Wikisource:Community collaboration

Wikisource:Community collaboration

The Community Collaboration improves Wikisource through the addition of new texts, and though the formatting and proofreading of texts. Each collaboration effort focuses on a single author or topic, or on a group of related items.

Collaboration of the Week

The current community collaboration is for works related to
the Eminent Women Series.

Last collaboration: Slavery in the United States (1837)


What is the Community Collaboration?

For some larger projects, members of the Wikisource community band together to accomplish those tasks. The Community Collaboration is one means of organizing these larger projects. Projects typically involve locating gaps or needs in the coverage of Wikisource, then finding and adding relevant texts. This involves a wide range of skills, from source file manipulation and image processing to proofreading and cataloging.

How are Collaboration efforts chosen?

There is a Proposals page where ideas may be nominated and discussed. The page includes instructions for making a proposal, as well as a tentative schedule for future efforts. Selection of new projects happens irregularly, as some larger projects may take several months to complete.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate. There is a Members page, but no one is required to sign up to participate.

Recent Collaborations

For earlier collaborations, see the Archive.