Popular Science Monthly/Volume 41/Index

I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles C. Delaware Indian, The, as an Artist.* 586
Accidents, Incalculable. W. A. Eddy 666
Adams, John Coleman. A Chapter in Meteorological Discovery 787
Adams, John Couch, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 545
Agriculture, Energy as a Factor in. M. Miles 87
Air, Bad, and Bad Health. H. Wager, and A. Herbert 97
Air, Liquid, and Liquid Oxygen. (Misc.) 714
Allen, Grant. A Desert Fruit 109
Almond Culture in California. H. J. Philpott 328
Aloe, American, Flowering Habit of the. (Corr.) G. Pyburn 413
American Association, The Rochester Meeting of the (Editor's Table) 846
Ancient Civilization, The, of America. J. S. Newberry 187
Animal Friends, Miss North's. (Misc.) 428
"Versatile. (Misc.) 718
Animals, Miss North and her. (Misc.) 571
"Personality in. (Misc.) 861
Anthropological Work in America.* F. Starr 289
""in Europe.* F. Starr 54
Anthropology at the World's Fair. (Misc.) 561
"Value of the Applications of. (Misc.) 570
Assertion, Power of. (Misc.) 140
Atmosphere, Variety of Motions in the. (Misc.) 713

Barrel-making. (Misc.) 562
Bartram, William, Portrait of. (Misc.) 561
Beaulieu, Anatole Leroy. State Intervention in Social Economy 463
Bibliolatry, The Decline of. T. H. Huxley 594
Biological Physiology. (Misc.) 285
Birds, Stronghold of. (Misc.) 284
Bolles, Frank. Ways of the Owl.* 313
Bolton, II. Carrington. Historical Notes on the Gold-cure 469
Books noticed 127
Books noticed 268
Books noticed 416
Books noticed 553
Books noticed 702
Books noticed 849
Allen, H. Addresses on Anatomy 135
American Journal of Morphology, vol, v, No. 3 422
Armstrong, J. E., and J. H. Norton. Laboratory Manual of Chemistry 558
Aulde, J. Pocket Pharmacy 273
Bacon, B. W. Genesis of Genesis 128
Bailey, L. H. Cross-breeding and Hybridizing 706
Baldwin, Joseph. Psychology applied to the Art of Teaching 704
Ball, W. W. R. Mathematical Recreations of Past and Present Times 854
Ballance, C. A., and W. Edmunds. Ligation of the Great Arteries in Continuity 128
Barnes, A. Agriculture of South America 708
Barter, S. Manual Instruction: Woodwork 853
Beardmore, W. L. Drainage of Habitable Dwellings 708
Benedict, W. R. Psychological Table 709
Black, G. A. History of Municipal Land Ownership on Manhattan Island 424
Bolton, H. C. Scientific Correspondence of Joseph Priestley 130
Bottone, S. R. Guide to Electric Lighting 419
Brinton, D. G. Studies in South American Native Languages 707
Brockney, F. J. Essentials of Physics 274
Bryant, W. M. World-energy and its Self-conservation 556
Carlyle, Thomas. Last Words of 555
Cheney, S. P. Wood-notes Wild 424
Chisholm, G. G., and C. H. Leete. Longmans' New School Atlas 705
Ciaffii, F. Baratto dei Biglietti di Banca 706
Citizens' Money. A. B. Westrup 425
Claus, C. Elementary Test-book of Zoölogy 131
Colbert, E. Humanity in its Origin and Early Growth 708
Coltman, R. The Chinese, their Present and Future 856
Columbia College. Report of the President, 1891 421
Comstock, T. B. Resources of the Central Mineral Region of Texas 134
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Report 421
Cowperthwait, J. H. Money, Silver, and Finance 557
Creighton, C. History of Epidemics in Britain 554
Crosby, O. T., and L. Bell. The Electric Railway in Theory and Practice 129
Curtis, M. M. Philosophy and Physical Science 857
Davies, C. Elementary Algebra 423
Davies, N. S., Jr., M. D. Consumption; how to Prevent it, and how to Live with it 423
Denning, D. Art and Craft of Cabinet-making 274
Dolbear, A. E. Matter, Ether, and Motion 851
Dorsey, J. O. The Cegiha Language 854
Douglas, C. A. Financial History of Massachusetts 425
Duvar, J. H. The Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages 853
Encyclopædie Scientiflque des Aide-mémoire 420
Engineering and Mining Journal. Mineral Statistics for 1691 423
Evans, T. American Citizenship 275
Falkener, E. Games, Ancient and Oriental 556
Fernow, B. E. Timber Physics 708
Findlay, G. Working and Management of an English Railway 271
Fisher, A. B. (Buckley). Moral Teachings of Science 268
Fiske, J. Discovery of America 416
Flick, T. Three Circuits 419
Flower, W. H. Horse, The 270
Flügel, E. Thomas Carlyle's Moral and Religious Development 134
Food, Monthly 706
Fraenkel, C. Text-book of Bacteriology 128
Fryer, J. Chinese Scientific and Industrial Magazine 273
Gage, S. H. Microscope and Histology 134
Gatschet, A. S. The Klamath Indians of Southwestern Oregon 854
Geography. Elementary, of the British Colonies 855
Good Roads. I. B. Potter, Editor 422
Gordon, H. L. Feast of the Virgins, and other Poems 424
Gould, G. M. Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the Prevalent Epidemic of Quackery 855
Gouley, J. W. S. Diseases of the Urinary Apparatus 272
Greer, H. Recent Advances in Electricity 132
Greswell, W. P. Geography of Africa South of the Zambesi 708
Griswold, W. M. Descriptive List of Romantic Novels 132
