Bible (Wycliffe)/1 Paralipomenon

43431Wycliffe's Bible — 1 Paralipomenon

Chapter 1 edit

1 Adam gendride Seth; Enos,

2 Chaynan, Malaleel, Jared,

3 Enoch, Matussale, Lameth;

4 Noe gendride Sem, Cham, and Japhet.

5 The sones of Japhat weren Gomer, Magog, Magdai, and Jauan, Tubal, Mosoch, and Tiras.

6 Forsothe the sones of Gomer weren Asceneth, and Riphat, and Thogorma.

7 Sotheli the sones of Jauan weren Helisa, and Tharsis, Cethym, and Dodanym.

8 The sones of Cham weren Chus, and Mesraym, Phuth, and Chanaan.

9 Sotheli the sones of Chus weren Saba, and Euila, Sabatha, and Regma, and Sabathaca. Forsothe the sones of Regma weren Saba, and Dadan.

10 Sotheli Chus gendride Nemroth; this Nemroth bigan to be myyti in erthe.

11 Forsothe Mesraym gendride Ludym, and Ananyn, and Labaym,

12 and Neptoym, and Phetrusym, and Casluym, of whiche the Philisteis and Capthureis yeden out.

13 Sotheli Chanaan gendride Sidon his first gendrid sone,

14 and Ethei, and Jebusei, and Ammorrei, and Gergesei,

15 and Euei, and Arachei, and Synei,

16 and Aradye, and Samathei, and Emathei.

17 The sones of Sem weren Elam, and Assur, and Arphaxat, and Luth, and Aram. Forsothe the sones of Aram weren Hus, and Hul, and Gothor, and Mosoch.

18 Forsothe Arphaxat gendride Sale; which hym silf gendride Heber.

19 Sotheli to Heber weren borun twei sones; name of oon was Phaleg, for the lond was departid in hise daies; and the name of his brother was Jectan.

20 Forsothe Jectan gendride Elmodad, and Salech, and Aselmod,

21 and Jare, and Adoram, and Vzal,

22 and Deda, Hebal, and Ameth, and Abymael,

23 and Saba, also and Ophir, and Euila, and Jobab; alle these weren the sones of Jectan.

24 Sem, Arphaxat, Sale,

25 Heber, Phalech, Ragau,

26 Seruth, Nachor, Thare, Abram;

27 forsothe this is Abraham.

28 The sones of Abraham weren Isaac and Ismael.

29 And these the generaciouns of hem; the firste gendrid of Ismael Nabioth, and Cedar, and Abdahel, and Mapsam,

30 and Masma, and Duma, and Massa, Adad, and Themar, Jahur, Naphis, Cedma;

31 these ben the sones of Ismael.

32 Forsothe the sones of Cethure, secoundarie wijf of Abraham, whiche sche gendride, weren Zamram, Jersan, Madan, Madian, Jelboe, Sue. Sotheli the sones of Jersan weren Saba, and Dadan. Forsothe the sones of Dadan weren Assurym, and Latusym, and Laomym.

33 Sotheli the sones of Madian weren Epha, Ethei, and Enoch, and Abdia, and Heldaa. Alle these weren the sones of Cethure.

34 Forsothe Abraham gendride Isaac; whose sones weren Esau and Israel.

35 The sones of Esau weren Eliphat, Rahuel, Semyaus, and Elam, and Chore.

36 The sones of Eliphath weren Theman, Omer, Sephi, Gethem, Genez, Cenez, Thanna, Amalech.

37 The sones of Rahuel weren Naab, Gazara, Samma, Masa.

38 The sones of Seir weren Lothan, Sobal, Sebeon, Ana, Dison, Eser, Disan.

39 The sones of Lothan weren Horry, Huma; sotheli the sistir of Lothan was Thanna.

40 The sones of Sobal weren Alian, and Manaath, and Ebal, and Sephi, and Onam. The sones of Sebeon weren Ana, and Anna. The sone of Ana was Dison.

41 The sones of Dison weren Amaram, and Hesabam, and Lecram, and Caram.

42 The sones of Eser weren Balaam, and Jaban, and Jesan. The sones of Disan weren Hus and Aram.

43 These ben the kyngis that regneden in the lond of Edom, bifor that a kyng was on the sones of Israel. Bale, the sone of Beor; and the name of his citee was Danaba.

44 Sotheli Bale was deed; and Jobab, sone of Zare of Basra, regnyde for hym.

45 And whanne Jobab was deed, Husam of the lond of Themayns regnede for hym.

46 And Husam diede; and Adad, sone of Badad, that smoot Madian in the lond of Moab, regnyde for hym; and the name of the citee of `hym, that is, of Adad, was Abyud.

47 And whanne Adad was deed, Semela of Maserecha, regnede for hym.

48 But also Semela was deed, and Saul of Robooth, which is set bisidis the ryuer, regnyde for hym.

49 Also whanne Saul was deed, Balanam, the sone of Achabor, regnyde for him.

50 But also he was deed, and Adad, the name of whos citee was Phou, regnede for hym; and his wijf was clepid Methesael, the douyter of Mathred, douyter of Mezaab.

51 Forsothe whanne Adad was deed, dukis bigunnen to be in Edom for kyngis; duyk Thanna, duyk Alia, duyk Jetheth,

52 duyk Olibama, duyk Ela, duyk Phynon,

53 duik Ceneth, duyk Theman, duyk Mabsar,

54 duyk Magdiel, duyk Iram. These weren the duykis of Edom.

Chapter 2 edit

1 Forsothe the sones of Israel weren Ruben, Symeon, Leuy, Juda, Isachar, and Zabulon,

2 Dan, Joseph, Beniamyn, Neptalym, Gad, Aser.

3 The sones of Juda weren Her, Onam, Sela; these thre weren borun to hym of Sue, a douyter of Canaan. Sotheli Her, the first gendrid sone of Juda, was yuel bifor the Lord, and he killide hym.

4 Forsothe Thamar, wijf of the sone of Judas, childide to hym Phares, and Zaram; therfor alle the sones of Judas weren fyue.

5 Sotheli the sones of Phares weren Esrom, and Chamul.

6 And the sones of Zare weren Zamry, and Ethen, and Eman, and Calchab, and Dardan; fyue togidere.

7 The sone of Charmy was Achar, that disturblide Israel, and synnede in the theft of thing halewid to the Lord.

8 The sone of Ethan was Azarie.

9 Sotheli the sones of Esrom, that weren borun to hym, weren Jeramael, and Aram, and Calubi.

10 Forsothe Aram gendryde Amynadab. Sotheli Amynadab gendride Naason, the prince of the sones of Juda.

11 And Naason gendride Salmon; of which Salmon Booz was borun.

12 Sotheli Booz gendride Obeth; which hym silf gendride Ysay.

13 Forsothe Ysai gendride the firste gendride sone, Elyab, the secounde, Amynadab; the thridde, Samaa;

14 the fourthe, Nathanael;

15 the fyuethe, Sadai; the sixte, Asom;

16 the seuenthe, Dauyd; whose sistris weren Saruya, and Abigail. The sones of Saruye weren thre, Abisai, Joab, and Asahel.

17 Forsothe Abigail childide Amasa, whos fadir was Gether Hismaelite.

18 Sotheli Caleph, sone of Esrom, took a wijf, Azuba bi name, of whom he gendride Jerioth; and hise sones weren Jesar, and Sobab, and Ardon.

19 And whanne Azuba was deed, Caleph took a wijf Effrata, whiche childide Hur to hym.

20 Forsothe Hur gendride Hury; Hury gendride Beseleel.

21 After these thingis Esrom entride to the douytir of Machir, fadir of Galaad, and he took hir, whanne he was of sixti yeer; and sche childide Segub to hym.

22 But also Segub gendride Jair; and he hadde in possessioun thre and twenti citees in the lond of Galaad;

23 and he took Gessur, and Aran, the citees of Jair, and Chanath, and the townes therof of seuenti citees. Alle these weren the sones of Machir, fadir of Galaad.

24 Sotheli whanne Esrom was deed, Caleph entride in to Effrata. And Esrom hadde a wijf Abia, which childide to hym Assir, fadir of Thecue.

25 Forsothe sones weren borun of Jezrameel, the firste gendrid of Esrom; Ram, the first gendrid of hym, and Aran, and Ason, and Achia.

26 Also Jezrameel weddide anothir wijf, Athara bi name, that was the modir of Onam.

27 But and the sones of Ram, the firste gendrid of Jezrameel, weren Mohas, and Jamyn, and Achaz.

28 Forsothe Onam gendride sones, Semey, and Juda. Sotheli the sones of Semei weren Nadab, and Abisur;

29 forsothe the name of the wijf of Abisur was Abigail, that childide to hym Haaobban, and Molid.

30 Sotheli the sones of Nadab weren Saled and Apphaym; forsothe Saled diede without children.

31 Sotheli the sone of Apphaym was Jesi, which Jesi gendride Sesan; sotheli Sesan gendride Oholi.

32 Forsothe the sones of Jada, brother of Semei, weren Jether and Jonathan; but Jether diede with out sones; treuli Jonathan gendride Phalech,

33 and Ziza. These ben the sones of Jerameel.

34 Forsothe Sesan hadde not sones, but douytris, and a seruaunt of Egipt, Jeraa bi name;

35 and he yaf his douyter to wijf to Jeraa, whiche childide Ethei to hym.

36 Forsothe Ethei gendride Nathan, and Nathan gendride Zadab.

37 Also Zadab gendride Ophial, and Ophial gendride Obed.

38 Obed gendride Yeu, Yeu gendride Azarie,

39 Azarie gendride Helles, Helles gendride Elasa,

40 Elasa gendride Sesamoy, Sesamoy gendride Sellum,

41 Sellum gendride Jecamya, Jecamia gendride Elisama.

42 Forsothe the sones of Caleph, brothir of Jerameel, weren Mosa, the firste gendrid sone of hym; thilke is the fadir of Ziph; and the sones of Maresa, the fadir of Hebron.

43 Certis the sones of Ebron weren Chore, and Raphu, Recem, and Samma.

44 Forsothe Samma gendride Raam, the fadir of Jerechaam; and Recem gendride Semei.

45 The sone of Semei was Maon; and Maon was the fadir of Bethsur.

46 Sotheli Epha, the secundarie wijf of Caleph, childide Aram, and Musa, and Theser; forsothe Aram gendride Jezen.

47 The sones of Jadai weren Regon, and Jethon, and Zesum, Phalez, and Epha, and Saaph.

48 Matha, the secoundarie wijf of Caleph, childide Zaber, and Tharana.

49 Forsothe Saaph, the fadir of Madmenas, gendride Sue, the fadir of Magbena, and the fader of Gabaa; sotheli the douyter of Caleph was Axa.

