Popular Science Monthly/Volume 27/Index

I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles 308
Aërial Navigation 696
Aërial Navigation, Recent Progress in 296
Africanized, are We to Become? 145
Aged, Hygiene of the 389
Air-Breathers, The Oldest 395
Allen, J. Antisell 117
Alloys, Coinage 137
American Air, Alleged Nerve-Exciting Properties of 141
Animals, Arctic, Color of 423
Ant, The White 735
Antipathies 137
Archæological Frauds 308
Arctic Exploration and its Object 78
Aryan Origins 138
Association, The American 423
Association, The British 423
Astronomers, Some Self-Made 340

Banking, National, The Future of 491
Bark Dresses 566
Barnard, Dr. W. T. 577
Barnard, Dr. W. T. 768
Barr, James, M.D. 503
Barre, M. L. 544
Bathing, The Objects of 431
Beecher on Evolution 412
Beet-Sugar, Sorghum And, in the United States 425
Behrens, Dr. W. J. 595
Benedict, W. R. 66
Benedict, W. R. 15
Berthelot, Pierre E. 113
Biology, Recent Progress in 664
Birds' Nests, The Edible, Structure of 431
Blondes and Brunettes 861
Boaz, Dr. Franz 78
Book, Concerning the Suppressed 433
Book Notices:
"American Political Ideas" (Fiske) 122
"The Nature and Reality of Religion" (Spencer, Harrison, and D'Alviella) 123
"Land-Laws of Mining Districts" (Shinn) 124
"Mining-Camps" (Shinn) 124
"The Jukes" (Dugdale) 124
"A Popular Exposition of Electricity" (Brennan) 124
"The Care of Infants" (Jex-Blake) 125
"Climatic Maps of the United States" (Denison) 125
"Controlling Sex in Generation" (Terry) 125
"The National Dispensatory" (Stille and Maisch) 125
"Occult Science in India" (Jacoliot) 126
"The Sanitary Engineer" (Meyer) 126
"Johns-Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science" 127
"One Hundred Years of Publishing" 127
"The Mentor" (Ayres) 127
"The Next Step of Progress" (Keyser) 127
"School-Keeping" (Orcut) 127
"Diluvium; Or, The End of the World" (Pidgeon) 127
"Ingglish Az She Iz Spelt" (Federheld) 128
"Practical Work in the School-Room" 128
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking-Glass" (Carroll) 128
"Serapis" (Ebers) 128
"The Wane of An Ideal" (Colombi) 128
"The Canadian Record of Science" 128
"Shadows" (Wetherbee) 129
"Maryland's Influence Upon Land Cessions to the United States" (Adams) 129
"Egypt and Babylon" (Rawlinson) 129
"Van Nostrand's Engineering Magazine" 129
"Proposed Plan for a Sewerage System" (Gray) 130
"Tables, Meteorological and Physical" (Guyot) 130
"The Ornithologist and Oologist" 130
"Our Bodies; Or, How We Live" (Blaisdell) 131
"Stories by American Authors" 131
"Jelly-Fish, Star-Fish, and Sea-Urchins" (Romanes) 272
"Geology and the Deluge" (Argyll) 273
"The Rescue of Greely" (Schley and Soley) 273
"In the Lena Delta" (Melville) 273
"Mind-Reading and Beyond" (Hovey) 274
"The Patriarchal Theory" (McLlennan) 275
"United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries," Report, 1882 275
"United States Life-Saving Service," Report, 1883 276
"Researches on Solar Heat," Etc. (Langley) 276
"The Stars and Constellations" (Hill) 276
"The 'Quincy Methods' Illustrated" (Partridge) 277
"Mortality Experience, Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company" 277
"Vertebrata of The Tertiary Formations" (Cope) 277
"The Ten Laws of Health" (Black) 278
"Observatorio Nacional Argentino, Resultados" (Gould) 279
"Distribution of Products" (Atkinson) 280
"Paradise Found" (Warren) 280
"The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences" (Clifford) 415
"Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College" (Pickering) 415
"The Chemistry of Cookery" (Williams) 417
"The Text-Book of Hygiene" (Robe) 417
"The Microtomist's Vade-Mecum" (Lee) 417
"The Diamond Lens" (O'Brien) 418
"The Life of Society" (Brown) 418
"The Limits of Stability of Nebulous Planets" (Kirkwood) 418
"Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station," Report, 1884 (Lazenby) 418
"Introduction to the Study of the Compounds of Carbon" (Remsen) 419
"Geology of the Virginias" (Rogers) 419
"Introduction to Practical Chemistry" (Bowman) 419
"Fallacy of the Present Theory of Sound" (Mott) 420
"School Bulletin Year-Book" (Bardeen) 420
"Obiter Dicta" 420
"The Sun and His Phenomena" (Webb) 420
"A Catalogue of Chemical Periodicals" (Bolton) 421
"Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington" 421
