Popular Science Monthly/Volume 35/Index

I N D E X.

Ackerman, Albert A. Arctic Ice and its Navigation 677
Agnostic, The Position of the. R. Mathews. Cor. 269
Agnosticism. Henry Wace 64
Agnosticism: A Rejoinder. T. H. Huxley 163
Agnosticism and Christianity. T. H. Huxley 447
Agnosticism, Christianity and. H. Wace 327
Agnosticism, Cowardly. A Word with Prof. Huxley. W. H. Mallock 225
Agricultural Maxims. Pop. Misc. 427
Almy, A. H. Growth of the Beet-Sugar Industry 85
"The Production of Beet-Sugar 199
American Association. The Toronto Meeting of the. Editor's Table 844
Animal Altruism. A. S. Hudson. Cor. 409
Animal Life in the Gulf Stream. R. S. Tarr 649
Anthropology at Washington. J. H. Gore 786
Antiseptics, Influence of, on Foods. Pop. Misc. 142
Apparatus, Home-made. J. F. Woodhull 519
Architecture. Pop. Misc. 859
Arctic Ice and its Navigation. A. A. Ackerman 677
Asphalt and Petroleum in Venezuela. Pop. Misc. 142
Astronomy, Fabulous. J. C. Houzeau 194
Atmospheric Tides. Pop. Misc. 714

