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Title Palestine Exploration Fund - Quarterly Statement for 1894
Year 1894
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This table of Contents toc
Articles indexed by authors iii
List of Illustrations vi
General Index vii
Quarterly Statement for January 1894 1
Tabitha’s Tomb and St. Peter’s Church at Jaffa 13
Excavations by the Augustinian Brethren on Mount Zion 15
Notes of Changes in Jerusalem Buildings, &c. 19
Notes on the Skull Hill, &c. 21
Orders of Holy Men in Palestine (Answers to Questions) 22
On the Fall of Rain at Jerusalem in the 32 years 39
Meteorological Report from Jerusalem for 1884 44
Une Tablette Palestinienne Cunéiforme 47
The Jews under Rome 47
I. Government 48
II. Employment 49
III. Dealings with Gentiles 52
IV. Religion 54
V. Language 56
VI. Writing 82
VII. Music 61
VIII. Time 61
IX. Women 62
X. Dress 64
XI. Food 64
XII. Buildings and Tombs 65
XIII. Agriculture 67
XIV. Fauna and Flora 68
XV. Geography 72
XVI. History 78
Alphabet 80
Notes on the Quarterly Statement October 1893 81
The City Sehlala 82
Circle and Serpent Antiquities 83
Quarterly Statement for April 1894 89
The Recent Pilgrimage to Jerusalem 101
The Church at Jacob's Well 108
A Lebanon Cliff Castle 113
Marble Fragment from Jebail 118
The Sidon Sarcophagi 120
Birth, Marriage, and Death among the Fellahin of Palestine 127
Meteorological Report from Jerusalem for Year 1885 144
Notes from Herr Baurath von Schick 146
Notes on the Winged Figure at Jaffa, on Bether, &c. 148
Jerusalem Topography 150
Cana and Megiddo in Tatian’s Diatesaaron 151
Quarterly Statement for July 1894 153
Excavations at Jerusalem 169
Notes on the Plain of Jericho 175
The Jerusalem Cross 183
Remarks on facsimile of Metal Mouse in the Collection of Baron Ustinoff at Jaffa 189
Land Tenure in Palestine 191
A Hittite Monument 199
Note on the Marble Fragment from Jebail 200
Greek Inscriptions in Western Palestine 201
Notes on Tell al Hesy 203
Notes on Herr von Schick’s paper on the Jerusalem Cross 205
Notes on the Quarterly Statement April 1894 207
Notes by Rev. J. E. Hanauer on Stone and Pottery Masks found in Palestine 209
On the Depth and Temperature of the Lake of Tiberias 211
The Hæmatite Weight with an Inscription in Ancient Semitic Characters 220
Quarterly Statement for October 1894 233
Second Report on the Excavations at Jerusalem 243
Discovery of a Beautiful Mosaic Pavement with Armenian Inscription 257
Jerusalem Notes 261
Results of Meteorological Observations Taken at Jerusalem in the Year 1886 266
The Siloam and Later Palestinian Inscriptions 269
The Birth of Abu-Zaid 277
Ancient Jerusalem—Zion, and Acra, South of the Temple 282
The Ancient Hæmatite Weight from Samaria 284
Jewish Pilgrims to Palestine 288
Note on the Swastica 300
Notes on Mr Davis' Paper 301
Notes on the Quarterly Statement July 1894 302
Annual Meeting 303
Errata and a Correction