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Books noticed: PAGE
Gilson. Trees of Reading, Massachusetts 851
Grove, Sir George. A Dictionary of Music and Musicians 417
Haddon, A. C. Introduction to the Study of Embryology 134
Hall, G. Stanley. American Journal of Psychology 558
Halsted, B. D. Botanical Bulletin, Iowa Agricultural College 566
Harris, W. O. Fishes of North America 568
Heilprin, Angelo. Explorations on the West Coast of Florida 418
Herrmann, Gustav. The Graphical Status of Mechanism 132
"How I was Educated" Papers 851
Hutton. The Misrule of Henry III 273
Imperial University, Japan, Journal of the College of Science of 421
Jackson, E. P. The Earth in Space 855
Jones, L. E. The Best Reading 566
Jones, W. H. Federal Taxes and State Expenses 278
Johonnot, James. Stories of Our Country 567
Jordan, D. S. Science Sketches 563
King, C. W. The Gnostics and their Remains 559
Kirkup, Thomas. An Inquiry into Socialism 849
Knox, T. W. Decisive Battles since Waterloo 563
Langley, S. P. The New Astronomy 854
Laughlin, J. L. Elements of Political Economy 271
Lincoln, Mrs. D. A. Boston School-Kitchen Text-Book 560
Linderfeldt, K. A. Text-Book of Volapük 280
Lloyd, J. H. Moral Insanity in Medico-Legal Aspects 134
Love, S. G. Industrial Education 275
McCalley, Henry. On the Warrior Coal-Field 416
McGee, W. J. Meridional Deflection of Ice Streams 422
"Relations of Geology and Agriculture 566
Marks, W. D. The Relative Proportions of the Steam-Engine 415
Miles, Manly. The Microbes of Nitrification 421
Miller, A. J. Dress 850
Miller, L. W. The Essentials of Perspective 274
Mills, W. T. The Science of Politics 559
Mitchell, F. A. Ormsby Macknight Mitchell 853
Morrison, G. B. Ventilation and Warming of School-Buildings 849
Müller, F. Max. Biographies of Words 851
Nelson, Dr. Wolfred. Difflcultés dans la Construction du Canal de Panama 420
New York State Board of Health, Examination of Beers 277
Norman, Henry. Bodyke 276
Oldberg, Oscar. Manual of Weights and Measures 132
Oleomargarine Question, The, An Abstract of 418
Oliver, J. A. W. Astronomy for Amateurs 853
Patton, J. H. Natural Resources of the United States 853
Peabody Museum, Twentieth Annual Report of the Trustees 417
Peale, A. C. Mineral Springs of the United States 419
Peck, W. G. Elementary Treatise in Determinants 278
Peters, E. D. Modern American Methods of Copper-Smelting 565
Philosophical Society of Washington, Bulletin for 1886 277
Powell, E. P. Our Heredity from God 413