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Chatto & Windus
Publishing company founded in London, England, in 1855.


Work Author Year Published
  The Woman in White Wilkie Collins (1860) 1896
  A Tramp Abroad Mark Twain illustrated by Walter Francis Brown, True Williams, Ben Day (jr.) and others 1880
  A Century of Roundels Algernon Charles Swinburne 1883
  Underwoods Robert Louis Stevenson 1887
  The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables Robert Louis Stevenson (1887) 1905
  Across the Plains with Other Memories and Essays Robert Louis Stevenson 1892
  Weir of Hermiston Robert Louis Stevenson 1896
  Songs of Travel and Other Verses Robert Louis Stevenson 1896
  Essays in the Art of Writing Robert Louis Stevenson 1905
  The poetical works of William Blake (1906) Volume 1 William Blake editted by Edwin Ellis 1906
  The poetical works of William Blake (1906) Volume 2
  Feeding the Mind Lewis Carroll 1907
  Popular Astronomy Camille Flammarion translated by J. Ellard Gore 1907
  The Art of Nijinsky Geoffrey Arundel Whitworth illustrated by Dorothy Mullock 1913
  Bohemia's claim for freedom Jindřich Procházka (ed.) 1915
  A Short History of England Gilbert Keith Chesterton 1917
  New Poems and Variant Readings Robert Louis Stevenson 1918
  Eminent Victorians Lytton Strachey 1918
  Poems by Wilfred Owen Wilfred Owen 1920
  The Conquest of Mexico Volume 1 William Hickling Prescott 1922
  The Conquest of Mexico Volume 2
  Dead Souls—A Poem Nikolai Gogol translated by Constance Garnett 1922