Popular Science Monthly/Volume 28/Index

I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles C, M.D. 635
Acclimatization 507
Agatized Wood of Arizona 362
Agricultural Colleges, Popularizing 568
Alaska, The Native Tribes of 286
Allen, Grant 73
Allen, Grant 334
Allen, Grant 596
All the World Akin 377
American History, A New Field of 371
Anæsthesia, Local, Prolongation of 283
Anæsthetics, Ancient 573
Analogy, A Significant 268
Andrews, Miss E. F. 779
Apes, the Man-like, External Form of 736
Arbor-Day 689
Arctic Exploration, Opposing Views of 427
Arctic Soil, Frozen, Depth of 857
Art, the Teacher's, How to Exalt 569
Association, the American, Chemistry at 136
Association, the American, Physics at 138
Association, the American, Mechanical Science at 140
Association, the American, Geology at 284
Association, the British 141
Astronomy, Women in 534
Audition, Colored 717

Bacteria and Surgical Lesions 857
Baths, Vapor-and Hot-Air 565
Beecher's Position on Evolution 554
Beet-Sugar, Production of, in Germany 424
Biological Teaching in Colleges 577
Birds, Arctic, The Social Life of 209
Bishop's Ring around the Sun 466
Blind Men's Dreams 139
Blunders, Catholic, A Catholic on 123
Books noticed:
"Modern Science and Modern Thought" (Laing) 125
"Prehistoric Fishing" (Rau) 126
"Town Geology" (Heilprin) 127
"Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada" 128
"The Copper-bearing Rocks of Lake Superior" (Irving) 128
"Older Mesozoic Flora of Virginia" (Fontaine) 129
"The Q. P. Index" for 1884 129
"Commercial Organic Analysis" (Allen) 129
"Insomnia" (Lyman) 129
"List of Tests" (Wilder) 129
"Descriptive America" (Brockett) 130
"Symbolic Algebra" (Cain) 130
"Testing Machines" (Abbott) 130
"Recent Progress in Dynamo-Electric Machines" (Thompson) 130
"Stadia-Surveying" (Winslow) 130
"The Steam-Engine Indicator" (Le Van) 130
"The Figure of the Earth" (Roberts) 130
"Healthy Foundations for Houses" (Brown) 130
"Maps of the Dominion of Canada" (Langevin) 130
"Notes from the Physiological Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania" (Randolph and Dixon) 130
"American Newspaper Annual" (Ayer & Son) 131
"How to drain a House" (Waring) 131
"Ballooning" (May) 131
"The Lock-Jaw of Infants" (Hartigan) 131
"Malthus and his Work" (Bonar) 132
"Report of Smithsonian Institution, 1883" 132
"Cholera" (Stillé) 132
"Silver-Lead Deposits of Eureka, Nevada" (Curtis) 132
"Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences" 133
"Dinocerata" (Marsh) 133
"Paleontology of the Eureka District" (Walcott) 134
"Manual of Phonography" (Pitman and Howard) 134
"Chemical Problems" (Stammer) 134
"Exercises for translating into German" (Lodeman) 134
"A Text-Book on Nursing" (Weeks) 272
"The Study of Political Economy" (Laughlin) 272
"Philosophic Series" (McCosh) 273
"Report on the Illuminating Quality of Oils" (Castle) 273
"The Azoic System"' (Whitney and Wadsworth) 274
"The Grimké Sisters" (Birney) 274
"Report of Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station" (Goessmann) 275
"Placer-Mines and Mining-Ditches" (Williams) 275
"Influence of the Proprietors in founding the State of New Jersey" (Scott) 275
"Natural Co-ordination as evinced in Organic Evolution" (Eraser) 276
"Population by Ages" (Landsberg) 277
"The Minting of Gold and Silver" (Williams) 277
"The Modification of Plants by Climate" (Crozier) 277
"Report of New York Bureau of Statistics of Labor for 1884" (Peck) 278
"Phonetic Text-Books" (March, Vickroy, Burnz, Leigh, Longley, and Pitman) 278
"Zoölogic Whist and Zoönomia" (Kirk) 279
"The Tehuantepec Ship-Railway" (Corthell) 279
"Papers of the American Historical Association," Nos. 1 and 2 279
"Studies in General History, etc" (White) 279
"Efficiency and Duration of Incandescent Electric Lamps" 279
"Transactions of the Academy of Science, Kansas City, Missouri" 279
"The Hoosier Naturalist" (Jones and Trouslot) 280
"Aims and Methods of the Teaching of Physics" (Wead) 280
"Ecclesiastical Institutions" (Spencer) 412
"Physical Expression" (Warner) 413
"Recent American Socialism" (Ely) 414
"Planting Trees in School-Grounds," etc 414
"Offices of Electricity in the Earth" (Philbrook) 415
"Origin of Species" (Philbrook) 415
"Niagara Park Illustrated" (Rhine) 415
"History and Management of Land Grants for Education" (Knight) 415
"City School Systems in the United States" (Philbrick) 416
"The Boys' and Girls' Pliny" (White) 416
"Twenty-five Years with the Insane" (Putnam; 416
