Popular Science Monthly/Volume 51/Index

I N D E X.

Acetylene, A Bunsen Burner for. (Frag.) 855
Age and Suicide. (Corr.) 553
Age of the Earth, The. (Frag.) 856
Alchemy Redivivus. A. E. Outerbridge, Jr. 671
Alcohol, Early Production of. (Corr.) 553
"The History of. C. E. Pellew 231
"The History of. C. E. Pellew 377
American Association, Detroit Meeting. (Table) 842
""Officers of 855
Ancient Symbol, Diffusion of an. (Frag.) 428
Animals on the March. (Frag.) 282
"The Economic Value of. C. F. Holder 827
"Young, at School. (Frag.) 137
Animal Traits. (Frag.) 285
Anthropology a University Study. J. S. Flagg 510
Antipathies of Animals. (Frag.) 140
Antitoxine-Making, Improvement in. (Frag.) 430

Bachelor Seals. (Frag.) 139
Bacteria in Rivers, and Sunlight. (Frag.) 716
Bailey, Pearce, M. D. The Thyroid Gland in Medicine* 481
Ballou, William H. A Tortoise-shell Wild Cat* 507
""World's Geologists at St. Petersburg 212
Baxter, William, Jr. Forecasting the Progress of Invention* 307
Beeler, S. L. The Department Store. (Corr.) 700
Berthelot, M. P. E. Science as an Instrument of Education 253
Binet, M. Alfred. The Paradox of Diderot 539
Birds and their Songs. (Frag.) 716
Blight, Robert. A Lilliputian Monster* 518
Blue Color in Lakes, The. (Frag.) 857
Bolton, H. C. Early American Chemical Societies 819
Books Noticed 128
Books Noticed 270
Books Noticed 417
Books Noticed 559
Books Noticed 706
Books Noticed 846
Alling-Aber, Mary R. An Experiment in Education 849
America and the Americans, from a French Point of View 566
Anderson, R. E. The Story of Extinct Civilizatlons of the East 130
Angot, Alfred. The Aurora Borealis 560
Baldwin, Joseph. School Management and School Methods 421
Barnes, C. R. Analytic Keys to the Genera and Species of North American Mosses 134
Baskett, James Newton. The Story of the Birds 423
Beal, W. J. Grasses of North America 275
Bellamy, Edward. Equality 847
Bell, Louis. Electric Power Transmission 851
Brandt, H. C. G., and W. C. Day. German Scientific Reading 278
Britton, N. L., and Brown, Addison. An Illustrated Flora of the United States, Canada, and the British Possessions, etc. 851
Brown, Frederick J. The Northern Movement of the Colored Population 567
Burgess, John W. The Middle Period 563
Campbell, Helen. Household Economics 276
Chapman. Frank M. Bird-Life 706
Charities, Report of New York State Board of, for 1895 135
Clarke, F. W. Recalculation of the Atomic Weights 854
Clayton, H. Helen. Cloud Observations (Harvard Observatory Annals) 278
Clodd, Edward. Pioneers of Evolution, from Thales to Huxley 708
Clouds, Classification of. Bureau of Navigation 712
Connecticut Labor Bureau. Twelfth Annual Report, Bureau of Statistics 277
Crockett, C. W. Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, with Tables 132
Crosby, W. E. Our Little Book for Little Folks 566
Cuadrado. Dr. Gaston Alonso. The Study of Spectroscopy 423
Davenport, C. B. Experimental Morphology 852
Davenport, Herbert Joseph. Outlines of Economic Theory 418
Duclaux, E. Atmospheric Actinometry 423
Education. Report of United States Commissioner, 1894-'95 133
Farman, D. Autocars 131
Fish Commission, United States. Report for 1892-'93 277
Fish Commission, United States. Report for 1895 853
Geikie, Sir Archibald. The Ancient Volcanoes of Great Britain 559
Gould, George M., M. D. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine 274
Grosse, Ernst. The Beginnings of Art 562
Hawley, Thomas D. Infallible Logic 275
Hogg, Alexander. The Railroad as an Element in Education 275
Hughes, James L. Froebel's Education Laws for all Teachers 419
Huntington, A. K., and McMillan, W. G. Metals 854
Hutchinson, Rev. H. N. Prehistoric Man and Beast 270
Jackson, D. C. and J. P. Alternating Currents and Alternating Machinery 133
Johnson, J. B. The Materials of Construction 564