50 These weren the sones of Caleph. The sones of Hur, the firste gendrid sone of Effrata, weren Sobal, the fader of Cariathiarim;

51 Salma, the fader of Bethleem; Ariph, the fader of Bethgader.

52 Sotheli the sones of Sobal, fader of Cariatiarim, that siy the myddil of restingis,

53 and was of the kynrede of Caryathiarym, weren Jethrey, and Aphutei, and Samathei, and Maserathei. Of these weren borun Sarytis, and Eschaolitis.

54 The sones of Salma, fadir of Bethleem, and of Netophati, weren the corouns of the hows of Joab, and the half of restyng of Sarai.

55 And the kynredis of scryuens, dwellynge in Jabes, syngynge, and sownynge, and dwellynge in tabernaclis. These ben Cyneis, that camen of the heete of the fadir of the hows of Rechab.

Chapter 3 edit

1 Forsothe Dauid hadde these sones, that weren borun to hym in Ebron; the firste gendrid sone, Amon, of Achynoem of Jezrael; the secounde sone, Danyel, of Abigail of Carmele;

2 the thridde, Absolon, the sone of Maacha, douyter of Tolomei, kyng of Gessuri; the fourthe, Adonye, sone of Agith;

3 the fyuethe, Saphacie, of Abithal; the sixte, Jethraan, of Egla his wijf.

4 Therfor sixe sones weren borun to hym in Ebron, where he regnede seuene yeer and sixe monethis; sotheli he regnyde thre and thritti yeer in Jerusalem.

5 Forsothe foure sones, Sama, and Sobab, and Nathan, and Salomon, weren borun of Bersabee, the douyter of Amyhel, to hym in Jerusalem;

6 also Jabaar, and Elisama, and Eliphalech,

7 and Noge, and Napheth, and Japhie,

8 also and Elisama, and Eliade, and Eliphalech, nyne.

9 Alle these weren the sones of David, with out the sones of secoundarie wyues; and thei hadden a sistir, Thamar.

10 Sotheli the sone of Salomon was Roboam, whos sone Abia gendride Asa;

11 and Josephat, the fadir of Joram, was borun of this Asa; which Joram gendride Ocozie, of whom Joas was borun.

12 And Amasie, the sone of this Joas, gendride Azarie; sotheli Azarie, the sone of Joathan,

13 gendride Achaz, the fadir of Ezechie; of whom Manasses was borun.

14 But also Manasses gendride Amon, the fadir of Josias.

15 Forsothe the sones of Josias weren, the firste gendrid sone, Johannan; the secounde, Joachym; the thridde, Sedechie; the fourthe, Sellum.

16 Of Joachym was borun Jechonye, and Sedechie.

17 The sones of Jechonye weren Asir,

18 Salatiel, Melchiram, Phadaie, Sennaser, and Jech, Semma, Sama, and Nadabia.

19 Of Phadaie weren borun Zorobabel, and Semey. Zorobabel gendryde Mosolla, Ananye, and Salomyth, the sister of hem; and Asaba,

20 and Ochol, and Barachie, and Asadaie, and Josabesed, fyue.

21 Forsothe the sone of Ananye was Falcias, the fadir of Jeseie, whose sone was Raphaie. And the sone of him was Arnan, of whom was borun Abdia, whos sone was Sechema.

22 The sone of Sechema was Semeia, whose sones weren Archus, and Gegal, and Baaria, and Naaria, and Saphat, and Sela; sixe in noumbre.

23 The sones of Naaria weren thre, Helionai, and Ezechie, and Zichram.

24 The sones of Helionai weren seuene, Odyna, and Eliasub, and Pheleia, and Accub, and Johannan, and Dalaia, and Anani.

Chapter 4 edit

1 The sones of Juda weren Phares, and Esrom, and Carmy, and Hur, and Sobal.

2 Forsothe Reaia, the sone of Sobal, gendride Geth; of whom weren borun Achymai, and Laed. These weren the kynredis of Sarathi.

3 And this is the generacioun of Ethan; Jesrael, Jezema, and Jedebos; and the name of the sistir of hem was Asaelphumy.

4 Sotheli Phunyel was the fadir of Gedor, and Ezer was the fadir of Osa; these ben the sones of Hur, the firste gendrid sone of Effrata, the fadir of Bethleem.

5 Sotheli Assur, the fadir of Thecue, hadde twei wyues, Haala, and Naara;

6 forsothe Naara childide to hym Oozam, and Epher, and Theman, and Aschari; these ben the sones of Naara.

7 Forsothe the sones of Haala weren Sereth, Isaar, and Ethan.

8 Forsothe Chus gendride Anob, and Sobala, and the kynredis of Arab, sone of Arym.

9 Forsothe Jabes was noble byfor alle hise britheren; and his modir clepide his name Jabes, and seide, For Y childide hym in sorewe.

10 Sotheli Jabes clepide inwardli God of Israel, and seide, Yf thou blessynge schal blesse me, and schalt alarge my termes, and if thin hond schal be with me, and thou schalt make me to be not oppressid of malice. And God yaf to hym that thing, that he preiede.

11 Forsothe Caleph, the brother of Sua, gendride Machir, that was the fadir of Eston;

12 sotheli Eston gendride Beth, Rapha, and Phese, and Thena, the fadir of the citee Naas. These ben the sones of Recha.

13 Forsothe the sones of Cenez weren Othonyel, and Saraia.

14 Sotheli the sones of Othonyel weren Athiath, and Maonaththa, that gendride Opham. Forsothe Saraia gendride Joab, the fadir of the valey of crafti men; for there weren crafti men.

15 Sotheli the sones of Caleph, sone of Jephone, weren Hyn, and Helam, and Nahemi. And the sones of Helam weren Cenez.

16 Also the sones of Jaleel weren Zeph, and Zipha, Tiria, and Asrael.

17 And the sones of Esra weren Chether, and Merid, and Epher, and Jalon; and he gendride Marie, and Semmai, and Jesba, the fadir of Eschamo.

18 Also Judaia, hys wijf, childide Jared, the fadir of Gedor; and Heber, the fadir of Zocho; and Hieutihel, the fadir of Janon. Sotheli these weren the sones of Bethie, the douyter of Pharao, whom Mered took to wijf.

19 And the sones of the wijf of Odoie, sister of Nathan, fadir of Ceila, weren Garmy, and Escamo, that was of Machati.

20 Also the sones of Symeon weren Amon and Rena; the sone of Anam was Chilon; and the sones of Gesi weren Zoeth, and Benzoeth.

21 The sones of Cela, sone of Juda, weren Her, the fadir of Lecha, and Laada, the fadir of Marasa; and these weren the kynredis of the hows of men worchynge biys in the hows of an ooth,

22 and which made the sunne to stonde, and the men of leesyng, sikir, and goynge, that weren princes in Moab, and that turneden ayen in to Bethleem; forsothe these ben elde wordis.

23 These ben potteris dwellinge in plauntyngis, and in heggis, anentis kyngis in her werkis; and thei dwelliden there.

24 The sones of Symeon weren Namyhel, and Jamyn, Jarib, Zara, Saul.

25 Sellum was his sone; Mapsan was his sone; Masma was his sone.

26 The sones of Masma; Amuel, his sone; and Zaccur, his sone; Semey, his sone.

27 The sones of Semey weren sixtene, and sixe douytris; sotheli hise britheren hadden not many sones, and al the kynrede myyte not be euene to the summe of the sones of Juda.

28 Forsothe thei dwelliden in Bersabee, and in Molada, and in Asarsual,

29 and in Balaa, and in Aason, and in Tholat,

30 and in Bathuel, and in Horma,

31 and in Sicheloch, and in Betmarchaboth, and in Archasusym, and in Bethbaray, and in Saarym; these weren the citees of hem, `til to the kyng Dauid.

32 Also the townes of hem weren Ethan, and Aen, and Remmon, and Techen, and Asan; fyue citees.

33 And alle the vilagis of hem bi the cumpas of these citees, `til to Baal; this is the dwellyng of hem, and the departyng of seetis.

34 Also Mosobaly, and Jemlech, and Josa, the sone of Amasie,

35 and Johel, and Jehu, the sone of Josabie, and the sones of Saraie, the sones of Asiel,

36 and Helioneai, and Jacoba, and Sucua, and Asaia, and Adihel, and Hisemeel, and Banaia;

37 and Ziza, the sone of Sephei, the sone of Allon, sone of Abdaia, sone of Semry, sone of Samaia.

38 These ben princis nemyd in her kynredis, and ben multiplied greetli in the hows of her alies.

39 And thei yeden forth to entre in to Gador, `til to the eest of the valei, and to seke pasturis to her scheep.

40 And thei fonden pasturis ful plenteuouse, and ful goode, and a ful large lond, and restful, and plenteuouse, wherynne men of the generacioun of Cham hadden dwellid bifore.

41 Therfor these men, whiche we discryueden bifore `bi name, camen in the daies of Ezechie, kyng of Juda; and smytiden the tabernaclis of hem, and the dwelleris that weren foundun there; and thei `diden awei hem `til in to present dai; and thei dwelliden for hem, for thei founden there ful plenteuouse pasturis.

42 Also fyue hundrid men of the sones of Symeon yeden in to the hil of Seir, and thei hadden princes Faltias, and Narias, and Raphaias, and Oziel, the sones of Jesi;

43 and thei smytiden the relifs of Amalechites, that myyten ascape; and thei dwelliden there for hem `til to this day.

Chapter 5 edit

1 Also the sones of Ruben, the firste gendrid sone of Israel; for he was the first gendrid sone of Israel, but whanne he hadde defoulid the bed of his fadir, the dignitye of his firste gendryng was youun to the sones of Joseph, the sone of Israel; and Ruben was not arettid in to the firste gendrid sone.

2 Forsothe Judas, that was the strongeste among hise britheren, prynces weren gaderid of his generacioun; forsothe the `riyt of firste gendryng was arettid to Joseph.

3 Therfor the sones of Ruben, the firste gendrid sone of Israel, weren Enoch, and Phallu, Esrom, and Charmy.

4 The sones of Johel weren Samaie; his sone, Gog; his sone, Semey;

5 his sone, Mycha; his sone, Rema; his sone, Baal;

6 his sone, Bera; whom Theglatphalassar, kyng of Assyriens, ledde prisoner; and he was prince in the lynage of Ruben.

7 Sotheli hise britheren, and al the kynrede, whanne thei weren noumbrid bi her meynees, hadden princes Jehiel, and Zacharie.

8 Forsothe Bala, the sone of Achaz, sone of Sama, sone of Johel, he dwellide in Aroer til to Nebo and Beelmoon;

9 and he dwellide ayens the eest coost, til to the ende of deseert, `and to the flood Eufrates. And he hadde in possessioun myche noumbre of beestis in the lond of Galaad.

10 Forsothe in the daies of Saul the sones of Ruben fouyten ayens Agarenus, and killide hem; and dwelliden for hem in the tabernaclis of hem, in al the coost that biholdith to the eest of Galaad.

