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This page is a Wikisource guideline. It illustrates standards or conduct that are generally accepted by consensus to apply in many cases. Feel free to update the page as needed, but please use the discussion page to propose major changes.
Featured texts

This page outlines guidelines and information related to texts featured on the main page. Featured texts are currently rotated once per month.

What is a featured text?Edit

A featured text is one which is recognized as among the most complete and highest quality works on Wikisource. These are prominently displayed on the main page, inviting users to read at their leisure. Since they are considered fully proofread, they are protected to maintain their integrity (see the protection policy).


Featured texts edit
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Before a text can be submitted as a candidate, it must meet the following criteria.

  1. Style guide: It must conform to all applicable style guidelines, even the optional ones.
  2. Proofread: The work must be completely proofread by multiple editors to ensure that it matches the original as precisely as possible.
  3. Source: The work must either be sourced from a scanned document using the side-by-side proofreading mechanism (the ideal situation), or it must cite at least one external (preferably online) source, either in the {{header}} or on the talk page. Exceptions may be made for rare works with no suitable online source.


  1. Proposal: Featured texts are selected through consensus once per month according to the criteria above. Nominations are made by proposing a work on Featured text candidates with reasons. Proposals that don't match the criteria will be struck out; proposals to improve a work prior to selection may be made on the talk page, but they should not be submitted as candidates.
  2. Selection: Each proposal may be voted upon by an established user, and the proposal with the greatest ratio of support is selected. Unsuccessful proposals may be carried over to the next month if their support ratio is above 70%. Otherwise, they are archived (but can be resubmitted at a later time). If there are more than 10 current nominations, all but the 10 most promising are archived. Every month the nomination with the highest support ratio, weighted in favour of nominations with more numerous votes (equation forthcoming), will be chosen as featured text.
  3. Implementation: Once an article is accepted, the template {{featured}} is placed on the work's main page, and {{featured talk}} is placed on the associated talk page with the feature date. The featured status should also be indicated on the data item for the work at Wikidata. A description, quote, and suitable image should be loaded into the monthly template prior to the month in which the work will feature. (see also implementation procedure)
  4. Protection: The work should be locked to protect its integrity after selection. However, it should not be protected during the discussion to allow improvement.

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