Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute/Volume 19








(Second of New Series)




Issued May, 1887.




 65, lines 17 and 32, for Acanthodrilis read Acanthodrilus.
 94, line 22, for Falces read Eyes.
101, line 27, for cocolorous read concolorous.
113, line 31, for lateral read central.
162, line 29, for Debranchiata read Dibranchiata.
162, line 38, for perouii read peroni.
166, line 9, for terrebelloides read terebelloides.
168, line 34, for Italiotidæ read Haliotidæ.
170, line 6, for mangei read maugei.
171, line 22, for Onchadella read Onchidella.
172, line 24, for Aphiysiidæ read Aplysiidæ.
172, line 29, for novo-zealandica read novæ-zealandiæ.
174, line 28, for lumbata read lambata.
196, last line, for cathymetrical read bathymetrical.
197, line 31, for quinqualoculine read quinqueloculine.
198, line 4, et seq., for W. and T. read W. and Y.



Art. I. Monograph of New Zealand Noctuina. By E. Meyrick, B.A., F.E.S. 3–40
II. On the "Honeydew" of Coccidæ, and the Fungus accompanying these Insects. By W. M. Maskell, F.R.M.S. 41–45
III. Further Notes on New Zealand Coccidæ. By W. M. Maskell, F.R.M.S. 45–49
IV. On the Freshwater Infusoria of the Wellington District. By W. M. Maskell, F.E.M.S. 49–61
V. On New Zealand Glow-worms. By G. V. Hudson 62–64
VI. Note on a curious Double Worm. By T. W. Kirk (Geological Survey Department) 64–65
VII. On Ixodes maskelli, a Parasite of the Albatross (Diomedea exulans). By T. W. Kirk 65–67
VIII. On the Occurrence of the English Scaly Lizard (Zootoca vivipara) in New Zealand. By T. W. Kirk 67–69
IX. Description of a new Species of Moth (Pasiphila lichenodes). By Alex. Purdie, M.A. 69–72
X. On new Species of Araneidea. By A. T. Urquhart 72–118
XI. On the Work of Earth-worms in New Zealand. By A. T. Urquhart 119–123
XII. Notes on New Zealand Earth-worms. By W. W. Smith; communicated by Dr. Hector 123–139
XIII. A Description of the curiously-deformed Bill of a Huia (Heteralocha acutirostris, Gould), an endemic New Zealand bird. By W. Colenso, F.R.S., F.L.S., etc. 140–145
XIV. A Description of a large and new Species of Orthopterous Insect of the genus Hemideina, Walker. By W. Colenso 145–147
XV. Further Notes and Observations on the Gestation, Birth, and Young of a Lizard, a Species of Naultinus. By W. Colenso 147–150
XVI. Remarks on Palinurus lalandii, M. Edw., and P. edwardsii, Button. By T. Jeffery Parker, B.Sc, C.M.Z.S., Professor of Biology in the University of Otago 150–155
XVII. On a new Species of Giant Cuttlefish, stranded at Cape Campbell, June 30th, 1886 (Architeuthis kirkii). By C. W. Robson; communicated by Dr. Hector 155–157
XVIII. On the Anatomy of the Limpet (Patinella radians, Quoy). By J. A. Newell, B.A. 157–160
XIX. On the Mollusca of the Vicinity of Auckland. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S., Curator of the Auckland Museum 161–176
XX. The Land Mollusca of the Thames Goldfields. By James Adams, B.A. 177–181
XXI. Description of the Little Barrier or Hanturu Island, the Birds which inhabit it, and the Locality as a Protection to them. By A. Reischek, F.L.S. 181–184
XXII. Notes on Ornithology. By A. Reischek 184–188
XXIII. Ornithological Notes. By A. Reischek 188–193
XXIV. Notes on some Moa Remains found at the Great Barrier Island during February, 1886. By Sidney Weetman 193–194
XXV. On a new Species of Alpheus. By T. W. Kirk 194–196
XXVI. Notes on some Foraminifera from the Hauraki Gulf. By Dr. Rudolph Haeusler 196–200
XXVII. On the Occurrence of Junonia vellida and Deopeia pulchella in New Zealand. By G. V. Hudson, 201
XXVIII. Descriptions of new Spiders. By P. Goyen 201–212
XXIX. On some new Native Plants. By J. Buchanan, F.L.S. 213–216
XXX. On a remarkable branching Specimen of Hemitelia smithii. By J. Buchanan 217
XXXI. On the New Zealand Species of Coprosma. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S., Curator of the Auckland Museum 218–252
XXXII. A few Observations on the Tree-Ferns of New Zealand; with particular reference to their peculiar Epiphytes, their Habit, and their manner of Growth. By W. Colenso, F.E.S., F.L.S., etc. 252–259
XXXIII. A Description of some newly-discovered and rare in digenous Phænogamic Plants, being a further Contribution towards making known the Botany of New Zealand. By W. Colenso 259–271
