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November 2013

Special: Validation month

My English Wikipedia page is User:DutchTreat.

Projects edit

Current edit

(external scan) page 47 "Sonnet for life of Madonna Laura" by Petrarch

(transcription project)
  • CE1913: volume 9 "Maria Theresa" 662, 663 ...
Volume 1: (transcription project)
Chapter II (transcription project)
(external scan) another addition of Boccaccio's The Decameron with a scan and woodcut illustrations
Proofreading volume 5 TOC (transcription project)
Proofreading for (transcription project) in 'A's and 'B's page 55
Proofreading (transcription project) "Queen Mab" page 759
Validation for (transcription project)
Complete validation for Portal:Romanes Lecture which will be featured in May 2014
(transcription project)
(transcription project) using Internet Archive
(transcription project) notes page 475
Download text from (external scan)
(external scan)
(transcription project) Manfried on page 85
translation from French to English, starting with chapter 3 letter 'C'
copy in (external scan), since currently from PG transcription which is incomplete, missing all illustrations.
Text available without scan, (transcription project) to improve accuracy.
(transcription project)

Completed edit

Author Backlog edit

See Authors with portraits and status of my WS work for selected authors.

Portal Backlog edit

See the backlog of portal projects on the Portals page. My main interest is university publishing portals.

Community Development edit

Link Guidelines edit

Priority to Same Language WikiSource

  • If the verse refers to a book in the same language or author, wikilink to the title or author page on WS within the same language. When these pages don't exist, still wikilink leaving the red link for future expansion.

Second Priority Same Language Wikipedia

  • If the verse refers to a historical fact (place, person) in the same language, wikilink to the title on WS within the same language.

Third Priority

  • No English translation exists for a title, so no linking. Leave text.

Improve Linking Within Wikisource edit

The 'Chronology lists philosophy works through the ages until 1905. Good resource for finding missing works from WikiSource.

Quotes edit

Quotes from various sources on freedom, history, change and more.