Bailey, Joshua F. Is Christian Science a "Craze"? 216
Barnard, President, The Work of. Editor's Table 411
Battak-Land, Flirtation in. Pop. Misc. 714
Beet-Sugar Industry, Growth of the. A. H. Almy 85
Beet-Sugar, The Production of. A. H. Almy 199
Berkeley, the Rev. M. J., Death of. Pop. Misc. 856
Bernhardt, W. The Chemist as a Constructor 801
Blackfeet, The Sun-Dance of the. Pop. Misc. 569
Blood-Vengeance and Pardon in Albania. J. Okie 529
Books noticed:
Abbott, Charles C. Days out of Doors 703
Allen, Alfred H. Commercial Organic Analysis, Vol. III, Part 1 849
American Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings No. 4 710
Angerstein, E., and G. Eckler. Home Gymnastics for the Well and the Sick 707
Archer, T. A. The Crusade of Richard I 565
Argentine Republic. Observations of the National Argentine Observatory 709
Arkansas. Annual Report of the Geological Survey for 1888 561
Austen, Peter T. Chemical Lecture Notes 134
Barker, T. Barwick LI. War with Crime 705
Barrows, Walter B. The English Sparrow in North America 851
Bartlett, John R., and others. Plans for furnishing an Abundant Supply of Water to the City of New York 282
Bastin, Edson S. College Botany 709
Bennett, Alfred W., and George Murray. A Hand-Book of Cryptogamic Botany 562
Bert, Paul. Primer of Scientific Knowledge 563
Binet, Alfred. The Psychic Life of Micro-Organisms 135
Boone, Richard G. Education in the United States 701
Bowditch, H. P. Hints for Teachers of Physiology 420
Boylston, Peter. John Charáxes 564
Bray, Charles. The Philosophy of Necessity 847
Browning, Oscar. Aspects of Education 420
Bruce, Philip A. The Plantation Negro as a Freeman 279
Bryce, James. The American Commonwealth 412
Buck, J. D., A Study of Man, and the Way to Health 133
Buller, Sir Walter L. A Classified List of Mr. S. William Silver's Collection of New Zealand Birds 133
Bunce, Oliver Bell. The Story of Happinolande 418
Burroughs, John. Indoor Studies 701
Burt, Stephen Smith. Exploration of the Chest in Health and Disease 706
Butler, A. O. What Moses saw and heard 852
Carpenter, William B. Nature and Man: Essays Scientific and Philosophical 277
Carrington, Henry B. The Patriotic Reader 134
Carus, Paul. Fundamental Problems 707
Case, Thomas. Physical Realism 703
Collar, William C. Practical Latin Composition 854
Conklin, Benjamin Y. English Grammar and Composition 421
Cram's Standard American Atlas of the World 419
Croll, James. Stellar Evolution and its Relations to Geological Time 849
Darling, Charles W. Historical Notes concerning the City of New York 282
Davis, Eben H. The Beginner's Reading-Book 564
Dawson, George M. Report on an Exploration in the Yukon District, etc. 853
Dexter, Seymour. A Treatise on Co-operative Savings and Loan Associations 561
Donnell, E. J. Outlines of a New Science 282
Doty, Alvah H. A Manual of Instruction in the Principles of Prompt Aid to the Injured 279
Dunham, O. M. The American Workman 567
Dyer, T. F. Thiselton. The Folk-Lore of Plants 127
Ellwanger, George H. The Garden's Story 847
Fiske, John. The Critical Period of American History 276
Fletcher, Alfred E. Sonnenschein's Cyclopædia of Education 419
Galton, Francis. Natural Inheritance 274
Garnett, James M. Elene, Judith, Athelstan, and Byrhtnoth 854
Gibson, R. J. Harvey, Elementary Biology 418
Gilman, Nicholas P. Profit-Sharing between Employer and Employ? 416
Goode, George Brown, The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States 560
Gosse, Edmund, A History of Eighteenth Century Literature 564
Grimes, J. Stanley. Geonomy and Cosmonomia 853
Griswold, W. M. Eighth Annual Index to Periodicals 854
Grossman, Louis. Some Chapters on Judaism and the Science of Religion 417
Harvard College Observatory, Annals No. V-VII, Vol. XVIII, Part I, Vol. XX 709
Hazard, Rowland G. Complete Works 416
Howard, George E. An Introduction to the Local Constitutional History of the United States 852
Ives, Frederic E. A New Principle in Heliochromy 281
Jacobi, Mary Putnam, Physiological Notes on Primary Education and the Study of Language 565
Johnston, H. H. History of a Slave 853
Journal of Morphology, The. Vol. II, No. 3 851
Klein, Hermann J. A Star Atlas 134
Leffmann, Henry, Examination of Water for Sanitary and Technical Purposes 709
Letchworth, William P. The Insane in Foreign Countries 280
Loewy, Benjamin, Graduated Course of Natural Science 853
MacDonald, D. Oceania: Linguistic and Anthropological 854
McLean, John, The Indians 417
Mahaffy, John P., and John H. Bernard. Kant's Kritik of the Pure Reason explained and defended 704
Maine, Henry Sumner, International Law 129
Malone, J. S. The Self: What is it? 281
Mantegazza, Paolo. Testa 135
Massachusetts Society for promoting Good Citizenship. Works on Civil Government 420
Mayo, A. D. Industrial Education in the South 420
Merriam, Florence A. Birds through an Opera-Glass 702
Merriam, George S. The Story of William and Lucy Smith 567
Mills, Charles De B. The Tree of Mythology, its Growth and Fruitage 562
Mixter, William G. An Elementary Text-Book of Chemistry 277
Modern Science Essayist, The 708
Montgomery, D. H. The Leading Facts of French History 565
Moss, Oscar B. Beauty, Health, and Strength for every Woman 130
National Education Association. Proceedings of the Department of Superintendence 420
New Jersey, Geological Survey of. Final Report of the State Geologist. Vol, 1 280
New York. Forty-first Report on the State Museum of Natural History 133
"Thirty-fifth Annual Report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1889 707
"Twenty-second Annual Report of the State Board of Charities, 1888 705
Newell, Jane H. Outlines of Lessons in Botany 563
Norman, Lucia. Popular History of California 854
O'Brine, David. A Laboratory Guide in Chemical Analysis 418
O'Rell, Max. Jonathan and his Continent 134
Oswald, Felix L. Days and Nights in the Tropics 131
Packard, A. S. The Cave Fauna of North America 566
Parker, Francis W. How to Study Geography 413
Perrin, B. Homer's Odyssey 564
Platt, James. Business 283
Preyer, W. The Mind of the Child. Part II, The Development of the Intellect 414
Raue, G. C. Psychology as a Natural Science applied to the Solution of Occult Psychic Phenomena 704
Rogers, James E. Thorold. The Economic Interpretation of History 129
Romanes, George John. Mental Evolution in Man: Origin of Human Faculty 131
Sawyer, Leicester A. Introduction to Sawyer's Bible 709
Sensenig, David M. Numbers Universalized 852
Smith, Charles Lee. A History of Education in North Carolina 419
Smith, O. J. Is all Well with us? 566
Smithsonian Institution. Annual Report of the Board of Regents for 1886 708
Smithsonian Institution. Six Species of North American Fishes 565
Smock, John C. On the Iron Mines and Iron-Ore Districts in the State of New York 853
Snyder, William L. The Geography of Marriage 565
Society for Political Education. Electoral Reform—The Liquor Question in Politics 281
Society for Political Education. Electoral Reform—The Liquor Question in Politics 566
Stephens, C. A. Living Matter 133
Stetefeldt, Carl A. The Lixiviation of Silver-Ores with Hyposulphite Solutions 418
Stock, St. George. Deductive Logic 419
Strauss, Charles T. Spelin 134
Taylor, J. E. The Playtime Naturalist 277
Thompson, Daniel Greenleaf. Social Progress: an Essay 132
Thomson, Sir William. Popular Lectures and Addresses. Vol. I, Constitution of Matter 415
Todd, W. G., Editor. The Teacher's Outlook 567
Tuttle, Hudson. Studies in the Outlying Fields of Psychic Science 563
Two Great Retreats of History, The 854
United States Bureau of Education. Contributions to American Educational History. Nos. 4, 5, 6, and 7 848
United States Geological Survey, Bulletins Nos. 40 to 47 419
""Seventh Annual Report, 1885-'86 415
United States War Department. Report of the Chief Signal-Officer for 1887. Part II 134
United States War Department. Report of the Chief Signal-Officer for 1888 706
Van Daell, A. N. Pages choisis des Mémoires du Duc de Saint-Simon 854
Wallace, Alfred Russel. Darwinism 850
Watson, John. The Philosophy of Kant 704
Wells, Benjamin W. Schiller's Jungfrau von Orleans; 564
Wentworth, G. A., and others. Algebraic Analysis 563
White, Horatio Stevens. Lessing: Ausgewalte Prosa und Briefe 134
Wright, G. Frederick. The Ice Age in North America and its Bearing upon the Antiquity of Man 557
Wright, Julia McNair. Seaside and Wayside, No. 3 420
Wyman, Hal O. The Training of Nurses 420
Botanical Gardens. Fr. Hoffmann 105
Branner, John O. The Convict-Island of Brazil-Fernando de Noronha 33
Bread of Water-Lily Seeds. Pop. Misc. 137
Bronze Age in Sweden, The. W. H. Larrabee 778
Brooks, W. K. The Artificial Propagation of Sea-Fishes 359
Bruno's Statue at Rome. Editor's Table 556
Buddha, The Bronze, of Nara. Pop. Misc. 572
Burt, Stephen S. Some of the Limitations of Medicine 396
Butter, Italian. Pop. Misc. 574