"How Should I Pronounce?" (Phyfe) 421
"The Lenapé Stone" (Mercer) 421
"Transactions of the New York State Medical Association," 1884 (Flint) 556
"Representative American Orators" (Johnston) 557
"Afghanistan and the Anglo-Russian Dispute" (Rodenbough) 557
"An Inglorious Columbus" (Vining) 558
"Assyriology" (Brown) 558
"Local Institutions in Virginia" (Ingle) 559
"Geology of the Comstock Lode and the Washoe District" (Becker) 559
"Comstock Mining and Miners" (Lord) 559
"Contributions to the Fossil Flora of the Western Territories" (Lesquereux) 560
"Madam How and Lady Why" (Kingsley) 560
"Photo-Micrography" (Malley) 561
"The Occult World" (Sinnett) 561
"Russia Under the Tzars" (Stepniak) 561
"Report of the United States Geological Survey," 1881, 1882 (Powell) 561
"Tables to Facilitate Chemical Calculations" (Ditmar) 562
"Contributions to North American Ethnology" 562
"The Lenapé and Their Legends" (Brinton) 563
"Humboldt's Philosophic Grammar of American Languages" (Brinton) 563
"The Protestant Faith" (Olmstead) 563
"Man's Birthright" (Clark) 564
"Hegel's Æsthetics" (Kedney) 564
"The Invalid's Tea-Tray" (Brown) 564
"Materials for German Prose Composition" (Buchheim) 564
"On Oxygen as a Remedial Agent" (Wallian) 565
"Scientific Culture and Other Essays" (Cooke) 701
"The Religious Aspect of Philosophy" (Royce) 702
"The French Revolution" (Taine) 704
"The Morals of Christ" (Bierbower) 704
"The History of the Present Tariff" (Taussig) 704
"The History of the Surplus Revenue of 1837" (Bourne) 705
"Proceedings of the Colorado Scientific Society for 1883 and 1884" 705
"The Museum" 705
"Symbolism and Science" (Smith) 705
"Lessons in Hygiene" (Cutter) 705
"Christian Thought" (Deems) 706
"Account of the Progress in Zoölogy in 1883" (Gill) 706
"Archæological Institute of America," Report, 1884, 1885 706
"Proceedings of the Modern Language Association of America," 1884 706
"Notes on the Literature of Explosives" (Munroe) 706
"Elephant Pipes" (Putnam) 707
"Mushrooms of America" (Palmer) 707
"A Course of Practical Instruction in Botany" (Bower and Vines) 707
"The Basic Pathology and Specific Treatment of Diphtheria," Etc. (Ziegler) 707
"Theory and Practice of Topographical Surveying" (Johnston) 707
"Lineal Measures of Semi-Civilized Nations" (Brinton) 708
"Magnetism of Iron and Steel Ships" (Lyons) 708
"The Religion of Philosophy" (Perrin) 708
"Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 1882 to 1884" 709
"Sanitary Suggestions on Disinfection" (Palmer) 709
"The Filth Power" (Olcott) 709
"Mind in Nature" 709
"Remarks Upon Chipped Stone Implements" (Putnam) 709
"Contagiousness of Tuberculosis" (Webb) 709
"Foul Brood" (Jones) 710
"Bulletins of the United States Geological Survey" 710
"Ethical Culture" (Weston) 710
"The Sanitary Monitor" (Winn) 710
"Architectural Studies" 710
"The Abdominal Brain" (Bedell) 711
"A New Philological Theory" (Mogyorosi) 711
"Collected Essays on Political and Social Science" (Sumner) 847
"The Microscope in Botany" (Behrens) 848
"The Treatment of Opium-Addiction" (Mattison) 849
"The Field of Disease: Preventive Medicine" (Richardson) 849
"The Windmill as a Prime Mover" (Wolff) 849
"Proceedings of the United States National Museum," 1884 850
"Local Institutions of Maryland" (Wilhelm) 850
"United States Life-Saving Service," Report, 1884 850
"Catalogue of Scientific and Technical Periodicals" (Bolton) 851
"Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota" (Winchell) 852
"Life of Frank Buckland" (Bompas) 852
"Forests and Forestry in Poland," Etc. (Brown) 852
"Magneto- and Dynamo-Electric Machines" (De Cew) 852
"Lectures on The Science and Art of Education" (Payne) 853
"Lectures on Teaching" (Fitch) 853
"Talks Afield" (Bailey) 853
"Lessons in Elementary Practical Physics" (Stewart) 853
"The Nature of Mind" (Prince) 854
"Outlines of Psychology" (Lotze) 854
"On Teaching" (Calderwood) 854
"Properties of Matter" (Tait) 854
"Theory and Practice of Teaching" (Thring) 855
"Bureau of Labor Statistics, Illinois," Report, 1884 855
Brazilian Oranges 429
Brehm, Dr. Alfred E. 234
Brehm, Dr. Alfred E. 263
Brehm, Dr. Alfred E. 625
Bronzes, Modern 536
Brooks, Professor W. K. 15
Building and Ornamental Stones of the United States 520
Butcher's Meat and Headaches 428

