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Renaissance texts
This is an index of books or other texts from the Renaissance (in English versions that may be linked to their original sources on other language wikis).

Renaissance Texts covers works originally written during the period from about 1420-1630. Texts written before that belong in Portal:Medieval texts, and those written later belong in Portal:Early modern texts.

Sometimes it is unclear whether a text should be considered as "Renaissance", "medieval", or "early modern," especially because the cultural and literary changes of the Renaissance did not occur simultaneously in all parts of Europe. The Renaissance began much later in England than it did in Italy. Further, since the Renaissance was a uniquely European movement; literature from Asia and the Americas written during the same period does not fit neatly into this categorization. In case of doubt, place the book in the period you think most readers would be most likely to look for it. This is no harm in listing it in two Portals, if justified.

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