Popular Science Monthly/Volume 34/Index

I N D E X.

Abbott, C. C. The Pine-Tree Lizard 162
"A Correction. Cor. 411
Absence of Memory and Presence of Mind. Pop. Misc. 571
Abyssinia, Food and Economical Plants of. Pop. Misc. 861
African Roads. Pop. Misc. 285
Agnosticism. Prof. T. H. Huxley 750
Ainu Family-Life and Religion. J. K. Goodrich 81
Alcoholic Heredity, New Facts in. T. D. Crowthers, M.D. 524
Allen, Grant. Evolving the Camel 192
"Genius and Talent 341
Alphabet, A Phonetic, for American Languages. Pop. Misc. 281
Altruism and Egoism. Editor's Table 559
Altruism Economically Considered. C. W. Smiley 53
Altruism, Relation of, to Egoism. C. H. A. Bulkley. Cor. 411
Americanists, The, in Congress 686
Andrews, E. F. The Type-Writer for the Blind. Cor. 414
Animal Arithmetic. Madame Clémence Royer 252
Animals, Can they count the Days? A. S. Hudson, M.D. Cor. 123
Animals, Do they play 'Possum? S. F. Goodrich. Cor. 557
Announcement. Editor's Table 416
Ant, The Destructive White. Pop. Misc. 284
Arras, J. M. Natural Science in Elementary Schools 662
Arts of Life, The, in Anthropology. Pop. Misc. 430
Aryans, The, in Science and History. Horatio Hale 672
Ashley, Charles S. The Effects of Protection 1
Association, The Australasian. Pop. Misc. 709
Astronomy Class, Our. Cor. 122
Atkinson, Edward, Sketch of 113
Atomic Worlds and their Motions. Dr. Heinrich Hensoldt 183
Australian Message-Sticks. Pop. Misc. 570