Jordan, D. S. Observations on the Fur Seals of the Pribiloff Islands 134
Keasbey, L. M. The Nicaragua Canal and the Monroe Doctrine 132
Kellar, I. First Year in German 277
Lefevre, A. Number and its Algebra 133
Lewis, Edwin. The Philosophy of Sex, 133
Literature. A Library of the World's Best, Ancient and Modern 421
Loeffelholz, von Colberg, Carl Freiherr. Revolution of the Earth's Crust in Geological Ages 709
Loew, Oscar. The Energy of Living Protoplasm 711
Logan, John A., Jr. In Joyful Russia 848
Loomis, E. J. An Eclipse Party in Africa 129
Mach, Dr. Ernst. Contributions to the Analysis of the Sensations 424
Macleod, Henry Dunning. The History of Economics 271
Mason, R. Osgood. Telepathy and the Subliminal Self 420
Mathews, C. T. The Story of Architecture 417
Matthews, C. P., and John Shearer. Problems and Questions in Physics 563
Matthews, Washington. Navaho Legends 846
Maxwell, Sir Herbert. Robert Bruce and the Struggle for Scottish Independence 422
Mercer, Henry C. Researches upon the Antiquity of Man 565
Merriam, F. A. A-Birding on a Broncho 131
Merrill, George P. A Treatise on Rocks, Rock-Weathering, and Soils 709
Moore, D. R. A Treatise on the Philosophy of Art 850
Moore, K. C. The Mental Development of a Child 565
Morgan, C. Lloyd. Romanes Essays 566
Morrison W. Douglas. Juvenile Offenders 129
Murray, Gilbert. A History of Ancient Greek Literature 711
Nichols, E. L. The Outlines of Physics 853
Osborne, H. Insects affecting Domestic Animals 134
Pellegrini, Pietro. I Diseredati 710
Perkins, Prof. Charles A. Electricity and Magnetism 565
Phillips, P. Lee. Virginia Cartography 277
Photography, American Annual of, for 1897 277
Poulton, Edward B. Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection 710
Powell, J. W. Fourteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology 852
Price, Sadie F. Fern Collector's Handbook and Herbarium 279
Putnam, George Haven. Books and their Makers during the Middle Ages 278
Railways, Statistics of, in United States. Report of Interstate Commerce Commission on 853
Ramsay, William. The Gases of the Atmosphere 131
Rogers, Mrs. W. B. Life and Letters of William Barton Rogers 272
Russell, Israel C. Glaciers of North America 563
Sandemann, George. Problems of Biology 708
Sarg, James Fred. A New Dairy Industry 423
Scott, William B. An Introduction to Geology 850
Seal Life on the Rookeries of the Pribilof Islands 566
Setchell, William A. Laboratory Practice for Beginners 422
Shinn, C. H. The Story of the Mine 128
Silberstein, Solomon J. The Disclosures of the Universal Mysteries 273
State Legislation, Comparative Summary and Index of 711
Stisted, Georgiana M. The True Life of Captain Sir Richard F. Burton 276
Storer, F. H. Agriculture in Some of its Relations with Chemistry 851
Tarr, Ralph S. Elementary Geology 562
Thayer, A. W. The Hebrews in Egypt and their Exodus 851
Thompson, Edward P., and W. A. Anthony. Röntgen Rays and Phenomena of the Anode and Cathode 274
Townsend, C. H. Illustrations showing Conditions of Fur Seal Rookeries in 1895, and Method of Killing 852
Vincent, Frank. The Plant World 853
Waldo, Frank. Elementary Meteorology 564
Walsingham, Lord, and John Hartley Durrant. Rules for Regulating Nomenclature in Entomological Work 423
Washington Philosophical Society, publications from 1882 to 1894 565
Weisbach. The Mechanics of Pumping 276
Wiedemann, Alfred. Religion of the Ancient Egyptians 710
Wiley, Harvey W. Principles and Practice of Agricultural Analysis 422
Williams, George A. Topics and References in American History 711
Wright, G. F. The Ice Age in North America 134
Yellowstone National Park Folio 852
Books, The Appraisal of. (Frag.) 717
Bordeaux Vineyards, The. (Frag.) 572
Botany, The Scope of. G. J. Peirce 662
British Association, Toronto Meeting. (Table) 843
Bubonic Plague, The. V. C. Vaughan 62

