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  1. In a Steamer Chair and Other Stories
  2. The Czar: A Tale of the Time of the First Napoleon
  3. The Church of England, Its Catholicity and Continuity
  4. The Story of the Treasure Seekers
  5. Low Mass Ceremonial (Burnett)
  6. Index:Chesterton - A Short History of England.djvu
  7. Index:The Boy Travellers in Australasia.djvu
  8. Index:The Enchanted Castle.djvu
  9. Index:Diary of a Nobody.djvu
  10. Index:Indiscretions of Archie.djvu
  11. Index:Great Expectations.djvu
  12. Index:Tracts for the Times Vol 1.djvu
  13. Index:Tracts for the Times Vol 2.djvu
  14. Index:History of england froude.djvu – vol. 1 of 12
  15. Index:History of England (Froude) Vol 2.djvu
  16. Index:History of England (Froude) Vol 3.djvu
  17. Index:History of England (Froude) Vol 4.djvu
  18. Index:History of England (Froude) Vol 5.djvu
  19. Index:Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.djvu
  20. Index:Rambles in New Zealand.djvu
  21. Index:Paul Clifford Vol 1.djvu
  22. Index:Paul Clifford Vol 2.djvu
  23. Index:Paul Clifford Vol 3.djvu
  24. Index:Our New Zealand Cousins.djvu
  25. Index:Mike (Wodehouse).djvu
  26. Index:Kipps.djvu
  27. Index:Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.djvu
  28. Index:The Story of Doctor Dolittle.djvu
  29. Index:The Warden.djvu
  30. Index:A Supplication for the Beggars.djvu
  31. Index:The Swiss Family Robinson - 1851.djvu
  32. Index:Divorce of Catherine of Aragon.djvu
  33. Index:The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.djvu
  34. Index:Box and Cox.djvu
  35. Index:Barchester Towers.djvu
  36. Index:The Intrusion of Jimmy.djvu
  37. Index:A Dictionary of Music and Musicians vol 1.djvu
  38. Index:Ante-Nicene Fathers volume 1.djvu
  39. Index:Three introductory lectures on the study of ecclesiastical history.djvu
  40. Index:The Goddesses in Congress on Olympus-on-Spree.djvu
  41. Index:Doctor Thorne.djvu
  42. Index:A Sermon Preached in Hawarden Church.djvu
  43. Index:The Lesson of School Board Elections.djvu
  44. Index:Notes of Meetings of the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Worcester March 1857.djvu‎
  45. Index:Dean Aldrich A Commemoration Speech.djvu
  46. Index:Memoir of Edward Lord Bishop of Salisbury.djvu
  47. Index:A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions Vol 1.djvu
  48. Index:Agricultural Holdings Act.djvu
  49. Index:Civil Service Competitions.djvu
  50. Index:Bear ye one another's burdens.djvu
  51. Index:Poverty and Riches, a sermon.djvu
  52. Index:A Sermon Preached in Westminster Abbey (Lichfield).djvu
  53. Index:First Annual Report of the Woodbury Hill Reformatory.djvu
  54. Index:A Few Words on the Future of Westminster School.djvu
  55. Index:The Education of the Conscience.djvu
  56. Index:A Sermon Preached in the Temporary Chapel of Keble College.djvu
  57. Index:Ante-Nicene Christian Library Vol 2.djvu
  58. Index:Authority and Knowledge.djvu
  59. Index:In tenebris lux.djvu
  60. Index:The red and the black (1916).djvu
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  62. Index:Maori Religion and Mythology.djvu
  63. Index:Ante-Nicene Christian Library Vol 4.djvu
  64. Index:A Dictionary of Music and Musicians vol 2.djvu
  65. Index:Arts & Crafts Essays.djvu
  66. Index:Westward Ho! (1855).djvu
  67. Index:Bills of Mortality.pdf
  68. Index:The London Guide and Stranger's Safeguard.djvu
  69. Index:Letters from New Zealand (Harper).djvu
  70. Index:Instruments of the Modern Symphony Orchestra.djvu
  71. Index:Picturesque Dunedin.djvu
  72. Index:Peter Bell (Wordsworth).djvu
  73. Index:History of Knox Church Dunedin.djvu
  74. Index:Reminisences of Captain Gronow.djvu
  75. Index:Alice in Blunderland.pdf