Canada, The Mediterranean of 222
Cardinal Pitri on Scientific Studies 283
Carpets, Persian 428
Chaldean, The, Lunar Cycle 143
Champagne, Making 137
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 81
Chemistry, The, of Cookery 259
Chevreul, M., Sketch of 548
Cholera, Prevention of 25
Climate and Vegetation 430
Clothes Question, The, Another Side To 428
Coal-Dust and Mine-Explosions 858
Coal-Dust in Fire-Damp Explosions 714
Coal, The, Question, A Scientific View of 63
Coinage Alloys 137
Colonies, Lost, of America 40
Color and Flavor, Relation of, in Fruits and Vegetables 140
Color of Arctic Animals 423
Colors, Photographing 430
Colors, The Physiology of 683
Conductors, Do Insulated, Attract Lightning? 574
Continents, Denudation of the 430
Cookery, The Chemistry of 81
Cookery, The Chemistry of 259
Cope, Professor Edward D. 605
Cope, Professor Edward D. 789
Coral Islands, Life on 860
Corn, Hulled, and Samp 118
Corona, on the Solar 755
Correction 566
Correspondence 117
Correspondence 696
Corrupt Legislation 425
Crickets and "Hair-Snakes" 136
Crime, Madness and 425
Currency of the Cannibal Islands 137
Curtis, H. H. 96

Darwin, The, Memorial 532
Daubrée, M. A. 819
De Laveleye, A Rejoinder to M. 188
De Laveleye, Emile 165
Denudation of the Continents 430
Development Theory, The, Ethics and 368
Diet in Relation to Age and Activity 322
Diet in Relation to Age and Activity 509
Disease, Tissue-Selection in the Genesis of 836
Disinfectants, Comparative Value of 285
Disinfectants, Sulphurous, Use of 218
Dogs' Tongues, Medical Virtues of 715
Drummond, Professor Henry 735
Duk-Duk, The 572
Dusts, Industrial, Dangers from 570
Dust, was it Volcanic or Cosmic? 575

Earthquake Phenomena 356
Earthquakes, A Study of Recent 819
Earthquakes, Effect of, on Buildings 134
Edible Birds' Nests, The Structure of 431
Editor's Table 118
Editor's Table 268
Editor's Table 410
Editor's Table 553
Editor's Table 696
Editor's Table 844
Education, an Experiment in Primary 468
Education, an Experiment in Primary 614
Education, Liberty In 268
Education, Officialism In 554
Eels, The Mystery of 569
Electricity, Atmospheric, Source of 134
Emigration from the Old World 569
Energy, The, of Life Evolution 789
Epilepsy, A Chinese View of 862
Eskimos in Ancient New Jersey 567
Essex Institute, Fifty Years of the 132
Ethical Science, Training In 96
Ethics and the Development Theory 368
Eucalyptus, Malaria and the 856
Evolution, Beecher on 412
Experiment, An, in Primary Education 468
Experiment, An, in Primary Education 614

Facts, The Study of 699
Fallacies About Mines 566
Fauna, The, of the Sea-Shore 623
Felts, Why Wool 133
Fernald, F. A. 360
Fernald, F. A. 638
Fig, Fructification of the 117
Fire, How Yakuts Make a 427
Floras, How, are Changing 423
Flour, "Whole Wheat," Food-Value of 718
Flowers, Insect Fertilization of 595
Flower, W. H., F.R.S. 195
Frankland, Professor Edward, M.D. 289
Franklin, Selim M. 661
Frauds, Archæological 308
Frazer, James G. 668
Fruit, Value of, as Food 715
Fuel, The, of the Future 207