Badger, The American. Pop. Misc. 281
Barrancas, The Brazilian. Pop. Misc. 140
Barron, G. B., M.D. Town-Life as a Cause of Degeneracy 324
Bees, The Ways of. M. B. Chaddock. Cor. 698
Belon, Pierre, Sketch of 692
Billings, J. S., M.D. House-Drainage from Various Points of View 310
Blood-hound, Sagacity of a. Pop. Misc. 862
Bonney, Prof. T. G. The Foundation-Stones of the Earth 652
Books noticed:
Abbott, Samuel. The Collegian 857
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Journal of 131
Adams, Prof. H. B. Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia 854
Agricultural Experiment Stations, Reports and Bulletins 856
Allen, Grant. Force and Energy 849
Allen, J. H. The Tariff and its Evils 565
American Society for Psychical Research, Proceedings of 131
Bain, Alexander. English Composition and Rhetoric 419
Besant, Walter, The Eulogy of Richard Jeffries 701
Bierbower, Austin. The Virtues and their Reasons 422
Bowker, R. R., Annotator. The President's Message of 1887 276
Brandt, H. C. G. First Book in German 425
Bray, Rev. H. T. Essays on God and Man 129
Browning, Oscar. Aspects of Education 276
Calkins, M. W. Sharing the Profits 567
Cameron, James. Soaps and Candles 424
Carter, J. M. G. Synopsis of the Medical Botany of the United States 274
Chester, John. Ruth, the Christian Scientist 568
Christopher, W. S., M.D. Chemical Experiments for Medical Students 275
Clarke, F. W. The Constants of Nature 129
Compayré, Gabriel. Lectures on Pedagogy 852
Comstock, J. H. Introduction to Entomology 703
Conklin, B. C. Course in English Grammar and Composition 853
Cooke, M. W. The Human Mystery in Hamlet 568
Cope, Prof. E. D. Vertebrate Fauna of the Puerco Series 274
Crozier, J. B. Civilization and Progress 853
Cruger, Mary. How she did it 424
Currie, Prof. George O. Selected Poems from Lamartine 132
Curtman, Prof. C. O. Chemical Lecture Notes 425
Dawson, N. H. R. Report of the Commissioner of Education, 1886-'87. 854
Dawson, Sir J. W. Specimens of Eozoön Canadense and their Relations 566
Day, D. T. Mineral Resources of the United States 706
D'Ooge, Benjamin. Colloquia Latina 132
Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. Journal 132
Ethical Record, The 568
Evans, G. A. Historical and Geographical Phthisiography 423
Fernow, B. E. Report of the Division of Forestry for 1887 275
Finance, True or False 707
Foster, Michael, Editor. The Journal of Physiology 705
Frieze, H. S. Institutes of Quintilian 421
Gardner, E. C. Town and Country School Buildings 564
Gill, John. Systems of Education 854
Gilmore, J. R. The Advance-Guard of Western Civilization 422
Glazier, Captain Willard. Down the Great River 851
Hale, Dr. E. M. The Cat and its Diseases 701
Hall, President G. Stanley. American Journal of Psychology 857
Hall, T. W., M.D. A Correlation Theory of Chemical Action and Affinity 707
Harland, Marion, Editor. The Home-Maker 704
Hilger, Dr. A., and others. Vierteljahresschrift . . . der Chemie der Nahrungs-und Genussmittel 130
Hill, Prof. R. T, Recent Aspects of Scientific Education 855
Hittell, J. S. A Code of Morals 707
Holbrook, M. L. Eating for Strength 566
Holmes, Nathaniel. Realistic Idealism in Philosophy itself 420
Howard, J. M. Cumberland Presbyterian Review 857
Imperial University, Tokio, Japan, Journal of the College of Science 566
Irelan, Jr., W. J. Report of the State Mineralogist of California 856
Jordan, D. S. Darwinism 271
"Manual of the Vertebrate Animals of the Northern United States 565
Julien, Dr. Alexis A. Scientific Monographs 856
Kay, David. Memory: What it is and how to improve it 561
Ketchum, A. C. Botany for Academies and Colleges 423
Langley, S. P. Report of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 855
Lewis, J. H. The Kitchen 275
Lockwood, Samuel. Animal Memoirs 127
Loti, Pierre. An Iceland Fisherman 132
Lubbock, Sir John. On the Senses, Instincts, and Intelligence of Animals 270
MacDowall, A. B. Facts about Ireland 132
Michaelis, K. W. and O. E. Sketch of Alfred Krupp 567
Miller, J. S. Report of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue 856
"Report of the Regulations for the Analysis of Foods and Drugs 857
Molloy, Gerald. Gleanings in Science 703
Montelius, Oscar. Civilization of Sweden in Heathen Times 703
Monthaye, E., Krupp and De Bange. Visit to the Krupp Works at Essen 276
Monthaye, E., Krupp and De Bange. Visit to the Krupp Works at Essen 567
Moore, J. S. Friendly Letters to American Farmers and Others 276
Museum, United States National, Proceedings of the 706
Nast's Illustrations of the President's Message of 1887 276
Nathan, G. R. Harvard Law Review 857
Nebraska University Studies 274
Nettleship, R. L. Works of Thomas Hill Green, Vol. III 562
Newell, W. W., Editor. American Journal of Folk-Lore 131
Packard, A. S. Entomology for Beginners 129
Parloa's, Miss. New Cook-Book 707
Philpott, H. J. Tariff Chats 567
Phyfe, W. H. P. The School Pronouncer 425
Pope, R. W., and Stockbridge, G. H. Electric Power 857
Proctor, Richard A. Old and New Astronomy 130
Proctor, Richard A. Old and New Astronomy 856
"Great-Circle Sailing 567
Quick Cooking 424
Riley, Prof. C. V., Editor. Insect Life 132
""Report of the Entomologist 706
Roosevelt, Theodore. Essays on Practical Politics 273
Rosenbusch, H., and Iddings, J. P. Microscopical Physiography of the Rock-making Minerals 564
Sargent, Prof. C. S., Editor. Garden and Forest 705
Selby-Bigge, L. A. Hume's Treatise of Human Nature 850
Sensenig, David M. Numbers Symbolized 128
Serviss, Garrett P. Astronomy with an Opera-Glass 564
Seymour, M. F. The Business Woman's Journal 857
Shepherd, H. A. Antiquities of the State of Ohio 421
Sherwood. New Model First Reader 277
Shoppell's Modern Houses 707
Simon, W. Manual of Chemistry 273
Sluys, A. Manual Training in Elementary Schools for Boys 855
Smith, O. S. The American University 855
Smith, W. H. The Educator 857
Spanhoofd, A. W. Germania 857
Starr, Louis, M. D. Hygiene of the Nursery 422
Steinke, T. G. Die Gegenwart 707
Stockbridge, H. E. Rocks and Soils 565
Talmage, J. E. First Book of Nature 707
Thomas, Cyrus. Burial-Mounds 702
Tōyō Gakugei Zasshi 275
Tuckerman, Alfred. Index to the Literature of the Spectroscope 273
Turner, S. E. The Germanic Constitution 130
Tyndall, John. Diamagnetism and Magne-Crystallic Action 272
United States, Reports from Consuls 276
Van der Smissen, W, H., and Eraser, W. H, High-School German Grammar 854
Wahl, W. H. The Manufacturer and Builder 858
Watts, C. A. The Agnostic Annual for 1889 568
Wells, D. A. Relation of the Tariff to Wages 567
Whitman, W. O., Editor, The Journal of Morphology 272
Whitman, W. O., Editor, The Journal of Morphology 705
Wines, F. H. American Prisons in the Tenth Census 276
Young, C. A. Text-Book of General Astronomy 847
Botanical, The, Outlook. Pop. Misc. 574
Boys' Color-Knowledge. Pop. Misc. 430
Bridge, The Nebraska City Pontoon. Pop. Misc. 859
British Borneo, Native Life in. D. D. Daly 246
British Gold-Mines. Pop. Misc. 572
Browski, Dr. L. E. The Yezidees, or Devil-Worshipers 474
Buffalo, Domestication of the. J. W. Dafoe 777
Bulkley, C. H. A. Relation of Altruism to Egoism 411
Byrne, C. C, M.D. The Work of the Burrowing Rat. Cor. 414
"The Great Southern Tortoise again. Cor. 698

