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Morel-The Black Mans Burden.djvu
Title The Black Man's Burden
Author Edmund Dene Morel
Year 1920
Publisher The National Labour Press
Location Manchester
Source djvu
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Transclusion Fully transcluded
OCLC 651784298


Dedication v.
Introduction by the Author vii.
Chapter I.— The White Man's Burden 3
Chapter II.— The Black Man's Burden 7

FIRST PERIOD.—The Slave Trade

Chapter III.— The Story of the Slave Trade 15

SECOND PERIOD.—Invasion, Political Control, Capitalistic Exploitation

A. Episodes in the Struggle for the Soil
Foreword 27
Chapter IV.— The Story of Southern Rhodesia 29
Chapter V.— The Story of Southern Rhodesia (continued) 37
Chapter VI.— The Story of German South-West Africa 66
B. Episodes in the Establishment of Political Control
Foreword 71
Chapter VII.— The Story of Morocco 73
Chapter VIII.— The Story of Tripoli 87
C. Episodes in Capitalistic Exploitation.
Foreword 105–107
Chapter IX.— The Story of the Congo Free State 109
Chapter X.— The Story of the French Congo 127
Chapter XI.— The Story of Angola and the "Cocoa Islands" 149

THIRD PERIOD.—Reparation and Reform

Chapter XII.— The Land and its Fruits 163
Chapter XIII.— Administrative Problems and the Land 197
Chapter XIV.— What a League of Nations could do to Protect Tropical Africa from the Evils of Capitalistic Exploitation and Militarism 215