Hall, H. Ethan Allen, the Robin Hood of Vermont 852
Hellyer, S. S. Principles and Practice of Plumbing 269
Hempel, W. Methods of Gas Analysis 274
Henry, C. Les Odeurs 855
Holbrook, M. L. The Hygienic Treatment of Consumption 856
Hudson, W. H. Satan of Theology 135
Humanity and Health. E. A. Jennings, M.D., Editor 423
Humanity's Spreading Curse 709
Huxley, T. H. Essays upon some Controverted Questions 849
Illinois. Report of the State Entomologist, 1889 421
Indiana Agricultural Experiment Station. Report 421
International Prison Congress, Fourth 422
James, G. F., compiler. Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of the National Conference on University Extension 851
Jew, The, at Home 558
Journal of Comparative Neurology. C. H. Herrick, Editor 419
Journal of Physiology. M. Foster, Editor 422
Journal of Physiology. M. Foster, Editor 707
Journal of the College of Science, Tokyo 134
Journal of the United States Artillery. Quarterly 424
Journal of the United States Artillery. Quarterly 708
Kirkpatrick, T. J. Modern Cook-book 132
Lacroix-Danliard. Le Poil des Animaux et les Fourrures 422
League of American Wheelmen Roads Improvement 132
Le Favre, C. Delsartean Physical Culture 132
Lethaby, W. R. Architecture, Mysticism, and Myth 857
Logan, C. How to Reduce your Weight, or Increase it 420
Lovett, R., and C. Davison. Elements of Plane Trigonometry 274
Lydekker, R. Phases of Animal Life, Past and Present 856
McCalley, H. Coal Measures of Alabama 133
Maginnis, A. J. The Atlantic Ferry 855
Manual of American Water-works 131
Marble, A. P. Sanitary Conditions for School-houses 275
Marshall, A. Elements of Economics of Industry 560
Marshall, A. Principles of Economics, vol. i 270
Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station. Ninth Annual Report 421
Massee, G. Plant World, The 558
Maxwell, James C. Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism 705
Maynard, C. J. Manual of North American Butterflies 706
Merrill, F. J. H. Quaternary Geology of the Hudson River 134
Meyer, L. Outlines of Theoretical Chemistry 559
Miller, E. Evolution of Love 275
Missouri Botanical Garden. Report, 1892 707
Money. Essays in Economics. J. Borden 425
Naegeli, C, and S. Schwendener. Microscope, The, in Theory and Practice 557
National Educational Association. Journal of Proceedings and Addresses, 1891 559
National Museum. Report, 1889 555
Natural Science. Monthly 418
Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station. Report 421
New England Meteorological Society. Investigations, 1890 709
New Jersey Experiment Station. Report of the Botanical Department 133
New Jersey Geological Survey. Report, 1891 709
New World, The. Quarterly 424
Newell, J. H. Outlines of Lessons in Botany 554
Not on Calvary 559
Notes on Beauty, Vigor, and Development 420
Papers in Penology 132
Parsons, J. R. French Schools through American Eyes 707
Pickering, E. C. Preparation and Discussion of the Draper Catalogue 423
Pilling, James C. Bibliography of the Algonquian Languages 703
Philosophical Review. J. G. Schurman, Editor 418
Physical Education 706
Ralph, J. Along the Bowstring 420
Ramsey, S. English Language, The, and English Grammar 560
Redding, Jacob. Physiology: its Science and Philosophy 707
Remondino, P. C. The Mediterranean Shores of America 856
Robinson, J. Our Trees 134
Rochester Academy of Science. Proceedings, vol. i, "Brochure" 422
Rotch, A. L. Observations made at the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory in 1889 423
Scott, A. Introduction to Chemical Theory 557
Semple, C. E. A. Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics 709
Sidgwick, H. Elements of Politics 269
Smithsonian Institution. Report, 1890 555
Smithsonian Institution. Report, 1891 133
Solms-Laubach, H. Graf zu. Fossil Botany 558
Spencer, H. Social Statics, abridged and revised 553
Stephens, C. A. Pluri-cellular Man 707
Strahan, S. A. K. Marriage and Disease 702
Sullivan, J. W. Direct Legislation by the Citizenship 131
Taylor, F. M. Right of the Stale to be 133
Taylor, J. T. Optics of Photography and Photographic Lenses 275
Thein, John. Christian Anthropology, 850
Thomas, C. Prehistoric Works East of the Rocky Mountains 133
Thomson, W. H. Materialism and Modern Physiology of the Nervous System 856
Thorne, R. T. Diphtheria: its Natural History and Prevention 130
Trevert, E. Electric Railway Engineering 855
Tyndall, J. New Fragments 127
United States Commissoner of Education. Report, 1889 559
United States Fish Commission. Bulletin, 1889 704
United States Geological Survey. Report. 1888-'89 704
University Extension, Monthly 420
Wagner, R. von. Manual of Chemical Technology 271
Walker, S. F. How to Light a Colliery by Electricity 707
Ward, H. M. The Oak 556
Waterdale. Fresh Light on the Dynamic Action and Ponderosity of Matter 852
Weisman, A. Essays upon Heredity, vol. ii 854
Whiteley, It. L. Chemical Calculations 274
Whymper, E. Travels among the Great Andes of the Equator 273
Winslow, A. Coal Deposits of Missouri 131

