Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute/Volume 15











Issued May, 1883




 70, line 20, for propodos read dactylos
 73, line 8 from bottom, for Philongria read Philougria
 77, line 12, for pleon read pereion
 79, line 6, for ? Montaguana read ? Montagua
 93, line 11 from bottom, for fuscate read furcate
140, line 15, for mangei read maugei
148, line 11 from bottom, for small read same
149, line 8{{{1}}}and elsewhere, for Philongria read Philougria
162, line 14{{{1}}}for Lezdig read Leydig
166, line 7{{{1}}}after part dele semicolon and insert a comma
175, line 1, for ascil read axil
175, line 4, for limbs read lines
175, line 7 from bottom, dele Theraphosides
176, line 9, for ascils read axils
177, line 6, for clumps read culms
177, line 11, for Thoinisides read Salticus
188 and 190, in title, for 6th April read 30th November
194, line 13, for interior read exterior
198, line 12 from bottom, for ansonii read ausonii
200, line 6{{{1}}}for Saprolignia read Saprolegnia
209, line 4{{{1}}}for here read where
221, line 5, for vasculan read vascular
221, line 18 from bottom, for nitrata read nitrate
221, line 8{{{1}}}for this read their
224, line 19, after being insert eleven
226, line 2 from bottom, after loc. cit., p. insert 58 and 60
227, line 11{{{1}}}for epidymis read epididymis
228, line 7, for cœlum read cœlome
228, line 21, for on read as
228, line 7 from bottom, for cerebellan read cerebellar
230, line 3, for like read between
231, line 4, for Mechelian read Meckelian
233, line 3, for as read in
235, line 4 from bottom, for the read two
235, line 3{{{1}}}for this read their
273, line 6, before plants insert naturalized
277, line 8 from bottom, for larva read lava
282, line 19, for E. and L. read E. and Z.
283, line 18, for eeptophyllum read leptophyllum
283, line 24, for Larum read Carum
284, line 18, for Pakari read Pakiri
284, line 3 from bottom, for Huask. read Haask.
286, line 6, for Cincus read Cnicus
287, line 25, for Polemoinaceæ read Polemoniaceæ
289, line 2 from bottom, for acinus read acinos
298, line 3, for Iatropha read Jatropha
302, line 17, for Montague read Montagne
303, line 18, for iridis read viridis
303, line 4 from bottom, for Fragillaria read Fragilaria
303, line 2{{{1}}}for pectinale read pectorale
306, line 13{{{1}}}for 2–4 feet read 2 feet 4 inches
318, line 20, for axils read arils
319, line 3, for H.B.K. read Handbook
333, line 9, for ring read rind
341, line 15 from bottom, for Triceratrum read Triceratium
342, line 5{{{1}}}for Eucyonema read Encyonema
343, line 4{{{1}}}for Eucyonema read Encyonema
343, line 14, for elliptrica read elliptica
372, under "Hydro-carbon," line 2, for 35.22 read 35.42
380, line 7, for four-sides read four-sided
384, line 13 from bottom, for Tohatapu read Tokatapu
387, line 7, for Tamata read Tomatea
387, line 19, for tetrahedral read tetartohedral
397, line 12, for down read from
403, line 22, for Si3 read S̈i3
406, line 5 from bottom, for Purahanui read Purakanui
408, line 13, for Z̈r, S̈i read Z̈r S̈i
409, line 13 from bottom, for silicate read silicates
411, line 10 from bottom, for Siphonaria read Siphonalia
425, line 12, for boy. All read boy, all
430, line 2, for Rahigihoua read Rangihoua



Art. I. Descriptions of New Zealand Micro-Lepidoptera. By E. Meyrick, B.A. 3–68
II. Further Additions to our Knowledge of the New Zealand Crustacea. By Charles Chilton, M.A. 69–86
III. Notes on, and a new Species of, Subterranean Crustacea. By Charles Chilton 87–92
IV. On the New Zealand Copepoda. By G. M. Thomson, F.L.S. 93–116
V. Notes on the Structure of Struthiolaria papulosa. By Prof. F. W. Hutton 117–118
VI. Notes on some Branchiate Gastropoda. By Prof. F. W. Hutton 118–131
VII. Additions to the Molluscan Fauna of New Zealand. By Prof. F. W. Hutton 131–133
VIII. Descriptions of new Land Shells. By Prof. F. W. Hutton 134–141
IX. On the New Zealand Siphonariidæ. By Prof. F. W. Hutton 141–145
