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Lord Acton
Historical Essays and Studies/The Borgias and their Latest Historian
Historical Essays and Studies/The Causes of the Franco-Prussian War
Historical Essays and Studies/German Schools of History
The World's Famous Orations/Volume 1
The European Concert in the Eastern Question
Democratic Ideals and Reality: A Study in the Politics of Reconstruction
Georges Sorel's Reflections on Violence
Goethe's Letters From Italy
Howard's Garden Cities of To-morrow
Index:Historical Works of Venerable Bede vol. 2.djvu
Index:Ruskin - The Seven Lamps of Architecture.djvu
Index:Diplomacy and the Study of International Relations (1919).djvu

The Practice of Diplomacy

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Maxwell's Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism
Taylor's Scientific Memoirs Vol 1
Index:The grand tour in the eighteenth century by Mead, William Edward.djvu
Index:Insect Literature by Lafcadio Hearn.djvu
Index:De Vinne, Invention of Printing (1876).djvu
Index:Morel-The Black Mans Burden.djvu
Index:Diplomacy revealed.djvu
Index:Michael Velli - Manual For Revolutionary Leaders - 2nd Ed.djvu
Index:Theophrastus - History of Stones - Hill (1774).djvu
Index:The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India.djvu
Index:The British Coal Trade - Jevons.djvu
Index:Elements of International Law - Wheaton - Dana (1866).djvu
Index:History of the Law of Nations - Wheaton.djvu
Index:Harmonics - Aristoxenus - Macran.djvu
Index:Modern Eloquence - Volume 1.djvu
Index:Sallust - tr. Rolfe (Loeb 116).djvu
Index:Propertius - tr. Butler - Loeb 1912.djvu
Index:Diplomacy and the War (Andrassy 1921).djvu
Index:'Twixt land and sea - tales (IA twixtlandseatale00conr).pdf
Index:American Diplomacy in the Orient - Foster (1903).djvu
Index:Notes on the History of Slavery - Moore - 1866.djvu
Index:Landmarks of Scientific Socialism-Anti-Duehring-Engels-Lewis-1907.djvu
Index:Emma Goldman - Anarchism and Other Essays (2nd Rev. ed.) - 1911.djvu
Index:The Philosophical Works of Descartes - Haldane and Ross (Vol. 1) - 1911.djvu
Index:Muhammad Diyab al-Itlidi - Historical Tales and Anecdotes of the Time of the Early Khalîfahs - Alice Frere - 1873.djvu
Index:Robert William Rogers - Cuneiform Parallels to the Old Testament - 1912.djvu
Index:Paul Samuel Reinsch - Secret Diplomacy, How Far Can It Be Eliminated? - 1922.djvu

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Aether and Matter

William James, Will to Believe and Other Essays

Frank Knight, Risk Uncertainity and Profit Korea & Her Neighbours The Social Significance of the Modern Drama Diplomacy and the War Index:The World as Will and Idea - Schopenhauer, tr. Haldane and Kemp - Volume 1.djvu Index:Theory of Business Enterprise, The (Veblen).djvu The Chinese Repository Fifty Years in Chains, or the Life of an American Slave

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Edit

The laws of radiation and absorption; memoirs by Prévost, Stewart, Kirchhoff, and Kirchhoff and Bunsen ([1901]) Brace
The theory of heat radiation; Max Planck
Elementary Principles in Statistical Mechanics, developed with especial reference to the rational foundation of thermodynamics; Gibbs

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Parantheses contain number of pages