Boots and Shoes, Manufacture of.* G. A. Rich 496
Botany, Beginnings in. B. D. Halsted 515
Brain, Temperature of the. (Misc.) 859
Brakemen, The Protection of. (Corr.) A. Morgan 698
Buddha, A, and its Meaning. (Misc.) 285
Burial Custom, Ancient Japanese. (Misc.) 567

C. L. H. Survival of Ancestral Traits. (Corr.) 123
Cadalso, A. Ruiz. Savage Superstitions. (Corr.) 123
Campbell, Charles W. Korean Mountains and Mountaineers 229
Cave Dwellings of Men.* W. H. Larrabee 27
Census, Eleventh. (Misc.) 715
Central American Monuments, Age of the. (Misc.) 861
Chapin, Henry Dwight, M. D. The Survival of the Unfit 182
Character, Human, Influence of Natural Surroundings on. (Misc.) 569
Chemical and Geographical Words, Changes in. F. A. Fernald 690
Chemung Geological Formation. (Misc.) 563
Childhood, American, from a Medical Standpoint. II. L. Taylor 721
Children, Scientific Observation of. (Misc.) 278
Chinese Characters and Hieroglyphics. (Misc.) 717
Churchill, Randolph. The Diamond Industry at Kimberley.* 455
Cigars, First, in Paris. (Misc.) 715
Color-vision, Defective, Remedies for. (Misc.) 862
Colors, The, of Water. C. Vogt 246
Common Sense wanted. (Editor's Table) 552
Contagions, Dealing with. (Misc.) 568
Cornwall, Tin Production of. (Misc.) 143
Correction, A. (Corr.) C. Paine 413
Crime, Natural Selection and. E. S. Morse 433
Criminality, Instinctive. (Misc.) 140
Crothers, T. D. Specifics for the Cure of Inebriety 732

