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Vol. XL


No. 4

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Frontispiece. ”Sir Roger de Coverley.” Painted by Fred Morgan. page
The Adventures of Young Grumpy. ("Babes of the Wild”—II) Charles G. D. Roberts 291
Illustrated by Paul Bransom.
When Mother ’s Visiting. Pictures, drawn by Gertrude A. Kay 296
“Writing to Mother” 296
“The Monorail” 297
Nöll and Antoonje, and How They Entertained the Beggars. Elizabeth Atkins 298
Story. Illustrated by Herbert Paus
Birds of the Year. Illustrated by Bruce Horsfall Minnie Leona Upton 306
More Than Conquerors: The Matterhorn of Men. Biographical Sketch Ariadne Gilbert 308
Illustrated by Eastman Johnson, Harry Fenn, Oscar F. Schmidt, and from photographs.
Sir Christopher J. Jones. Verse. Frederick Moxon 316
Illustrated by Reginald Birch)
Looking at the Stars. (“Simple Thoughts on Great Subjects”) George Lawrence Parker 318
The Outer Reef. Story. Grace E. Craig 320
Illustrated by I. W. Taber.
Fine Feathers. Verse. Carolyn Wells 326
Illustrated by C. M. Relyea.
The Conduct of the Conductor. Story. Elizabeth C. Webb 328
Illustrated by George Varian.
Flossy’s Way. Verse. John E. Dolsen 331
Beatrice of Denewood. Serial Story
Emilie Benson Knipe and
Alden Arthur Knipe
Illustrated by C. M. Relyea
When Grandma Was a Little Girl. Verse. Sarah K. Smith 339
Illustrated by the Author.
"The Boy and the Man” (Talks with Boys)
President John Grier Hibben
Jean Jules Jusserand
John Bigelow
James McCrea
Endicott Peabody
Hamilton Wright Mabie
Illustrated from photographs
Ted, Ned, and the Sled. Verse. Minnie Leona Upton 344
Illustrated by E. Wendell Mitchell.
The First Inventions. Sketch. George Ethelbert Walsh 345
The Jovial Judge. Verse. J. G. Francis 347
Illustrated by the Author.
What the Kettle Sings. Verse. Margaret Vandegrift 348
Illustrated by Albertine R. Wheelan.
The Land of Mystery. Serial Story. Cleveland Moffett 349
Illustrated by Jay Hambidge, Jules Guérin, and from photogaphs
In Memory of Frank Hall Scott. Sketch. 358
Illustrated from photograph.
Dolly’s Lullaby. Verse. Blanche Fisher Wright 360
Illustrated by Albertine R. Wheelan.
For Very Little Folk.
What Happened to the Squirrel Family. Julia Johnson 361
Illustrated by G. A. Harker.
Nature and Science for Young Folks. 364
The St. Nicholas League. With Awards of Prizes for Stories, Poems, Drawings, Photographs, and Puzzles. 372
Books and Reading Hildegarde Hawthorne 380
The Letter-Box. 382
The Riddle-Box. 383
St. Nicholas Stamp Page Advertising page 22

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