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Books noticed: PAGE
Hektoen, Ludvig, M. D. The Technique of Post-mortem Examination 852
Hill, David J. Genetic Philosophy 847
Holden, Ward A., M. D. The Outlines of Embryology of the Eye 854
Houston, Edwin J. Outlines of Forestry 705
Howard, B. Douglas. Life with Trans-Siberian Savages 420
Howells, W. D., and others. The Niagara Book 562
Hulme, P. Edward. The Birth and Development of Ornament 273
Huxley, Thomas H. Essays, Vols. I, II, and III 850
Jackson, S. Commercial Arithmetic 135
Jenkins, Oliver P. Primary Lesson in Human Physiology 276
—Advanced Lessons in Human Physiology 276
Jenner, William. Lectures and Essays on Fever and Diphtheria 849
Johns Hopkins University. Studies in the Biological Laboratory. Volume V, No. 2 134
Johnston, W. J. Elementary Treatise on Analytical Geometry 420
Jones, George William. Logarithmic Tables 709
Juglar, Clement. A Brief History of Panics 133
Kemp, James F. The Ore Deposits of the United States 560
Kirk, Hyland C. The Revolt of the Brutes 562
Kirkpatrick, E. A. Inductive Psychology 563
Lachlan, R. Elementary Treatise on Modern Pure Geometry 275
Laurie, S. S. John Amos Comenius 135
Lecky, W. E. H. A History of Ireland in the Eighteenth Century 271
Lee, Rawdon B. A History and Description of the Modern Dogs (Sporting Division) of Great Britain and Ireland 851
Leffmann and Beam. A System of Analysis of Milk and Milk Products 853
Lesquereux, Leo. The Flora of the Dakota Group 277
Letters from Queensland 274
Lewis, B. B. The Cosmic Ether and its Problems 419
Lord, John. Two German Giants: Frederick the Great and Bismarck 703
Love, A. E. H. Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity 565
McAulay, A. Utility of Quaternions in Physics 854
McIlvaine, Charles. The Deadly and Minor Poisons of Toadstools 419
McKendrick, John Gray, M. D., and William Snodgrass, M. B. The Physiology of the Senses 272
Maginnis, Arthur J. The Atlantic Ferry 421
Martin, Horace T. Castorologia, or the History and Traditions of the Canadian Beaver 563
Mayer, I. H., M. D. Domestic Economy 705
Merrill, F. J. H. The Salt and Gypsum Industries of New York 418
Meyer, Bertha. The Child, Physically and Mentally 853
Miers, H. A., and R. Crosskey. The Soil in Relation to Health 129
Migula, Dr. W. An Introduction to Practical Bacteriology for Physicians, Chemists, and Students 129
Milne, William J. Standard Arithmetic 275
Minnesota Geological and Natural History Survey. Twentieth Annual Report 134
Missouri Botanical Garden. Fourth Annual Report 130
Mitchell, Clifford, M. D. A Clinical Study of Diseases of the Kidney 129
Mivart, St. George. American Types of Animal Life 703
Morrow, John T., and Thorburn Reid. The Arithmetic of Magnetism and Electricity 853
Murphy, Joseph John. Natural Selection and Spiritual Freedom 561
Newell, Jane H. Reader in Botany. Part II 276
Newhall, Charles S. The Shrubs of Northeastern America 127
Newton, Alfred, and Hans Gadow. A Dictionary of Birds 559
Nisbet, John. British Forest Trees and their Sylvicultural Characteristics and Treatment 272
Orr, Henry B. A Theory of Development and Heredity 849
Orum, Julia A. The Orum System of Voice Education 276
Owen, Francis Browning. Columbian and other Poems 136
Parker, T. Jeffery. William Kitchen Parker, F. R. A. S. 852
Poore, George Vivian, M. D. Essays on Rural Hygiene 558
Raymond, George Lansing. The Genesis of Art Form 415
Ricks, George. Object Lessons and How to give them 851
Riggs, Stephen Return. A Dakota English Dictionary 277
Ripley, William Zebrina. The Financial History of Virginia 133
Rockwell, Julius Ensign. Shorthand Instruction and Practice 564
Rorer, Mrs. S. T., Editor. Household News 131
Roscoe, Henry, and Joseph Lunt. Inorganic Chemistry for Beginners 705
Russell, J. W. Elementary Treatise on Pure Geometry 275