For remembrance: soldier poets who have fallen in the war

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For remembrance: soldier poets who have fallen in the war  (1920) 
by A. St. John Adcock




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Revised and Enlarged Edition

'If his dust is one day lying in an unfamiliar land
(England, he went for you),
O England, sometimes think of him, of thousands only one,
In the dawning, or the noonday, or the setting of the sun,
As once he thought of you.'




The Author's thanks are due to the relatives, friends and publishers of the Soldier Poets referred to in this volume for kindly lending him portraits, supplying biographical information, and giving permission for the use of extracts; to Viscount Wolmer for a copy of the lines by his brother, Captain the Hon. Robert Palmer; and to Mrs. William Sharp, Mrs. S. Masefield, Miss Littlejohn, Mrs. Stables, Mr. Ben R. Streets, Mrs. M. Crombie, and Mrs. Upton Robins for copies of unpublished poems by Lieut. Walter Lightowler Wilkinson, Acting-Captain Charles J. B. Masefield, Company-Sergeant-Major W. H. Littlejohn, Lieut. J. Howard Stables, Sergeant J. W. Streets, Captain Eugene Crombie, and Captain George Upton Robins. He is indebted to Mr. John Lane for permission to use some extracts from the letters in Soldier and Dramatist, by Harold Chapin, and to Messrs. Hodder and Stoughton for permission to use the extract from Men of Letters, by Dixon Scott. The list on pages 1-8 contains the titles of books of verse from which poetical extracts in this volume are taken, with names of their publishers.

List of Portraits

Sub-Lieut. Rupert Brooke, R.N.V.R. Frontispiece
Captain Brian Brooke, 2nd Gordon Highlanders 16
Captain the Hon. Julian Grenfell, D.S.O., Royal Dragoons 32
Lieut. W. Noel Hodgson, M.C, 9th Devon Regt. 40
Lance-Corporal Francis Ledwidge, Inniskilling Fusiliers 48
Captain the Hon. Colwyn Erasmus Arnold Philipps, Royal Horse Guards 60
Lieut, the Hon. E. Wyndham Tennant, Grenadier Guards 64
Lieut. Robert Sterling, Royal Scots Fusiliers 72
2nd Lieut. Harold Parry, 17th King's Royal Rifles 80
Captain George Upton Robins, East Yorks Regt. 88
Lieut. Edward Thomas, Royal Garrison Artillery 96
Lieut. Bernard Pitt, Border Regt. 112
2nd Lieut. Hugh Reginald Freston, 3rd Royal Berks Regt. 144
Acting-Captain Charles J. B. Masefield, M.C., 5th North Staffs Regt. 152
Lieut. Ewart Alan Mackintosh, M.C., Seaforth Highlanders 160
Sergt. Leslie Coulson, London Batt. Royal Fusiliers 176
Sergt. J. W. Streets, 13th Yorks and Lancaster Regt. 192
Captain Eric Fitzwater Wilkinson, M.C. West Yorks Regt. 200
Captain Charles Hamilton Sorley, Suffolk Regt. 208
Corporal Alexander Robertson, 12th Yorks and Lancaster Regt. 216
Lieut. Arthur Lewis Jenkins, R.F.C. 224
Captain Richard Dennys, Loyal North Lancs. Regt. 240
Captain Eugene Crombie, 4th Gordon Highlanders 256
2nd Lieut. Francis St. Vincent Morris, Sherwood Foresters 272
Lieut. T. M. Kettle, Dublin Fusiliers 280
Lieut. R. E. Vernède, Rifle Brigade 288

Soldier Poets who have fallen in the War

To Odin's challenge we cried, Amen!
We stayed the plough and laid by the pen
And shouldered our guns like gentlemen,
That the wiser weak should hold....

Then lift the flag of the Last Crusade,
And fill the ranks of the Last Brigade!
March on to the fields where the world's remade
And the Ancient Dreams come true!

Lieut. T. M. Kettle, Poems and Parodies.