"The Co-operative Commonwealth" (Gronlund) 416
"The Blood-Covenant" (Trumbull) 417
"Mind-Cure on a Material Basis" (Titcomb) 417
"Methods of Research in Microscopical Anatomy and Embryology" (Whitman) 418
"Report on Forestry" (Egleston) 418
"The German Verb-Drill" (Dreyspring) 418
"Lectures on House-Drainage" (Putnam) 418
"Guide to Sanitary House Inspection" (Gerhard) 418
"Marvels of Animal Life" (Holder) 419
"Rudder Grange" (Stockton; 419
"The Last Meeting" (Matthews) 419
"The Commonwealth of Georgia" (Henderson) 419
"Life and Correspondence of Louis Agassiz" (Agassiz) 556
"Scientific Theism" (Abbot) 558
"Polysynthesis and Incorporation in American Languages" (Brinton) 559
"Consanguineous Marriages" (Withington) 559
"Bad Times" (Wallace) 559
"Overpressure in Schools" (Robertson) 560
"Sanitary Science and Public Hygiene" (Robertson) 560
"American Constitutions" (Davis) 560
"Report of New York Agricultural Experiment Station" 561
"Italian Popular Tales" (Crane) 561
"Two Years in the Jungle" (Hornaday) 561
"Journal of the American Akadémé" (Wilder) 561
"A Political Crime" (Gibson) 562
"Something about Natural Gas" (Thurston) 562
"A Mortal Antipathy" (Holmes) 562
"Milk Analysis and Infant Feeding" (Meigs) 562
"A Text-Book of Medical Chemistry" (Bartley) 563
"Saxe Holme Stories" 563
"A Wheel of Fire" (Bates) 563
"Bird-Ways" (Müller) 563
"The Heart, and how to Take Care of it" (Hale) 563
"Gray's Botanical Text-Book, Vol. II" 703
"French Dishes for American Tables" (Caron) 705
"Railroad Transportation" (Hadley) 705
"The Philosophy of Education" (Tait) 706
"Rational Communism" 706
"The Will" (Eckstein) 706
"Heating and Ventilation" (Curtman) 706
"Joint-Diseases" (Willard) 707
"Surgical Treatment of Infants" (Willard) 707
"The Prehistoric Palace of the Kings of Tiryns" (Schliemann) 707
"Brain-Rest" (Corning) 708
"Report of Drainage and Water-Supply of Chicago" 708
"National Conference of State Boards of Health" 708
"The Annals of the Cakchiquels" (Brinton) 709
"Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1881-'82" (Powell) 709
"Modern Molding and Pattern-Making" (Mullin) 709
"Dictionary of Music and Musicians" (Grove) 709
"The Journal of Physiology" (Foster) 710
"Revision of the Palæocrinoidia" (Wachsmuth and Springer) 710
"Writings of Isaac Lea, LL.D." (Scudder) 710
"Bulletin of the Sedalia Natural History Society" 710
"Bulletin of the Minnesota Academy of Natural Sciences" 710
"The System of High Licenses" (Thomann) 711
"An Iron Crown" 711
"The Fixed Idea of Astronomical Theory" (Tischner) 711
"Free Cities in the Middle Ages" (Klemm) 711
"Manual of American Land-Shells" (Binney) 711
"Results of Ornithological Explorations" (Stejneger) 711
"Reception-Day," No. 4 711
"Notes on the Opium-Habit" (Meylert) 711
"Introduction to the Study of Chemistry" (Remsen) 843
"Class Interests" 844
"Problems in Philosophy" (Bascora) 845
"Japanese Homes and their Surroundings" (Morse) 846
"The New Agriculture" (Cole) 847
"Price-List of Smithsonian Publications" 847
"The Mammalia" (Schmidt) 848
"Protection versus Free Trade" (Hoyt) 848
"The Raising and Management of Poultry" 848
"Scarlet Fever" (Comstock) 848
"Catholic Historical Researches" (Lambing) 849
"Evolution and Religion" (Beecher) 849
"Introspective Insanity" (Hamilton) 849
"Crystallization in Washoe Rocks" (Hague and Iddings) 849
"Ericsson's Destroyer and Submarine Gun" (Jaques) 850
"The Evolution of Revelation" (Whiton) 850
"Syllabus of Instinction in Biology" (Fall) 850
"Marlborough" (Saintsbury) 850
"Household Remedies" (Oswald) 850
"State Mineralogist of California, Report" 850
"War and Peace" (Tolstoi) 851
"Botany of the Rocky Mountain Region" (Coulter) 851
"Biological Studies, Johns Hopkins University" (Martin and Brooks) 851
"The Louisiana Purchase" (Robertson) 851
"History of German Literature" (Scherer) 852
"Men, Women, and Gods" (Gardener) 852
"Mechanics and Faith" (Porter) 852
"Report of the United States Geological Survey" (Powell) 853
"Social Wealth" (Ingalls) 853
"Mineral Resources of the United States" (Williams) 853
"The Greek Islands" (Field) 853
"Wonderful Escapes" (Bernard and Whiting) 854
"The Spartan and Theban Supremacies" (Sankey) 854
"The Early Hanoverians" (Morris) 854
"Bulletins of the United States Geological Survey" 854
Botany as a Recreation for Invalids 779
Brehm, Dr. Alfred E. 209
Bridges, Iron, Limits of Stress on 142
Buckland, Frank, Sketch of 401
Burmah, The Fine Arts in 718
Burroughs, John 407
Büttner, C. G. 526