Cactus, The Giant. J. W. Tourney* 641
California Alps, The Wild Flowers of. B. F. Herrick* 348
Candolle, M. C. de. The Latent Vitality of Seeds 106
Cannizzaro's Jubilee, Prof. (Frag.) 140
Cartaz, Dr. A. Stones in the Head* 514
Caucasus, The, as a Pleasure Resort. (Frag.) 283
Chemical Societies, Early American. H. C. Bolton 819
Chess Players' Vision. (Frag.) 574
"Christian Science" and Science. (Table) 554
Civilization, The Wastes of. (Frag.) 858
Correction, A. (Corr.) 553
Cram, William E. The Hawks of New England* 594
Crawley, Prof. Edwin S. Number Systems 524
Croll, James. Sketch. (With Portrait) 544
Crothers, Dr. T. D. New Questions in Medical Jurisprudence 454

Dalai Lama, The. (Frag.) 286
Dana, J. C. The Public and its Public Library 242
Davenport Academy of Science. F. Starr 83
Department Store, The. (Table) 705
Despotism of Democracy, The. Franklin Smith 489
Drills, Primitive. (Frag.) 716
Dust. (Frag.) 569
Dust Storm, Some Notes on a. (Frag.) 426

Earthquakes, Minute. (Frag.) 430
Education, Free-hand Drawing in. H. G. Fitz* 755
Egret, Domestication of The. (Frag.) 137
Elephants in a Lumber Yard. (Frag.) 284
Elliott, Ellen Coit. Let us therewith be Content 341
Emmons, Dr. Ebenezer, and the Olenellus. (Frag.) 425
Eskimo Bows and Arrows. J. Murdoch 645
Evolution and the Fall, Canon Gore on. (Frag.) 285
"The Duke of Argyll on. (Table) 411
"The Principle of Economy in. Edmund Noble 324

Ferrero, G. The Idea of Murder among Men and Animals 805
Figuier, Louis. Sketch (with Portrait). Ida M. Tarbell 834
Fireflies, The Light of. (Frag.) 569
Fitz, H. G. Free-hand Drawing in Education* 755
Flagg, Prof. John S. Anthropology a University Study 510
Flournoy, M. Th. Strange Personifications 112
Forestry, National, Objects of. (Frag.) 713

Ginseng. (Frag.) 570
Geologists at St. Petersburg. W. H. Ballon 212
Gerland, George. Objects and Results of Polar Research 635
Glass, Substitutes for, in Germany. (Frag.) 284
Globe Lightning. M. Hagenau 209
Gophers, Pocket. (Frag.) 569
Gypsum in Kansas. (Frag.) 860

Hagenau, M. Globe Lightning 209
Hakluyt, Richard. (Frag.) 428
Hale, Horatio. Sketch. (With Portrait) 401
Hawks, The, of New England. W. E. Cram* 594
Henderson, C. H. Some Unrecognized Laws of Nature 776
Herrick, Bertha F. Wild Flowers of the California Alps* 348
Highway Construction in Massachusetts. C L. Whittle 73
Holder, Charles F. The Economic Value of Animals 827
Horticultural Extension Schools. (Frag.) 136
Howes, Cliflon A. The Planet Saturn 357
Hydraulic Blasting. (Frag.) 714

