Collaboration of the Week

The current community collaboration is collecting works related to
the Eminent Women Series.

Last collaboration: Slavery in the United States (1837)

The current Proofread of the Month is

Napoleon  (1896)
by T. P. O'Connor.

Last month completed: Doom of the Great City
The next scheduled collaboration will begin in October.

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23:24, 17 March 2015 (UTC)

Preface to Letters from India Edit

Hello. Thanks very much for your great work with the Letters from India. I have noticed that its Preface is transcluded twice: first as a part of the main page of the work, and then also on its own subpage, Letters from India Volume I/Preface. However, we transclude each page only once. Which of them would you prefer to keep? --Jan Kameníček (talk) 20:33, 21 September 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Jan.Kamenicek: Here's what I was thinking ... in the book, the preface is before the TOC, so I kind of felt like it should stay that way in transclusion. But it's kind of annoying - most people will only read it once, but keep coming back to the TOC. So, if it's acceptable, I think it should be its own page ... maybe with an AuxTOC link? or have it be the automatic "Next" link from the main page? and get rid of it from the main page (though this is effectively reordering the pages of the original book...). What do you think? — Dcsohl (talk)
21:46, 21 September 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Agree. As for linking from the work’s main page: Either we can make it similar to here (i. e. to add an AuxTOC bit containing only the Preface before the regular TOC), or we can put it only into the Navigation bar as "Next". In the latter case we should also add {{Hidden export TOC}} (similar as here), otherwise the export tools would not notice the Preface if somebody wanted to export the book to EPUB or something of that kind. --Jan Kameníček (talk) 22:01, 21 September 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]