XXXIV. A Description of some newly-discovered Cryptogamic Plants, being a further Contribution towards the making known the Botany of New Zealand. By W. Colenso 271–301
XXXV. An Enumeration of Fungi recently discovered in New Zealand, with brief Notes on the Species Novæ. By W. Colenso 301–313
XXXVI. Observations on the Glands in the Leaf and Stem of Myoporum lætum, Forster. By Catherine Alexander, B.A. 314–316
XXXVII. Observations on the Development of the Flower of Coriaria ruscifolia, Linn. By T. W. Rowe, M.A. 317–319
XXXVIII. The Medicinal Properties of some New Zealand Plants. By J. Baber, C.E. 319–322
XXXIX. Descriptions of new Native Plants. By D. Petrie, F.L.S. 323–324
XL. Descriptions of new Native Plants. By D. Petrie 325–326
XLI. Narrative of an Ascent of Ruapehu. By James Park, Geological Survey Department 327–331
XLII. Notes in reference to the Prime Causes of the Phænomena of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. By W. T. L. Travers, F.L.S. 331–338
XLIII. On the Cause of Volcanic Action. By J. Hardcastle 338–341
XLIV. Observations on the Eruption of Mount Tarawera, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, 10th June, 1886. By J. A. Pond and S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S. 342–371
XLV. Notes on the Eruption of Tarawera Mountain and Rotomahana, 10th June, 1886, as seen from Taheke, Lake Rotoiti. By Major W. G. Mair 372–374
XLVI. Thermal Activity in the Ruapehu Crater. By L. Cussen 374–380
XLVII. Phænomena connected with the Tarawera Eruption of 10th June, 1886, as observed at Gisborne. By Archdeacon W. L. Williams 380–382
XLVIII. Notes on the Eruption of Tarawera, as observed at Opotiki. By E. P. Dumerque 382–384
XLIX. Traces of Volcanic Dust-showers at Napier, Petane, and generally throughout the East Coast Districts, North of Cape Kidnappers. By H. Hill, B.A. 385–387
L. A Description of a Scaphites, found near Cape Turnagain. By H. Hill 387–388
LI. Notes on the Hot Springs Nos. 1 and 2, Great Barrier Island, with Sketches showing the Temperature of the Waters. By C. P. Winkelmann 388–392
LII. On the Geology of the Trelissick or Broken River Basin, Selwyn County. By Professor F. W. Hutton, F.G.S. 392–412
LIII. On the so-called Gabbro of Dun Mountain. By Professor F. W. Hutton 412–414
LIV. On the Geology of the Country between Oamaru and Moeraki. By Professor F. W. Hutton 415–430
LV. Note on the Geology of the Valley of the Waihao in South Canterbury. By Professor F. W. Hutton 430–433
LVI. The Waihao Greensands, and their Relation to the Ototara Limestone. By Alex. McKay, Assistant Geologist 434–440
LVII. Geology of Scinde Island, and the Relation of the Napier Limestones to others in the surrounding District 441–448
LVIII. Notes on the Age and Subdivisions of the Sedimentary Bocks in the Canterbury Mountains, based upon the Palæontological Researches of Professor Dr. C. Baron von Ettingshausen in Gratz (Austria). By Sir Julius von Haast, K.C.M.G., D.Sc, Ph.D., F.R.S., etc. 449–451
LIX. Notes on the Geology of the Bluff District. By W. S. Hamilton 452–455
LX. On the Formation of Timaru Downs. By John Goodall, M.Inst.C.E. 455–458
LXI. On the Occurrence of Bismuth at the Owen, New Zealand. By William Skey 459–460
LXII. Address. By James Hector, M.D., President of the Wellington Philosophical Society 461–470
LXIII. Economic Antarctic Exploration. By C. Traill; communicated by T. Kirk, F.L.S. 470–481
LXIV. The Track of a Word. By E. Tregear, F.R.G.S. 482–468
LXV. Polynesian Folk-lore: "Hina's Voyage to the Sacred Isle." By E. Tregear, F.R.G.S. 486–504
LXVI. Notes on Antigone, 2–6. By Francis Haslam, M.A., Professor of Classics, Canterbury College, Christchurch 504–506
LXVII. A Note on Latin Place-Names. By Henry Belcher, LL.D., Rector of the High School, Otago (Boys) 507–510
LXVIII. Transcendental Geometry: Remarks suggested by Mr. Frankland's Paper, "The Non-Euclidian Geometry Vindicated." By George Hogben, M.A. 510–515
LXIX. On "The Whence of the Maori." By W. H. Blyth 515–549
LXX. Notes on Blasting at Ahuriri Bluff, Napier, in connection with the Construction of the Breakwater. By John Goodall, M. Inst. C.E. 549–552
LXXI. The Aryo-Semitic Maori. By A. S. Atkinson 552–576
LXXII. Kahikatea as a Building Timber. By L. J. Bagnall 577–580