Calhoun, J. D. A Dog that could count 414
Camel, Evolving the. Grant Allen 192
Canals of Mars, Searching for the. Pop. Misc. 572
Cave-Men, Preglacial, in Wales. Pop. Misc. 135
Chaddock, M. B. Insect Fertilization of Flowers. Cor. 558
"The Ways of Bees. Cor. 698
Charms, Protective. Pop. Misc. 717
Chemistry, The, of To-Day. Prof. Ira Remsen 591
Chemistry, The Teaching of. Pop. Misc. 280
Chevreul's, M., New-Year's-Day. Pop. Misc. 709
Child, An Eyeless. Pop. Misc. 286
Children's Punishments. Pop. Misc. 572
Chinese Marriage Customs. Adele M. Fielde 241
Chinese Names. Pop. Misc. 713
Chinese, The, and their Limbs. Pop. Misc. 283
Cigarette-Smoking, Effects of. Pop. Misc. 279
City Schools, Faults of. Pop. Misc. 569
Climatology, Hydrology and, International Congress of. Pop. Misc. 573
Cogswell, Franklin. California Perforated Stones. Cor. 123
Competition and the Trusts. George Iles 619
Competition. Editor's Table 699
Continental Centers. Pop. Misc. 427
Cooke, Josiah Parsons. The Chemical Elements 733
Cope, E. D. Woman Suffrage. Cor. 558
Correction, A. C. C. Abbott. Cor. 411
Correspondence 122
Correspondence 411
Correspondence 556
Correspondence 698
Correspondence 841
Cramer, Frank. The Extension of the Suffrage to Women, Cor. 415
Crocodile, About a. Pop. Misc. 428
Crothers, T. D., M.D. New Facts in Alcoholic Heredity 524
Curtis, Moses Ashley, Sketch of 405

