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Books noticed: PAGE
Le Favre, Carrica. The Royal Road to Beauty, Health, and a Higher Development 566
Leland, Charles G. Leather Work 276
Lewis, Abram Herbert, D. D. Paganism surviving in Christianity 133
Lilly, William Samuel. The Great Enigma 848
Lodge, Oliver J. Lightning Conductors and Lightning Guards 560
Lubbock, Sir John. The Beauties of Nature 850
Luchsinger, John. The Planting of the Swiss Colony at New Glarus 565
Macdonald, Greville, M. D. Treatise on Diseases of the Nose 277
McKendrick, John Gray. Life in Motion 273
McLaughlin, J. W. Fermentation, Infection, and Immunity 851
Maine State Board of Health. Report 563
Martin, Franklin H. Electricity in Diseases of Women and Obstetrics 851
Maycock, W. Perren. First Book of Electricity and Magnetism 278
Millar, C. C. Hoyer. Florida, South Carolina, and Canadian Phosphates 276
Milling. Periodical 566
Milne. High-school Algebra 134
Moorehead, Warren K. Primitive Man in Ohio 129
Morris, R. Anna. Physical Education in the Public Schools 274
Nadaillac, Marquis de. Manners and Monuments of Prehistoric Peoples 561
National Popular Review. P. C. Remondino, Editor 564
Page, Herbert W. Railway Injuries 709
Parker, T. Jeffrey. Lessons in Elementary Biology 271
Philosophical Society of Washington. Bulletin 276
Physical Education. Luther Gulick, M. D., and James Waismith, Editors 566
Pope, Albert A. A Memorial to Congress on the Subject of a Comprehensive Exhibit of Roads 563
Public Industrial and Art School, Philadelphia. Report 564
Putnam, F. W. Department M of the World's Columbian Exposition 564
Report for 1891 of the Chief of the Weather Bureau 563
Ridgway, Robert. The Hummingbirds 278
Riley, C. V. Directions for Collecting and Preserving Insects 277
Romanes, George John. Darwin and after Darwin, vol. i. 131
Ruschenberger, W. S. W. A Sketch of the Life of Joseph Leidy 564
Salmon, David. Longmans' Object Lessons 562
Schoenhof, J. The Economy of High Wages 272
Sidgwick, Alfred. Distinction and the Criticism of Beliefs 135
Smith, Eugene Allen. Sketch of the. Geology of Alabama 566
Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings 277
Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Ethics, vol. i 127
Stevenson, Thomas, M. D., and Shirley F Murphy, Editors. A Treatise on Hygiene and Public Health, vol. i 275
Stone. Periodical 566
Strange, Daniel. The Farmers' Tariff Manual 559
Tillman, S. E. Heat 418
Torrey, Bradford, Trumbull, M. M. in England 130
Tyndall, John. Fragments of Science 273
United States Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries. Report 566
University of Pennsylvania. Contributions from the Botanical Laboratory 563
Varigny, Henry de. Experimental Evolution 559
Wehl, Theodore. The Coal-tar Colors with Especial Reference to their Injurious Qualities 851
Westland, Albert, M. D. The Wife and Mother 132
Wilson, Daniel. The Lost Atlantis, and other Ethnographic Studies 704
Wright, G. Frederick. Man and the Glacial Period 266
Yatabe, Ryokichi. Iconographia Floræ Japonicæ 564
Zahm, J. A. Sound and Music 708
Struggle Books, Respect for. (Misc.) 569
Botany as a University-extension Study. (Misc.) 573
Boyle, Robert, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 548
Brewster, O. E. The Symmetrical Development of our Young Women 217
Brunton, T. Lauder. On Posture and its Indications* 26
"The Correlation of Structure, Action, and Thought* 749
Buddhistic Carved Figures. (Misc.) 718
Business, Legitimate, Profits of, not too Large. P. F. Hallock 392
"Profits, Are, too Large? J. B. Mann 100