Eighteenth Annual Report 583–585
Accounts 585


Note on the Occultation of Jupiter and its Satellites, 16th April, 1886, as observed at Petone, N.Z., by Dr. Hector 589
Additional Information concerning the Eruption at Rotomahana. By Dr. Hector 590
Fish Exhibited 590
Note on the Prime Causes of the Phenomena of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. By W. T. L. Travers, F.L.S. 590
On Tree Blight. By W. M. Maskell, F.R.M.S. 592
Salmon-trout from Hutt River 592
Earthquakes at Charleston 592
Fossils from Otago 592
On a Common Vital Force. By Coleman Phillips 592
Additions to Museum 593
Abstract of Report for 1886–87 593
Election of Office-bearers for 1887–88 593
New Method of Utillzing Silk Cocoons. By F. W. Pennefather, LL.M. 594
Geological Specimens exhibited 594
On Trimorphism in Flowers of New Zealand Fuchsia. By T. Kirk, F.L.S. 594
Anniversary Address. By the President 595–602
On Primitive Property. By Dr. Posnett 602
On Volcanic Dust. By Professor A. P. Thomas 602
Journey to Rotomahana and Tarawera. By Professor Thomas 602
Wings: A Chapter in Evolution. By Professor Thomas 603
New Species of Pselaphidæ. By Captain T. Broun 603
The Two Theories: Evolution or Creation. By J. Buchanan 603
The Luminosity of Flames. By Professor Brown 603
New Species of Coleoptera. By Captain T. Broun 604
The White Terrace at Rotomahana. By J. Martin, F.R.S. 605
Recent Explorations in New Guinea. By A. J. Vogan 606
On a Salt Spring in the King Country. By Professor Brown 606
Abstract of Report for 1886–87 607
Election of Office-bearers for 1887 607
Recent Advances in Electricity. By Professor Bickerton, F.G.S. 608
The Life and Works of Ivan Turgenieff. By Miss Lohse 608
The Volcanic Eruption in the North Island. By Professor Hutton, F.G.S. 609
What is Art, and Who are Artists? By S. Hurst-Seager, A.R.I.B.A. 610
On Poisoning by Metallic Antimony. By Dr. W. H. Symes 610
Abstract of Report 610
Election of Officers for 1887 610
Lecture on the Border Ballads. By A. Wilson 611
Lecture on the History of New Zealand. By Dr. Hocken 612
On the Structure of the Greek Theatre. By Dr. Belcher 612
Abstract of Annual Report 613
Abstract of President's Address 613–615
Election of Officers for 1887 615
Abstract of Annual Report 616
Election of Officers for 1887 616
Experiments in Freezing Eggs. By N. Heath 617
Occultations, and Graphic Methods of computing them 617
On the Marine Mollusca of the East Coast. By A. Hamilton 618
On the remarkable Sagacity of Small Birds. By G. Kells, of Napier 618
Experiments with Porpoise-hide 619
On the Fishes of Hawke's Bay. By A. Hamilton 619
Abstract of President's Address 619–620
Election of Officers for 1887 621
Our Remote Ancestors: Who were they? By Dr. Galbraith 622
St. Briavels and the Forest of Dean. By John McPherson 622
Evolution. By Archdeacon Stocker 622
Electricity as a Motive Power, and as a Lighting Agent. By A. Highton, B.A. 622
Optical Illusions. By Mr. Baker 622
Heat. By Mr. Ireland 622
Abstract of Annual Report 623
Election of Officers for 1887 623
Description of Peripatus 624
The Sublimities of Common Astronomical Facts 624
Localization of Faults in Telegraphy. By J. C. Lockley 624
Connection between Mind and Body. By Rev. E. Shears 624
Nelson Surveying, Past and Present. By J. S. Browning 624