Canada, The French Problem in 781
Carlisle, The Bishop of 248
Carlyle, Masson's Interpretation of 224
Carpenter, Dr. W. B., Sketch of 538
Cashmere, Metal-working Art in 139
Catholic, A, on Catholic Blunders 123
Ceilings, Advantages of Low 863
Chemistry at the American Association 136
Chemistry, New Problems in 141
Civilization, The Influence of Inventions upon 474
Civilization, The Influence of Inventions upon 656
Clarke, George H 781
Climates, Local, of Exposure 715
Clover, Concerning 73
Cold, Effects of, on Microbes 859
Colleges, Biological Teaching in 577
Color in Animals, Origin of 94
Colorado as a Winter Sanitarium 668
Colors, The Harmony of 424
Common Schools, Science in 140
Communal Societies 325
Congo, the. Meteorology of 427
Congo, The Value of the 570
Connecticut, Oyster-Culture in 567
Controversy, The Gladstone-Huxley 840
Coral-Harvest, The 863
Corporations and their Employés 268
Correspondence 268
Correspondence 407
Cosmogony and Physics, Hindoo 426
Creation and of Worship, Dawn of 865
Culture, Mental Progress and 122

D'Alviella, The Count 145
Damaraland, Medical Practice in 526
Dancing as Physical Training 571
Davis, W. M 466
Dawn of Creation and of Worship 865
Democracy in the High-School 859
De Montessus, M 819
De Varigny, Henry 56
Dewey, John, Ph.D. 606
Dinner, A Chinese, in High Life 573
Discrimination in Railway Rates 494
Discrimination in Railway Rates 586
Dreams, Blind Men's 139
Drummond, Professor Henry, Comments by 803
Dust in Rooms 574
Dynamiters? the, Who shall try 426

Eads, James B., Sketch of 544
Earthquake, An, Experience 719
Earthquake-proof Buildings 566
Earthquakes in Central America 819
East River and Hell Gate, The Improvement of 433
Eddy, William A. 307
Editor's Table 122
Editor's Table 269
Editor's Table 410
Editor's Table 554
Editor's Table 699
Editor's Table 840
Education, Higher, Health and Sex in 606
Education, Higher, The Problem of 84
Education in Politics 840
Education, Moral, A Case in 699
Education. Negro, Twenty Years of 24
Eggert, Professor C. A 84
Egleston, N. H. 689
Ellis, T. S., M.R.C.S. 395
Elm-leaf, The, Beetle 429
Employés and Employers 565
Encrinites, Living 284
Enterprise, Individual, in Scientific Research 421
Evolution, Beecher's Position on 554
Evolution, Organic, The Factors of 754
Evolution, Organic, The Factors of 843