11 Sotheli the sones of Gad euene ayens hem dwelliden in the lond of Basan til to Selca;

12 Johel was in the bygynnyng, and Saphan was the secounde; also Janahi and Saphan weren in Basan.

13 Also her britheren bi the housis of her kynredis, Mychael, and Mosollam, and Sebe, and Jore, and Jachan, and Zie, and Heber, seuene.

14 These weren the sones of Abiahel, the sone of Vry, sone of Jaro, sone of Galaad, sone of Mychael, sone of Esesi, sone of Jeddo, sone of Buz.

15 Also the britheren of the sone of Abdiel, sone of Gumy, was prince of the hows in hise meynees.

16 And thei dwelliden in Galaad, and in Basan, and in the townes therof, in alle the subarbis of Arnon, til to the endis.

17 Alle these weren noumbrid in the daies of Joathan, kyng of Juda, and in the daies of Jeroboam, kyng of Israel.

18 The sones of Ruben, and of Gad, and of half the lynage of Manasses, weren men werriours, berynge scheeldis and swerdis, and beendynge bouwe, and tauyt to batels, foure and fourti thousynde seuene hundrid and sixti,

19 and thei yeden forth to batel, and fouyten ayens Agarenus. Forsothe Ethureis, and Napheis,

20 and Nadab, yauen help to hem; and Agarenus, and alle men that weren with hem, weren bitakun in to the hondis of Ruben, and Gad, and Manasses; for thei clepiden inwardli the Lord, while thei fouyten, and the Lord herde hem, for thei `hadden bileuyd in to him.

21 And thei token alle thingis whiche Agarenus hadden in possessioun, fifti thousynde of camels, and twei hundrid and fifty thousynde of scheep, twei thousynde of assis, and an hundrid thousynde persoones of men;

22 for many men weren woundid and felden doun; for it was the batel of the Lord. And thei dwelliden for Agarenus til to the conquest.

23 Also the sones of the half lynage of Manasses hadden in possessioun the lond, fro the endis of Basan til to Baal Hermon, and Sanyr, and the hil of Hermon; for it was a greet noumbre.

24 And these weren the princes of the hows of her kynrede; Epher, and Jesi, and Heliel, and Esryel, and Jeremye, and Odoie, and Jedihel, strongeste men and myyti, and nemyd duykis in her meynees.

25 Forsothe thei forsoken the God of her fadris, and diden fornycacioun after the goddis of puplis of the lond, whiche the Lord took awei bifor hem.

26 And the Lord God of Israel reiside the spirit of Phul, kyng of Assiriens, and the spirit of Theglatphalasser, kyng of Assur; and he translatide Ruben, and Gad, and the half lynage of Manasses, and brouyte hem in to Ale, and Abor, and Aram, and in to the ryuer of Gozam, til to this dai.

Chapter 6 edit

1 The sones of Leuy weren Gerson, Caath, and Merary.

2 The sones of Chaath weren Amram, Isaar, Ebron, and Oziel.

3 The sones of Amram weren Aaron, Moyses, and Marie. The sones of Aaron weren Nadab,

4 and Abyu, Eleazar, and Ythamar. Eleazar gendride Phynees, and Phynees gendride Abisue,

5 Abisue gendride Bocci, and Bocci gendride Ozi,

6 Ozi gendride Zaraie, and Zaraie gendride Meraioth.

7 Forsothe Meraioth gendride Amarie, Amarie gendride Achitob,

8 Achitob gendride Sadoch, Sadoch gendride Achymaas, Achymaas gendride Azarie,

9 Azarie gendride Johannam,

10 Johannam gendride Azarie; he it is that was set in preesthod, in the hows which Salomon bildide in Jerusalem.

11 Forsothe Azarie gendride Amarye, and Amarie gendride Achitob,

12 Achitob gendride Sadoch, Sadoch gendride Sellum,

13 Sellum gendride Helchie,

14 Helchie gendride Azarie, Azarie gendride Saraie, Saraie gendride Josedech.

15 Forsothe Josedech yede out, whanne the Lord translatide Juda and Jerusalem bi the hondis of Nabugodonosor kyng.

16 Therfor the sones of Leuy weren Gerson, Caath, and Merary.

17 And these weren the names of the sones of Gerson; Lobeni, and Semei.

18 The sones of Caath weren Amram, and Isaar, and Ebron, and Oziel.

19 The sones of Merari weren Moli, and Musi. Sotheli these weren the kynredis of Leuy bi the meynees of hem;

20 Gerson; Lobony, his sone; Jaath, his sone; Zama, his sone;

21 Joaith, his sone; Addo, his sone; Zara, his sone; Jethrai, his sone.

22 The sones of Caath; Amynadab, his sone; Chore, his sone;

23 Azyra, his sone; Helcana, his sone; Abiasaph, his sone;

24 Aser, his sone; Caath, his sone; Vriel, his sone; Azias, his sone; Saul, his sone.

25 The sones of Helchana weren Amasay, and Achymoth, and Helcana.

26 The sones of Helcana; Saphay, his sone;

27 Naath, his sone; Heliab, his sone; Heroam, his sone; Helcana, his sone.

28 The sones of Samuel; the firste gendrid Nasen, and Abia.

29 Sotheli the sones of Merari; Moli, his sone; Lobeny, his sone; Semey, his sone;

30 Oza, his sone; Sama, his sone; Aggias, his sone; Azaya, his sone;

31 These it ben whiche Dauid ordeynede on the syngeris of the hows of the Lord, sithen the arke of the Lord was set;

32 and thei mynystriden bifor the tabernacle of witnessyng, and sungun, til Salomon bildide the hows of the Lord in Jerusalem; forsothe thei stoden bi her ordre in seruyce.

33 Sotheli thes it ben that stoden nyy with her sones. Of the sones of Caath; Heman the chauntor, the sone of Joel, sone of Samuel,

34 sone of Helcana, sone of Joroam, sone of Heliel,

35 sone of Thou, sone of Suph,

36 sone of Helcana, sone of Mabath, sone of Amasi, sone of Helcana, sone of Joel, sone of Azarie, sone of Sophonye, sone of Caath,

37 sone of Asyr, sone of Abiasaph,

38 sone of Chore, sone of Isaar, sone of Caath, sone of Leuy, sone of Israel.

39 And hise britheren; Asaph, that stood at the riythalf of hym, Asaph, the sone of Barachie,

40 sone of Samaa, sone of Mychael, sone of Basye, sone of Melchie, sone of Atthay,

41 sone of Zara, sone of Adala,

42 sone of Edan, sone of Zama, sone of Semey,

43 sone of Geth, sone of Gerson, sone of Leuy.

44 Forsothe the sones of Merary, the britheren of hem, weren at the leftside; Ethan, the sone of Chusi, sone of Abdi, sone of Moloch, sone of Asabie,

45 sone of Amasie, sone of Helchie,

46 sone of Amasay, sone of Bonny, sone of Soomer,

47 sone of Moli, sone of Musi, sone of Merarie, sone of Leuy.

48 And dekenes, the britheren of hem, that weren ordeyned in to al the seruyce of the tabernacle of the hows of the Lord.

49 Forsothe Aaron and hise sones brenten encense on the auter of brent sacrifices, and on the auter of encense, in to al the werk `of the hooli of hooli thingis; and that thei schulden preie for Israel, by alle thingis whiche Moises, the seruaunt of God, comaundide.

50 Sotheli these ben the sones of Aaron; Eleazar, his sone; Phynes, his sone;

51 Abisue, his sone; Bocci, his sone; Ogzi, his sone; Zara, his sone; Meraioth, his sone;

52 Amarias, his sone; Achitob, his sone;

53 Sadoch, his sone; Achimaas, his sone.

54 And these weren the dwelling places, bi the townes and coostis of hem, that is, of the sones of Aaron, bi the kynredis of Caathitis; for tho bifelden to hem bi lot.

55 Therfor the children of Israel yauen to hem Ebron in the lond of Juda, and the subarbis therof bi cumpas;

56 sotheli thei yauen the feeldis and townes of the citees to Caleph, sone of Jephone.

57 Forsothe thei yauen citees to the sones of Aaron, Ebron to refuyt; and thei yauen Lobna,

58 with hise subarbis, and Jether, and Escamo, with her subarbis, but also Helon, and Dabir, with her subarbis; also thei yauen Asan,

59 and Bethsames, and the subarbis of tho.

60 Sotheli of the lynage of Beniamyn thei yauen Gabee, and the subarbis therof, and Alamach with hise subarbis, Anathot also with hise subarbis; alle the citees weren threttene with her subarbis, bi the kynredis of hem.

61 Forsothe to the sones of Caath, residues of her kynrede, thei yauen of the half lynage of Manasses ten citees `in to possessioun.

62 Sotheli to the sones of Gerson bi her kynredis thei yauen fourtene citees in Basan, of the lynage of Ysacar, and of the lynage of Aser, and of the lynage of Neptalym, and of the lynage of Manasses.

63 Forsothe to the sones of Merary by her kynredis thei yauen bi lottis twelue citees, of the lynage of Ruben, of the lynage of Gad, and of the lynage of Zabulon.

64 And the sones of Israel yauen to dekenes citees and subarbis of tho;

65 and thei yauen bi lot, of the sones of the lynage of Juda, and of the lynage of the sones of Symeon, and of the lynage of the sones of Beniamyn, these citees, which the dekenes clepiden bi her names;

66 and of hem that weren of the kynrede of the sones of Caath, and in the termes of hem weren the citees of the lynage of Effraym.

67 And the sones of Israel yauen to hem citees of refuyt; Sichem with hise subarbis in the hil of Effraym, and Gazer with hise subarbis, also Hicmaan with hise subarbis,

68 and Betheron also.

69 Also of the lynage of Dan thei yauen Ebethe, Gebethor, and Heialan, and Helon, with her subarbis, and Gethremon bi the same maner.

70 Forsothe of the half lynage of Manasses thei yauen Aner, and the subarbis therof, Balaam, and the subarbis therof; that is, to hem that weren residue of the kynrede of the sones of Caath.

71 Sotheli to the sones of Gerson thei yauen of the kynrede of half the lynage of Manasses, Gaulon in Basan, and the subarbis therof, and Astoroth with hise subarbis.

72 Of the lynage of Isachar thei yauen Cedes, and the subarbis therof, and Daberith with hise subarbis; also Samoth,

73 and his subarbis, `and Anem with hise subarbis.

74 Also of the linage of Aser thei yauen Masal with hise subarbis, and Abdon also,

75 and Asach, and the subarbis therof, and Roob with hise subarbis.

76 Sotheli of the lynage of Neptalym thei yauen Cedes in Galilee, and the subarbis therof, Amon with hise subarbis, and Cariathiarym, and subarbis therof.

