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Chapter II (transcription project)
(external scan) another addition of Boccaccio's The Decameron with a scan and woodcut illustrations
Proofreading volume 5 TOC (transcription project)
Proofreading for (transcription project) in 'A's and 'B's page 55
Proofreading (transcription project) "Queen Mab" page 759
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Complete validation for Portal:Romanes Lecture which will be featured in May 2014
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(transcription project) notes page 475
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(transcription project) Manfried on page 85
translation from French to English, starting with chapter 3 letter 'C'
copy in (external scan), since currently from PG transcription which is incomplete, missing all illustrations.
Text available without scan, (transcription project) to improve accuracy.
(transcription project)
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scold - EB1911 volume 24, page 407; State v. Palendrano/Opinion of the Court on Common Scold


Author BacklogEdit

See my hall of authors.

Author WikiSource Status Wikipedia Article Works
Acton, Lord w:en:John Acton Works
Ady, Julia Mary Cartwright no text on author page as of 11 Aug 2013, three scans uploaded to Commons Julia Mary Cartwright Ady Transcription started
Babeuf limited, only EB1911 as of 16 July 2015 w:François-Noël Babeuf works to be found:
Barnave, Antoine created author page 16 June 2014 Antoine Barnave Works to be found:
  • Jules Gabriel Janin, Barnave (Paris, 1860)
  • Barnave, Antoine. Œuvres posthumes, 4 vols. Bérenger (de la Drôme). 1842.
  • Heidenstam, Oscar Gustaf von, Marie Antoinette, Hans Axel von Fersen, and Joseph Barnave. 1926. The letters of Marie Antoinette, Fersen and Barnave. London: John Lane.
Bernoulli, Jakob no works w:Jacob Bernoulli
Bernoulli, Daniel no author page 3 July 2014 w:Daniel Bernoulli
Berthet, Elie no author page as of 26 Aug 2013 Élie Berthet
Bichat, Marie François Xavier no author page as of 3 Jan 2014 Marie François Xavier Bichat
Booth, Ezra no author page as of 11 Jun 2014 w:en:Ezra Booth One existing work: Ezra Booth letters
Brandes, Georg Morris Cohen no text on author page as of 10 July 2013 Georg Morris Cohen Brandes texts from Internet Archive
Brewster, D. Works on Newton w:David Brewster "Discovery of gravitation, A.D. 1666" in The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume XII, pp. 51-65, (1905) (external scan)
Burckhardt, Jacob only one text as of 10 July 2013 Jacob Burckhardt Internet Archive
  • Die Zeit Constantins des Grossen (1898) [1] only in German
Burke, Edmund link from wikiquotes w:en:Edmund Burke
Chamberlain, Houston Stewart no author page as of 10 July 2013 Houston Stewart Chamberlain texts from Internet Archive
  • Richard Wagner (1900) [2]
  • The ravings of a renegade ; being the War essays of Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1915) [3]
  • The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1911) [4]
Channing, William Henry created author page 21 June 2014 translation of Jouffrey's Introduction to ethics (1841) (external scan)
Cohen, Paul V. (1872-1944) no author page 17 August 2014 no WP translator of Complete Works for Nietzsche and Human All, Too Human () (external scan)
Comte, A. expand w:Auguste Comte works in translation; EB1911 vol 6, starting at page 814
Cramb, John Adam missing text as of 10 July 2013 John Adam Cramb Germany and America (1914) 156 pages
Damiron, Jean-Philibert no author page 20 June 2014 w:en:Jean-Philibert Damiron EB1911, plus works in French and EB1911
Danton, Georges Jacques missing author page 27 August 2014 w:Georges Danton see French WS
Diderot, Denis missing text as of 15 August 2013 Denis Diderot
D'Annunzio, Gabriel no author page as of 28 Aug 2013, linked from The Red and the Black w:en:Gabriele D'Annunzio Works
Dühring, Eugen missing author page as of 14 July 2013 Eugen Dühring Biography in 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 8: Dühring, Eugen Karl and references in Anti-Dühring (1878) by Friedrich Engels in scan 380 pages
Ennius no author page as of 15 Sept 2013 w:en:Ennius Works about
Emmanuel, comte de Las Cases no author page as of 14 Sep 2013 w:en:Emmanuel, comte de Las Cases works
Frothingham no author page as of 22 June 2014 w:en:Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham Memory of William Henry Channing
George, Stefan created author page on 20 January 2014 Stefan George
Gobineau, Count Arthur de created new page, started (transcription project) Arthur de Gobineau The inequality of human races (1915)
Gasset, José Ortega y no author page 6 July 2014 w:José Ortega y Gasset Most works under copyright, but a few written before 1923 and published after this date.