X. Additions to the Isopodan Fauna of New Zealand. By Charles Chilton, M.A. 145–150
XI. On some Points of Difference between the English Crayfish (Astacus fluviatilis) and a New Zealand one (Paranephrops setosus). By Charles Chilton, M.A. 150–165
XII. On some newly-discovered New Zealand Arachnids. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 165–173
XIII. On the Protective Resemblances of the Araneidea in New Zealand. By A. T. Urquhart 174–178
XIV. Remarks upon the Distribution, within the New Zealand Zoological Sub-region, of the Birds of the Orders Accipitres, Passeres, Scansores, Colmnbæ, Gallinæ, Struthiones, and Grallæ. By W. T. L. Travers, F.L.S. 178–187
XV. On two new Isopods. By Charles Chilton 188–190
XVI. On two Marine Mites. By Charles Chilton 190–192
XVII. Occurrence of a Species of Ophideres, Boisd., new to New Zealand. By R. W. Fereday, M.E.S.L. 192–193
XVIII. Description of a Species of Butterfly, new to New Zealand, and probably to Science. By R. W. Fereday 193–195
XIX. Description of two new Species of Heteropterous Lepidoptera. By R. W. Fereday 195–196
XX. Notes on a peculiar Neuration in the Wings of some Individuals of Perenodaimon pluto, a New Zealand Butterfly. By R. W. Fereday 197
XXI. On Diseased Trout in Lake Wakatipu. By W. Arthur, C.E. 198–203
XXII. Notes on the New Zealand Sprat. By W. Arthur, C.E. 203–208
XXIII. Notes on the Picton Herring, Clupea pilchardus (C. sagax, New Zealand form). By W. Arthur 208–213
XXIV. On two new Planarians from Auckland Harbour. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S. 213–214
XXV. Notes on a Skeleton of Megaptera lalandii (novæ-zealandiæ). By Prof. Julius von Haast, Ph.D., F.R.S. 214–216
XXVI. Description of a new Species of Æolis. By T. W. Kirk 217
XXVII. Description of a new Dipterous Insect. By G. Vernon Hudson; communicated by T. W. Kirk 218
XXVIII. On the Gravid Uterus of Mustelus antarcticus. By T. Jeffery Parker, B.Sc. 219–222
XXIX. Notes on the Anatomy and Embryology of Scymnus lichia. By T. Jeffery Parker 222–234
XXX. On the Connection of the Air-bladders and the Auditory-organ in the Red Cod (Lotella bacchus). By T. Jeffery Parker 234–236
XXXI. On the New Zealand Desmidieæ. Additions to Catalogue and Notes on various Species. By W. M. Maskell, F.R.M.S. 237–259
XXXII. On a new Composite Plant. By Robert Brown; communicated by Prof. Hutton 259–260
XXXIII. Further Notes on Sorghum Experiments. By Mr. Justice Gillies 261–267
XXXIV. On the Growth of the Cork Oak in Auckland. By Mr. Justice Gillies 267–268
XXXV. The Naturalized Plants of the Auckland Provincial District. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S., Curator of the Auckland Museum 268–298
XXXVI. On some recent Additions to the Flora of New Zealand. By T. F. Cheeseman 298–301
XXXVII. Notes on Fresh-water Algæ. By W. I. Spencer, M.R.C.S. 302–304
XXXVIII. A Description of four new Ferns from our New Zealand Forests. By William Colenso, F.L.S. 304–310
XXXIX. On the large Number of Species of Ferns noticed in a small Area in the New Zealand Forests, in the Seventy-mile Bush, between Norsewood and Danneverke, in the Provincial District of Hawke's Bay. By W. Colenso 311–320
XL. Description of a few new Indigenous Plants. By W. Colenso 320–339
XLI. Additions to the Flora of New Zealand. By John Buchanan, F.L.S., of the Geological Survey Department 339–340
XLII. Notes on some of the Diatomaceous Deposits of New Zealand. By John Inglis 340–346
XLIII. On the Lichenographia of New Zealand. By Charles Knight, F.R.C.S. 346–358
XLIV. Descriptions of two new Species of Carex. By D. Petrie, M.A. 358–359
XLV. Description of a Variety of Celmisia sessiliflora, Hook. f. By D. Petrie 359
XLVI. Description of a new Species of Senecio. By T. Kirk, F.L.S. 359–360
XLVII. Notes on the Mineralogy of New Zealand. By S. Herbert Cox, F.C.S., F.G.S., Assistant Geologist and Inspector of Mines 361–409
XLVIII. On a new Mineral belonging to the Serpentine Group. By S. Herbert Cox 409–410