77 Sotheli to the residue sones of Merary thei yauen of the lynage of Zabulon, Remon, and subarbis therof, and Thabor with hise subarbis.

78 Also biyende Jordan, euene ayens Jerico, ayens the eest of Jordan, thei yauen of the lynage of Ruben, Bosor in the wildirnesse with hise subarbis, and Jasa with hise subarbis,

79 also Cademoth, and hise subarbis, and Myphaat with hise subarbis.

80 Also and of the lynage of Gad thei yauen Ramoth in Galaath, and the subarbis therof, Manaym with hise subarbis,

81 but also Esebon with hise subarbis, and Jezer with hise subarbis.

Chapter 7 edit

1 Forsothe the sones of Isachar weren foure; Thola, and Phua, Jasub, and Sameron.

2 The sones of Thola weren Ozi, and Raphaia, and Jerihel, and Jemay, and Jepsen, and Samuel, princis bi the housis of her kynredis. Of the generacioun of Thola, weren noumbrid strongeste men in the daies of Dauid, two and twenti thousynde and sixe hundrid.

3 The sones of Ozi weren Jezraie; of whom weren borun Mychael, and Obadia, and Johel, and Jezray, fyue, alle princes.

4 And with hem weren bi her meynees and puplis, sixe and thretti thousynde strongeste men gird to batel; for thei hadden many wyues and sones.

5 And her britheren by alle the kynredis of Isachar `moost stronge to fiyte weren noumbrid foure scoore and seuene thousynde.

6 The sones of Beniamyn weren Bale, and Bothor, and Adiel, thre.

7 The sones of Bale weren Esbon, and Ozi, and Oziel, and Jerymoth, and Vray, fyue, princes of meynees, mooste stronge to fiyte; for the noumbre of hem was two and twenti thousynde and foure and thretti.

8 Forsothe the sones of Bochor weren Samara, and Joas, and Eliezer, and Elioenai, and Zamri, and Jerimoth, and Abia, and Anathoth, and Almachan; alle these weren the sones of Bochor.

9 Sotheli the princes of kynredis weren noumbrid bi her meynees twenti thousynde and two hundrid moost stronge men to batels.

10 Forsothe the sones of Ledihel weren Balan; sotheli the sones of Balan weren Jheus, and Beniamyn, and Aoth, and Camana, and Jothan, and Tharsis, and Thasaar.

11 Alle these the sones of Ledihel weren princes of her meynees, seuentene thousynde and two hundrid, strongeste men goynge forth to batel.

12 Also Saphan and Apham weren the sones of Hir; and Basym was the sone of Aser.

13 Forsothe the sones of Neptalym weren Jasiel, and Guny, and Aser, and Sellum; the sones of Bale.

14 Sotheli the sone of Manasses was Esriel; and Sira his secundarie wijf childide Machir, the fadir of Galaad.

15 And Machir took wyues to hise sones Huphyn and Suphyn; and he hadde a sister Maacha bi name; and the name of the secounde sone was Salphaath, and douytris weren borun to Salphaath.

16 And Maacha, the wijf of Machir, childide a sone, and clepide his name Phares; forsothe the name of his brothir was Sares; and hise sones weren Vlam and Recem.

17 Sotheli the sone of Vlam was Baldan. These weren the sones of Galaad, sone of Machir, sone of Manasses;

18 forsothe Regma his sistir childide a feir man, Abiezer, and Mola.

19 Forsothe the sones of Semyda weren Abym, and Sichem, and Liey, and Amany.

20 Sotheli the sones of Effraym weren Suchaba; Bareth, his sone; Caath, his sone; Elda, his sone; and Thaath, his sone; and Zadaba, his sone;

21 and Suthala, his sone; and Ezer, and Elad, his sones. Forsothe men of Geth borun in the lond killiden hem, for thei yeden doun to assaile her possessiouns.

22 Therfor Effraym, the fadir of hem, weilide bi many daies; and hise britheren camen to coumforte hym.

23 And he entride to his wijf, which conseyuede, and childide a sone; and he clepide his name Beria, for he was borun in the yuelis of his hows.

24 Sotheli his douytir was Sara; that bildide Betheron, the lowere and the hiyere, and Ozen, and Sara.

25 Forsothe his sone was Rapha, and Reseph, and Thale;

26 of whom was borun Thaan, that gendride Laodon; and Amyud, the sone of hym, gendride Elysama;

27 of whom was borun Nun; that hadde a sone Josue.

28 Sotheli the possessioun and `dwellyng place of hem was Bethil with hise villagis, and ayens the eest, Noram; at the west coost, Gazer, and hise villagis, also Sichem with hise villagis, and Aza with hise villagis.

29 Also bisidis the sones of Manasses, Bethsan, and hise townes, Thanach and hise townes, Maggeddo, and hise townes, Dor, and hise townes; the sones of Joseph sone of Israel dwelliden in these townes.

30 The sones of Aser weren Sona, and Jesua, and Isuy, and Baria; and Sara was the sister of hem.

31 Sotheli the sones of Baria weren Heber, and Melchiel; he is the fadir of Barsath.

32 Sotheli Heber gendride Ephiath, and Soomer, and Otham, and Sua, the sister of hem.

33 Forsothe the sones of Jephiath weren Phosech, and Camaal, and Jasoph; these weren the sones of Jephiath.

34 Sotheli the sones of Soomer weren Achi, and Roaga, and Jaba, and Aram.

35 Sotheli the sones of Helem, his brother, weren Supha, and Jema, and Selles, and Amal.

36 The sones of Supha weren Sue, Arnapheth, and Sual, and Bery,

37 and Jamra, and Bosor, and Ador, and Sama, and Salusa, and Jethram, and Beram.

38 The sones of Ether weren Jephone, and Phaspha, and Ara.

39 Sotheli the sones of Ollaa weren Areth, and Aniel, and Resia.

40 Alle these weren the sones of Aser, princes of kynredis, chosun men and strongeste duykis of duykis; forsothe the noumbre, of the age of hem that weren abel to batel, was sixe and twenti thousynde.

Chapter 8 edit

1 Forsothe Beniamyn gendride Bale his firste gendrid sone, Asbaal the secounde, Othora the thridde,

2 Naua the fourthe, and Rapha the fyuethe.

3 And the sones of Bale weren Addoar, and Jera, and Abyud, and Abisue,

4 and Noemany, and Acte,

5 but also Gera, and Sophupham, and Vram.

6 These ben the sones of Haoth, princes of kynredis dwellynge in Gabaa, that weren translatid in to Manath.

7 Forsothe Noaman, and Achia, and Jera, `he translatide hem, and gendride Oza and Abyud;

8 forsothe `Saarym gendride in the cuntrey of Moab, aftir that he lefte Vrym and Bara, hise wyues;

9 sotheli he gendride of Edes, his wijf, Jodab, and Sebia, and Mosa, and Molchon, also Jebus, and Sechia, and Maryna;

10 tho ben the sones of hym, prynces in her meynees.

11 Forsothe Musyn gendride Achitob, and Elphaal.

12 Sotheli the sones of Elphaal weren Heber, and Musaam, and Samaath; he bildide Ono, and Lod, and hise villagis;

13 forsothe Bara and Sama weren princes of kynredis dwellynge in Hailon; these dryueden awei the dwelleris of Geth;

14 and Haio, and Sesath, and Jerymoth,

15 and Zadabia, and Arod, and Heder,

16 and Mychael, and Jespha helpiden hem `ayens men of Geth; the sones of Abaria,

17 and Zadabia, and Mosollam, and Ezethi,

18 and Heber, and Jesamary, and Jezlia, and Jobab helpiden `in this iurney ayens men of Geth. The sones of Elphaal weren Jachym,

19 and Jechri,

20 and Zabdi, and Helioenay, and Selettay,

21 and Henelech, and Adaia, and Barasa, and Samarath; the sones of Semey weren Jesphan,

22 and Heber, and Esiel, and Abdon,

23 and Zechry, and Canaan, and Anany, and Jalam,

24 and Anathotia, and Jephdaia, and Phanuel;

25 the sones of Sesac weren Sampsaray,

26 and Scoria, and Otholia, and Jersia,

27 and Helia, and Zechri, the sones of Jeream.

28 These weren patriarkis and princes of kynredis, that dwelliden in Jerusalem.

29 Forsothe in Gabaon dwelliden Abigabaon, and Maacha the name of his wijf;

30 and his firste gendrid sone Abdon, and Sur, and Cys, and Baal, and Ner, and Nadab,

31 and Geddo, and Haio, and Zacher, and Macelloth.

32 Forsothe Marcelloth gendride Samaa; and thei dwelliden euene ayens her britheren in Jerusalem with her britheren.

33 Forsothe Ner gendride Cys, and Cys gendride Saul; forsothe Saul gendride Jonathan, and Melchisue, and Abynadab, and Isbaal.

34 Sotheli the sone of Jonathan was Myphibaal; and Myphibaal gendride Micha.

35 The sones of Micha weren Phiton, and Melech, and Thara, and Ahaz.

36 And Ahaz gendride Joiada; and Joiada gendride Almoth, and Azimoth, and Zamry.

37 Forsothe Zamri gendride Moosa, and Moosa gendride Banaa, whos sone was Raphaia, of whom was gendrid Elesa, that gendride Asel.

38 Sotheli Asel hadde sixe sones bi these names, Esricham, Bochru, Ismael, Saria, Abadia, Aman; alle these weren the sones of Asel.

39 Forsothe the sones of Asa, his brothir, weren Vlam, the firste gendride sone, and Hus, the secounde, and Eliphales, the thridde.

40 And the sones of Vlam weren strongeste men, and beendynge a bouwe with greet strength, and hauynge many sones, and sones of sones, til to an hundrid and fifti. Alle these weren the sones of Beniamyn.

Chapter 9 edit

1 Therfor al Israel was noumbrid, and the summe of hem was writun in the book of kyngis of Israel and of Juda; and thei weren translatid in to Babiloyne for her synne.

2 Sotheli thei that dwelliden first in her citees, and in the possessiouns of Israel, and the preestis, and the dekenes, and Natyneys, dwelliden in Jerusalem.

3 Of the sones of Juda, and of the sones of Beniamyn, also of the sones of Effraym, and of Manasses;

4 Othi, the sone of Amyud, sone of Semry, sone of Omroy, sone of Bonny, of the sones of Phares, the sone of Juda;

5 and of Sylom, Asia, the firste gendrid, and his sones;

6 sotheli of the sones of Zaray, Heuel, and hise britheren; sixe hundrid fourescore and ten.

7 Forsothe of the sones of Beniamyn; Salo, the sone of Mosollam, the sones of Odoia, the sones of Asana,

8 and Jobanya, the sone of Jerobam, and Ela, the sone of Ozi, the sones of Mochozi, and Mosollam, the sone of Saphacie, sone of Rahuel, sone of Jebanye, and the britheren of hem,

9 bi her meynees; nyne hundrid sixe and fifti. Alle these weren princes of her kynredis by the housis of her fadris.