Halsted, G. B. expand w:G. B. Halsted Rational Geometry; "Note on the First English Euclid," American Journal of Mathematics, Vol. II., 1879
Hart, Horace Created 9 Sep 2014 Hart, Horace Missing text for:
  • Rules for Compositors and Printers (1893) also known as Hart's Rules for Compositors and Readers at the University Press
  • Charles, Earl Stanhope and the Oxford University Press
  • Notes on a Century of Typography at the University Press Oxford 1693–1794 (1900)
Hazard, Ebenezer Created author page 24 Jan 2014 w:en:Ebenezer Hazard * Historical collections : consisting of state papers, and other authentic documents ; intended as materials for an history of the United States of America (1792) (external scan)
Heller, Otto w:Otto Heller (author) Create WP page. Add Henrik Ibsen, Play and Problems.
Humboldt, Wilhelm von w:Wilhelm von Humboldt Limits of State Action (1792) published as The Sphere and Duties of Government
Jouffroy, T. S. created author page 22 June 2014 w:en:Théodore Simon Jouffroy EB1911 entry, Introduction to ethics, including a critical survey of moral systems (1841) (external scan) translated by Channing, W. H. (William Henry), 1810-1884.
Karamzin, N Create author page 27 July 2014 w:Nikolay Karamzin 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Vol 15:8, History of the Russian State (1816–26)
Keller, Gottfried (1819-1890) created author page w:Gottfried Keller author pages in French and German, encyclopaedia entries only, English works in translation.
Lalor, J. J. expand works Cyclopædia of political science, political economy, and of the political history of the United States (1881) IA
Leslie, T. created author page 20 June 2014 w:Thomas Edward Cliffe Leslie only DNB article, "The Military Systems of Europe economically considered", "The History and Future of Interest and Profit"
Lévy-Bruhl, Lucien no works as of 4 July 2014 w:Lucien Lévy-Bruhl History of modern philosophy in France: with portraits of the leading French philosophers (1899) (external scan) excellent coverage of philosophers with images for Descates and others; EB1911?
Lovejoy, Arthur O. w:Arthur Oncken Lovejoy PSM articles on Linnaeus and Kant
Mencken, Henry Louis limited text as of 18 July 2013 w:en:Henry Louis Mencken
Mendeleev, Dmitri no text, 2 encyclopaedia pages as of 25 July 2013 w:en:Ditri Mendeleev Principles of Chemestry vol 1 (336 pages), vol 2 (340 pages), Oliver Sacks enjoys his footnotes.
Michelet, Jules no text as of 15 August 2013 w:en:Jules Michelet
O'Brien, James Bronterre DNB only 17 July 2015 w:James Bronterre O'Brien
Ostrogorski, M. Created w:Moisey Ostrogorsky
Pope, Alexander   w:en:Alexander Pope An Essay on Criticism (missing scan, validated?)
Publilius Syrus no author page of 22 Nov 2014 w:Publilius Syrus see wikiquote:Publilius Syrus Maxims
Renan, Ernest limited text w:en:Ernest Renan Ernest Renan (1905) 289 pages
Ribbeck, Otto no author page (7 Sep 2014) w:Otto Ribbeck EB1911 "Ribbeck, Johann Carl Otto"
Ritschl, Friedirch no author page (7 Sep 2014) w:Friedrich Wilhelm Ritschl EB1911 "Ritschl, Friedrich Wilhelm", and text by Ribbeck about author with title: Friedrich Wilhelm Ritschl: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Philologie (1879) (external scan)
Rouse Ball, W. W. no works w:W. W. Rouse Ball A Short Account of the History of Mathematics widely referenced at w:Wikipedia:Rouse History of Mathematics only Gutenberg text.
Sainte-Beuve no text as of 17 July 2013 w:en:Saint-Beuve The essays of Sainte-Beuve (1901) in three vol translated by William Sharp vol 1 vol 2 vol 2
Stendhal no text as of 14 July 2013 Stendhal text from Internet Archive
  • The red and the black; a chronicle of 1830 (1916) 556 pages
Strindberg, Johan August one text as of 3 Jan 2014 w:en:August Stringberg
Taine, Hippolyte limited text Hippolyte Taine Internet Archive scans:
Terry, Charles S. missing author page 9 Aug 2014 w:Charles Sanford Terry (historian) many IA scans
Thierry, Augustin missing author page as of Nov 2013 w:en:Augustin Thierry Internet Archive scans:
  • The Formation and Progress of the Tiers état (1859) (external scan)
  • The French romanticists, an anthology of verse and prose (1914) (external scan)
Thorpe, T. E. created author page 14 June 2014 w:en:Thomas Edward Thorpe Works:
  • Humphry Davy, Poet and Philosopher (1896)
  • History of Chemistry (1909)
Turgenev, Ivan   Ivan Turgenev add Torrents of Spring from Project Gutenberg or scan 426 pages
Vertue, George Created 14 June 2014 w:en:George Vertue Engravings, see A catalogue of engravers, who have been born, or resided in England; (1782) (external scan)
Wirt, William w:en:William Wirt Eulogy upon William Wirt (15 pages) by Lee, Richard Henry; Life of Patrick Henry
Wolowski, L. expand w:Louis Wolowski EB1911 28:13, scan Page:EB1911 - Volume 28.djvu/798 page 777

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