Dafoe, J. W. Domestication of the Buffalo 777
Daly, D. D. Life in British Borneo 246
Daubrée, Prof. G. A. Underground Waters in Rock Transformations 508
Deaths by Wild Beasts in India. Pop. Misc. 142
Deception, The Psychology of. Prof. J. Jastrow 145
"Demoniacal Possession" and Insanity. A. D. White 433
"Demoniacal Possession" and Insanity. A. D. White 577
Desert, How a, was made Productive. Pop. Misc. 141
Devil-Theory, The. Editor's Table 843
Diet and Disease. Pop. Misc. 863
Direction, Sense of, in Insects. Pop. Misc. 570
Doctors and the Opium-Habit. A. F. Stifel. Cor. 122
Doctrine, a, The History of. Prof. S. P. Langley 212
Doctrine, a, The History of. Prof. S. P. Langley 385
Dog, A, that could count. J. D. Calhoun. Cor. 414
Domestication of the Buffalo. J. W. Dafoe 777
Dyer, T. F. Thiselton. Plants in Witchcraft 826

Editor's Table 124
Editor's Table 267
Editor's Table 416
Editor's Table 559
Editor's Table 698
Editor's Table 843
Education, The Sacrifice of. A Protest 399
Egg-Shell, The Chemistry of an. Pop. Misc. 711
Elements, The Chemical. J. P. Cooke 733
Emotions, Training the. Pop. Misc. 574
Energy, The, in an Earthquake. Pop. Misc. 427
Energy, The, in an Earthquake. Pop. Misc. 715
Enthusiast, An, in Science. Pop. Misc. 575
Espy, James Pollard, Sketch of 834
Evil, An, of Civilization. Pop. Misc. 137
Examinations, The Abuse of. Editor's Table 418
Experimental Psychology, Value of. Pop. Misc. 427
Fading Photographs. Pop. Misc. 429
Fast Ocean Passages. Pop. Misc. 426
Fast Railway-Trains. Pop. Misc. 862
Faults of City Schools. Pop. Misc. 569
Fernald, F. A. Science and "Christian Science" 798
Fielde, Adele M. Chinese Marriage Customs 241
Fiji Islands, Among the. Coutts Trotter 644
Floras, Geological. Pop. Misc. 712
Flying-Machine, The Problem of a. Prof. Joseph Le Conte 69
Flying-Machine, The, Problem. T. W. Mather. Cor. 556
Flying-Squirrels, Colors of. Pop. Misc. 427
Forest-Groupings, The Origin of. Marquis de Saporta 229
Forestry in Switzerland. Pop. Misc. 714
Foundation-Stones, The, of the Earth. Prof. T. G. Bonney 652
Freeman, Prof. E. A. Comments on "The Sacrifice of Education" 535
French, J. M., M.D. Infant Mortality and the Environment 221
Freshfield, D. W. The Suanetians and their Home 380

Gale, Harlow. The Origin of Holidays 516
Gas Heating Appliances, Improved. Pop. Misc. 714
Gauss and the Electric Telegraph 396
Gems. Pop. Misc. 428
Genealogy of Man, The Last Stages in the. M. P. Topinard 171
Genius and Talent. Grant Allen 341
Glass-Making. Prof. C. H. Henderson 598
Gold-Mines, British. Pop. Misc. 572
Goodrich, J. K. Ainu Family-Life and Religion 81
Goodrich, S. F. Do Animals "play 'Possum"? Cor. 557
Graphite, Archæan, Origin of. Pop. Misc. 715
Guiding-Needle, The, on an Iron Ship. T. A. Lyons, U.S.N. 289
Gypsies, Religious Notions of. Pop. Misc. 279