10 Forsothe of the preestis, Joiada, Jozarib, and Jachym;

11 and Azarie, the sone of Helchie, sone of Mosollam, sone of Sadoch, sone of Maraioth, sone of Achitob, was bischop of the hows of the Lord.

12 Forsothe Adaias, sone of Jeroam, sone of Phasor, sone of Melchia, and Masaia, sone of Adihel, sone of Jezra, sone of Mosollam, sone of Mosselamoth, sone of Emyner,

13 also her britheren, prynces bi her meynees, weren a thousynde seuene hundrid and fourescoore, men strongeste in bodili myyt, to make the werk of seruyce in the hows of the Lord.

14 Forsothe of dekenes, Semeya, the sone of Assub, sone of Ezricam, sone of Asebyn, of the sones of Merary;

15 also Balthasar the carpenter, and Galebeth, and Machama, sone of Mycha, sone of Zechri, sone of Asaph,

16 and Obdias, sone of Semey, sone of Calaal, sone of Idithum, and Barachie, the sone of Asa, sone of Helcana, that dwellide in the porchis of Methophati.

17 Sotheli the porteris weren Sellum, and Achub, and Thelmon, and Achyman, and the britheren of hem; Sellum was the prince;

18 til to that tyme thei kepten bi her whilis in the yate of the kyng at the eest, of the sones of Leuy.

19 Sellum forsothe, the sone of Chore, sone of Abiasaph, sone of Chore, with hise britheren, and with the hows of his fadir; these ben the sones of Chore on the werkis of the seruyce, keperis of the porchis of the tabernacle, and the meynees of hem kepten bi whilis the entryng of the castelis of the Lord.

20 Forsothe Phynees, the sone of Eleazar, was the duyk of hem bifor the Lord.

21 Sotheli Zacarie, the sone of Mosollam, was porter of the yate of the tabernacle of witnessyng.

22 Alle these chosun in to porteris bi yatis weren twei hundrid and twelue, and weren discryued in her owne townes, which dekenes Dauid and Samuel, the prophete, ordeyneden in her feith,

23 both hem and the sones of hem in the doris of the hows of the Lord, and in the tabernacle of witnessyng, bi her whiles.

24 Porteris weren bi foure coostis, that is, at the eest, and at the west, and at the north, and at the south.

25 Forsothe her britheren dwelliden in townes, and camen in her sabatis fro tyme til to tyme.

26 Al the noumbre of porteris was bitakun to these foure dekenes, and thei kepten the chaumbris, and the tresours of the hows of the Lord.

27 Also thei dwelliden in her kepyngis bi the cumpas of the temple of the Lord, that whanne tyme were, thei schulden opene the yatis eerli.

28 Men of her kyn weren also on the vessels of seruyce; for the vessels weren borun in at noumbre, and weren borun out of hem.

29 And thei that hadden the vesselis of seyntuarie bitakun to her kepyng, weren souereyns on flour, and wyn, and oile, and encense, and swete smellinge spyceries.

30 Sotheli the sones of preestis maden oynementis of swete smellynge spiceries.

31 And Mathatias dekene, the firste gendrid sone of Sellum of the kynrede of Chore, was the souereyn of alle thingis that weren fried in the friyng panne.

32 Sotheli men of the sones of Caath, the britheren of hem, weren on the looues of settyng forth, that thei schulden make redi euere newe looues bi ech sabat.

33 These ben the princis of chauntouris bi the meynees of Leuytis, that dwelliden in chaumbris, so that thei schulden serue contynueli dai and nyyt in her seruyce.

34 The heedis of Leuitis bi her meynees, the princes, dwelliden in Jerusalem.

35 Forsothe there dwelliden in Gabaon; Jaiel, the fadir of Gabaon, and the name of his wijf Maacha;

36 Abdon, his firste gendrid sone, and Sur, and Cys, and Baal,

37 and Ner, and Nadab, and Gedor, and Ahaio, and Zacharie, and Macelloth; forsothe Macelloth gendride Semmaa;

38 these dwelliden euene ayens her britheren in Jerusalem, with her britheren.

39 Sotheli Ner gendride Cys, and Cys gendride Saul, and Saul gendride Jonathan, and Melchisue, and Abynadab, and Hisbaal.

40 Forsothe the sone of Jonathan was Myribaal, and Myribaal gendride Mycha.

41 Sotheli the sones of Micha weren Phiton, and Malech, and Thara;

42 forsothe Aaz gendride Jara, and Jara gendride Alamath, and Azmoth, and Zamri; and Zamri gendride Moosa,

43 sotheli Moosa gendride Baana, whose sone Raphaia gendride Elisa, of whom Esel was gendrid.

44 Forsothe Esel hadde sixe sones bi these names, Ezricam, Bochru, Hismael, Saria, Obdia, Anan; these weren the sones of Hesel.

Chapter 10 edit

1 Forsothe Filisteis fouyten ayens Israel, and the sones of Israel fledden Palestyns, and felden doun woundid in the hil of Gelboe.

2 And whanne Filisteis hadde neiyed pursuynge Saul and hise sones, thei killiden Jonathan, and Abynadab, and Melchisue, the sones of Saul.

3 And the batel was agreggid ayens Saul; and men archeris foundun hym, and woundiden hym with dartis.

4 And Saul seide to his squiere, Drawe out thi swerd, and sle me, leste these vncircumcidid men come, and scorne me. Sothli his squyer was aferd bi drede, and nolde do this; therfor Saul took a swerd, and felde on it.

5 And whanne his squyer hadde seyn this, that is, that Saul was deed, he felde also on his swerd, and was deed.

6 Therfor Saul perischide, and hise thre sones, and al his hows felde doun togidere.

7 And whanne the men of Israel, that dwelliden in feeldi places, hadden seyn this, thei fledden; and whanne Saul and hise sones weren deed, thei forsoken her citees, and weren scaterid hidur and thidur; and Filisteis camen, and dwelliden in tho.

8 Therfor in the tother day Filisteis drowen awei the spuylis of slayn men, and founden Saul and hise sones liggynge in the hil of Gelboe.

9 And whanne thei hadden spuylid hym, and hadden gird of the heed, and hadden maad hym nakid of armeris, thei senten in to her lond, that it schulde be borun aboute, and schulde be schewid in the templis of idols and to puplis;

10 forsothe thei halewiden his armeris in the temple of her god, and thei settiden the heed in the temple of Dagon.

11 Whanne men of Jabes of Galad hadden herd this, that is, alle thingis whiche the Filisteis diden on Saul,

12 alle stronge men risiden togidere, and took the deed bodies of Saul and of hise sones, and brouyten tho in to Jabes; and thei birieden the boonus of hem vndur an ook, that was in Jabes; and thei fastiden seuene daies.

13 Therfor Saul was deed for hise wickidnessis, for he brak the comaundement of the Lord, whiche he comaundide, and kepte not it, but ferthirmore also he took counsel at a womman hauynge a feend spekynge in the wombe, and he hopide not in the Lord;

14 for which thing both the Lord killide hym, and translatide his rewme to Dauid, sone of Ysay.

Chapter 11 edit

1 Therfor al Israel was gaderid to Dauid in Ebron, and seide, We ben thi boon and thi fleisch;

2 also yisterdai and the thridde dai ago, whanne Saul regnede yit on Israel, thou it were that leddist out and leddist in Israel; for `thi Lord God seide to thee, Thou schalt fede my puple Israel, and thou schalt be prince on it.

3 Therfor alle the gretter in birthe of Israel camen to the kyng in Ebron; and Dauid maad with hem a boond of pees bifor the Lord, and thei anoyntiden hym kyng on Israel, bi the word of the Lord, which he spak in the hond of Samuel.

4 Therfor Dauid yede, and al Israel, in to Jerusalem; this Jerusalem is Jebus, where Jebuseis enhabiteris of the lond weren.

5 And thei that dwelliden at Jebus seiden to Dauid, Thou schalt not entre hidur. Forsothe Dauid took the hiy tour of Syon, which is the citee of Dauid;

6 and he seide, Ech man that `sleeth first Jebusei, schal be prince and duyk. Therfor Joab, sone of Saruye, stiede first, and was maad prince.

7 Sotheli Dauid dwellide in the hiy tour, and therfor it was clepid the cytee of Dauid;

8 and he bildide the citee in cumpas fro Mello til to the cumpas; forsothe Joab bildide the tother part of the citee.

9 And Dauid profitide goynge and wexynge, and the Lord of oostis was with hym.

10 These ben the princes of the stronge men of Dauid, that helpiden hym, that he schulde be kyng on al Israel, bi the word of the Lord which he spak to Israel.

11 And this is the noumbre of the stronge men of Dauid; Jesbaam, the sone of Achamony, was prince among thretti; this reiside his schaft ethir spere on thre hundrid woundid men in o tyme.

12 And after hym was Eleazar, the sone of his fadris brothir, and was `a man of Ahoit, which Eleazar was among thre miyti men.

13 This was with Dauid in Aphesdomyn, whanne Filisteis weren gaderid to o place in to batel; and a feeld of that cuntrey was ful of barli, and the puple fledde fro the face of Filisteis.

14 This Eleazar stood in the myddis of the feeld, and defendide it; and whanne he hadde slayn Filisteis, the Lord yaf greet helthe to his puple.

15 Sotheli thre of thritti princes yeden doun to the stoon, wher ynne Dauid was, to the denne of Odolla, whanne Filisteis settiden tentis in the valey of Raphaym.

16 Forsothe Dauid was in a strong hold, and the stacioun, `that is, the oost gaderid, of Filisteis was in Bethleem.

17 Therfor Dauid desiride watir, and seide, Y wolde, that sum man yaf to me water of the cisterne of Bethleem, which is in the yate.

18 Therfor these thre yeden thoruy the myddil of the castelis of Filisteis, and drowen watir of the cisterne of Bethleem, that was in the yate, and thei brouyten to Dauid, that he schulde drynke; and Dauid nolde `drynke it, but rather he offride it to the Lord, and seide, Fer be it,

19 that Y do this thing in the siyt of my God, and that Y drynke the blood of these men, for in the perel of her lyues thei brouyten watir to me; and for this cause he nolde drynke. Thre strongeste men diden these thingis.

20 Also Abisai, the brother of Joab, he was the prince of thre men, and he reiside his schaft ayens thre hundrid woundid men; and he was moost named among thre,

21 among the secounde thre he was noble, and the prince of hem; netheles he cam not til to the firste thre.

22 Banaye, the sone of Joiada, strongest man of Capsael, that dide many werkis; he killide two stronge men of Moab; and he yede doun, and killide a lioun in the myddil of a cisterne, in the tyme of snow;

23 and he killide a man of Egipt, whos stature was of fyue cubitis, and he hadde a spere as the beem of webbis; therfor Banaye yede doun to hym with a yerde, and rauyschide the spere, which he held in the hond, and killide hym with his owne spere.