XLIX. Descriptions of some new Tertiary Shells from Wanganui. By Prof. F. W. Hutton 410–411
L. Note on the Silt Deposit at Lyttelton. By Prof. F. W. Hutton 411–414
LI. On the Formation of the Quartz Pebbles of the Southland Plains. By W. S. Hamilton 414–419
LII. On the Occurrence of Platinum in Quartz Lodes at the Thames Gold Fields. By J. A. Pond 419–420
LIII. Our Earliest Settlers. By R. C. Barstow 421–432
LIV. Historical Traditions of the Taupo and East Coast Tribes. By Samuel Locke 433–459
LV. The Origin of the Boomerang. By W. D. Campbell, F.G.S. 459–460
LVI. On the Importance of Forestry. By D. W. McArthur, Inspector of Forests 461–463
LVII. The Surface Features of the Earth and Local Variations in the Force of Gravity. By T. B. Wakelin, B.A. 463–467
LVIII. Hawaii-nei and the Hawaiians. By F. B. Hutchinson, L.R.C.P. 467–472
LIX. The Effects of School Life on Sight. By B. Schwartzbach, M.D. 472–477
LX. On the Constitution of Comets. By the Rev. P. W. Fairclough 477–484
LXI. Macquarie Island. By John H. Scott, M.D., F.R.S.E. 484–493
LXII. Is New Zealand a healthy Country? An Enquiry. By Alfred K. Newman, M.B., M.R.C.P., with Statistics by F. W. Frankland 493–510
Fourteenth Annual Report of the Board of Governors 513–514
Accounts of the New Zealand Institute 1881–82 514
Reports on Museum, Geological Survey, Publications, Libraries, Meteorology, Observatory, and Laboratory 514–520

Does Morality depend on Free Will? By the Rev. H. Vere White, M.A. 523
Notes on the Katipo, a Venomous Spider of New Zealand. By C. H. Robson 523
On the Search for Concealed Coal in New Zealand. By J. C. Crawford, F.G.S. 523
Manufacture of Granolithic Cement. By J. C. Crawford 524
On suitable Hedge Plants for New Zealand. By J. C. Crawford 524
On harvesting Crops independent of Weather. By J. C. Crawford 524
On Ensilage. By J. C. Crawford 524
On Comet Seeking. By Mr. Tebbutt 524
On Weather, Health, and Forests in Mauritius. By Dr. Meldrum 524
Occurrence of a Triple Meteor. By M. Chapman 524
Presentation of Awards for Wool shown by the Colony in England 524
On the Thames Gold Fields, and the Laws which govern the Distribution of the Gold. By S. H. Cox, F.G.S. 525
On a Waterspout which occurred in Cook Straits. By J. W. A. Marchant 525
Exhibit of Pottery and Glassware 525
On the Decline of the Hawaiian Race and the peculiar Forms of Disease prevalent among them. By Dr. F. B. Hutchinson 526
Remarks on some Bones lately discovered by Mr. H. T. Wharton in Caves at Highfield, Canterbury. By Dr. Hector 526
Remarks on the Great Comet of 1882. By Dr. Hector 526–527
Catch of Dajus forsteri and Retropinna osmeroides in the Hutt River 527
On Ancient Science. By the Rev. T. Le Menant des Chesnais 527
Remarks upon Mr. Travers' Paper on Sand-fixing. By J. C. Crawford, F.G.S 528
Remarks on a Trout caught by the Natives at Wanganui. By Messrs. Field and Drew 528
Remarks on Cork grown at the Hutt. By Dr. Hector 528
Remarks on the Rev. Mr. Green's Ascent of Mount Cook. By Dr. Hector 528
Abstract of Report for 1882 529
Election of Officers for 1883 529
Additions to the Geodephaga of New Zealand. By Captain T. Broun, M.E.S. 530
New Species of Pselaphidæ. By Captain T. Broun 530
Notes on the Origin of Language. By H. G. Seth Smith 530
On a Harmonograph, an Instrument for producing Harmonic Curves. By H. G. S. Smith 530
New Genera and Species of Heteromera. By Captain T. Broun 530
New Genera and Species of Curculionidæ. By Captain T. Broun 531
The University of New Zealand; its History, Constitution, and Objects. By the Right Rev. W. G. Cowie, D.D. 531
New Species of Coleoptera. By Captain T. Broun 531
Shakspeare and Euphuism. By J. Murray Moore, M.D. 531
New Species of Coleoptera. By Captain T. Broun 531
The Visionary Faculty of Mind. By E. A. Mackechnie 531
Imaginary Quantities. By H. G. Seth Smith 532
Abstract of Annual Report 532
Election of Officers for 1883 532
On Earthquake Phenomena. By J. D. Enys 533