Gambling at Monte Carlo 571
Gannett, Henry 145
Gas-Wells, Natural, The Pittsburg 712
Genius and Insanity 447
Germ-Life, Pasteur's Researches In 86
Ghost, The Primitive, and his Relations 668
Gitzycki, Georg Von 368
Glacial Period, The, Temperature of 573
Gore, G. 63
Grote, Augustus E., A.M. 246
Grote, Augustus E., A.M. 377
Gutter-Stones, The Vegetation of 717

Hair, Changes in the Color of the 138
"Hair-Snakes," Crickets and 136
Haliburton, R. G. 40
Hanging, The Mechanics of 503
Harp-Seal, The, in the St. Lawrence River 140
Hatch, Mrs. E. D. W. 831
Headaches, Butcher's-Meat and 428
Health, The Weather and 141
Hens and Eggs, British 426
Herbs, Poisonous and Medicinal, in India 718
Herzog, Herr C. 311
Highway, A, in the Himalayas 139
Holden, Edward S. 401
Huggins, William 755
Hutton, R. H. 800
Huxley, Professor 532
Hygiene of the Aged 389

Iles, George 51
Illiteracy As A Source of National Danger 118
India, Poisonous and Medicinal Herbs In 718
Industrial Education in Common Schools 712
Inebriety, Religion and 427
Insanity, Genius and 447
Insect Fertilization of Flowers 595
Iridium, The Manufacture and Applications of 142
Iron-Ore Bed, How An, was Formed 135

Jacobi, Dr. Mary Putnam 468
Jacobi, Dr. Mary Putnam 614
Jules Verne As A Scientific Authority 135

Keen, William W., M.D. 1
Kerosene, Concerning 252
Kesteven, W. Henry 836
King Country, The, and the Maoris 567
Kinley, Isaac 117

Lagrange, E. 340
Lancaster, I. 696
Langley, Professor S. P. 401
Langley, Professor S. P. 643
Lankester, E. Ray 664
Laughlin, J. Laurence, Ph.D. 31
Laveleye, A Rejoinder to M. De 188
Laveleye, Emile De 165
Leaves, on 344
Leaves, on 479
Legislation, Corrupt 425
Leland, E. R. 491
Liberty in Education 268
Life Evolution, The Energy of 789
Life, Restoration of 861
Literary Notices 122
Literary Notices 272
Literary Notices 415
Literary Notices 556
Literary Notices 701
Literary Notices 847
Locust, How The, Lays its Eggs 696
Lubbock, Sir John 344
Lubbock, Sir John 479
Lubricants, Theory of 139

Madness and Crime 425
Malaria and the Eucalyptus 856
Malarious Countries, Tommasi-Crudeli On 785
Man and the Other Vertebrates, Origin of 605
Man, Can He Be Modified by Selection? 15
Maple-Sugar, Early Mention of 287
Masai Land, Social Life In 857
Mascart, M. E. 683
Master, A Very Old 103
Medical Education, The Present Aspect of 589
Medico-Legal, The, Society 282
Mediterranean, The, of Canada 222
Memorial, The Darwin 532
Merrill, George P. 520
"Metaphysical, The, Society" 800
Mine-Explosions, Coal-Dust and 858
Mines, Fallacies About 566
Mole, The, A Friend to Man 284
Monkeys, The Ways of 234
Morality, The Science of 661
Morton, S. T. 334
Moseley, Professor H. N. 623
Moths and Moth-Catchers 246
Moths and Moth-Catchers 377
Mussulman Industries, Decline of 138
Mystery, A, of the Growth of Trees Explained 424

Nachtigal, Dr. Gustav, Sketch of 691
Navigation, Aërial 696
Navigation, Aërial, Recent Progress In 296
Nervous System, The, and Consciousness 66
Nervous System, The, and Consciousness 150
New Guinea, Arts and Customs In 573
New Jersey, Ancient, Eskimos In 567
Newton, Professor H. A., Sketch of 840
Niagara Falls, Changes At 857
Notes 143
Notes 287
Notes 432
Notes 575
Notes 719
Notes 863
Nursey, Perry F. C. E. 536

Obesity 284
Official Science at Washington 844
Officialism in Education 554
One Hundred Years, How to Live 574
Opium, an Experience with 334
Oranges, Brazilian 429
Oranges in Palestine 575
Origin of Man and the Other Vertebrates 605
Origins, Aryan 138
Oxley, J. MacDonald 222

