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A private collection of letters and papers centered around the Charles Henry Gauss Family of St. Charles, Missouri. Charles Henry Gauss was a grandson of Carl Friedrich Gauss, the German mathematician. Most of the letters were written to and from people in St. Charles, Missouri. The first letter is undated, but appears to have been written in 1800. The last letters were written in the 1950s. These later letters were part of a correspondance between Florence Johns, who typed those portions of the John Jay Johns journal which were typewritten, and Minna Waldeck Gauss Reeves.

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This collection was the work of Charles Henry Gauss of St. Charles, Missouri. It encompasses letters and papers from his parents and grandparents, as well as those of his wife, Charlotte Elizabeth Johns. After his death, the work was taken up by his daughters, Ann D. Gauss, and Minna W. Gauss Reeves. After Minna's husband's death, the collection came to my mother, and subsequently to me.

~Susan D. Chambless

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