The Zoologist/4th series, vol 4 (1900)/Issue 704

le Souëf, D. "How does the new-born Kangaroo get into the Mothers Pouch?" 49
Jones, K. Hurlstone Land Birds at Sea 51
Ticehurst, N.F. Some Remarks on the Birds seen in the South-east Part of the Mainland of Orkney in October, 1899 54
Southwell, Thomas Notes on the Seal and Whale Fishery, 1899 65
Butler, Arthur G. On Sexual Differences in the Wing of the House-Sparrow (Passer domesticus) 74
Salter, J.H. Ornithological Notes from Mid-Wales 76
H.E.D. Obituary for Dr. Elliott Coues 80
A.G.B. Obituary for Dr. Karl Russ 81
Notes and Queries 82
Notices of New Books 87
Editorial Gleanings 93