Farlow, Professor W. G. 577
Feet, The Physiology of the 395
Fish out of Water 334
Fisk, Dr. Samuel A. 668
Flower, The, or the Leaf 342
Flower, W. H., F. R. S. 315
Flying-Fish, The "Flight" of 287
Flying-Machines 1
Forest? What is a Real 567
Forestry Congress, The American 281
Forests in the Pacific Region 421
Formosan Sketch, A 862
Freedom, Scientific 408
French, The, Problem in Canada 781

Game, a, The History of 282
Gems, The, of the National Museum 823
Genesis, Mr. Gladstone and 788
Genesis, Proem to 614
Genesis, The Interpreters of, and the Interpreters of Nature 449
Geological Congress, The International 569
Geology at the American Association 284
Germination, Temperature of 574
Ghost, The Decline of the 410
Glacial Action, The Southern Limits of 856
Gladstone-Huxley, The, Controversy 840
Gladstone, Mr., and Genesis 788
Gladstone, William E. 614
Gladstone, William E. 865

Hale, Horatio 296
Hand-Work, The, of School-Children 812
Hand-Work, The, of School-Children 843
Hartmann, Robert 736
Health, Instinct as a Guide to 517
Hell Gate. The Improvement of East River and 433
Heredity, Some Aspects of 142
Hewitt, G, C 268
High-School, The, Democracy in 859
Hindoo Cosmogony and Physics 426
Hochheimer, Lewis 830
Honey-Bee, Vision of the 143
Horsley, V., F.R.C.S. 100
House-Building, Japanese 643
Housekeeping, Family Schools of 422
Howard, Charles P. 169
Human Remains, Prehistoric, in Mexico 420
Hume, John F. 69
Huxley, Professor T. H. 449
Huxley, Professor T. H. 788
Huygens, Sketch of 835
Hyatt, Professor Alpheus, Sketch of 261
Hydrophobia, Inoculation against 289

Ice-Cave, A New Zealand 570
Indians, The, of Mount Roraima 282
Inertia of the Eye and the Brain 861
Infancy in the City 683
Inoculation against Hydrophobia 289
Insect Habits 283
Insects, Neuter 217
Instinct as a Guide to Health 517
Instruments, Two Wonderful 51
Interpreters, The, of Genesis and the Interpreters of Nature 449
Invalids, Botany as a Recreation for 779
Inventions, The Influence of, upon Civilization 474
Inventions, The Influence of, upon Civilization 656
Investing, The Art of 69

Jacobi, Dr. Mary Putnam 342
Japanese House-Building 643
Jews, the, Race Characteristics of 428
Juries, Reform of 716

Keating, J. M. 24
Kendall, Rev. Henry 377
King, D. B. 160
Knowledge, Intellectual, Mechanical Repetition and 571
Kunz, George F. 362
Kunz, George F. 823
Lagrange, E. 534

Laing, S. M. P. 18
Languages, American, The Study of 856
Lansing, Gerrit L. 494
Lansing, Gerrit L. 586
Law, Mediæval English 423
Lawes, Sir John Bennet, Sketch of 694
Leaf, The Flower or the 342
Leffingwell, Dr. A. 51
Lepper, Charles H. 112
Lesley, Professor J. P. 192
Literary Notices 125
Literary Notices 272
Literary Notices 412
Literary Notices 556
Literary Notices 703
Literary Notices 843
Lunatics, A Free Colony of 56

Machine, A Thinking 596
Malaria-Factories in Mauritius 571
Malaria, Protection against 860
Man, Tertiary, M. de Mortillet on 571
Man-like Apes, the, External Form of 736
Many Drugs, Few Remedies 716
Marchal, M. Paul 94
Mather, T. W. 1
Mauritius, Malaria-Factories in 571
Mayr, Heinrich, Ph.D. 679
McElroy, John 485
Mechanical Science at the American Association 140
Mediæval English Law 423
Medical Practice in Damaraland 526
Mental Progress and Culture 122
Meteorological Society, The New England 569
Mexico, An Economic Study of 721
Mexico, Prehistoric Human Remains in 420
Microbes, Effects of Cold on 859
Militancy, European, The Increasing Curse of 521
Milk, How, is tainted 421
Modern Science and Modern Thought 18
Moisture, How Woods preserve 429
Montreal, The Epidemic at 270
Moose, The Quaternary, of New Jersey 715
Morris, Charles 217
Morris, Charles 325
Morse, Professor E. S. 643
Motor Centers, The, and the Will 100
Mountain-Farming in Norway 862
Mountains, Two New Zealand 860
Murghab Valley, The Salt Lakes of 423
Museum, The National 717
Museum, the National, Gems of 823
Museums, Educational 285
Musket, The, as a Social Force 485