24 Banaye, the sone of Joiada, dide these thingis, that was moost named among thre stronge men, and was the firste among thretti;

25 netheles he cam not til to the thre; sotheli Dauid settide hym at his eere.

26 Forsothe the strongeste men `in the oost weren Asael, the brother of Joab, and Eleanan, the sone of his fadris brothir of Bethleem,

27 Semynoth Arorites, Helles Phallonytes, Iras,

28 the sone of Acces of Thecue, Abieser of Anathot,

29 Sobochay Sochites, Ylai Achoytes,

30 Maray Nethophatithes, Heles, the sone of Banaa, Nethophatithes, Ethaa,

31 the sone of Rabai, of Gabaath of the sones of Beniamyn; Banaye Pharatonythes, men of the stronde Gaas,

32 Abihel Arabatithes, Azmoth Baruanythes, Eliaba Salaonythes,

33 the sones of Assem Gesonythes, Jonathan, the sone of Saga, Ararithes, Achiam,

34 the sone of Achar, Ararites,

35 Eliphal, the sone of Mapher,

36 Mechoratithes, Ahya Phellonythes,

37 Asrahi Carmelites, Neoray,

38 the sone of Thasbi, Johel, the brother of Nathan, Mabar, the sone of Aggaray, Selech Ammonythes,

39 Nooray Berothites, the squyer of Joab, sone of Saruye,

40 Iras Jetreus, Gareb Jethreus,

41 Vrie Ethei, Sabab,

42 the sone of Ooli, Adyna, the sone of Segar Rubenytes, prince of Rubenytis, and thritti men with hym;

43 Hanan, the sone of Macha, and Josaphath Mathanythes, Ozias Astarothites,

44 Semma and Jahel, the sones of Hotayn Aroerites,

45 Ledihel, the sone of Zamri, and Joha, his brother, Thosaythes,

46 Hehiel Maanytes, Jerybay and Josia, the sones of Helnaen, Jethma Moabites, Heliel, and Obed, and Jasihel of Masobia.

Chapter 12 edit

1 Also these camen to Dauid in Sichelech, whanne he fledde yit fro Saul, the sone of Cys; whiche weren strongeste men and noble fiyterys,

2 beendynge bouwe, and castynge stoonys with slyngis with euer either hond, and dressynge arowis; of the britheren of Saul of Beniamyn,

3 the prince Achieser, and Joas, the sones of Samaa of Gabaath, and Jazachel, and Phallech, the sones of Azmod, and Barachie, and Jehu of Anathot;

4 also Samay of Gabaon was the strongeste among thretti and aboue thretti; Jeremy, and Jezihel, and Johannan, and Zebadga Zerothites,

5 Elusay, and Jerymoth, and Baalia, and Samaria, and Saphia Araphites,

6 Elchana, and Jesia, and Azrahel, and Jezer, and Jesbaam of Taremy,

7 and Joelam, and Sabadia, the sones of Jeroam of Jedor.

8 But also of Gaddi strongeste men, and beste fiyteris, holdynge scheld and spere, fledden ouer to Dauid, whanne he was hid in deseert; the faces of hem as the face of a lioun, and thei weren swift as capretis in hillis.

9 Ozer was the prince, Obdias the secounde, Eliab the thridde,

10 Masmana the fourthe, Jeremye the fyuethe,

11 Becchi the sixte, Heliel the seuenthe,

12 Johannan the eiythe, Helzedad the nynthe,

13 Jeremye the tenthe, Bachana the euleuenthe;

14 these of the sones of Gad weren princes of the oost; the laste was souereyn ouer an hundrid knyytis, and the moost was souereyn ouer a thousynde.

15 These it ben that passiden ouer Jordan in the firste monethe, whanne it was wont to flowe ouer hise brynkis; and thei dryueden awei alle men that dwelliden in the valeis at the eest coost and west coost.

16 Sotheli also men of Beniamyn and of Juda camen to the stronge hoold, whereyn Dauid dwellide.

17 And Dauid yede out ayens hem, and seide, If ye `ben comyn pesible to me, for to helpe me, myn herte be ioyned to you; forsothe if ye setten aspies to me for myn aduersaries, sithen Y haue not wickidnesse in the hondis, God of our fadris se and deme.

18 Forsothe the spirit clothide Amasay, the prynce among thritti, and he seide, A! Dauid, we ben thin, and thou, sone of Ysai, we schulen be with thee; pees, pees to thee, and pees to thin helperis, for thi Lord God helpith thee. Therfor Dauid resseyuede hem, and made princes of the cumpeny.

19 Forsothe men of Manasses fledden ouer to Dauid, whanne he cam with Filisteis to fiyte ayens Saul, and he fauyte not with hem, for after that the princes of Filisteis hadden take counsel, thei senten hym ayen, and seiden, With perel of oure heed he schal turne ayen to Saul his lord.

20 Therfor whanne Dauid turnede ayen in to Sichelech, men of Manasses fledden ouer to hym, Eduas, and Jozabad, Jedihel, and Mychael, and Naas, and Jozabath, and Helyu, and Salathi, princes of knyytis in Manasses.

21 These men yauen help to Dauid ayens theues; for alle weren strongeste men, and thei weren maad prynces in the oost.

22 But also bi ech dai men camen to Dauid, for to helpe hym, til that the noumbre was maad greet as the oost of God.

23 Also this is the noumbre of princes of the oost that camen to Dauid, whanne he was in Ebron, that thei schulden translate the rewme of Saul to hym, bi the word of the Lord; the sones of Juda,

24 berynge scheeld and spere, sixe thousynde and eiyte hundrid, redi to batel;

25 of the sones of Simeon, seuene thousinde and an hundrid, of strongeste men to fiyte;

26 of the sones of Leuy, foure thousynde and sixe hundrid;

27 also Joiada, prince of the generacioun of Aaron, and thre thousynd and seuene hundrid with hym;

28 also Sadoch, a child of noble wit, and the hows of his fadir, twei and twenti princes;

29 forsothe of the sones of Beniamyn, britheren of Saul, thre thousynde; for a greet part of hem suede yit the hows of Saul;

30 forsothe of the sones of Effraym, twenti thousynde and eiyte hundrid, strongeste men in bodili myyt, men named in her meynees;

31 and of the half part of the lynage of Manasses, eiytene thousynde; alle camen bi her names, to make Dauid kyng;

32 also of the sones of Ysacar, two hundrid princes, lernd men, that knewen ech tyme to comaunde what the puple of Israel ouyt to do; sotheli al the residue lynage suede the counseils of hem;

33 forsothe of Zabulon camen fifti thousynde in to helpe, not in double herte, which yeden out to batel, and stoden in the scheltrun, and weren maad redi with armuris of batel;

34 and of Neptalym a thousynde prynces, and with hem camen seuene and thritti thousynde men, arayed with scheeld and speere;

35 also of Dan, eiyte and twenti thousynde and sixe hundrid men, maad redi to batel;

36 and of Aser fourti thousynde men, goynge out to batel, and stirynge to batel in the scheltrun.

37 Forsothe biyende Jordan, of the sones of Ruben, and of Gad, and of the half part of the lynage of Manasses, sixe scoore thousynde men, araied with armuris of batel.

38 Alle these men werriouris and redi to batel camen with perfit herte in to Ebron, to make Dauid kyng on al Israel; but also alle the residue of Israel weren of oon herte, that Dauid schulde be maad king on al Israel.

39 And thei weren ther at Dauid thre daies, and eten and drunken; for her britheren hadden maad redi to hem;

40 but also thei that weren niy hem, til to Isacar and Zabulon and Neptalym, brouyten looues on assis, and camelis, and mulis, and oxis, for to ete; mele, bundelis of pressid figis, dried grapis, wyn, oile, oxis and wetheres, to al plentee; for ioy was in Israel.

Chapter 13 edit

1 Forsothe Dauid took counsel with tribunes, and centuriouns, and alle princes;

2 and seide to alle the cumpeny of the sones of Israel, If it plesith you, and if the word which Y speke goith out fro oure Lord God, sende we to `oure residue britheren to alle the cuntrees of Israel, and to preestis and dekenes that dwellen in the subarbis of citees, that thei be gaderid to vs,

3 and that we brynge ayen to vs the arke of oure God; for we souyten not it in the daies of Saul.

4 And al the multitude answeride, that it schulde be don so; for the word pleside al the puple.

5 Therfor Dauid gaderide togidere al Israel, fro Sior of Egipt til thou entre in to Emath, that he schulde brynge the arke of God fro Cariathiarim.

6 And Dauid stiede, and alle the men of Israel, to the hil of Cariathiarym, which is in Juda, that he schulde brynge fro thennus the arke of the Lord God sittynge on cherubyn, where his name was clepid.

7 And thei puttiden the arke of the Lord God on a newe wayn fro the hous of Amynadab; forsothe Oza and hise britheren driueden the wayn.

8 Forsothe Dauid and al Israel pleieden bifor the Lord, with al miyt, in songis, and in harpis, and sautries, and tympans, and cymbalis, and trumpis.

9 Forsothe whanne thei hadden come to the cornfloor of Chidon, Oza strechide forth his hond to susteyne the arke; for the oxe wexynge wielde hadde bowid it a litil.

10 Therfor the Lord was wrooth ayens Oza, and smoot hym, for he hadde touchide the ark; and he was deed there bifor the Lord.

11 And Dauid was sori, for the Lord hadde departid Oza; and he clepide that place The Departyng of Oza `til in to present dai.

12 And Dauid dredde the Lord in that tyme, and seide, How may Y brynge in to me the arke of the Lord?

13 And for this cause he brouyte not it to hym, that is, in to the citee of Dauid, but he turnede it in to the hows of Obededom of Geth.

14 Therfor the arke of God dwellide in the hous of Obededom of Geth thre monethis; and the Lord blessid his hows, and `alle thingis that he hadde.

Chapter 14 edit

1 And Iram, the kyng of Tyre, sente messageris to Dauid, and `he sente trees of cedre, and werk men of wallis and of trees, that thei schulden bilde to hym an hows.

2 And Dauid knewe that the Lord hadde confermyd hym in to kyng on Israel; and that his rewme was reisid on his puple Israel.

3 And Dauid took othere wyues in Jerusalem, and gendride sones and douytris.

4 And these ben the names of hem that weren borun to hym in Jerusalem; Sammu, and Sobab, Nathan, and Salomon,

5 Jeber, and Elisu, and Heli, and Eliphalech,

6 and Noga, and Napheg, and Japhie,

7 and Elisama, and Baliada, and Eliphelech.

8 Forsothe the Filisteis herden that Dauid was anoyntid `in to kyng on al Israel, and alle stieden to seke Dauid. And whanne Dauid hadde herd this thing, he yede out ayens hem.