Meteorological Statistics for 1886 631
Notes on the Weather for 1886 632
Earthquakes reported in New Zealand during 1886 633
Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute 634
Ordinary Members of the New Zealand Institute 635–647
List of Institutions and Individuals to whom this Volume is presented 648—651
Alphabetical Index 653

Errata iii.
Contents v.–x.
List of Plates xi.
Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute xiii.
Abstract of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xiii.
List of Incorporated Societies xvi.
Officers of Incorporated Societies, and Extracts from the Rules xvi.–xix.


Author. TO FACE
I. Maskell.Coccidæ  40
II. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}  44
III. Maskell and Others.Infusoria  48
IV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}}  52
V. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}}  60
VI.a. Hudson.—Glow-worms 201
VI.c. {{{1}}}Junonia vellida 201
VI.b. Kirk, T. W.—Double Worm  64
VI.d. {{{1}}}Alpheus halesii  64
VII. Urquhart.Araneidea  72
VIII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 112
IX. Colenso.—Bill of Huia 144
X. Parker.Palinurus 152
XI. Newell.—Anatomy of the Limpet 160
XII. Buchanan.Hemitelia smithii 216
XIII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} (Sections) 216
XIV. {{{1}}} Ourisia montana and Pachycladon elongata 212
XV. {{{1}}} Gastrodia hectori 212
XVI. {{{1}}} Ranunculus muelleri 214
XVII. {{{1}}} Aciphylla kirkii 214
XVIII. {{{1}}} Celmisia robusta 214
XIX. Colenso.—Tree-Ferns of New Zealand 256
XX. Alexander.Myoporum lætum 314
XXI. Rowe.Coriaria ruscifolia 320
XXII. Weetman.—Moa Remains 192
XXIII. Winkelmann.—Great Barrier Hot Springs 388
XXIV. Hutton.—Geology of the Trelissick Basin 400
XXV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 408
XXVI. {{{1}}} Geology of North-Eastern Otago 416
XXVII. Hill.—Geology of Scinde Island 448
XXVIII. Goodall.—Geology of the Timaru Downs; Blasting Operations at Ahuriri Bluff, Napier 456