Brian Brooke. Captain, 2nd Gordon Highlanders. (Fell in action, 1st July 1916. Died of wounds, 25th July.) Poems. With a Foreword by M. P. Willcocks (John Lane).
Rupert Brooke. Sub-Lieut. R.N.V.R. (Died on active service, 23rd April 1915.) 1914 and Other Poems; Collected Poems. With Memoir (Sidgwick and Jackson).
Frank S. Brown. Sergt. Princess Pat's Canadian Light Infantry. (Killed in France, 3rd February 1915.) Contingent Ditties, and Other Soldier Songs of the Great War (Sampson Low).
James D. Burns. Corporal, 21st Batt., 6th Brigade, A.I.F. (Killed in action, September 1915.) The Story of the Anzacs (Melbourne: Ingram).
Ivar Campbell. Lieut. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. (Died of wounds, 8th January 1916.) Poems. With Memoir by Guy Ridley (A. L. Humphreys).
Leonard Niell Cook, M.C. 2nd Lieut. Royal Lancs. Regt. (Killed in action, 7th July 1917.) More Songs by the Fighting Men (Erskine Macdonald).
Leslie Coulson. Sergt. London Batt. Royal Fusiliers. (Killed in action, 7th October 1916.) From an Outpost and Other Poems. With Introduction by F. Raymond Coulson (Erskine Macdonald).
Arthur Scott Craven (A. K. Harvey James). Captain, Buffs. (Killed in action, April 1917.) Joe Skinner; Alarums and Excursions; The Last of the English (Elkin Mathews); A Fool's Tragedy. A Novel (Martin Seeker).
Eugene Crombie. Captain, 4th Gordon Highlanders. (Killed in action, 23rd April 1917.) More Songs by the Fighting Men (Erskine Macdonald).
Jeffery Day. Flight-Commander, R.N.A.S. (Shot down in air-fight, 27th February 1918.) Poems and Rhymes. With Memoir by E. H. V. (Sidgwick and Jackson).
Richard Dennys. Captain, Loyal North Lancs. Regt. (Wounded in Somme advance, 12th July 1916. Died, 24th July.) There is No Death. With Foreword by Captain Desmond Coke (John Lane).

Henry Lionel Field. Lieut. Royal Warwickshire Regt. (Killed in action, 1st July 1916.) Poems and Drawings (Birmingham: Cornish Bros.).

Clifford Flower. Driver, Royal Field Artillery. (Killed in action, 20th April 1917.) Memoir and Poems (Privately printed).
Hugh Reginald (Rex) Freston. 2nd Lieut. 3rd Royal Berkshire Regt. (Killed in action, 24th January 1916.) The Quest of Truth and Other Poems (Oxford: Blackwell). The Poetry of H. Rex Freston, by Russell Markland (Ling).
The Hon. Gerald William Grenfell. Lieut. Rifle Brigade. (Killed in action, 30th July 1915.) The Muse in Arms. Edited by E. B. Osborn (John Murray).
The Hon. Julian Grenfell, D.S.O. Captain, Royal Dragoons. (Wounded, 12th May 1915. Died, 26th May.) Soldier Poets (Erskine Macdonald). Julian Grenfell, by Viola Meynell (Burns and Gates).
William Hamilton. Lieut. Machine Gun Guards. (Killed in action, 1917.) Modern Poems (Oxford: Blackwell).
William Noel Hodgson, M.C. Lieut. 9th Devon Regt. (Killed in action, 1st July 1916.) Verse and Prose in Peace and War (John Murray); Soldier Poets (Erskine Macdonald).
A. L. Jenkins. Lieut. R.F.C. (Killed in aeroplane accident, 31st December 1917.) Forlorn Adventurers. With Introduction by Frank Fletcher (Sidgwick and Jackson).
Thomas M. Kettle. Lieut. Dublin Fusiliers. (Killed in action, September 1916.) Poems and Parodies. With Preface by William Dawson (London: Duckworth. Dublin: Talbot Press). Prose: The Ways of War (Constable); The Day's Burden (Maunsel).
Joyce Kilmer. Poems (Hodder and Stoughton).
Francis Ledwidge. Lance-Corpl. Inniskilling Fusiliers. (Killed in action, 1917.) Songs of the Fields; Songs of Peace; Last Songs. With Introductions by Lord Dunsany (Herbert Jenkins).
Frank Lewis. Flight Sub-Lieut. R.N.A.S. (Killed in air battle, 21st August 1917.) More Songs by the Fighting Men (Erskine Macdonald).
W. H. Littlejohn. Company-Sergt.-Major, Middlesex Regt. (Killed in action, 10th April 1917.) The Muse in Arms. Edited by E. B. Osborn (John Murray).
John McCrae. Lieut.-Col. C.E.F. (Died in France, 28th January 1918.) In Flanders Fields (Hodder and Stoughton).
Ewart Alan Mackintosh, M.C. Lieut. Seaforth Highlanders. (Killed in action, 21st November 1917.) A Highland Regiment and Other Poems; War the Liberator and Other Pieces. With Memoir by John Murray (John Lane).
Hamish Mann. 2nd Lieut. Black Watch. (Wounded, 9th April 1917. Died, 10th April.) A Subaltern's Musings (John Long).