9 Forsothe Filisteis camen, and weren spred abrood in the valey of Raphaym;

10 and Dauid counselide the Lord, and seide, Whether Y schal stie to Filisteis? and whether thou schalt bitake hem in to myn hondis? And the Lord seide to hym, Stie thou, and Y schal bitake hem in thin hond.

11 And whanne thei hadden styed in to Baal Pharasym, Dauid smoot hem there, and seide, God hath departid myn enemyes bi myn hond, as watris ben departid. And therfor the name of that place was clepid Baal Pharasym; and thei leften there her goddis,

12 which Dauid comaundide to be brent.

13 Forsothe another tyme Filisteis felden in, and weren spred abrood in the valei;

14 and eft Dauid counseilide the Lord, and the Lord seide to hym, Thou schalt not stie aftir hem; go awei fro hem, and thou schalt come ayens hem euen ayens the pere trees.

15 And whanne thou schalt here the sowun of a goere in the cop of the pere trees, thanne thou schalt go out to batel; for the Lord is go out byfor thee, to smyte the castels of Filisteis.

16 Therfor Dauid dide as God comaundide to hym, and he smoot the castels of Filisteis fro Gabaon `til to Gazara.

17 And the name of Dauid was puplischid in alle cuntreis, and the Lord yaf his drede on alle folkis.

Chapter 15 edit

1 And he made to hym housis in the citee of Dauid, and he bildide `a place to the arke of the Lord, and araiede a tabernacle to it.

2 Thanne Dauid seide, It is vnleueful, that the arke of God be borun of `ony thing no but of the dekenes, whiche the Lord chees to bere it, and `for to mynystre to hym `til in to with outen ende.

3 And he gaderide togidere al Israel in to Jerusalem, that the arke of God schulde be brouyt in to `his place, which he hadde maad redy to it;

4 also and he gaderide togidere the sones of Aaron, and the dekenes;

5 of the sones of Caath Vriel was prince, and hise britheren two hundrid and twenti;

6 of the sones of Merari Asaya was prince, and hise britheren two hundrid and thritti;

7 of the sones of Gerson the prince was Johel, and hise britheren an hundrid and thretti;

8 of the sones of Elisaphan Semei was prynce, and hise britheren two hundrid;

9 of the sones of Ebroun Heliel was prince, and hise britheren foure score;

10 of the sones of Oziel Amynadab was prince, and hise britheren an hundrid and twelue.

11 And Dauid clepide Sadoch and Abiathar preestis, and the dekenes Vriel, Asaie, Johel, Semeie, Eliel, and Amynadab; and seide to hem,

12 Ye that ben princes of the meynees of Leuy, be halewid with youre britheren, and brynge ye the arke of the Lord God of Israel to the place, which is maad redi to it;

13 lest, as at the bigynnyng, for ye weren not present, the Lord smoot vs, and now it be don, if we don ony vnleueful thing.

14 Therfor the preestis and dekenes weren halewid, that thei schulden bere the arke of the Lord God of Israel.

15 And the sones of Leuy token the arke of God with barris on her schuldris, as Moises comaundide bi the word of the Lord.

16 And Dauid seide to the princes of dekenes, that thei schulden ordeyne of her britheren syngeris in orguns of musikis, that is, in giternes, and harpis, and symbalis; that the sown of gladnesse schulde sowne an hiy.

17 And thei ordeyneden dekenes, Heman, the sone of Johel, and of hise britheren, Asaph, the sone of Barachie; sotheli of the sones of Merary, britheren of hem, thei ordeyneden Ethan,

18 the sone of Casaye, and the britheren of hem with hem; in the secunde ordre `thei ordeyneden Zacarie, and Ben, and Jazihel, and Semyramoth, and Jahiel, `and Am, Heliab, and Benaye, and Maasie, and Mathathie, and Eliphalu, and Mathenye, and Obededon, and Jehiel, porteris;

19 forsothe `thei ordeyneden the syngeris Eman, Asaph, and Ethan, sownynge in brasun cymbalis;

20 sotheli Zacarie, and Oziel, and Semyramoth, and Jahihel, and Ham, and Eliab, and Maasie, and Banaie, sungun pryuetees in giternes; forsothe Mathathie,

21 and Eliphalu, and Mathenye, and Obededom, and Jehiel, and Ozazym, sungen in harpis for the eiytithe, and epynychion, `that is, victorie `be to God ouercomere;

22 forsothe Chinonye, the prince of dekenes, and of profecie, was souereyn to biforsynge melodie, for he was ful wijs;

23 and Barachie, and Elchana, weren porters of the arke; forsothe Sebenye,

24 and Josaphath, and Mathanael, and Amasaye, and Zacarie, and Banaye, and Eliezer, preestis, sowneden with trumpis bifor the arke of the Lord; and Obededom, and Achymaas, weren porteris of the arke.

25 Therfor Dauid, and the grettere men in birthe of Israel, and the tribunes, yeden to brynge the arke of boond of pees of the Lord fro the hows of Obededom with gladnesse.

26 And whanne God hadde helpid the dekenes that baren the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, seuene bolis and seuene rammes weren offrid.

27 Forsothe Dauid was clothid with a white stole, and alle the dekenes that baren the arke, and the syngeris, and Chononye, the prince of profecie among syngeris, weren clothid in white stolis; forsothe also Dauid was clothid with a lynun surplijs.

28 And al Israel ledden forth the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, and sowneden in ioiful song, and in sown of clariouns, and in trumpis, and cymbalis, and giternis, and harpis.

29 And whanne the arke of boond of pees of the Lord hadde come to the citee of Dauid, Mychol, the douytir of Saul, bihelde forth bi a wyndowe, and sche siy king Dauyd daunsynge and pleiynge; and sche dispiside hym in hir herte.

Chapter 16 edit

1 Therfor thei brouyten the arke of God, and settiden it in the myddis of the tabernacle, that Dauid hadde araied therto; and thei offriden brent sacrifices and pesible sacrifices bifor the Lord.

2 And whanne Dauid offrynge brent sacrifices and pesible sacrifices hadde fillid, he blesside the puple in the name of the Lord;

3 and departide to alle to ech bi hym silf fro a man til to a womman o cake of breed, and a part of rostid fleisch of a bugle, and flour fried in oile.

4 And he ordeynede bifor the arke of the Lord, of the Leuytis, that schulden mynystre, and haue mynde of the werkis of the Lord, and glorifie and preyse the Lord God of Israel;

5 `he ordeynede Asaph the prince, and Zacharie his secounde; forsothe `he ordeynede Jahiel, and Semiramoth, and Jahel, and Mathathie, and Eliab, and Banaye, and Obededom, and Jehiel, on the orguns, on the sautrie, and on the harpis; but he ordeynede Asaph to sowne with cymbalis;

6 sotheli he ordeynede Banaye and Aziel, preestis, bifor the arke of the boond of pees of the Lord, for to trumpe contynueli.

7 In that dai Dauid made Asaph prince, and hise britheren, for to knowleche `to the Lord.

8 Knowleche ye to the Lord, and inwardli clepe ye his name; make ye hise fyndyngis knowun among puplis.

9 Synge ye to hym, and seie ye salm to hym, and telle ye alle his merueylis.

10 Preise ye his hooli name; the herte of men sekynge the Lord be glad.

11 Seke ye the Lord and his vertu; seke ye euere his face.

12 Haue ye mynde of hise merueilis whiche he dide; of hise signes, and of the domes of his mouth.

13 The seed of Israel, his seruaunt, preise thou God; the sones of Jacob, his chosun, preise ye God.

14 He is `oure Lord God; hise domes ben in ech lond.

15 Haue ye mynde with outen ende of his couenaunt; of the word whiche he couenauntide `in to a thousynde generaciouns.

16 Which word he couenauntide with Abraham; and of his ooth to Ysaac.

17 And he ordeynede that to Jacob in to a comaundement; and to Israel in to euerlastynge couenaunt.

18 And seide, To thee Y schal yyue the lond of Canaan; the part of youre erytage.

19 Whanne thei weren fewe in noumbre; litle, and pilgrims therof.

20 And thei passiden fro folk in to the folk; and fro a rewme to another puple.

21 He suffride not ony man falseli chalenge hem; but he blamyde kyngis for hem.

22 Nyle ye touche my cristis; and nyle ye do wickidli ayens my prophetis.

23 Al erthe, singe ye to the Lord; telle ye fro dai into dai his helthe.

24 Telle ye among hethen men his glorie; hise merueylis among alle puplis.

25 For the Lord is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche; and he is orible, `ethir griseful, ouer alle goddis.

26 For alle the goddis of puplis ben idols; but the Lord made heuenes.

27 Knoulechyng and greet doyng ben bifor hym; strengthe and ioy ben in the place of hym.

28 Ye meynees of puplis, `bringe ye to the Lord; brynge ye to the Lord glorie and empire.

29 Yyue ye glorie to his name, reise ye sacrifice, and come ye in his siyt; and worschipe ye the Lord in hooli fairnesse.

30 Al erthe be mouyd fro his face; for he foundide the world vnmouable.

31 Heuenes be glad, and the erthe `ioy fulli; and seie thei among naciouns, The Lord schal regne.

32 The see thundre, and his fulnesse; the feeldis fulli ioye, and alle thingis that ben in tho.

33 Thanne the trees of the forest schulen preyse bifor the Lord; for he cometh to deme the erthe.

34 Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his mersi is withouten ende.

35 And seie ye, Thou God oure sauyour, saue vs, and gadere vs, and delyuere vs fro hethen men; that we knowleche to thin hooli name, and be fulli glade in thi songis.

36 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel fro with oute bigynnyng and til `in to with outen ende; and al the puple seie, Amen, and seie heriyng to God.

37 Therfor Dauid lefte there, bifor the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, Asaph and hise britheren, for to mynystre in the siyt of the arke contynueli bi alle daies and her whilis.

38 Forsothe he ordeynede porteris, Obededom and hise britheren, eiyte and sixti, and Obededom, the sone of Idithum, and Oza.

39 Sotheli `he ordeynede Sadoch preest, and hise britheren, preestis bifor the tabernacle of the Lord, in the hiy place that was in Gabaon,

40 for to offre brent sacrifices to the Lord on the auter of brent sacrifice contynueli, in the morwetid and euentid, bi alle thingis that ben writun in the lawe of the Lord, which he comaundide to Israel.

41 And aftir hym Dauyd ordeynede Eman, and Idithum, and other chosene, ech man bi his name, for to knowleche to the Lord; for his mercy is withouten ende.

42 Also he ordeynede Eman, and Idithum, trumpynge, and schakynge cymbalis, and alle orguns of musikis, for to synge to God; forsothe he made the sones of Idithum to be portours, `ether bereris.