Dancing, The Evolution of.* L. J. Vance 739
Davies, N. E. Yorke. Proper Diet for Hot Weather 365
Death-week in Rural Russia. (Misc.) 717
Delaware Indian. The, as an Artist.* C. C. Abbott 586
Dendrites.* S. Meunier 84
Desert Fruit, A. Grant Allen 109
Diamond, Genesis of the. (Corr.) J. F. Lewis 412
"Industry at Kimberley, The.* R. Churchill 455
Diatoms, What are?* E. L. Gregory 200
Diet, Proper, for Hot Weather. N. E. Y. Davies 365
""(Corr.) M. Miles 697
Diphtheria, Distribution of. (Misc.) 277
Disease, Physiology and the Prevention of. J. M. Rice 308
"Down Below People. (Misc.) 280
Du Bois-Reymond, Emil. Science and Fine Art 16
Dust and Fresh Air. T. P. Teale 238

Earthquake, Curious Effects of an. (Misc.) 138
Eddy, William A. Incalculable Accidents 666
Education, The "American Experiment" in. (Editor's Table) 267
Egypt, Agriculture in. (Misc.) 573
Egyptians, Natural Selection among. (Misc.) 715
Electric Light, New. (Misc.) 137
Embroidery by Machinery. (Misc.) 282

Families and Dwellings. C. D. Wright 474
Fernald, Frederik A. Changes in Chemical and Geographical Words 690
Fisheries, British. (Misc.) 286
Flame, Suspended Matter in. (Misc.) 142
Floras, American, Succession of. (Misc.) 429
Fog, Drops of. (Misc.) 139
Folk Lore, Evolution in. D. D. Wells 45
Food-vessels, Aluminum in. (Misc.) 569
Foot, The Prehensile, of East Indians.* F. Regnault 489
Forest Management, Objects of. (Misc.) 566
Fruit, Sulphuring Dried. (Misc.) 574
Funeral Customs in New Guinea. (Misc.) 716
Fungicides, Action of. (Misc.) 712
Fungus-nurseries, Wild Plants as. (Misc.) 572

Galileo Case, The Retreat of Theology in the. A. D. White 145
Galvani, Luigi, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 408
Gardening, Exotic, Development of. (Misc.) 716
Geographical Work of 1891. (Misc.) 860
Geography. A. D. White 446
Geography. A. D. White 577
Geology, Why we should teach. A. S. Packard 73
Glass, Soldering Metals to. (Misc.) 861
Gold-cure, Historical Notes on the. H. C. Bolton 469
Gore, J. Ellard. "New" and Variable Stars 396
Greenland Vegetation, Origin of. (Misc.) 136
Gregory, Emily L. What are Diatoms?* 200
Gutta Percha, Sources of. (Misc.) 284

Halsted, Byron D. Beginnings in Botany 515
""Pestiferous Plants 225
Healing Art, Limitations of the. H. Nothnagel 77
Heck, L. Two Rare Monkeys.* 389
Henderson, C. Hanford. Mica and the Mica Mines 652
Henry, Charles. Odors and the Sense of Smell 682
Herbert, Auberon, and Harold Wager. Bad Air and Bad Health 97
Homes, Some Indian, A Comparative Study of.* R. W. Shufeldt 798
Horses, Many-toed. (Misc.) 427
Hudson, William H. Herbert Spencer and the Synthetic Philosophy 1
Huggins, William, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 260
Huxley, T. H. The Decline of Bibliolatry 594
Hypnotism as a Remedy. (Misc.) 564

Illegitimacy, Ratios of. (Misc.) 570
India-rubber Trees. (Misc.) 143
Indian Beauty, Types of. (Misc.) 863
Indian Trade, Influence of the. (Misc.) 282
Inebriety, Specifics for the Cure of. T. D. Crothers 732
Infectious Diseases: Causation and Immunity. G. M. Sternberg 616
Influenza, Weather and. (Misc.) 564
Intellectual Culture, Means of. (Editor's Table) 124

Janes, Lewis G. The Relation of Biology to Sociology 206
Jardin des Plantes, Origin of the. (Misc.) 713
Jastrow, Joseph. Further Study of Involuntary Movements.* 636

Kanjutis. (Misc.) 284
Kilmer, George L. First Actions of Wounded Soldiers 155
Kindergartens Manual Training Industrial Schools. Mrs. H. M. Plunkett 375
Kingfisher. (Misc.) 286
Kingsley, J. S. The Marine Biological Laboratory* 604
Korean Mountains and Mountaineers. C. W. Campbell 229
Kropotkin, Prince. Recent Science 811

