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Weird Tales volume 33 number 04.djvu

Volume 33 CONTENTS FOR APRIL, 1939 Number 4
Cover Design Virgil Finlay
Illustrating a scene in "Susette"
The Red God Laughed Thorp McClusky 5
A strange tale about the end of human life on Earth
Trinities Edgar Daniel Kramer 10
"Their eyes upturned and begged and burned" Virgil Finlay 11
Pictorial interpretation of a poem by Sidney Lanier
Susette Seabury Quinn 12
An intriguing weird tale of the French Revolution
Hellsgarde C. L. Moore 37
Dead men guarded the treasure in Hellsgarde Castle—a tale of Jirel of Joiry
Armies from the Past Edmond Hamilton 61
An exciting story of time-travel and a world enslaved
The Red Swimmer Robert Bloch 83
Piracy on the Spanish Main—red arms that reached out of the sea
In an Old Street Vincent Starrett 97
Hydra Henry Kuttner 98
A ghastly horror reached bach from another dimension of space
Fearful Rock (End) Manly Wade Wellman 110
An eery novel of evil powers and the War between the States
The High Places Frances Garfield 123
A ghost story of aviation
Mommy Mary Elizabeth Counselman 128
A very human weird tale about a little girl in an orphanage
Will-o'-the-Wisp Charles Sloan Reid 134
The Wicked Clergyman H. P. Lovecraft 135
A brief posthumous tale by a great master of eery fiction
Special News Bulletin Vincent Gaddis 138
A short weird tale of radio and a passenger air-liner
Weird Story Reprint:
The Curse of Yig
Z. B. Bishop 140
A grim story of the rattlesnake-god of the Indians
The Eyrie 141
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