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  1. Article contributors of Volumes 1 to 87.
  2. Wherever possible, the following is to be included on the Author page:
    1. Full name, even if the Wikipedia page name is different. Use the {{Initials}} template if only the initials are known.
    2. Birth and death dates.
    3. Description.
    4. If missing, add the Category:PSM contributors
    5. Link to the author's Wikipedia page if this exists.
    6. Inversely link the Wikipedia article with the following templates:
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      2. Wikisource author name OR
      3. PSM article title | Volume number | Month and year
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Last name Author Number of articles


Udden Johann August Udden 4
Ule Otto Ule 1
Underhill Zoe Dana Underhill 1
Underwood Lucien Marcus Underwood 1
Underwood William Lyman Underwood 1
Upham Warren Upham 3


Vaile E. O. Vaile 2
Vaillant Léon Louis Vaillant 1
Valbert G. Valbert 2
Vallery-Radot René Vallery-Radot 1
Van Rhyn Gustav Adolph Fidelie Van Rhyn 1
Vance Robert Lee J. Vance 6
Varney George J. Varney 1
Vaughan Daniel Vaughan 3
Vaughan T. Wayland Vaughan 1
Vaughan Victor Clarence Vaughan 3
Vaux Calvert Vaux 1
Veblen Oswald Veblen 1
Veblen Thorstein Veblen 1
Vélain Charles Vélain 1
Veneioukov Mikhail Ivanovitch Veneioukov 1
Verneau R. Verneau 1
Verner S. P. Verner 1
Verney Margaret Maria Verney 1
Verrill Addison Emery Verrill 1
Very Frank W. Very 1
Viardot Louis Viardot 1
Vickery James Harris Vickery 1
Vilain Jean Vilain 1
Vilaró Juan Vilaró 2
Vincent Frank Vincent 1
Virchow Rudolf Virchow 7
Vogel August Vogel 1
Vogel Hermann Wilhelm Vogel 1
Vogt Carl Christoph Vogt 7
Vogt Paul Leroy Vogt 1


von Baerenbach Friedrich von Baerenbach 1
von Baumhauer Eduard Hendrik von Baumhauer 2
von Briesen F. von Briesen 1
von Döllinger Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger 2
von Falke J. von Falke 1
von Geyern Detlev von Geyern 1
von Gitzycki Georg von Gitzycki 1
von Graefe Albrecht von Graefe 1
von Helmholtz Hermann von Helmholtz 1
von Hofmann August Wilhelm von Hofmann 1
von Littrow Carl von Littrow 1
von Neumann-Spallart Franz Xaver von Neumann-Spallart 1
von Nussbaum Johann Nepomuk von Nussbaum 1
von Pettenkofer Max Joseph von Pettenkofer 10
von Taube G. von Taube 1
von Voit Carl von Voit 3