Lake Beaches. (Misc.) 431
"Waters, Temperature of. (Misc.) 427
Land, the Dry, The Waste and Gain of 403
Language and Brain Disease.* H. T. Pershing 775
Larrabee, W. H. Cave Dwellings of Men.* 27
Latitude, Oscillations in. (Misc.) 141
"Secular and Periodic Changes in. (Misc.) 862
Law, The, and the Doctors. (Editor's Table) 267
Leather-making.* G. A. Rich 339
Leaves, Primary Color of. (Misc.) 137
Lewis, Mrs. Julia F. Genesis of the Diamond. (Corr.) 412
Lightning, Curious Accident by. (Misc.) 863
Locusts, Our Destructive. (Misc.) 566
Lung-fish. (Misc.) 567

McMurrich, J. Playfair. More about the Penikese School. (Corr.) 412
McRae, Charles. Michael Servetus: Reformer, Physiologist, and Martyr 519
Magnifying Glasses in Antiquity. (Misc.) 716
Man, The Animal View of 256
Marine Biological Laboratory, The.* J. S. Kingsley 604
Masrium, The New Element. (Misc.) 861
Meteoric Iron. (Misc.) 140
Meteorological Discovery, A Chapter in. J. C. Adams 787
Meteorological Poet. (Misc.) 285
Meteorology Five Centuries ago. (Misc.) 138
Meunier, Stanislas. Dendrites.* 84
Mica and the Mica Mines. C. H. Henderson 652
Miles, Manly. Energy as a Factor in Agriculture 87
"Proper Diet for Hot Weather. (Corr.) 697
Mind, Pace of. (Misc.) 279
Minerals and Fossils, Preservation of. (Misc.) 565
Monkeys, Two Rare.* L. Heck 389
Moral Endeavor. (Editor's Table) 700
Morgan, Appleton. The Protection of Brakemen. (Corr.) 698
""Wanted a Railway Court of Last Resort 212
Morse, Edward S. Natural Selection and Crime 433
Mortality and Morbidity by Professions. (Misc.) 139
Mosquitoes, Kerosene as a Preventive of. (Misc.) 863
Motherhood. (Editor's Table) 413
Movements, Involuntary, Further Study of.* J. Jastrow 636
Mud as a Building Material.* W. Simpson 762
Muir Glacier, Alaska. (Misc.) 711
Museums, Purposes and Arrangement of. (Misc.) 281
Musical Instruments, Saxon. (Misc.) 859
Mustagh Glaciers, Scenery of the. (Misc.) 563

Newberry, John S. The Ancient Civilizations of America 187
Nothnagel, Herrmann. The Limitations of the Healing Art 77

Obituary Notes. Andrew Crombie Ramsay, J. W. Ewald, Henry W. Bates, Wilhelm Junker, William Guy Peck, John Francis Williams, Sereno Watson 144
Charles Meymott Tidy 288
Hermann Franz Moritz Kopp 432
August Wilhelm Hoffmann, Henri Duveyrier 576
Ernest A. B. Mouchez, Hermann Burmeister 720
Olives and Olive Oil. (Misc.) 278
Overwork, Concerning. (Misc.) 573
Owl, Ways of the.* F. Bolles 313
Oxygen by the Brin Process. (Misc.) 718

Packard, Alpheus S. Why we should teach Geology 73
Paine, Charles. A Correction. (Corr.) 413
Parapee Palm. (Misc.) 565
Penikese School, More about the. (Corr.) J. P. McMurrich 412
Pershing, Howell T. Language and Brain Disease* 775
Philpott, Henry J. Almond Culture in California 328
Photography in Colors. (Misc.) 569
Physiology of Over-exertion. (Misc.) 574
Plants, Pestiferous. B. D. Halsted 225
Plunkett, Mrs. H. M. Kindergartens Manual Training Industrial Schools 375
Political Progress. (Editor's Table) 698
Population, The Native and Foreign-born. C. D. Wright 756
Positivism in France. (Editor's Table) 701
Potato Disease, Treatment of. (Misc.) 568
"Pulp, Roasted. (Misc.) 859
Prehistoric Lapidaries, Skill of. (Misc.) 572
Psychology, Experimental, at the World's Fair. (Misc.) 561
Puma, The. (Misc.) 282
Pyburn, George. Flowering Habit of the American Aloe. (Corr.) 413