Pacific Coast Panthers 286
Paint, "Anti-Fouling," for Ships 571
Palestine, Oranges In 575
Palmer, Charles B. 696
Panthers, Pacific Coast 286
Pasteur's Researches in Germ-Life 86
Peat, Formation of 716
Peat-Smoke as an Antiseptic 861
Peckham, Professor S. F. 252
Pettenkofer, Max Von 25
Persian Carpets 429
Philosophy, A Test of 121
Photographing Colors 430
Pigments, Spectro-Photometric Study of 142
Pitri, Cardinal, on Scientific Studies 283
Plants, The Early Study of 750
Plant-Tissues, Contraction of, by Cold 862
Poisoning, Deaths by 140
Political Economy, Methods of Teaching 31
Political Tendency, A Pernicious 410
Pompeii, Interesting Finds In 860
Popular Miscellany 132
Popular Miscellany 282
Popular Miscellany 423
Popular Miscellany 566
Popular Miscellany 712
Popular Miscellany 856

Races, American, The Identity of 568
Races, Evolution of Warlike and of Peaceful 283
Railroads, Telegraphs, and Civilization 311
Railway Managers and Employés, The Relations of 577
Railway Managers and Employés, The Relations of 768
Rats, A Story of Two 713
Rat, The Trading 831
Recess, The Value of 285
Refuse, Household and City, Cremation of 286
Religion and Inebriety 427
Religion Without Dogma 51
Research, Private Encouragement of 567
Richardson, Dr. B. W. 541

Sahara, Observations in the 715
Samp and Hulled Corn 118
Sanitarium, A Great Winter 289
Scholarships, The New Tyndall 553
School-Keeping, Suggestions On 134
Schools of Fifty Years Ago and of To-Day 282
Science, English Board-School 713
Science, New Chapters in the Warfare of 721
Science, Official, at Washington 844
Science versus Immorality 696
Scientific, A, Commonplace Book 716
Sea-Shore, The Fauna of the 623
Selection, Can Man Be Modified By? 15
Sewage, Water Purification of 568
Sharp-Shooting, Savage 569
Ships, "Anti-Fouling" Paint for 571
Siberia and the Exiles 625
Sirup, Water-Melon 424
Sleep, How To, Well 431
Smoking, Toxic Effects of 136
Socialism, de Laveleye On 270
"Society, The Metaphysical" 800
Soil-Ferment, The 283
Sorghum and Beet Sugar in the United States 425
Spelling, How, Damages the Mind 638
Spencer, Herbert 188
Star-Fish Life, Curiosities of 360
Spreading it Too Thin 413
State, The, versus the Man 165
Stevens, Professor W. Le Conte 296
Stones, Building and Ornamental, of the United States 520
Sully, James 447
Sun and Moon, Enlargement of The, at the Horizon 717
Sunlight and the Earth's Atmosphere 643
Superstitions, Celtic 862

Tarr, Ralph S. 356
Teak-Tree, The, and its Timber 572
Teeth, Mutilations of the 858
Telephony, Underground, Difficulties of 717
Temperature of the Glacial Period 573
Thompson, Sir H. 322
Thompson, Sir H. 509
Thompson, William Gilman, M.D. 589
Time-Reckoning, Curiosities of 544
Tissandier, G. 218
Tissue-Selection in the Genesis of Disease 836
Toads, Spade-Foot 133
Tommasi-Crudeli on Malarious Countries, and their Reclamation 785
Trees, A Mystery of the Growth of, Explained 424
Tunnels, Increase of Temperature In 859
Tyndall, John 86

Vegetation, Climate and 430
Vegetation, The, of Gutter-Stones 717
Vital Tenacity, Measures of 541
Vivisection, our Recent Debts To 1
Von Pettenkofer, Max 25

Wales, The Prince of 532
War, Curious Excuses for 555
Wardman, George 207
Water-Melon Sirup 424
Water-Purification of Sewage 568
Watson, L. H., M.D. 389
Weather, The, and Health 141
Whales, Past and Present 195
White, Andrew D. 721
Williams, W. Mattieu 81
Williams, W. Mattieu 259
Winter Sanitarium, A Great 289
Wires, Underground, and Atmospheric Electricity 857
Wool, Why it Felts 133

Yakuts, How, Make A Fire 427
Youmans, Edward L. 433
Youmans, Eliza A. 750