On Specimens from the Weka Pass Rock Paintings, showing Stalagmite. By Prof. F. W. Hutton 534
Further Notes on the Rock Shelter of Weka Pass. By Prof. J. von Haast, F.R.S. 535
Abstract of Annual Report 535
Election of Officers for 1883 536
On the Early History of the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury. By Prof. J. von. Haast 536
Exhibition of Preparations preserved by the Glycerine Jelly Process. By Prof. T. J. Parker 538
Abstract of Annual Report 538–539
Annual Address by the President 539
Election of Officers for 1883 539
Abstract of Annual Report 540
Election of Officers for 1883 540
Election of Officers for 1882 541
Abstract of Report for 1881 541
Address to the Memory of Dr. Darwin. By W. Colenso, F.L.S. 541
On "Macaulay's New Zealander." By W. Colenso 542
On some Teeth and Bones of a Mammal, found at Glenross 542
On Nomenclature. By W. Colenso 542
Remarks on a Collection of Sponges. By Mr. Hamilton 542
On the Colour Sense of the Ancient Maoris. By W. Colenso 542
On some Fossils from Takapau 542
Abstract of Annual Report 543
Election of Officers for 1883 544
Address by the President 545
A Chapter on Folk Lore. By J. G. S. Smith 545
On Self-registering Windmills. By J. T. Thomson 545
The Use of the Training Walls in deepening Invercargill Harbour. By J. T. Thomson 545
Abstract of Annual Report 546
Election of Officers for 1883 546

Meteorological Statistics for 1882 xxi
Notes on the Weather during 1882 xxii
Earthquakes reported in New Zealand during 1882 xxiii
Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute xxiv
Ordinary Members xxiv–xxxvi
List of Public Institutions and Private Individuals to whom this Volume is presented xxxvii–xl
Addenda et Corrigenda iii–iv
Contents v–ix
List of Plates x
Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute xi
Abstracts of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xi–xiii
List of Incorporated Societies xiv
Officers of Incorporated Societies and Extracts from the Rules xiv–xvii


Plate I. Chilton.—Crustacea 72
II. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 80
III. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 84
IV. {{{1}}}Phreatoicus typicus 92
V. G. M. Thomson.—Copepoda 96
VI. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 96
VII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 104
VIII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 104
IX. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 112
X. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 112
XI. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 116
XII. Hutton.Struthiolaria papulosa 118
XIII. {{{1}}}Branchiate Gastropoda 120
XIV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 124
XV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 128
XVI. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 128
XVII. {{{1}}}Siphonariidæ 144
XVIII. Chilton.Apseudes timaruvia 148
XIX. {{{1}}}Paranephrops setosus 160
XX. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 160
XXI. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 164
XXIIa. {{{1}}}Cymodocea cordiforaminalis 190
XXIIb. {{{1}}}Halacarus parvus and H. truncipes
XXIII. Arthur.—Fungus of Salmon and Trout 200
XXIV. Maskell.—Desmidieæ 240
XXV. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 256
XXVI. Spencer.—Fresh-water Algæ 304
XXVII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 304
XXVIII. Buchanan.Hymenanthera traversii, Metrosideros parkinsonii 340
XXIX. Inglis.—Diatoms 344
XXX. Parker.Mustelus antarcticus 220
XXXI. {{{1}}}Scymnus lichia 224
XXXII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}}{{{1}}} 232
XXXIII. {{{1}}}Lotella bacchus 236
XXXIV. Arthur.—New Zealand Sprat: Picton Herring 208
XXXV. Knight.—Lichenes 348
XXXVI. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 352
XXXVII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 352
XXXVIII. {{{1}}}{{{1}}} 356
XXXIX. Scott.—Sea Elephants 492
XL. J. T. Thomson.—Self-regulating Windmill 545