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Title Fancies versus fads
Author G. K. Chesterton
Year 1923
Publisher Methuen & Co., Ltd.
Location London
Source djvu
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Introduction v
The Romance of Rhyme 1
Hamlet and the Psycho-Analyst 20
The Meaning of Mock Turkey 35
Shakespeare and the Legal Lady 46
On Being an Old Bean 55
The Fear of the Film 61
Wings and the Housemaid 68
The Slavery of Free Verse 74
Prohibition and the Press 80
The Mercy of Mr. Arnold Bennett 86
A Defence of Dramatic Unities 93
The Boredom of Butterflies 99
The Terror of a Toy 105
False Theory and the Theatre 111
The Secret Society of Mankind 117
The Sentimentalism of Divorce 124
Street Cries and Stretching the Law 130
The Revolt or the Spoilt Child 136
The Innocence of the Criminal 142
The Prudery of the Feminists 149
How Mad Laws Are Made 155
The Pagoda of Progress 161
The Myth of the "Mayflower" 166
Much Too Modern History 173
The Evolution of Slaves 179
Is Darwin Dead? 186
Turning Inside Out 193
Strikes and the Spirit of Wonder 205
A Note on Old Nonsense 212
Milton and Merry England 219