Hale, Horatio. The Aryans in Science and History 672
Hammond, Clement M. The Prolongation of Human Life 92
Harrison, Frederic. Comments on "The Sacrifice of Education" 535
Healing of the Broken Bones of Birds. Pop. Misc. 860
Henderson, Prof. C. H. Glass-Making. A Pane of Glass 598
Hensoldt, Dr. Heinrich. Atomic Worlds and their Motions 183
Holidays, The Origin of. Harlow Gale 516
House-Drainage from Various Points of View. J. S. Billings, M.D. 310
House-top Summer-Resorts. Pop. Misc. 861
Hudson, A. S., M.D. Can Animals count the Days? Cor. 123
Human Mind, The Derivative Origin of the. G. J. Romanes 792
Huxley, Prof. Thomas H. Agnosticism 750
Hydrology and Climatology, International Congress of. Pop. Misc. 573

Iles, George. Competition and the Trusts 619
Indians, Our, and the Mongolians. Pop. Misc. 278
Indians, Puget Sound, Time-Reckoning of. Pop. Misc. 137
Industrial Training, Subjects for. Pop. Misc. 135
Infant Mortality and the Environment. J. M. French 221
Insect Fertilization of Flowers, M. B. Chaddock, Cor. 558
Interglacial Man in Ohio. Pop. Misc. 278
International, The, Geological Congress. Pop. Misc. 278
Inventional Geometry. Edward R. Shaw 357

James, Prof. Joseph F. Curiosities of Natural Gas 821
Japanese Mirrors. Pop. Misc. 572
Japan, Volcanic Explosion in. Pop. Misc. 716
Jastrow, Prof. J. The Psychology of Deception 145
"The Psychology of Spiritualism 721
Jenkins, Therese A. Silk-Culture in the United States. Cor. 843
Johonnot, Prof. James. The Story of a School 496

Kidd, J. B. Our Astronomy Class. Cor. 122
Krauss, F. S. South Slavic Moon-Myths 615

Lady Crab, The Dance of the. T. H. Morgan 482
Lagrange, M. F. Physical Training of Young Children 449
Langley, Prof. S. P. The History of a Doctrine 212
Langley, Prof. S. P. The History of a Doctrine 385
Larrabee, W. H. Sea-Lions and Fur-Seals 330
Law as a Disturber of Social Order. Benjamin Reece 631
Learning to Think. Editor's Table 845
Le Conte, Prof. Joseph. The Problem of a Flying-Machine 69
Le Sueur, W. D. Science and its Accusers 367
Lick Observatory, Work at the. Editor's Table 268
Life, The Storage of. Pop. Misc. 282
Literary Notices 127
Literary Notices 270
Literary Notices 419
Literary Notices 561
Literary Notices 701
Literary Notices 847
Lizard, The Pine-Tree. C. C. Abbott 162
Loess, Melting away of the Mongolian. Pop. Misc. 141
Longevity of Professional Men. Pop. Misc. 717
Lubbock, Sir John. Problematical Organs of Sense 101
Lucigen. Pop. Misc. 137
Lunar Mystery, New Light on a. G. P. Serviss 158
Lyons, T, A., U.S.N. The Guiding-Needle on an Iron Ship 289

McGee, W J, Paleolithic Man in America 20
Man, Paleolithic, in America. W J McGee 20
Man, The Last Stages in the Genealogy of. M. P. Topinard 171
March, The, of Practical Science, Editor's Table 416
Marriages, Consanguineous, Pop. Misc. 139
Marriage Customs, A Law of. Pop. Misc. 280
Mather, T. W. The Flying-Machine Problem, Cor. 556
Medicinal Plants, New, Pop. Misc. 571
Medicine, Ancient Egyptian. Pop. Misc. 134
Message-Sticks, Australian. Pop. Misc. 570
Meyer, Otto. Giant Reptiles of a Past Age 466
Microbes, Vitality of, in Water, Pop. Misc. 430
Mineral Evolution. Pop. Misc. 573
Mingrelian Rituals. Pop. Misc. 141
Monopolies. Pop. Misc. 284
Monuments, Important Archæological. Pop. Misc. 136
Moon-Myths, South Slavic. F. S. Krauss 615
Morality, The, of the Future. Editor's Table 124
Morgan, Appleton. The Political Control of Railways 455
Morgan, T. H. The Dance of the Lady Crab 482
Mound, Contents of a North Carolina. Pop. Misc. 135
Müller, Prof. F. Max. Comments on "The Sacrifice of Education" 535
Museums, Local, Hints about. Pop. Misc. 280