  76. Index:How to Get Strong (1899).pdf
  77. Index:Essentials in Conducting.djvu
  78. Index:Hawaiki The Original Home of the Maori.djvu
  79. Index:Choirmaster's Manual.djvu
  80. Index:Romeo and Juliet (Dowden).djvu
  81. Index:Fugue by Ebenezer Prout.djvu
  82. Index:The Relentless City.djvu
  83. Index:The Climber (Benson).djvu
  84. Index:Ante-Nicene Christian Library Vol 12.djvu
  85. Index:Across the Stream.djvu
  86. Index:Moral Obligation to be Intelligent.djvu
  87. Index:Anecdotes of Great Musicians.djvu
  88. Castaway on the Auckland Isles
  89. Index:A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions Vol 2.djvu
  90. Index:Maori Division of Time.djvu
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  92. Index:Man in the Panther's Skin.djvu
  93. New Zealand Institute Act 1867
  94. New Zealand Institute Act 1903
  95. New Zealand Institute Amendment Act 1930
  96. Royal Society of New Zealand Act 1933
  97. Royal Society of New Zealand Amendment Act 1964
  98. Royal Society of New Zealand Act 1965
  99. Royal Society of New Zealand Act 1997
  100. The Prince and the Pauper
  101. Index:A Dictionary of Music and Musicians vol 3.djvu


  1. The Rover Boys at School
  2. The Rover Boys on the Ocean
  3. The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes
  4. Index:Rover Boys in the Mountains.djvu
  5. Index:Rover Boys on Land and Sea.djvu
  6. Index:Rover Boys in Camp.djvu
  7. Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle
  8. Index:Tom Swift and His Motor Boat.djvu
  9. Index:Tom Swift and His Airship.djvu
  10. Index:Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers.djvu
  11. Index:The Bobbsey Twins.djvu
  12. Index:Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore.djvu
  13. Index:Bobbsey Twins at School.djvu
  14. Index:Bobbsey Twins at Home.djvu
  15. Index:Boys of the Fort.djvu
  16. Index:Betty Gordon in Washington.djvu
  17. Index:Betty Gordon in the Land of Oil.djvu
  18. Index:Betty Gordon at Boarding School.djvu
  19. Index:Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp.djvu
  20. Index:Bunny Brown on Grandpa's Farm.djvu
  21. Index:Bunny Brown at Camp Rest-a-While.djvu
  22. Index:Dick Hamilton's Fortune.djvu
  23. Index:Dick Hamilton's Cadet Days.djvu
  24. Ralph of the Roundhouse
  25. Ralph in the Switch Tower
  26. Ralph on the Engine
  27. Ralph on the Overland Express
  28. Index:Boys of Columbia High on the River.djvu
  29. Index:Air Service Boys over the Rhine.djvu
  30. Index:Air Service Boys Flying for Victory.djvu
  31. Index:Baseball Joe on the School Nine.djvu
  32. Index:Dave Porter at Oak Hall.djvu
  33. Index:Story of a Candy Rabbit.djvu
  34. Index:Young Hunters of the Lake.djvu
  35. Index:Four Little Blossoms at Brookside Farm.djvu
  36. Index:For the Liberty of Texas.djvu
  37. Index:Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall.djvu
  38. Index:American Boy's Life of William McKinley.djvu
  39. Index:Under Dewey at Manila.djvu
  40. Index:The Young Auctioneers.djvu
  41. Index:Off For Hawaii.djvu
  42. Index:Fighting in Cuban Waters.djvu
  43. Index:To Alaska for Gold.djvu
  44. Index:A Sailor Boy with Dewey.djvu
  45. Index:The Campaign of the Jungle.djvu
  46. Index:Last Cruise of the Spitfire.djvu
  47. Index:On to Pekin.djvu
  48. Index:Rover Boys on the Plains.djvu
  49. Index:Young Hunters in Porto Rico.djvu
  50. Index:Bound to Succeed.djvu
  51. Index:Three Young Ranchmen.djvu
  52. Index:The Rover Boys in Southern Waters.djvu
  53. Index:Under MacArthur in Luzon.djvu
  54. Index:Ned Wilding's Disappearance.djvu
  55. Index:The Boy Land Boomer.djvu
  56. Index:Rover Boys on the Farm.djvu
  57. Index:Marching on Niagara.djvu
  58. Index:Rover Boys on Treasure Isle.djvu
  59. Index:American Boys' Life of Theodore Roosevelt.djvu
