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THE Introduction. Pag. 1
Chap. I. Of Matrimony, the Nature of it, its sacred Original, and the true Intent and Meaning of its Institution; as also how our Notions of it are degenerated, the Obligations of it disregarded, and the Thing it self, as a State of Life, grosly abused. p. 20
Chap. II. Of Matrimonial Chastity, what is to be understood by the Word; a Proof of its being required by the Laws of GOD and Nature, and that wrong Notions of it have possess'd the World. Dr. Taylor's Authority quoted about it. p. 45
Chap. III. Of the End and Reason of Matrimony, and that there is a needful Modesty and Decency requisite, even between a Man and his Wife, after Marriage, the Breaches of which make the first Branch of Matrimonial Whoredom. p. 57
Chap. IV. Of the absolute Necessity of a mutual Affection before Matrimony, in order to the Happiness of a married State, and of the Scandal of marrying without it. p. 95
Chap. V. Of Marrying, and then publicly professing to desire they may have no Children, and of using Means physical or diabolical, to prevent Conception. p. 123
Chap. VI. Of being Over-rul'd by Persuasion, Interest, Influence of Friends, Force, and the like,