Nansen's, Dr., Greenland Expedition. Pop. Misc. 717
Nascent Species of Plants. Pop. Misc. 575
National Morality, A Test of. Editor's Table 267
Natural Gas, Curiosities of. Prof. J. F. James 821
Natural Purification of Polluted Streams. Pop. Misc. 859
Natural Science in Elementary Schools. J. M. Ames 662
""Editorial Note 700
"Next to Nothing," The Value of the. Editor's Table 125
Notes 142
Notes 286
Notes 431
Notes 575
Notes 718
Notes 863
Cakes, R. A. Belief about the Soul 202

Oil-Field, The Colorado. Pop. Misc. 142
Oswald, Felix L., M.D. Four-Handed Sinners 108

Paleolithic Man in America. W J McGee 20
Pane of Glass, A. Prof. C. H. Henderson 598
Papuan, a New Britain, The History of. Pop. Misc. 140
Perforated Stones, Californian. Franklin Cogswell. Cor. 123
Personifications of the Sun, Modern Greek. Pop. Misc. 571
Phonetic Spelling, Educational Value of. Pop. Misc. 285
Photography, Uses of, in Science. Pop. Misc. 136
Physical Training of Young Children, M. F. Lagrange 449
Physics, The Teaching of, in Schools. Pop. Misc. 134
Piles, Protection of, against the Teredo. Pop. Misc. 710
Pine-Tree Lizard, The. C. C. Abbott 162
Plants, Food and Economical, of Abyssinia, Pop. Misc. 861
Plants in Witchcraft. T. F. T. Dyer 826
Plants, Nascent Species of. Pop. Misc. 575
Plesiosaurus, Development of the. Pop. Misc. 279
Plumbing, Sanitary. Pop. Misc. 136
Popular Miscellany 133
Popular Miscellany 278
Popular Miscellany 426
Popular Miscellany 569
Popular Miscellany 709
Popular Miscellany 859
Practical Science, The March of. Editor's Table 416
Proctor, Richard A., Death of. Pop. Misc. 133
Professional Men, Longevity of. Pop. Misc. 717
Prolongation, The, of Human Life. C. M. Hammond 92
Protection of Wood against Fire. Pop. Misc. 282
Protection, The Effects of. C. S. Ashley 1
Psychology, The, of Deception. Prof. J. Jastrow 145
Psychology, The, of Spiritualism, Joseph Jastrow 721

Railways, The Political Control of, Appleton Morgan 455
Rat, The Work of the Burrowing, C, C. Byrne, M.D. Cor. 414
Reading, Interest in. Pop. Misc. 861
Reece, Benjamin. Law as a Disturber of Social Order 631
Remsen, Prof. Ira. The Chemistry of To-Day 591
Reptiles, Giant, of a Past Age. Otto Meyer 466
Riley, Prof. O. V. On the Causes of Variation 484
Riley, Prof. O. V. On the Causes of Variation 809
Romanes, G. J. The Derivative Origin of the Human Mind 792
Roots, The Relation of, to Moisture. Pop. Misc. 138
Royer, Madame Clemence. Animal Arithmetic 252
Sacred Trees of Japan. Pop. Misc. 716

