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Books noticed: PAGE
Powell, J. W. Sixth Report of United States Geological Survey 278
Proctor, R. A. Half-Hours with the Stars 854
Quackenbos, J. D. Appletons' Physical Geography 126
Ridgway, Roberts. Manual of North American Birds 705
Riley, C. V. Entomological Report, 1886—Experiments with Insecticides—Our Shade-Trees and their Insect Defoliators 565
Roemer, Jean. Origins of English People and Language 702
Roos, Dr. P. F. Van Hamel. Revue des Falsifications des Denrées Alimentaires 419
Saintsbury, George. History of Elizabethan Literature 708
Salomons, Sir David. Management of Accumulators 855
Sansone, Antonio. The Printing of Cotton Fabrics 127
School of Expression, Boston. Second Annual Report 564
Scudder, S. H. Present Knowledge of Fossil Insects 419
Seifert, O., and Muller, F. Manual of Clinical Diagnosis 568
Snow, M. S. The City Government of St. Louis 133
Society for Promotion of Agricultural Science, Seventh Meeting 421
Spencer, T. C. The Struggle for Religious and Political Liberty 132
Sprague, C. E. Hand-Book of Volapük 280
Stevenson, R. L. Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin 706
Sutton, J, B. Ligaments, their Nature and Morphology 135
Thomann, G. The Effects of Beer 277
Thoreau, H. D. Winter 567
Upham. Beeches and Deltas of Lake Agassiz 420
Van Dyke, J. C. The Principles of Art 274
Vermenle, O. C. Topographical Survey of New Jersey 280
Von Förster, Max. Compressed Gun-Cotton 133
Walcott. Cambrian Faunas of North America 419
Walker, Jerome. Health Lessons 134
Ward, L. F. Synopsis of the Flora of the Laramie Group 421
"Types of the Laramie Flora 420
West, M. A. Childhood: its Care and Culture 708
White, C. A. Laramie and Fresh-Water Eocene Fauna 420
White, J. C. Dermatitis Venenata 132
Whitman, O. O., and Allis, E. P. The Journal of Morphology 852
Williston, S. W. Synoposis of the North American Sylphidæ 133
Withington, C. F. Transmission of Disease by Rags 566
Wood, H. C. Nervous Diseases and their Diagnosis 132
Wurtz, A., and Greene, W. H. Elements of Modern Chemistry 563
Boomerang, The 283
Borrowing without Credit (Editorial) 702
Bowen, Eliza A. 267
Bright's Disease, Origin of 573
Britain, The Making of 716
Brown University, The Scientific Department of 423
Building-Stone, Protection of 713

Californian Dry-Winter Flowers (Halsted) 770
Cameo-Cutting for Amateurs 715
Cameos 284