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The following pages have no license template applicable to the United States or no license template at all.

You can contribute by editing them and replacing {{no license}} or {{no US license}} with the relevant license template.

A comprehensive list of license templates is at Help:Copyright tags. These are the most common ones:

{{PD-old}} pre-1929 work whose author died at least 100 years ago
{{PD-US}} pre-1929 work whose author died less than 100 years ago
{{PD-US-no-renewal}} 1929–1963 work whose copyright non-renewal is confirmed
{{PD-1996}} 1929–1996 work which was published outside the US and was not published in the US within 30 days and was first published without complying with US copyright formalities (before 1978) or without copyright notice (after 1978) and was in the public domain in its home country on the URAA date

With {{PD-US}}, {{PD-US-no-renewal}}, and {{PD-1996}}, the year of the author's death, if known, should be added as a parameter to the template. For example: {{PD-US|1934}}


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