Author:Norman Frederic Ticehurst

Norman Frederic Ticehurst

British physician and ornithologist; co-editor of the magazine British Birds from its inception to 1959; brother of Claud Buchanan Ticehurst

Works edit

  • The Early Swan Owners of East Sussex
  • An Historical Review of the Laws, Orders and Customs for the Preservations of Swans in England and The Office of the Master of the Swans
  • Some Sixteenth Century Bird Drawings
  • Some British Birds in the Fourteenth Century
  • (with H. F. Witherby) On the more important additions to our knowledge of British birds since 1899
  • A History of the Birds of Kent (1909)
  • "The Mute Swan in Kent" (1935), Archaeologia Cantiana , Vol. 47, pp. 55-70 PDF
  • The Mute Swan in England, its History and the Ancient Customs of Swan-Keeping (1957)
  • Hartert, Ernst; Jourdain, F.C.R.; Ticehurst, N.F.; Witherby, H.F. (1912). A Hand-List of British Birds, with an account of the distribution of each species in the British Isles and abroad. London: Witherby & Co.  (external scan)

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  1. In the contents of the volume the name of the author is spelled as 'A.F. Ticehurst' (Wikisource-ed.).
  2. The name of the author is spelled as 'A.F. Ticehurst' (see also the contents of the volume) (Wikisource-ed.).


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