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Books noticed:
Abercromby, Hon. Ralph. Weather 704
Adams, H. B. College of William and Mary 131
"Literature of Charities 416
Allinson and Penrose. The City Government of Philadelphia 279
Andrews, Benjamin. Institutes of General History 275
Ashley and Hutton. English History from Contemporary Writers 273
Ashley, W. J. Edward III and his Wars 273
Bain, Alexander. On Teaching English 850
Baird, Spencer F. Report of Smithsonian Institution, 1885-'86 417
Baldwin, Joseph. Elementary Psychology and Education 560
Bancroft, H. H. History of the Pacific States—Popular Tribunals 272
Bancroft, H. H. History of the Pacific States—Popular Tribunals 562
Barrows, C. H. Facts and Fictions of Mental Healing 130
Barus and Stronhal. Physical Properties of the Iron Carburets 420
Barus, Carl. Subsidence of Fine Solid Particles in Liquids 420
Beal, W. J. Grasses of North America 131
Bert, Paul. Introductory Steps in Science 706
Binet, A., and Féré, C. Animal Magnetism 848
Biological Society of Washington, Proceedings, 1884 to 1886 564
Bishop, G. R. Exact Phonography 852
Board of Education, New York City—Forty-third Annual Report 279
Brewers' Association, United States, Proceedings of Convention, 1887 277
Brinton, D. G. Ancient Nahuatl Poetry 561
"Conception of Love in American Languages 565
Brown, John A. Palæolithic Man in Northwest Middlesex 130
Bryce, James. Predictions of Hamilton and De Tocqueville 416
Bugbee, J. G., The City Government of Boston 279
Bureau of Education, Circular No. 1 131
Butler, J. S. Curability of Insanity, etc 132
Butler, N. M. The War of 1812 and the Consolidation of the Union 416
Byerly, W. E. Chauvenet's Treatise on Elementary Geometry 135
Carroll, Lewis. The Game of Logic 278
Chief Signal-Officer, Report for 1886 849
Cooper, Sarah. Animal Life in the Sea and on the Land 707
Da Paz, Campos. A Questão dos Vinhos 421
Dexter. Astronomical Revelations 567
Diller, J. S. Geology of Northern California 419
"Peridotite of Elliott County, Kentucky 420
Dimitry, John. Three Good Giants 415
Dolbear, Professor A. E. The Art of Projecting 850
Downing, A. J. Cottage Residences 567
Ebers, Georg. Richard Lepsius 850
Engelmann, G. J. Use of Electricity in Gynecological Practice 133
Everett, J. D. Outlines of Natural Philosophy 707
Fairchild. History of the New York Academy of Sciences 276
Finck, H. T. Romantic Love and Personal Beauty 128
Fish Commission of the United States, Report for 1885 564
Forest Commission, State of New York, Second Annual Report 567
Froebel, F., and Hailman, W. N. The Education of Man 707
Garlanda, Federico. The Fortunes of Words 134
Gilman's Historical Readers 130