Indian Corn, Wild. (Frag.) 281
Insect Inhabitants of Plants. (Frag.) 718
Insects and Fungi, Legislation against. (Frag.) 859
Invention, Forecasting the Progress of. William Baxter, Jr.* 307
Ivory. N. B. Nelson 534

Japanese Alps, Pilgrims of the. (Frag.) 570
Johnson, Helen K. Woman Suffrage and Education 222
Jordan, D. S. Sketch of Richard Owen 259
""The Silent City of the Muir Glacier 161

Kite Experiments, Franklin's, with Modern Apparatus. Alexander McAdie* 739
Koch's Latest Tuberculin. (Frag.) 425
Korean Interviews. E. S. Morse 1

Lancaster, M. A. The Discovery of the Sun Spots 681
Language, Man's, to Animals. (Frag.) 717
Lea, Henry C. Spanish Experiments in Coinage 577
Lock wood, Samuel. Sketch. W.S.Snyder. (With Portrait) 692
Longevity of Astronomers, The. (Frag.) 571

Mammoth Cave, Vegetation of the. (Frag.) 859
Man, A Versatile. (Frag.) 861
Maori Tattooing. (Frag.) 283
Marriage of the Dead. (Frag.) 282
Marsupials and their Skins. (Frag.) 285
Masters of Science, Three. (Frag.) 715
Match, Inventing a. (Frag.) 137
Maxims for the Holiday. (Frag.) 430
McAdie, Alexander. Franklin's Kite Experiments with Modern Apparatus* 739
Medical Jurisprudence, New Questions in. T. D. Crothers 454
Mississippi Floods, The Law of. (Frag.) 426
Mob Mind, The. E. A. Ross 390
Moki Indians and their Birds. (Frag.) 280
Monkeys, Our Friends the. (Frag.) 429
Morse, E. S. Korean Interviews 1
Muir Glacier, The Silent City of the. D. S. Jordan 161
Murder, The Idea of, among Men and Animals. G. Ferrero 805
Murdoch, John. Eskimo Bows and Arrows 645
Mythological Correspondences. (Frag.) 861
Myth, Quick Growth of a. (Frag.) 286

Nasmyth, James. Sketch. (Portrait) 117
Nationality and Scenery. (Frag.) 139
Nelson, N. B. Ivory 534
Newcomb, H. T. A Decade in Federal Railway Regulation 811
Nicaise, M. E. Fourteenth-Century Doctors 686
Niger, At the Head Waters of the. (Frag.) 858
Noble, Edmund. The Principle of Economy in Evolution 324
Number Systems. E. S. Crawley 524

Orchards, Roadside. (Frag.) 286
Ordnance. Evolution of the Modern Heavy Gun.* By W. Le Conte Stevens 145
O'Shea, Prof. M. V. When Character is Formed* 648
Ostriches, Dancing. (Frag.) 860
Outerbridge, Alexander E., Jr. Alchemy Redivivus 671
Owen, Richard, Sketch of. D. S. Jordan 259
Owl Trees. (Frag.) 573

Paradox of Diderot, The. M. Alfred Binet 539
Parker, W. B. The Psychology of Belief 747
Pasteur, The Last Resting Place of. (Frag.) 138
Peirce, George J. The Scope of Botany 662
Pellew, C. E. The History of Alcohol 231
Pellew, C. E. The History of Alcohol 377
Personifications, Strange. M. Th. Flournoy 112
Philosopher, The Dictum of a. (Table) 704
Plague Virus and Dr. Yersin. (Frag.) 281
Plant Distribution, Some Conditions of. (Frag.) 857
Polar Research, Objects and Results of. G. Gerland 635
Primitive Traveling. (Frag.) 428
Psychology of Belief, The. W.B.Parker 747
"Sources of the New. E. W. Scripture 98
Public Library, The Public and its. J. C. Dana 242

