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Books noticed: PAGE
Princeton Review 117
"Creed and Deed" (Adler) 117
"Determination of Minerals" (Frazer) 117
"Mound-Making Ants" (Mccook) 117
"Mechanics of Ventilation" (Rafter) 118
"Engineering Construction" (Shields) 118
"Foundations" (Gaudard) 118
"Star-Gazing" (Lockyer) 244
"Spectrum Analysis" (Lockyer) 244
"Epoch of the Mammoth" (Southall) 245
"Essays, Chemical and Geological" (Hunt) 247
"Pottery" (Nichols) 248
"Primitive Property" (Laveleye) 249
"Syllabus of Lectures on Anatomy" (Stowell) 249
"Synoptical Flora of North America" (Gray) 371
American Journal of Mathematics 372
American Journal of Mathematics 752
"Tropical Nature and Other Essays" (Wallace) 373
"the Sugar-Beet in North Carolina" (Le Doux) 375
"Doctrine of a Future Life" (Alger) 375
"Insanity in Ancient and Modern Life" (Tuke) 376
"Boy Engineers" (Lukin) 376
"Intercultural Tillage" (Sturtevant) 376
Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 376
"Chemical Experimentation" (Sadtler) 376
"At the Court of King Edwin" (Leighton) 376
"Adamites and Preadamites" (Winchell) 498
"Principles of Teaching" (Johonnot) 501
"Psycho-Physiological Sciences" 502
"Flowers and Ferns of the United States" (Meehan) 502
"Experimental Science Series" (Mayer) 503
"Matter and Motion" (Maxwell) 503
"Comparative Psychology" (Bascom) 504
"Wisconsin Geological Survey" (Chamberlin) 504
"State Regulation of Vice" (Powell) 504
"Mineralogy" (Collins) 504
"Wheeler's Surveys" 504
"Sanitary Science" (Richardson) 505
"Cerebral Hyperemia (Hammond) 505
"Agriculture" (Tanner) 505
"Music and Musicians" (Grove) 505
"Lessons in Cookery" 625
"Annual Record of Science and Industry" (Baird) 628
"Ethics of Positivism" (Barzellotti) 629
"Elements of Dynamic" (Clifford) 630
"Physical Technics" (Frick) 630
"Current Discussions." II 631
"Ferns of Kentucky" (Williamson) 631
"Survey of the Territories" 631
"Manual of the Apiary" (Cook) 631
"Vertebrates of the Northern States" (Jordan) 631
"Twenty-Five-Cent Dinners" (Corson) 632