Charles John Beech Masefield, M.C. Acting Captain, 5th North Staffs Regt. (Fatally wounded in action, 1st July 1917. Died, a prisoner, 2nd July.) The Seasons' Difference and Other Poems; Dislikes: Some Modern Satires (Fifield); More Songs by the Fighting Men (Erskine Macdonald); Gilbert Hermer. A Novel (Blackwood).

Colin Mitchell. Sergt. Rifle Brigade. (Killed in action, 22nd March 1918.) Trampled Clay (Erskine Macdonald).
Francis St. Vincent Morris. 2nd Lieut. 3rd Batt. Sherwood Foresters. Transferred R.F.C. (Died of wounds, 29th April 1917.) Poems. With a Memoir by L. A. G. S. (Oxford: Blackwell).
The Hon. Robert Palmer. Captain, Hants Regt. (Wounded on Tigris, 21st January 1916. Died, a prisoner in Turkish camp.) The Muse in Arms. Edited by E. B. Osborn (John Murray).
Harold Parry. 2nd Lieut. 17th King's Royal Rifles. (Killed by shell, 6th May 1917.) Letters and Poems. With Memoir by G. P. D. (Walsall: W. H. Smith and Son).
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George Upton Robins. Captain, East Yorks Regt. (Killed in action, 5th May 1915.) Lays of the Hertfordshire Hunt. With Preface by Major-Gen. Earl Cavan, and Memoir (A. L. Humphreys).
Edward Stanley Russell, M.C. Captain, 1st Herefordshire Regt. (Killed in action, 6th November 1917.) Memoir by Rev. Arnold H. Lewis, and selection of poems in preparation.
Alan Seeger. Private, Foreign Legion of France. (Killed in action, 29th June 1916.) Poems. With Introduction by William Archer; Letters and Diary (Constable).
William Ambrose Short, C.M.G. Lieut.-Col. R.F.A. (Killed in action, 21st June 1917.) Poems (A. L. Humphreys).
Henry Lamont Simpson. Lieut. 1st Lancs. Fusiliers. (Killed in action, 29th August 1918.) Moods and Tenses. With Introduction by H. C. Duffin (Erskine Macdonald).
Geoffrey Bache Smith. Lieut. Lancashire Fusiliers. (Killed in action, 3rd December 1916.) A Spring Harvest (Erskine Macdonald).
Charles Hamilton Sorley. Captain, Suffolk Regt. (Killed in action, 13th October 1915.) Marlborough and Other Poems. With Preface by W. R. S. (Cambridge University Press).
J. Howard Stables. Lieut. Gurkha Rifles. (Wounded in action in Mesopotamia and missing, 17th February 1917. Since reported killed.) The Sorrow that Whistled (Elkin Mathews).
Robert W. Sterling. Lieut. Royal Scots Fusiliers. (Killed in action, 23rd April 1915.) Poems. With Memoir (Oxford University Press).
John E. Stewart, M.C. Major, Staffordshire Regt. (Killed in action, 26th April 1918.) More Songs by the Fighting Men (Erskine Macdonald).
John William Streets. Sergt. 13th Yorks and Lancaster Regt. (Wounded in action and missing, 1st July 1916. Since reported killed.) The Undying Splendour (Erskine Macdonald).
The Hon. E. Wyndham Tennant. Lieut. Grenadier Guards. (Killed in action, September 1915.) Worple Flit and Other Poems (Oxford: Blackwell).
Edward Thomas. Lieut. R.G.A. (Killed in action, April 1917.) Poems (Selwyn and Blount). Prose: The Tenth Muse. With Memoir by John Freeman (Martin Seeker); A Literary Pilgrim in England (Methuen); The Heart of England (Dent); Rest and Unrest (Duckworth), etc.
Herbert Nicholas Todd. Private, Queen's Westminsters. (Killed in action, 7th October 1916.) Poems and Plays (Sedbergh: Jackson and Son).

R. E. Vernède. Lieut. Rifle Brigade. (Killed in action, 9th April 1917.) War Poems. With Introduction by Edmund Gosse, C.B. (Heinemann). Prose: Letters to His Wife. With Introduction by C. H. Vernède (Collins); The Pursuit of Mr. Faviel. A Novel (Nelson), etc.

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Bernard Charles de Boismaison White. Lieut. 1st Tyneside Scottish Regt. (Killed in action, 1st July 1916.) Remembrance and Other Verses. With Memoir by de V. Payen-Payne (Selwyn and Blount).
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Cyril W. Winterbotham. Lieut. Gloucestershire Regt. (Killed in action, 27th August 1916.) Poems. Published for private circulation. (Cheltenham: Banks and Son.) The Muse in Arms. Edited by E. B. Osborn (John Murray).

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