  60. Index:The Boys of Bellwood School.djvu
  61. Index:Dave Porter in the South Seas.djvu
  62. Index:The Rival Pitchers.djvu
  63. Index:Rover Boys at College.djvu
  64. Index:Dave Porter in the Far North.djvu
  65. Index:Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat.djvu
  66. Index:Dave Porter and his Classmates.djvu
  67. Index:Bob Chester's Grit.djvu
  68. Index:Boys of Columbia High on the Gridiron.djvu
  69. Index:Dave Porter at Star Ranch.djvu
  70. Index:Dick Hamilton's Steam Yacht.djvu
  71. Index:Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle.djvu
  72. Index:Boys of Columbia High on the Ice.djvu
  73. Index:Air Service Boys Flying for France.djvu
  74. Index:Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge.djvu
  75. Index:Dave Porter and his Rivals.djvu
  76. Index:The Outdoor Chums.djvu
  77. Index:Rover Boys Down East.djvu
  78. Index:Tom Swift and His Wireless Message.djvu
  79. Index:The Winning Touchdown.djvu
  80. Index:Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout.djvu
  81. Index:Dave Porter on Cave Island.djvu
  82. Index:Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice.djvu
  83. Index:Tom Swift and His Sky Racer.djvu
  84. Index:Fairview Boys and their Rivals.djvu
  85. Index:Rover Boys in the Air.djvu
  86. Index:Tom Swift in the City of Gold.djvu
  87. Index:The Eight-Oared Victors.djvu
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  90. Index:Tom Swift in Captivity.djvu
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  92. Index:At the Fall of Port Arthur.djvu
  93. Index:Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera.djvu
  94. Index:Rover Boys in New York.djvu
  95. Index:Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight.djvu


  1. Black Beauty (half)
  2. Peter and Wendy (all)
  3. Index:A Thousand-Mile Walk To The Gulf.djvu (half)
  4. Index:Miss Mapp.djvu (most)
  5. Index:Narrative of an Official Visit to Guatemala.djvu
  6. Index:Magic (Ellis Stanyon).djvu
  7. Index:Howards End.djvu
  8. Index:Queen Lucia.djvu (most)
  9. Index:The Mirror of the Sea.djvu
  10. Index:Completeconfectioner Glasse 1800.djvu
  11. Index:A treasury of war poetry, British and American poems of the world war, 1914-1919.djvu (most)
  12. Index:Dick Turpin trial.djvu
  13. Index:Du Faur - The Conquest of Mount Cook.djvu
  14. Index:Sermon at the Church Congress 1902.djvu
  15. Index:A Pastoral Letter to the Parishioners of Frome.djvu
  16. Index:Two Sermons on the Duty and Joy of Frequent Public Worship.djvu
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  18. Index:Austen - Northanger Abbey. Persuasion, vol. II, 1818.djvu
  19. Index:The Story of the House of Cassell (book).djvu
  20. Index:Brief Sketch of Work of Matthew Fontaine Maury 1861-65.pdf
  21. Index:Tom Brown's School Days (6th ed).djvu
  22. Index:Bridefrombush00horn.pdf
  23. Index:A letter to the Rev. Richard Farmer.djvu
  24. Index:Carroll - Tangled Tale.djvu
  25. Index:The Wouldbegoods.djvu
  26. Index:Framley Parsonage.djvu
  27. Index:The pilgrim's progress by John Bunyan every child can read (1909).djvu
  28. Index:Hornung - Stingaree.djvu
  29. Index:Tute Hymns for Advent and Christmas.djvu
  30. Index:Good Friday Exeter Book.djvu
  31. Index:Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone.djvu
  32. Index:The Small House at Allington Vol 1.djvu
  33. Index:The Small House at Allington Vol 2.djvu
  34. Index:Fifth String (Sousa 1902).djvu
  35. Index:The Last Chronicle of Barset Vol 1.djvu
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  37. Index:Hokitika NZ Evans 1921.pdf
  38. Index:Lady Molly of Scotland Yard.pdf
  39. Index:Chesterton - The Club of Queer Trades.djvu

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