Cameroons, Life at the. R. M?ller 748
Character, Human, A Problem in. Pop. Misc. 859
Charity, Judicious. Pop. Misc. 429
"Charity, Scientific." A. G. Warner 488
Chemical Bibliographies. Pop. Misc. 139
Chemist, The, as a Constructor. W. Bernhardt 801
China, Farm-Life in. A. M. Fielde 323
Chinook Language or Jargon, The. E. H. Nicoll 257
Christian Science, Is, a "Craze"? J. F. Bailey 216
"Christian Science," "Koreshan Science," etc. R. O. Spear, F. A. Fernald, C. W. Leigh. Cor. 268
"Christian Science," The Claims of. Editor's Table 270
Clausius, Rudolf, Sketch of 117
Coach of Civilization, The. Editor's Table 700
Convict-Island of Brazil, The-Fernando de Noronha. J. C. Branner 33
Corsets and Waist-Belts, The Philosophy of. Pop. Misc. 138
Count, Do Cattle? S. M. B. Staplin. Cor. 409
Criticism, An Uncandid. Editor's Table 126

"Darwinism," Mr. Wallace on. Editor's Table 698
Devil-Theory, Dr. Abbott's Defense of the. Editor's Table 272
Diabolism and Hysteria. A. D. White 1
Diabolism and Hysteria. A. D. White 145
Digestion and Related Functions. W. Mills 795
Direction, Sense of, in Ants. E. F. Lyford. Cor. 123
Discovery by Observation. Pop. Misc. 141
Dog, A Church-going. Pop. Misc. 427