R's, The Three, of Prehistoric Man. (Frag.) 282
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 17
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 192
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 289
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 433
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 613
Racial Geography of Europe. W. Z. Ripley 721
Railway Regulation, A Decade in Federal. H. T. Newcomb 811
Reeves, R. N. Suicide and the Environment 186
Reversions in Modern Industrial Life. II. F. Smith 34
Ripley, Prof. William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe 17
Ripley, Prof. William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe 192
Ripley, Prof. William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe 289
Ripley, Prof. William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe 433
Ripley, Prof. William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe 613
Ripley, Prof. William Z. The Racial Geography of Europe 721
Ross, Prof. Edward A. The Mob Mind 390

Saturn, The Planet. C. A. Howes 357
Science as an Instrument of Education. M. P. E. Berthelot 253
Scorpions. Are they Matricides and Suicides? J. Vilaro* 398
Scripture, E. W. Sources of the New Psychology 98
Seals and their Pups. (Frag.) 138
Seeds, The Latent Vitality of. M. C. de Candolle 106
Sewage Purification by Filtering. (Frag.) 713
Shufeldt, Dr. R. W. Some Facts about Wasps and Bees* 315
Smith, Franklin. Reversions in Modern Industrial Life. II 34
""The Despotism of Democracy 489
Snyder, W. S. Sketch, with Portrait, of Samuel Lockwood 692
Social Needs. (Table) 124
"Problem, A New. (Table) 415
"The Musée. (Frag.) 856
Spanish Experiments in Coinage. H. C. Lea 577
Spencer and Darwin. (Table) 127
Spitzbergen, Scenery of. (Frag.) 860
Starr, Frederick. Science at the University of Chicago* 784
""The Davenport Academy of Science 83
Stevens, Prof. W. Le Conte. Evolution of the Modern Heavy Gun 145
Suicide and the Environment. R. N. Reeves 186
Sun Spots, The Discovery of. M. A. Lancaster 681
Swift's Night Flight, The. (Frag.) 568

Tarbell, Ida M. Sketch of Louis Figuier. (With Portrait) 834
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 44
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 165
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 466
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 605
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 765
Thyroid Gland, The, in Medicine. Pearce Bailey, M. D.* 481
Timbuctoo and Jene. (Frag.) 715
Tortoise-shell Wild Cat. A. W. H. Ballou* 507
Torture, A Survival of. (Frag.) 140
Toumey, James W. The Giant Cactus* 641
Trees, Large, from the Coal Period. (Frag ) 280
Trotter, Prof. Spencer. North and South 367
Turbinia, The. (Frag.) 427
Tussock Moth, Ups and Downs of the. (Frag.) 713

Unemployed, Types of the. (Frag.) 571
"Workmen, German Colonies for, (Frag.) 427
University of Chicago, Science at the. Frederick Starr* 784

Van der Mensbrugghe, M. G. The Forces in an Air Bubble 674
Vaughan, Victor C. The Bubonic Plague 62
Veils, Effects of, on Eyesight. (Frag.) 136
Vilaro, Dr. Juan. Are Scorpions Matricides and Suicides?* 398

Wampum Belts, Historical. (Frag.) 283
War, Cycles and Dogs in. (Frag.) 714
Wasps and Bees, Some Facts about. R. W. Shufeldt* 315
Wells, Hon. David A. Principles of Taxation 44
Wells, Hon. David A. Principles of Taxation 165
Wells, Hon. David A. Principles of Taxation 466
Wells, Hon. David A. Principles of Taxation 605
Wells, Hon. David A. Principles of Taxation 765
Whittle, C. L. Highway Construction in Massachusetts 73
Wind Power, Utilization of. (Frag.) 429
Woman Suffrage and Education. H. K. Johnson 222
A Woman on. (Table) 700
World, The, as it is. (Table) 556
Wreaths. (Frag.) 859
Writing Materials, Early. (Frag.) 572

Yucatan, Arid. (Frag.) 573