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Title The Rover Boys on Land and Sea
Author Arthur M. Winfield
Year 1903
Publisher Grosset and Dunlap
Location New York
Source djvu
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I. The Rover Boys in San Francisco 1
II. The Turning Up of Dan Baxter 10
III. A Discovery and What Followed 19
IV. Good Times at Santa Barbara 27
V. On Board the Yacht 36
VI. Adrift on the Pacific Ocean 45
VII. Dismaying News 55
VIII. From One Ship to Another 64
IX. In Which the Enemy Is Cornered 73
X. A Blow in the Darkness 82
XI. A Call from the Stern 90
XII. Another Accident at Sea 99
XIII. The Crusoes of Seven Islands 108
XIV. Settling Down on the Island 117
XV. Another Castaway Brought to Light 126
XVI. Sam and the Shark 135
XVII. Exploring the Seven Islands 143
XVIII. Unexpected Visitors 151
XIX. Hot Words and Blows 159
XX. The Mate Tries to Take Command 168
XXI. The Attack on the Wreck 176
XXII. A Heavy Tropical Storm 184
XXIII. What Happened on the Bay 192
XXIV. In Close Quarters 200
XXV. Trying to Come to Terms 208
XXVI. The Cave on the Island 217
XXVII. A Fight with a Wild Beast 225
XXVIII. The Mate Shows His Hand 234
XXIX. The Burning of the Wreck 244
XXX. The Defense of the Cave—saved! 255