Natural Heirship 377
Nature, The Uniformity of 248
Nature, The Uniformity of, Terrain 407
New Guinea, Life in 568
Newton, General John 433
Nonconformity 367
Norway, Mountain-Farming in 862
Notes 143
Notes 287
Notes 430
Notes 574
Notes 719
Notes 863
Odling, Dr. W., F. R. S. 388
Organic Evolution, The Factors of 754
Ornament, Architectural, and Dancing-Girls, Symbolism of 858
Oswald, Felix L., M. D. 517
Oyster-Culture in Connecticut 567

Pallen, Condé B. 408
Palmer, Charles B. 409
Party Government 271
Pasteur, M. Louis 289
Peckham, Grace, M.D. 683
Photography in Color, The Problem of 531
Physics at the American Association 138
Physiological Experiment, Uses and Nature of 425
Physiology, The, of the Feet 395
Planet, the Trans-Neptunian, The Search for 714
Plants growing at Strange Heights 138
Playfair, Dr., on State Science 125
Playfair, Sir Lyon 37
Playfair, Sir Lyon 236
Playfair, Sir Lyon, Sketch of 117
Politics, Education in 840
Popular Miscellany 135
Popular Miscellany 281
Popular Miscellany 420
Popular Miscellany 565
Popular Miscellany 713
Popular Miscellany 856
Popularizing Agricultural Colleges 568
Postal Savings Banks 160
Poteline 567
President Lesley's Address 269
Primitive Money, The Origin of 296
"Prodigies," The Real Nature of 713
Proem to Genesis 614
Putnam-Jacobi, Dr. Mary 342

Railway Rates, Discrimination in 494
Railway Rates, Discrimination in 586
Relations of Things, The Study of the 353
Religion, The Scientific Study of 145
Repetition, Mechanical, and Intellectual Knowledge 571
Resinous Woods, Durability of 679
Rest, Holiday, Principles of 858
Rickoff, Rebecca D. 812
Ring, Bishop's, around the Sun 466
Rood, Professor O. N 531

Roraima, Mount, The Indians of 282
Salt Lakes of the Murghab Valley 423
Science in Common Schools 140
Schmidt, Oscar 817
School-Children, The Hand-work of 812
School-Children, The Hand-work of 843
Science in its Useful Applications 388
Science, Modern, and Modern Thought 18
Science, Relations of, to the Public Weal 37
Science, Relations of, to the Public Weal 236
Scientific Research, Individual Enterprise in 421
Scientific Study, The Spirit and Method of 192
Sewage, London, The Problem of 861
Silk, Shall we raise, at a Loss? 136
Sketch, A Formosan 862
Smith, Chauncey 474
Smith, Chauncey 656
Society, The New England Meteorological 569
Soil, Arctic, Frozen, Depth of 857
Spencer, Herbert 367
Spencer, Herbert 754
Spider, An Affectionate Mother 428
Stability in Systems of Thought 701
Star, The New 135
Storm, a, The Travels of 857
Stress, Limits of, on Iron Bridges 142
Study out of School 714
Success in Life, Conditions of 429
Sun-heating Apparatus, A, for Rooms 566
Surgery, "Rages" in 422

Tarr, Ralph S. 261
Taxation, State, Recent Experiments in 460
Teacher's Art, the. How to exalt 569
Teeth, The, of the Coming Man 817
Telescope, The Refracting 169
Temperature of Germination 574
Ten Eyck, H. J. 460
Thibetans, the, Home Life of 112
Thomasville as a Winter Resort 188
Thought, Systems of, Stability in 701
Tobacco, More about the Effects of 568
Tornado-Prediction, Progress in 307
Tornado, The Genesis of a 409
Trees, Distribution of, in Canada 714
Trees, Estimating the Age of 424
Turkistan Deserts, the, Sands of 572

Uniformity, The, of Nature, again 407

Varieties, The, of the Unman Species 315
Virchow, Professor Rudolph 507

Wallace, Alfred Russel 521
Weather-Lore, Animal 635
Wells, David A. 721
Whale, the, Origin of 283
Whipping-Post, The 830
Will, The Motor Centers and the 100
Women in Astronomy 534
Wood, Agatized, of Arizona 362
Woods, how they preserve Moisture 429
Words and Things 572
Workmen's, A, Scientific Class 140

Youmans, E. L. 188
Youmans, Eliza A. 353

Zuñi, Poetry and Reality in 717