Quail, Destruction of, and the Plague of Locusts. (Misc.) 719

Railway Court of Last Resort, Wanted a. A. Morgan 212
Rain-drops, Size and Shape of. (Misc.) 860
Regnault, F. The Prehensile Foot of East Indians* 489
Reno, Conrad. The Wage-contract and Personal Liberty* 644
Rice, J. M., M. D. Physiology and the Prevention of Disease 308
Rich, George A. Leather-making* 339
"""Manufacture of Boots and Shoes* 496
Riley, C. V. The Yucca Moth and Yucca Pollination* 171
Rochard, Jules. Tobacco and the Tobacco Habit 670
Rochester, N. Y., Scientific Work of. (Misc.) 858
Royal Society, The; or, Scientific Visionaries of the Seventeenth Century. M. D. Steele 531

Sargasso Sea, The. (Misc.) 862
Scenery, Historical and Interesting, Preservation of. (Misc.) 429
Schools, Boston Public, Moral, Manual, and Science Training in the. (Misc.) 711
"of New York State. (Misc.) 562
Science and Fine Art. E. Du Bois-Reymond 16
"Recent. Prince Kropotkin 811
"Teaching in Preparatory Schools. (Misc.) 571
"The Claims of. (Editor's Table) 844
Sea-coast Land, Destiny of. (Misc.) 279
Seeds, Fine Flower, Propagation of. (Misc.) 568
Sense of Smell, Odors and the. C. Henry 682
Servetus, Michael: Reformer, Physiologist, and Martyr. C. McRae 519
Shufeldt, R. W. A Comparative Study of some Indian Homes* 798
Shuswap Traits. (Misc.) 712
Silk-weaving Centers, French. (Misc.) 283
"Silver Thaw." (Misc.) 565
Simpson, W. Mud as a Building Material* 762
Slave Trade, Reason of the. (Misc.) 430
Snails of Mountain and Plain. (Misc.) 860
Snow Effects in the Pamirs. (Misc.) 280
Social Economy, State Intervention in. A. Leroy Beaulieu 463
Sociology, The Relation of Biology to. L. G. Janes 206
Species, Extermination of. (Misc.) 572
Spencer, Herbert. Veracity 482
"and the Synthetic Philosophy. W. H. Hudson 1
Spring Two Hundred Years ago and now. (Misc.) 574
Star Spectra, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 430
Starr, Frederick. Anthropological Work in America* 289
Starr, Frederick. Anthropological Work in Europe* 54
Stars, "New" and Variable. J. E. Gore 396
Steele, Miss Mary Davies. The Royal Society; or, Scientific Visionaries of the Seventeenth Century 531
Sternberg, George M., M. D. Infectious Diseases: Causation and Immunity 616
Stone Age, New, in Iceland. (Misc.) 718
Superstitions, Savage. (Corr.) A. R. Cadalso 123
Survival of Ancestral Traits. (Corr.) L. H. C 123
"The, of the Unfit II. D. Chapin 182
Swedish Wood and Iron. (Misc.) 141

Taylor, Henry Ling. American Childhood from a Medical Standpoint 721
Tea Plant. American. (Misc.) 426
Teale, T. Pridgin. Dust and Fresh Air 238
Technical School at St. Etienne, France. (Misc.) 281
Testimony, Human, Value of. (Misc.) 428
Theology, Progressive. (Editor's Table) 551
Timber-testing. (Misc.) 429
Title-pages, Early. (Misc.) 137
Trees and Extreme Temperatures. (Misc.) 714
"Venerable. (Misc.) 138
Typhoid Fever and Sewage in Drinking-water. (Misc.) 574

Vance, Lee J. The Evolution of Dancing* 739
Veracity. H. Spencer 482
Vlachs of Turkey. (Misc.) 142
Vogt, Carl. The Colors of Water 246
Volta, Alessandro, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 117

Wage-contract, The, and Personal Liberty. C. Reno 644
Wager, Harold, and Auberon Herbert. Bad Air and Bad Health 97
Warming and Ventilation of Dwellings* 831
Watch-making, Swiss. (Misc.) 283
Weeds, Eastern and Western. (Misc.) 563
Wells, David Dwight. Evolution in Folk Lore 45
Wheat-raising, Possibilities of. (Misc.) 277
Wheelbarrow, Antiquity of the. (Misc.) 714
White, Andre Dickson. From Magic to Chemistry and Physics
"""Geography 446
"""Geography 577
"""The Retreat of Theology in the Galileo Case 145
Winchell, Alexander, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 837
Wounded Soldiers, First Actions of. G. L. Kilmer 155
Wright, Carroll D. Families and Dwellings 474
"""The Native and Foreign-born Population 756

Yucca Moth, The, and Yucca Pollination.* C. V. Riley 171

Zebra's Stripes. (Misc.) 567