Earthworm, A Giant. Pop. Misc. 860
East Indies, Dutch, A Corner of the. G. Langen 685
Economic Changes, Recent. D. A. Wells 584
Education in Ancient Egypt. F. C. H. Wendel 774
Eggs in Chemistry and Commerce. P. L. Simmonds 92
Electrical Waves. S. Sheldon 509
Electro-Magnetic Action, The Medium of. Pop. Misc. 717
Errors, Origin of some General. S. Exner 819
Eskimos, Art and Fun of the. Pop. Misc. 715
Etching on Glass. Pop. Misc. 423
Evans, T. Johnston. The Home of the Ferns 814
Evolution as taught in a Theological Seminary. Rollo Ogden 754
Exner, S. Origin of some General Errors 819
Expression in Infants. Pop. Misc. 429
Eye-sight, Modern Deterioration of. Pop. Misc. 717

Falke, J. von. The History of the Fork 831
Famines and Irrigation in India. Pop. Misc. 428
Fernald, Frederik A. "Christian Science," "Koreshan Science," etc. Cor. 268
Ferns, The Home of the. T. J. Evans 814
Fielde, Adele M. Farm-Life in China 323
Fire-proof Houses in Buenos Ayres. Pop. Misc. 571
Fire-proof, What is? Pop. Misc. 137
Fires, Incendiary, Monthly Distribution of. Pop. Misc. 712
Fishing in the Greek Islands. Pop. Misc. 861
Flowers, Economical Uses of. Pop. Misc. 286
Forest Growths, Origin of New. Pop. Misc. 857
Forestry in Spain. Pop. Misc. 286
Forestry in the Cape Colony. Pop. Misc. 573
Fork, The History of the. J. von Falke 831
Funerals, Alpine. Pop. Misc. 713
Fungi. T. H. McBride 187
Fungi. T. H. McBride 350

Geology, Some Modern Aspects of. G. H. Williams 640
Glacier, The, of Mount Tacoma. Pop. Misc. 857
Glaciers on the Pacific Coast. G. F. Wright 155
Glaciers, The Canadian Lakes and the. Pop. Misc. 422
Glaciers, The Selkirk Mountains and their. Pop. Misc. 569
Glass-Blowing by Machinery. Pop. Misc. 571
Glass-Making. C. H. Henderson 16
Gnawers, The, of the Selkirk Mountains. Pop. Misc. 862
Gobi, The Desert of, and the Himalayas. F. E, Younghusband 111
Goldie, John. Pop. Misc. 284
Gore, J. Howard. Anthropology at Washington 786
Gorilla, A Tame. Pop. Misc. 718

Hammocks, Yucatan. Pop. Misc. 137
"Heaps of Joy," The, of Saint-Pilon. Pop. Misc. 573
Henderson, C. Hanford. The History of a Picture Window 16
"The Spirit of Manual Training 433
Hoffmann, Friedrich. Botanical Gardens 105
Household Products, Museums of. R. Virchow 617
Houzeau, J. C. Fabulous Astronomy 194
Hudson, A. S. Animal Altruism. Cor. 409
Huxley, Thomas Henry. Agnosticism: a Rejoinder 163
"Agnosticism and Christianity 447
"The Value of Witness to the Miraculous 601
Huxley and Pasteur on the Prevention of Hydrophobia 663
Huxley, Prof. An Explanation to. W. C. McGee 349
Hydrophobia, Huxley and Pasteur on the Prevention of 663

Identification by Thumb-Marks. Pop. Misc. 428
India-Rubber, American. Pop. Misc. 140
Inebriate Asylums and their Work. Pop. Misc. 862
Insane, Criminal Responsibility of the. Pop. Misc. 425
Insensibility, The Advantages of. Pop. Misc. 570
Intellectual Integrity. Editor's Table 124

Japanese Magic Mirrors. G. O. Rogers. Cor. 123
Johnstown Disaster, The. Editor's Table 554

Kinship in Polynesia. C. N. Starcke 392
Kitchen-Garden, The Girl's. Pop. Misc. 713

Laboratory, Dangers of the. Pop. Misc. 426
Lakes, Distribution of, on the Globe. Pop. Misc. 427
Lakes, The Canadian, and the Glaciers. Pop. Misc. 422
Larrabee, William H. The Bronze Age in Sweden 778
"The Stone Age in Heathen Sweden 504
"The Surface Tension of Liquids 591
Langen, G. A Corner of the Dutch East Indies 685
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, Sketch of 548
Lead-Poisoning. Pop. Misc. 424
Le Bon, Gustave. The Influence of Race in History 495
Leigh, C. W. "Christian Science," "Koreshan Science," etc. Cor. 268
Le Sueur, W. D. Mr. Mallock on Optimism 531
Lewis, Henry Carvill, Sketch of 401
Liberty, Civil, What is? W. G. Sumner 289
Life, The Art of prolonging. R. Roose 759
Life, The Interdependence of. Pop. Misc. 716
Lightning, An Anti-, Cage. Pop. Misc. 860
Linnæus, Carolus, Sketch of 835
Liquids, The Surface Tension of. W. H. Larrabee 591
Lovering, Joseph, Sketch of 690
Lyford, Edwin F. Sense of Direction in Ants. Cor. 123

