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John Ruskin

Seven Lamps of Architecture

Aether and Matter

Index:Historical Works of Venerable Bede vol. 2.djvu

William James, Will to Believe and Other Essays

Frank Knight, Risk Uncertainity and Profit

Thermodynamics and Statistical MechanicsEdit

The laws of radiation and absorption; memoirs by Prévost, Stewart, Kirchhoff, and Kirchhoff and Bunsen ([1901]) Brace
The theory of heat radiation; Max Planck
Elementary Principles in Statistical Mechanics, developed with especial reference to the rational foundation of thermodynamics; Gibbs


Parantheses contain number of pages

Richard Taylor, Scientific Memoirs
Goethe, Theory of Colors, translated by Charles Eastlake
Banister Fletcher, History of Architecture
Langlois; Introduction to the study of history (390)
Talbot; Lightships and Lighthouses (444)
Wegmann; Design and Construction of Dams 7th edition
Brangwyn and Sparrow; A Book of Bridges (514)
Phillips; A General History of Inland Navigation Foreign and Domestic 4th ed (652)
Wegmann; Water Supply of the City of New York
Bigmore and Wyman; A Bibliography of Printing ( 3 vol: 504, 464, 150)
Hind; A History of Engraving and Etching from the 15th Century to the Year 1914 (514)
Lalanne; A Treatise on Etching (172)
Mumford; Stories of Utopias
Congressional Research Service Annotated Constitution
R. C. Jebb; Attic Orators
Thomson and Tait; Treatise on Natural Philosophy (2 volumes)
Oakes and Mowatt; Great European Treaties of the Nineteenth Century(428)
List; National System of Political Economoy
Thomas Tusser; Five hundred points of good husbandrie
Rites of Durham
Chess in Iceland and in Icelandic literature: with historical notes on other table-games (1905)
Bird: Chess History and Reminiscences
Willis An attempt to analyse the automaton chess player, of Mr. de Kempelen ... to which is added, a ... collection of the knight's moves over the chess board
Olmstead, A Journey Through Texas, A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States, A journey in the Back Country
Unwin, Town Planning in Practice
A treatise on wood engraving, historical and practical; Wiliam Chatto John Jackson
Johnston Writing & Illumintating & Letterin
Glimpses of Unfamilar Japan
The Classical Poetry of the Japanese (Chamberlain)

History of Maxwell Equations and ElectromagnetismEdit

Original Papers Showing the LawsEdit

  • Gauss
  • Biot
  • Savart
  • Ampere
  • Lenz
  • Ohm
  • Orsted
  • Faraday
  • Coulomb

Later Reformulation / EM RadiationEdit

  • Heaviside
  • Hertz
  • Lorentz
  • Michelson
  • Poynting
  • Liénard–Wiechert
  • Röntgen
  • Marconi
  • Boser


  • Stokes
  • Green