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Again, welcome! — billinghurst sDrewth 14:12, 19 February 2012 (UTC)Reply

A conversation that may interest you edit

Wikisource_talk:WikiProject_United_States_Executive_Orders#New_series_of_templates_to_standardize_these_pagesJustin (koavf)TCM 21:43, 25 January 2021 (UTC)Reply

Book of the Homeless edit

Hi, I see you're working on some of this—much appreciated. Every time that I've looked at the music score with idea of setting it using Lilypond, I've quailed. Partly because of the complexities in the rendering and partly because doing so would lose much of the specialness of it being in the hand of the composer. I think it's unlikely that I will ever set this score (I'm the most experienced enWS editor in Lilypond), so feel free to do the images (and get rid of the score missing template). Beeswaxcandle (talk) 04:11, 7 March 2021 (UTC)Reply

@Beeswaxcandle: Thanks for letting me know! As for the other score (this page) do you know of anyone who can validate it? Clay (talk) 04:25, 7 March 2021 (UTC)Reply
I don't remember doing that one! Um, @Beleg Tâl, @TE(æ)A,ea.: might be willing. Beeswaxcandle (talk) 04:35, 7 March 2021 (UTC)Reply

Robert Fairweather name edit

Thanks for this: that was a copy–paste error and should be fixed, no matter what his middle name is. I'm really glad that this site isn't just me working on texts solo. —Justin (koavf)TCM 01:24, 15 March 2021 (UTC)Reply

User:Koavf no problem, glad to help. About the initial, I have no clue what to believe anymore, I've seen on 2 memoranda that it is actually included as "F" but I've also seen "S" elsewhere online, such as here. Also a lot of mentions of a career OMB employee as "Robert S. Fairweather". Possibly there are two people with the same name. I guess it isn't really worth searching too hard for, but it is an oddity. Clay (talk) 01:32, 15 March 2021 (UTC)Reply

Traffic Signs Manual/Chapter 4 edit

Thanks.. but in putting it up as one text, the cross-referencing will need to be updated as I had setup in a specfic way, to link to specfic locations based on the sections in each nominal 'Chapter'. Can you consider splitting this so the cross-refs work correctly? ShakespeareFan00 (talk) 17:59, 22 May 2021 (UTC)Reply

subpages edit

Hi. On subpages of a published work we would look to utilise relative linking, and not reproduce components that are standard for the work, so things like the license and the year and any categorisation that are used at the rootpage of the work would be avoided on these subpages, unless of course they differ. Also the guidance for new works is for chapter naming to use standard arabic numbering for the pagename, rather than roman numerals, and I have updated for your recent work. If you have other works that may need some tidying, then happy to run a bot through to do that work if you can identify things. Thanks. — billinghurst sDrewth 23:29, 7 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

Duly noted. Thank you! Clay (talk) 04:33, 8 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

my images messing things up edit

I cropped off the borders to make room for html borders.

The template that was there put the border around the image and the name/caption.

The tables I made are not floating right and are breaking up the paragraphs.

At this point in time, I am sorry for all three of those things. Later when I have a solution, I will not be sorry about that first thing, it really looks nice when everything works.

While I am working towards a solution to this border/paragraph problem so I can put your very neat pages back together again, I found a few of the original photographs at the commons; how would you feel about me using them instead? There is only so much that can be done to half-toned reproductions of photographs....


  1. I'm sorry and I'll fix it
  2. Can I use other photographs if they exist instead?

--RaboKarbakian (talk) 06:11, 8 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

No worries, and no need for an apology. If it is a limitation of the tools we have for now, that is fine, and we can just leave the tables as they are until a better solution is figured out. As for using the original images, I don't know what Wikisource policy is but I would say go for it. My only reservation is that it might look a little odd with a mixture of book-scanned vs. original images, but I would defer to your judgement on that. Clay (talk) 09:00, 8 November 2021 (UTC)Reply
So Index:Negro poets and their poems (IA negropoetstheirp00kerl).pdf/styles.css fixed everything for the FIS template. And, taking the {{c}} out of the caption finished the repair! Your question at the template encouraged me to try the style sheet repair first. (Other possible solutions included {{img float}} and using straight out divs). When my day is a little longer, I will get to work on this.
My main reasoning that the source link should be with the en.wiki link at the main data item is that since this work will never be here twice (needing a disambiguation), having it share the main data item with en.wiki means that your version will appear as a link to wikisource on the article.
That wikisource can and does pull in all manner of information from the other wikis, relying on en.wikipedia to sort through versions and find the wikisource version and install it into the "other wiki links" is a much more difficult task and might not be happening for a while.
The index page and all of the images are linked to the scan, that is plenty of documentation of where it comes from. The data structure is also an information highway and needs to accommodate information flow also.--RaboKarbakian (talk) 15:56, 8 November 2021 (UTC)Reply
Thanks for looking into it, and finding a fix! The transcription will look that much better because of it. I've moved the Wikidata link from the edition object back to the main object per your reasoning, as well. Clay (talk) 16:28, 8 November 2021 (UTC)Reply
You can also use the paramater cstyle, such as: | cstyle = border: 1px solid black; padding: 2px; Languageseeker (talk) 17:20, 8 November 2021 (UTC)Reply
Languageseeker cstyle surrounded the image and the caption with a border. That was the first thing I tried.--RaboKarbakian (talk) 17:34, 8 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

A Thank You edit

I wanted to send you a thank you for your work on Negro Poets and Their Poems. The transclusion is really a masterwork. Languageseeker (talk) 20:31, 15 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

Thanks for the compliment! It only took about 10 edits per page ;) Clay (talk) 02:23, 16 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

a second set of eyes needed! edit

I was making author pages and linking them to the text and I got to this one: Page:Negro poets and their poems (IA negropoetstheirp00kerl).pdf/182. The writing in that, the text and the poetry are all about Author:Sojourner Truth and not about Jessie Redmon Fauset, who was an editor of a magazine and published her poetry there, it seems.

I was going to make an author page, but I am not going to link it to the text, but I also need just one other person to confirm what I think I saw there. Can that be you? Thanks!--RaboKarbakian (talk) 17:19, 16 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

I do agree that a lot of the text is about Truth and only a few lines are relevant to Fauset, but since the poem at the end is still Fauset's, and since an entry for her exists in the Index of Authors as well, I would lean on the side of linking the section on Fauset's page. Clay (talk) 17:58, 16 November 2021 (UTC)Reply

United States Treaty Series edit

Very grateful for your work on the USTS! MSG17 (talk) 16:07, 2 December 2021 (UTC)Reply

Thank you! And thanks for your contributions as well! The treaty title template especially continues to be a great help. Clay (talk) 16:09, 4 December 2021 (UTC)Reply