Sacrifice, The, of Education. A Protest 399
""Comments on. Prof. F. Max Müller and others 535
Sanitary Work, Fifty Years of. Pop. Misc. 138
Saporta, The Marquis de. The Origin of Forest-Groupings 229
Sanitary Plumbing. Pop. Misc. 136
School, The Story of a. Prof. James Johonnot 496
Schools, The Country, of New York. Pop. Misc. 715
Science and "Christian Science." F. A. Fernald 798
Science and its Accusers. W. D. Le Sueur 367
Science and Trade-Routes. Pop. Misc. 712
Sea-Lions and Fur-Seals. W. H. Larrabee 330
Sense, Problematical Organs of. Sir J. Lubbock 101
Senses, The, of Animals. Pop. Misc. 140
Serviss, G. P. New Light on a Lunar Mystery 158
Shaler, Prof. N. S. Habits of the Great Southern Tortoise 37
Shufeldt, E. W., M. D. Zoölogical Gardens 782
Silk-Culture in the United States. T. A. Jenkins. Cor. 843
Sinners, Four-Handed. F. L. Oswald, M.D. 108
Smiley, C. W, Altruism Economically Considered 53
Snake-Stories, Two, analyzed. Pop. Misc. 429
Somali Traits. Pop. Misc. 860
Soul, Beliefs about the. E. A. Oakes 202
Spider, An Aged. Pop. Misc. 714
Spiritualism, The Psychology of. Joseph Jastrow 721
Sponges, Fresh-Water. Pop. Misc. 711
Squirrel, the Red, Habits of. Pop. Misc. 710
Stallo, John B., Sketch of 548
Stifel, A. F. Doctors and the Opium-Habit. Cor. 122
Stinde, Julius. Sun-Power and Growth 77
Storage, The, of Life. Pop. Misc. 282
Struggle for Existence, The Human. Pop. Misc. 431
Suanetians, The, and their Home. D. W. Freshfield 380
Success in Life, What makes. Editor's Table 698
Suffrage, The Extension of the, to Women. Frank Cramer. Cor. 415
Sun-Power and Growth. Julius Stinde 77
Sun, Modern Greek Personifications of the. Pop. Misc. 571

Temple, Captain E. C. Every-day Life of Indian Women 43
Tests of Eye-Sight, Hand-Grip, and Breathing Capacity. Pop. Misc. 283
Tile-Draining, Effects of. Pop. Misc. 573
Time-Reckoning of Puget-Sound Indians. Pop. Misc. 137
Topinard, M. Paul. The Last Stages in the Generation of Man 171
Tortoise, The Great Southern, again. O. O. Byrne, M.D. Cor. 698
Tortoise, the Great Southern, Habits of. Prof. N. S. Shaler 37
Town Life as a Cause of Degeneracy. G. B. Barron, M.D. 324
Trotter, Coutts, among the Fiji Islands 644
Type-Writer, The, for the Blind. E. F. Andrews. Cor. 414

Variation, On the Causes of. Prof. C. V. Riley 484
Variation, On the Causes of. Prof. C. V. Riley 809
Volcanic Explosion in Japan. Pop. Misc. 716
Vulpian, F. A., Sketch of 262

Warfare of Science, New Chapters in the. A. D. White 433
Warfare of Science, New Chapters in the. A. D. White 577
Warmth for the Injured. Pop. Misc. 429
Wasting Coal, The Cost of. Pop. Misc. 139
Water-Power, Adolf Sutro's. Pop. Misc. 862
Waters, The Underground, of England. Pop. Misc. 713
Water-Storage at River-Heads. Pop. Misc. 283
Waters, Underground, in Rock Transformations. Prof. G. A. Daubrée 508
White, A. D. New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. ("Demoniacal Possession" and Insanity) 433
White, A. D. New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. ("Demoniacal Possession" and Insanity) 577
Wild Beasts, Deaths by, in India. Pop. Misc. 142
Wines, Bulgarian. Pop. Misc. 710
Wolf-nursed Children. Pop. Misc. 139
Women, Indian, Every-day Life of. Captain E. C. Temple 43
Woman Suffrage. E. D. Cope Cor. 558
Women, The Extension of the Suffrage to. Frank Cramer. Cor. 415

Yezidees, The, or Devil-Worshipers. Dr. L. E. Browski 474

Zoölogical Gardens. R. W. Schufeldt, M. D. 782