Richard Taylor, Scientific Memoirs
Goethe, Theory of Colors, translated by Charles Eastlake
Banister Fletcher, History of Architecture
Langlois; Introduction to the study of history (390)
Talbot; Lightships and Lighthouses (444)
Wegmann; Design and Construction of Dams 7th edition
Brangwyn and Sparrow; A Book of Bridges (514)
Phillips; A General History of Inland Navigation Foreign and Domestic 4th ed (652)
Wegmann; Water Supply of the City of New York
Bigmore and Wyman; A Bibliography of Printing ( 3 vol: 504, 464, 150)
Hind; A History of Engraving and Etching from the 15th Century to the Year 1914 (514)
Lalanne; A Treatise on Etching (172)
Mumford; Stories of Utopias
Congressional Research Service Annotated Constitution
R. C. Jebb; Attic Orators
Thomson and Tait; Treatise on Natural Philosophy (2 volumes)
Oakes and Mowatt; Great European Treaties of the Nineteenth Century(428)
List; National System of Political Economoy
Thomas Tusser; Five hundred points of good husbandrie
Rites of Durham
Chess in Iceland and in Icelandic literature: with historical notes on other table-games (1905)
Bird: Chess History and Reminiscences
Willis An attempt to analyse the automaton chess player, of Mr. de Kempelen ... to which is added, a ... collection of the knight's moves over the chess board
Olmstead, A Journey Through Texas, A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States, A journey in the Back Country
Unwin, Town Planning in Practice
A treatise on wood engraving, historical and practical; Wiliam Chatto John Jackson
Johnston Writing & Illumintating & Letterin
Glimpses of Unfamilar Japan
The Classical Poetry of the Japanese (Chamberlain)
Western Himalaya and Tibet by Thomas Thomson
The History of the Yorubas by Samuel Johnson
New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea by Bosman
Travels Into the Interior Parts of Africa by Moore
Loeb Classical Library
Portal:Clark's Foreign Theological Library
Portal:Hakluyt Society
Index:England & Russia in Central Asia,Vol-I.djvu
Juan de Mariana, General History of Spain
The Record Interpreter
Index:Enquiry into plants (Volume 1).pdf
  • A Collection of all the treaties of peace
  • The Memorial History of Boston
  • History of New England, Palfrey
  • Constitution of the German Empire IA
  • United States Monetary Commision (external scan)
  • English Translations from the Greek Google Books
  • Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence IA
  • Masterpieces of Eloquence IA
  • Secret Diplomacy
  • European Treaties bearing on the History of the United States and its Dependencies to 1648
  • Samuel Barton: The Battle of the Swash and the Capture of Canada (1888)
  • Robert Cole: The Struggle for Empire: A Story of the Year 2236 (1900)
  • Allan Reeth, Legions of the Dawn (1908)
  • Una L Silberrad, The Affairs of John Bolsover (1911)
  • Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Hueffer, The Inheritors (1901)
  • John Buchan, A Lodge in the Wilderness (1906)

History of Maxwell Equations and Electromagnetism Edit

Original Papers Showing the Laws Edit

  • Gauss
  • Biot
  • Savart
  • Ampere
  • Lenz
  • Ohm
  • Orsted
  • Faraday
  • Coulomb

Later Reformulation / EM Radiation Edit

  • Heaviside
  • Hertz
  • Lorentz
  • Michelson
  • Poynting
  • Liénard–Wiechert
  • Röntgen
  • Marconi
  • Boser

Mathematicians Edit

  • Stokes
  • Green

Backlog Edit

  • Corn Laws
    • James Graham, Coin and Currency (1826)
    • John Rooke, Free Trade in Corn (1828)
    • Earl Fitzwilliam, First, Second and Third Addresses (1839)
    • Hewitt Davis, Effects of the Importation of Wheat (1839)
    • Thomas Jevons, Prosperity of the Landholders (1840)
    • Daniel O'Connell, Observations on the Corn Laws (1842)
    • Harriet Martineau, Dawn Island (1845)
    • Richard Griffiths Welford, How will Free Trade (1843)
    • Dialogue on the Corn Laws Between Gentleman and a Farmer
    • Alexander Dirom, An Inquiry into the Corn Laws (1796)
    • John Sinclair, Address to the Landed Interest
    • John Sheffield, Observations on the Corn Bill
    • James Anderson, A Calm Investigation (1801)
    • Loudon, Philanthropic Economy (1835)
  • Hannah Lawrance, The History of Woman in England,
  • British War Economy IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • (external scan)
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • IA
  • (external scan)
  • IA
  • IA
  • (HathiTrust)
  • (HathiTrust)
  • (HathiTrust)
  • IA
  • Humboldt's travels / cosmos
  • Lawrence: Reflections on the Death of a Porcupine
  • Babbitt: The Masters of Modern French Criticism
  • Richards: Principles of Literary Criticism
  • Hulme: Speculations
  • Ogden: Meaning of Meaning
  • Arnold: Essays in Criticism
  • James: Art of Fiction (in Longman's, Partial Portaits)
  • Eliot: Function of Criticism (in Criterion)
  • Eliot: Tradition and Individual Talent (in the Egoist)
  • Eliot; Sylabus of a Course of Six Lectures on Modern French Literature
  • Lovejoy: On the Discrimination of Romanticisms (in PMLA)
  • Bradley: Shakespearian Tragedy
  • Pound: The Serious Artist (in the Egoist)
  • Pound: Pavannes and Divisions
  • Gerould: Men, Women, Byron Complex (in Atlantic)
  • Symons: The Romantic Movement in English Poetry
  • Symons: The Symbolist Movement
  • George Sainsbury
  • Whitmore: Woman's Work in English Fiction

To Find Scans Edit

  • Rosa Luxemburg, The Mass Strike (1925)
  • Kropotkin, Anarchist Morality
  • Robert William Cole, The Death Trap