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Books noticed 127
Books noticed 266
Books noticed 414
Books noticed 557
Books noticed 704
Books noticed. 845
Abbott, Lyman, D. D. The Evolution of Christianity 130
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Journal 565
Adams, Charles J. Where is my Dog? 852
Adams, Rev. Myron. Creation of the Bible 705
Adler, Felix. Moral Instruction of Children 414
Allen, Alfred H. Commercial Organic Analysis. Vol. III, Part 2 709
Andrews, Edmund, and Edward W. Rectal and Anal Surgery 851
Atkinson, Edward. Taxation and Work 558
—The Science of Nutrition 417
Barker, George P. Physics, Advanced Course 561
Beal, W. J., and Wheeler, C. F. Michigan flora 565
Beddard, Prank E. Animal Coloration 275
Bendire, Charles. Life Histories of North American Birds 274
Binet, Alfred. Les Alterations de la Personality 557
Black, George Ashton. Shelter, Food, and Clothing 276
Bonney, G. E. Induction Coils 272
Booth, Charles. Pauperism, a Picture, and the Endowment of Old Age 134
Brooks, W. K., and F. H. Herrick. The Embryology and Life History of the Macroura 566
Bubier, E. T., Editor. Questions and Answers about Electricity 417
Burke, Charles G. Cosmography 278
Burt, H. C. A History of Modern Philosophy 850
Bush, George Gary. History of Higher Education in Massachusetts 274
Caldwell. G. C. Elements of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 274
Calmire 419
Carter, Kathleen. Plants and Animals 276
Cathcart, George R. Literary Reader 135
Church, A. J. Pictures from Roman Life and Story 418
Conn, H. W. The Fermentation of Milk 563
Crosby, Oscar T., and Louis Bell. The Electric Railway in Theory and Practice 415
Day, David T. Mineral Resources of the United States. 1889 851
Echoes of the Sunset Club 852
Ellis, Havelock. The Nationalization of Health 848
Endlich, F. M. Manual of Qualitative Blow-pipe Analysis 711
English Classics for Schools 707
Evans, Elizabeth E. The Story of Caspar Hauser 562
Ewart, William, M. D. Cardiac Outlines 276
Ferree, Barre. Comparative Architecture 563
Fessenden, C. E. Elements of Physics 133
Flügel, Ewald. Thomas Carlyle's Moral and Religious Development 129
Foster, Michael, M. D. Text-book of Physiology 710
Galton, Francis. Finger Prints 707
Gannett, Henry. Dictionary of Altitudes in the United States 277
Garner, R. L. The Speech of Monkeys 270
Gaye, Selina. The Great World's Farm 711
Giffen, Robert. The Case against Bimetallism 269
Gomme, George Laurence. Ethnology in Folk Lore 132
Hakes, Harry. The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus 564
Harper, William R., and Frank J. Miller. Six Books of the Æneid of Vergil 134
Haskins, Caryl D. Transformers 271
Hatch, Frederick H. Mineralogy 275
Herndon, William H., and Jesse W. Weik. Abraham Lincoln 846
Hertwig, Oscar. Text-book of the Embryology of Man and Mammals 708
Hill, Robert T. On the Occurrence of Artesian Waters in Texas, New Mexico, and Indian Territory 566
Hiorns, Arthur H. Metal Coloring and Bronzing 849
Hopkins, Louisa P. How shall my Child be taught? 847
—The Spirit of the New Education 847
Hurst, George H. Silk Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing 417
Hyde, William De Witt. Practical Ethics 132
Imperial University, Japan. Journal of the College of Science 564
Industrial Magazine. Mrs. Kittie F. Miller, Editor 567
Jackman, Wilbur S. Nature Study 562
James, William. Psychology 846
Johnson, Amy. Sunshine 418
Jones, E. E. Constance. An Introduction to General Logic 131
Julian, George W. The Life of Joshua R. Giddings 845
Kinney, Rev. Henry C. Why the Columbian Exposition should be opened on Sunday 277
Knight, George W., and John R. Commons. The History of the Higher Education in Ohio 564
Lake Magazine. Periodical 564
Lea, A. Sheridan. The Chemical Basis of the Animal Body 706
Le Conte, Joseph. Plato's Doctrine of the Soul 565
—The Relation of Philosophy to Psychology and to Physiology 565