McAnally, D. R. Industrial Family Names 808
McBride, T. H. Fungi: I. Toadstools and Mushrooms 187
""II. Microscopic Forms 350
McGee, W. C. An Explanation to Prof. Huxley 349
Mallock, W. H. "Cowardly Agnosticism." A Word with Prof. Huxley 225
Manual Training, Mental Growth from. Editor's Table 555
Manual Training, The Spirit of. C. H. Henderson 433
Mars, The Strange Markings on. G. P. Serviss 41
Mathews, Robert. The Position of the Agnostic. Cor. 269
Medicines, Old and New Fashioned Ideas in. Pop. Misc. 139
Medicine, Some of the Limitations of. S. S. Burt 396
Mental Powers of Criminals. Pop. Misc. 570
Mexican Porters. Pop. Misc. 712
Milk, Mischief-makers in. A. B. Tweedy 211
Miller, Olive Thorne. A Study from Life 577
Mills, Wesley. Digestion and Related Functions 795
Mind, Muscle and. F. E. White 377
Miraculous, The Value of Witness to the. T. H. Huxley 601
Motion, The Pleasure of. P. Souriaou 824
Mother, A. Awakening Thought. Cor. 409
Müller, Robert. Life at the Cameroons 748

Names, Industrial Family. D. R. McAnally 808
Navajo Tanner, A. Pop. Misc. 858
Nicoll, Edward Holland. The Chinook Language or Jargon 257
Nile Floods, Proposed Storage of. Pop. Misc. 718
Notes 143
Notes 287
Notes 431
Notes 575
Notes 718
Notes 863
Obituary Notes 144
Obituary Notes 288
Obituary Notes 432
Obituary Notes 576
Obituary Notes 720
Obituary Notes 864
Ogden, Rollo. Evolution as taught in a Theological Seminary 754
Okie, J. Blood-Vengeance and Pardon in Albania 529
Optimism, Mr. Mallock on. W. D. Le Sueur 531
Orchids. Pop. Misc. 423
Oswald, Felix L. The Wastes of Modern Civilization 514
Oswald, Felix L. The Wastes of Modern Civilization 621
Otter at Home, The. Pop. Misc. 715
Oyster Garden, The, of Arcachon. Pop. Misc. 858

Page, John. Savage Life in South America 542
Parks, A Practical View of. Pop. Misc. 426
Partridge, The Buddhist Story of the. Pop. Misc. 141
Pasteur, Huxley and, on the Prevention of Hydrophobia 663
Pensions for All M. M. Trumbull 721
Phrenology, The Old and the New. M. A. Starr 730
Philpott, Henry J. Origin of the Rights of Property 666
Picture-Window, The History of a. 0. H. Henderson 16
Pilgrim, Charles W. A Study of Suicide 303
Plants, The Defensive Armor of. H. de Varigny 522
Play 'Possum? Do Squirrels. Pop. Misc. 572
"Playing 'Possum." H. L. Roberts. Cor. 122
Poison, Arrow. Pop. Misc. 429
Preserving Timber from Moisture. Pop. Misc. 136
Propagation, The Artificial, of Sea-Fishes. W. K. Brooks 359
Property, Origin of the Rights of. H. J. Philpott 666
Protection, The Ethical View of. H. Smith 626
Psychological Laboratory, Wundt's, Studies at. Pop. Misc. 861
Publications received 135
Publications received 283
Publications received 421
Publications received 567
Publications received 710
Publications received 855

Race, The Influence of, in History. G. Le Bon 495
Railway Maladjustments. B. Reece 367
Rattlesnake-Poison, Whisky no Antidote for. Pop. Misc. 140
Reece, Benjamin. Railway Maladjustments 367
Roberts, H. L. "Playing 'Possum." Cor. 122
Rogers, G. O. Japanese Magic Mirrors. Cor. 123
Roose, Robson, The Art of prolonging Life 759

