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WikiProject is dedicated to posting and organizing pages for Acts of the United Kingdom Parliament and other UK legislation.

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Ruffhead's Statutes At Large

Independence ActsEdit

  • Bahamas Independence Act 1973 c.27 (Crown Copyright)
  • Barbados Independence Act 1966 c.37 (Crown Copyright)
  • Botswana Independence Act 1966 c.23 (Crown Copyright)
  • Federation of Malaya Independence Act 1957 c. 60 (Crown Copyright)
  • Fiji Independence Act 1970 c. 50 (Crown Copyright)
  • Gambia Independence Act 1964 c. 93 (Crown Copyright)
  • Ghana Independence Act 1957 c. 6 (Crown Copyright)
  • Guyana Independence Act 1966 c. 14 (Crown Copyright)
  • Indian Independence Act 1947 c.30
  • Jamaica Independence Act 1962 c.40 (Crown Copyright)
  • Kenya Independence Act 1963 c. 54 (Crown Copyright)
  • Lesotho Independence Act 1966 c. 24 (Crown Copyright)
  • Malawi Independence Act 1964 c. 46 (Crown Copyright)
  • Malta Independence Act 1964 c. 86 (Crown Copyright)
  • Mauritius Independence Act 1968 c.8 (Crown Copyright)
  • Nigeria Independence Act 1960 c.55 (Crown Copyright)
  • Sierra Leone Independence Act 1961 c.16 (Crown Copyright)
  • Sri Lanka Independence Act 1947 c.7
  • Swaziland Independence Act 1968 c.56 (Crown Copyright)
  • Tanganyika Independence Act 1961 c.1 (Crown Copyright)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Independence Act 1962 c.54 (Crown Copyright)
  • Uganda Independence Act 1962 c. 57 (Crown Copyright)
  • Zambia Independence Act 1964 c.65 (Crown Copyright)

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Acts of Parliament are published under [UK] Crown Copyright which expires 50 years after publication. Certain UK Acts and Stautory Instruments are published under the terms of the Open Government License. For editions of Acts not published under the Open Government License, only the original ('as enacted'), or last amended, editions, which have been published at least 50 years ago can be reproduced on Wikisource.


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