Wace Henry Wace 2
Waddell John Waddell 4
Wadsworth M. E. Wadsworth 1
Wagenen Theodore Francis Van Wagenen 4
Wager Harold William Taylor Wager 2
Wahl William Henry Wahl 1
Walcott Charles Doolittle Walcott 3
Waldo Frank Waldo 2
Waldo Leonard Waldo 1
Waldstein Charles Waldstein 1
Walker W. H. Walker 1
Wallace Alfred Russel Wallace 14
Wallace D. D. Wallace 1
Wallace George M. Wallace 1
Waller Jessie Oriana Waller 1
Walling Henry Francis Walling 1
Walpole Spencer Walpole 1
Walsh James J. Walsh 1
Walsh Robert F. Walsh 3
Walshe Walter Hayle Walshe 1
Walterhöfer Otto Walterhöfer 2
Walton George Edward Walton 1
Walton Jr. James H. Walton Jr. 1
Walz F. J. Walz 1
Ward James Clifton Ward 1
Ward Lester Frank Ward 7
Ward M. E. Ward 1
Ward Marshall Ward 1
Ward Robert DeCourcy Ward 8
Ward Stanley M. Ward 1
Ward W. S. Ward 1
Ward William E. Ward 1
Wardman George Wardman 2
Warner Amos Griswold Warner 3
Warner Francis Warner 1
Warren Lillie Eginton Warren 1
Warring Charles Bartlett Warring 3
Washburn E. A. Washburn 1
Washburn F. L. Washburn 3
Washington Booker T. Washington 1
Waterman T. T. Waterman 1
Watkins G. P. Watkins 1
Watson L. H. Watson 1
Watts Harvey Maitland Watts 1
Weatherly Ulysses Grant Weatherly 1
Webb Sidney Webb 1
Webber H. J. Webber 1
Weber F. Weber 1
Webster Arthur Gordon Webster 4
Wedderburn David Wedderburn 1
Weed Clarence Moores Weed 5
Weeks Arland D. Weeks 1
Weeks-Shaw Clara S. Weeks-Shaw 1
Wehle Theodore Wehle 3
Weiller Lazare Weiller 1
Weir Jr. James Weir Jr. 3
Weismann August Weismann 1
Welch John C. Welch 1
Wells Laenas Gifford Weld 1
Weld Stuart F. Weld 2
Wellcome Henry Solomon Wellcome 1
Wells David Ames Wells 53
Wells David Dwight Wells 1
Wells Frederic Lyman Wells 2
Wells James S. C. Wells 1
Wendel F. C. H. Wendel 1
Wenley R. M. Wenley 7
Werner Alice Werner 1
Wernich A. Wernich 1
West Marie Goldsmith West 1
Weyer Edward Moffat Weyer 1
Wheatley Richard Wheatley 1
Wheeler C. Gilbert Wheeler 1
Wheeler D. H. Wheeler 1
Wheeler William Morton Wheeler 4
Whipple George C. Whipple 1
Whipple Guy Montrose Whipple 1
Whitaker Frederic Earle Whitaker 3
Whitaker Nellie Comins Whitaker 1
White Andrew Dickson White 44
White Charles Abiathar White 3
White Emerson Elbridge White 1
White Frances Emily White 6
White Horace White 1
White William Henry White 1
Whitehead J. B. Whitehead 1
Whitehouse Frederick Cope Whitehouse 1
Whitman Charles Otis Whitman 1
Whitmore O. S. Whitmore 1
Whitney William Dwight Whitney 1
Whittle Charles Livy Whittle 2
Wieland G. R. Wieland 1
Wightman E. T. Wightman 1
Wilder Burt Green Wilder 9
Wilder Harris Hawthorne Wilder 2
Wiley Harvey Washington Wiley 2
Wilkinson Warring Wilkinson 1
Wilks Samuel Wilks 2
Will Thomas Elmer Will 1
Williams Edward F. Williams 12
Williams Frederick Wells Williams 1
Williams George H. Williams 1
Williams Gorham D. Williams 1
Williams Henry Shaler Williams 2
Williams William Mattieu Williams 27
Willis Bailey Willis 1
Willis C. W. Willis 1
Williston S. W. Williston 4
Willson Theodore B. Willson 3
Wilson Andrew Wilson 9
Wilson Calvin D. Wilson 1
Wilson D. Wright Wilson 1
Wilson Egbert Wilson 1
Wilson Henry H. Wilson 2
Wilson J. G. Wilson 2
Wilson J. Howard Wilson 1
Wilson L. L. W. Wilson 1
Wilson M. C. Wilson 1
Wilson Woodrow Wilson 1
Winchell Alexander Winchell 1
Winchell Horace V. Winchell 1
Winchell Newton Horace Winchell 4
Windle William S. Windle 1
Wing Daniel E. Wing 1
Winkler Clemens Winkler 2
Winlock William Crawford Winlock 1
Winslow C.-E. A. Winslow 2
Winslow Erving Winslow 1
Winslow Francis Winslow 2
Winter W. H. T. Winter 1
Wise Barton H. Wise 1
Wissler Clark Wissler 3
Witherbee Joseph V. Witherbee 1
Withington Charles Francis Withington 1
Woeikoff M. A. J. Woeikoff 1
Wolfe A. B. Wolfe 1
Woll Fritz Wilhelm Woll 1
Wood Casey Albert Wood 1
Wood H. C. Wood 1
Wood Henry Wood 1
Wood J. E. Kirk Wood 1
Wood R. W. Wood 1
Wood Jr. Horatio Curtis Wood Jr. 1
Woodbury Walter E. Woodbury 1
Woodford Charles Morris Woodford 1
Woodhull John F. Woodhull 1
Woodruff Clinton Rogers Woodruff 3
Woods Frederick Adams Woods 13
Woodward Calvin Milton Woodward 3
Woodward R. S. Woodward 1
Wooldridge C. W. Wooldridge 1
Woolf Philip Woolf 1
Worcester Alfred Worcester 1
Worthington Arthur Mason Worthington 1
Wright Carroll Davidson Wright 9
Wright George Frederick Wright 6
Wright Jonathan Wright 1
Wright T. H. Wright 1
Wundt Wilhelm Wundt 1
Wurtz Henry Wurtz 1
Wyeth John Allan Wyeth 1
Wynkoop Hubert S. Wynkoop 2


Yandell David Wendel Yandell 1
Yeo Gerald Francis Yeo 1
Yeo Isaac Burney Yeo 1
Yerkes Robert Mearns Yerkes 1
Yorke Samuel Yorke 1
Yorke-Davis N. E. Yorke-Davies 2
Youmans Edward Livingston Youmans 1
Youmans Eliza Ann Youmans 13
Youmans William Jay Youmans 7
Young Bert Edward Young 1
Young Charles Augustus Young 7
Young Egerton R. Young 1
Young W. J. Young 1
Younghusband Francis Edward Younghusband 1


Zacharias Otto Zacharias 1
Zahm J. A. Zahm 1
Zimmern Helen Zimmern 7
Zirngiebel Frances Zirngiebel 3
Zon Raphael G. Zon 1