Salt, A Country of. Pop. Misc. 863
Sanitary Science and Children's Health. Pop. Misc. 140
Schools, Evening Continuation. Pop. Misc. 287
Schools, Practical and Moral Instruction in. Pop. Misc. 711
Science, Beginnings in, at Mugby School. J. E. Taylor 56
Science-Teaching in Schools. Pop. Misc. 568
Science, The Domain of. Editor's Table 842
Scilly Islands, The. Pop. Misc. 138
Sea-Butterflies. Carl Vogt 313
Self-Poisoning by Snakes. A. J. Williams. Cor. 123
Serviss, Garrett P. The Strange Markings on Mars 41
Sheldon, Samuel. Electrical Waves 509
Sign-Talk in New Guinea. Pop. Misc. 573
Simmonds, P. L. Eggs in Chemistry and Commerce 92
Sleep, Getting to. Pop. Misc. 424
Smith, Huntington. The Ethical View of Protection 626
Snakes, Superstitions about. Pop. Misc. 426
Solomon Islands, Life in the. C. M. Woodford 476
Souriaou, P. The Pleasure of Motion 824
South America, Savage Life in. J. Page 542
Spear, R. O. "Christian Science," "Koreshan Science," etc. Cor. 268
Spider, Water, The Nest of the. Pop. Misc. 430
Springs, California's Thermal. Pop. Misc. 712
Staplin, Susan M. B. Do Cattle count? Cor. 409
Starcke, C. N. Kinship in Polynesia 392
Starr, M. Allen. The Old and the New Phrenology 730
Stone Age, The, in Heathen Sweden. W. H. Larrabee 504
Study from Life, A. O. T. Miller 577
Suicide, A Study of. C. W. Pilgrim 303
Sumner, William Graham. What is Civil Liberty? 289
"Sketch of 261

Tarr, Ralph S. Animal Life in the Gulf Stream 649
Taylor, J. E. Beginnings in Science at Mugby School 56
Teak-Tree, The. Pop. Misc. 141
Telescopic Objectives, Polishing. Pop. Misc. 574
Thought, Awakening. A Mother. Cor. 409
Thought, The Stimulation of. Editor's Table 410
Toadstools and Mushrooms. T. H. McBride 187
Tornadoes. Pop. Misc. 285
Transportation, Methods of. Pop. Misc. 711
Trees, Annual Rings of. Pop. Misc. 430
Trumbull, M. M. Pensions for All 721
Turtles, Habits of. Pop. Misc. 142
Tweedy, Alice B. Mischief-makers in Milk 211

University, The Function of a. Pop. Misc. 856

Variation, The Value of Human. Pop. Misc. 716
Varigny, Henry de. The Defensive Armor of Plants 522
Virchow, Rudolf. Museums of Household Products 617
Vogt, Carl. Sea-Butterflies 313
Volcanic Action, A Theory of. Pop. Misc. 571

Wace, Henry. Agnosticism 64
"Christianity and Agnosticism 327
Warfare of Science, New Chapters in the, A. D. White 1
Warfare of Science, New Chapters in the, A. D. White 145
Warner, A. G. "Scientific Charity" 488
Washing Men and Children by Machinery. Pop. Misc. 717
Wastes, The, of Modern Civilization. F. L. Oswald 514
Wastes, The, of Modern Civilization. F. L. Oswald 621
Weather Indicators, Bells as. Pop. Misc. 143
Well-Waters, The Animal World of. O. Zacharias 251
Wells, David Ames. Recent Economic Changes 584
Wendel, F. C. H. Education in Ancient Egypt 774
White, Andrew D. Diabolism and Hysteria 1
White, Andrew D. Diabolism and Hysteria 145
White, Frances Emily. Muscle and Mind 377
Williams, A. J, Self-Poisoning by Snakes. Cor. 123
Williams, George H. Some Modern Aspects of Geology 640
Wines, Roman. Pop. Misc. 424
Woodford, C. M. Life in the Solomon Islands 476
Woodhull, John F. Home-made Apparatus 519
Wreck, An Estray. Pop. Misc. 422
Wright, G. Frederick. Glaciers on the Pacific Coast 155

Yellowstone Park Country, The. Pop. Misc. 856
Younghusband, F. E. The Desert of Gobi and the Himalayas 111

Zacharias, Otto. The Animal World of Well-Waters 251