Preface vii
I. Why Mexico Is a Problem 1
II. The Population of Mexico 10
III. The Government of Mexico: Executve Government 28
IV. The Government of Mexico: Elections 42
V. The Government of Mexico: The State and Local Governments 58
VI. Mexican Finance: Foreign Loans and Foreign Claims 66
VII. Mexican Finance: Currency and the Banks 83
VIII. Mexican Finance: Public Income and Expenditure 94
IX. The Mexican Laborer 104
X. The Mexican Laborer: His Contract 114
XI. The Mexican Laborer: His Wages and Demands 135
XII. The Mexican Laborer: His Opportunities 148
XIII. Transportation 161
XIV. Industry and Internal Commerce 175
XV. The Foreign Commerce of Mexico: Before Diaz 187
XVI. The Foreign Commerce of Mexico: The Diaz Régime and after 199
XVII. Colonization 220
XVIII. The Foreigner in Mexico: His Property 239
XIX. The Foreigner in Mexico: His Legal Position 253
XX. The Troublesome Border 271
XXI. Mexican-American Relations 297
Bibliography 311
Index 321