Spirella Catalogue (1933)/85



Style 5022—Abdominal Belt

ADAPTABILITY—This series is designed for the slender or 20-type figure. It is excellent for use in post-operative and post-natal cases.

The scientific design permits the garment to conform to the figure over the hip bones, snug the abdomen and give a gentle upward and backward support reinforcing the abdominal wall. The elastic section in the back permits freedom of movement in standing, sitting or bending. The side lacings are so placed as to avoid the usual operative area; the holding-knots aid in maintaining the support of the garment. The back sections are of sufficient length and so shaped as to give a smooth, pleasing back line and aid in maintaining the anchorage of the garment on the body. The Basic Design carries hook and eye fastening at left side.

Basic Features—Fastening in Centre Front; Fastening at Right Side. (see page 98.)


Waist Sizes—22 to 30.

Hip Sizes—May be ordered 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 inches larger than waist, without extra charge.

Style 5021


F 0

UA 0

B 0

F 6 or 6½ (TF 6½)


B 10

Style 5022

F 0

UA 0

B 0

F 6½ or 7 (TF 7½)

H 10

B 12

Style 5023

F 0

UA 0

B 0

F 7 or 7½ (TF 8½)

H 12

B 14

NOTE—The centre front below measurements given for this series represent the centre front below measurements of the client's figure; the measurements in the garment will be somewhat shorter because on the average figure the top of the belt will come slightly below the waist line in front.

HOW TO ORDER—The style in the series to order is determined by the client's waist to bust line measurement; but when there is more than one style in the series with the correct centre front below measurement, choose the one which has also the back below measurement nearest to your client's needs.

NOTE—This series cannot be extended above the waist on account of its design and construction. As the elastic varies in inch widths only, Spirella Abdominal Belts with elastic sections cannot be lengthened or shortened in half inches.

A brassiere is usually required with this belt to take care of the upper part of the figure.

For complete information on How to Order, see page 98.


For materials and prices, see Price List.