43 And al the puple turnede ayen in to her hows, and Dauid turnede ayen, to blesse also his hows.

Chapter 17 edit

1 Forsothe whanne Dauid dwellide in his hows, he seide to Nathan, the prophete, Lo! Y dwelle in an hows of cedris; sotheli the arke of boond of pees of the Lord is vndur skynnys.

2 And Nathan seide to Dauid, Do thou alle thingis that ben in thin herte, for God is with thee.

3 Therfor in that nyyt the word of the Lord was maad to Nathan,

4 and seide, Go thou, and speke to Dauid, my seruaunt, The Lord seith these thingis, Thou schalt not bilde to me an hows to dwelle in;

5 for Y `dwellide not in an hows, fro that tyme in which Y ledde Israel out of the lond of Egipt til to this dai, but euere Y chaungide places of tabernacle, and dwellide in a tente with al Israel.

6 Where I spak nameli to oon of the iugis of Israel, to which I comaundide that thei schulde fede my puple, and seide, Whi `bildidist thou not to me an hous of cedre?

7 Now therfor thou schalt speke thus to my seruaunt Dauid, The Lord of oostis seith these thingis, Y took thee, whanne thou suedist the floc in the lesewis, that thou schuldist be duyk on my puple Israel;

8 and Y was with thee whidur euere thou yedist, and Y killide alle thin enemyes bifor thee, and Y made to thee an name as of oon of the grete men that ben maad worschipful, ether `famouse, in erthe.

9 And Y yaf a place to my puple Israel; it schal be plauntid, and schal dwelle there ynne, and it schal no more be moued, and the sones of wickydnesse schulen not defoule hem,

10 as fro the bigynnyng, fro the daies in whiche Y yaf iugis to my puple Israel; and Y made lowe alle thin enemyes. Therfor Y telle to thee, that the Lord schal bilde an hows to thee.

11 And whanne thou hast fillid thi daies, that thou go to thi fadris, Y schal reise thi seed after thee, that schal be of thi sones, and Y schal stablische his rewme;

12 he schal bilde to me an hows, and Y schal make stidefast his seete til in to with outen ende.

13 Y schal be to hym in to a fadir, and he schal be to me in to a sone; and Y schal not do my mersi fro hym, as Y took awei fro hym that was bifore thee;

14 and Y schal ordeyne hym in myn hows and in my rewme til in to with outen ende; and his trone schal be moost stidefast with outen ende.

15 Bi alle these wordis, and bi al this reuelacioun, so Nathan spak to Dauid.

16 And whanne kyng Dauid hadde come, and hadde sete bifore the Lord, he seide, Lord God, who am Y, and what is myn hows, that thou schuldist yyue siche thingis to me?

17 But also this is seyn litil in thi siyt, and therfor thou spakest on the hows of thi seruaunt, yhe, in to tyme to comynge; and hast maad me worthi to be biholdun ouer alle men.

18 My Lord God, what may Dauid adde more, sithen thou hast so glorified thi seruaunt, and hast knowe hym?

19 Lord, for thi seruaunt thou hast do bi thin herte al this grete doyng, and woldist that alle grete thingis be knowun.

20 Lord, noon is lijk thee, and noon other God is with oute thee, of alle whiche we herden with oure eeris.

21 For who is anothir as thi puple Israel, o folc in erthe, to whom God yede, to delyuere and make a puple to hym silf, and to caste out bi his greetnesse and dredis naciouns fro the face therof, which he delyuerede fro Egipt?

22 And thou hast set thi puple Israel in to a puple to thee til in to with outen ende, and thou, Lord, art maad the God therof.

23 Now therfor, Lord, the word which thou hast spoke to thi seruaunt, and on his hows, be confermed with outen ende, and do, as thou spake;

24 and thi name dwelle, and be magnefied `with outen ende; and be it seid, The Lord of oostis is God of Israel, and the hous of Dauid, his seruaunt, dwellynge bifor hym.

25 For thou, my Lord God, hast maad reuelacioun to the eere of thi seruaunt, that thou woldist bilde to hym an hous; and therfor thi seruaunt foond trist, that he preie bifor thee.

26 Now therfor, Lord, thou art God, and hast spoke to thi seruaunt so grete benefices;

27 and thou hast bigunne to blesse the hous of thi seruaunt, that it be euer bifore thee; for, Lord, for thou blessist, it schal be blessid with outen ende.

Chapter 18 edit

1 Forsothe it was doon aftir these thingis, that Dauid smoot Filisteis, and made hem lowe, and took awey Geth and vilagis therof fro the hond of Filisteis;

2 and that he smoot Moab; and Moabitis weren maad seruauntis of Dauid, and brouyten yiftis to hym.

3 In that tyme Dauid smoot also Adadezer, kyng of Soba, of the cuntrey of Emath, whanne he yede for to alarge his empire til to the flood Eufrates.

4 Therfor Dauid took a thousynde foure horsid cartis of his, and seuene thousynde of horsmen, and twenti thousynde of foot men; and he hoxide alle the horsis of charis, outakun an hundrid foure horsid cartis, whiche he kepte to hym silf.

5 Forsothe also Sirus of Damask cam aboue, to yyue help to Adadezer, kyng of Soba, but Dauid smoot also of hise two and twenti thousynde of men;

6 and he settide kniytis in Damask, that Sirie also schulde serue hym, and brynge yiftis. And the Lord helpide hym in alle thingis to whiche he yede.

7 And Dauid took goldun arowe caasis, whiche the seruauntis of Adadezer hadden, and he brouyte tho in to Jerusalem;

8 also and of Thebath and of Chum, the citees of Adadezer, he took ful myche of bras, wherof Salomon made the brasun see, `that is, waischynge vessel, and pileris, and brasun vessels.

9 And whanne Thou, kyng of Emath, hadde herd this thing, `that is, that Dauid hadde smyte al the oost of Adadezer, kyng of Soba,

10 he sente Aduram, his sone, to Dauid the kyng, for to axe of hym pees, and for to thanke hym, for he hadde ouercome and hadde smyte Adadezer; for whi king Adadezer was aduersarie of Thou.

11 But also kyng Dauid halewide to the Lord alle the vessels of gold, and of siluer, and of bras; and the siluer, and the gold, which the kyng hadde take of alle folkis, as wel of Idumee and Moab, and of the sones of Amon, as of Filisteis and Amalech.

12 Forsothe Abisai, the sone of Saruye, smoot Edom in the valei of salt pittis, `ten and eiyte thousynde.

13 And he settide strong hold in Edom, that Ydumei schulde serue Dauid. And the Lord sauide Dauid in alle thingis, to whiche he yede.

14 Therfor Dauid regnede on al Israel, and dide doom and riytwisnesse to al his puple.

15 Forsothe Joab, the sone of Saruye, was `on the oost; and Josaphat, the sone of Ayluth, was chaunceler;

16 forsothe Sadoch, the sone of Achitob, and Achymalech, the sone of Abyathar, weren preestis; and Susa was scribe;

17 and Banaye, the sone of Joiada, was on the legiouns Cerethi and Phelethi; sotheli the sones of Dauid weren the firste at the hond of the kyng.

Chapter 19 edit

1 Forsothe it bifelde, that Naas, kyng of the sones of Amon, diede, and his sone regnyde for him.

2 And Dauid seide, Y schal do mercy with Anoon, the sone of Naas; for his fadir yaf merci to me. And Dauid sente messageris, to coumforte hym on the deeth of his fadir. And whanne thei weren comen in to the lond of the sones of Amon,

3 for to coumforte Anon, the princes of the sones of Amon seiden to Anon, In hap thou gessist, that Dauid for cause of onour in to thi fadir sente men, that schulden coumforte thee; and thou perseyuest not, that hise seruauntis ben comen to thee to aspie, and enquere, and seche thi lond.

4 Therfor Anoon made ballid and schauyde the children of Dauid, and kittide the cootis of hem fro the buttokis of hem til to the feet; and lefte hem.

5 And whanne thei hadden go, and hadden sent this to Dauid, he sente in to the meting of hem; for thei hadden suffrid greet dispit; and he comaundide, that thei schulden dwelle in Gerico, til her berde wexide, and thanne thei schulden turne ayen.

6 Forsothe the sones of Amon sien, that thei hadden do wrong to Dauid, bothe Anoon and the tother puple, and thei senten a thousynde talentis of siluer, for to hire to hem charis and horsmen of Mesopotanye and Sirie, of Maacha and of Soba;

7 and thei hiriden to hem two and thretti thousynde of charis, and the kyng of Maacha with his puple. And whanne thei weren comen, thei settiden tentis euene ayens Medaba; and the sones of Amon weren gaderid fro her citees, and camen to batel.

8 And whanne Dauid `hadde herd this, he sente Joab, and al the oost of stronge men.

9 And the sones of Amon yeden out, and dressiden scheltrun bisidis the yate of the citee; but the kyngis, that weren comen to helpe, stoden asidis half in the feeld.

10 Therfor Joab vndurstood, that batel was maad ayens hym `euene ayens and bihynde the bak, and he chees the strongeste men of al Israel, and yede ayens Sirus;

11 sotheli he yaf the residue part of the puple vnder the hond of Abisai, his brother; and thei yeden ayens the sones of Amon.

12 And Joab seide, If Sirus schal ouercome me, thou schalt helpe me; sotheli if the sones of Amon schulen ouercome thee, Y schal helpe thee; be thou coumfortid,

13 and do we manli for oure puple, and for the citees of oure God; forsothe the Lord do that, that is good in his siyt.

14 Therfor Joab yede, and the puple that was with hym, ayens Sirus to batel, and he droof hem awei.

15 Sotheli the sones of Amon sien, that Sirus hadde fled, and thei fledden fro Abisay, his brother, and entriden in to the citee; and Joab turnede ayen in to Jerusalem.

16 Forsothe Sirus siy, that he felde doun bifor Israel, and he sente messageris, and brouyte Sirus, that was biyende the flood; sotheli Sophath, the prynce of chyualrie of Adadezer, was the duyk of hem.

17 And whanne this was teld to Dauid, he gaderide al Israel, and passide Jordan; and he felde in on hem, and dresside scheltrun euene ayens hem, fiytynge ayenward.

18 `Forsothe Sirus fledde fro Israel, and Dauid killide of men of Sirie seuene thousynde of charis, and fourti thousynde of foot men, and Sophath, the prince of the oost.

19 Sotheli the seruauntis of Adadezer siyen, that thei weren ouercomun of Israel, and thei fledden ouer to Dauid, and seruiden hym; and Sirie wolde no more yyue helpe to the sones of Amon.

Chapter 20 edit

1 Forsothe it was doon after the ende of a yeer, in that tyme wherinne kyngis ben wont to go forth to batels, Joab gederide the oost, and the strengthe of chyualrie, and he wastide the lond of the sones of Amon, and yede, and bisegide Rabath; forsothe Dauid dwellide in Jerusalem, whanne Joab smoot Rabath, and distriede it.

2 Forsothe Dauid took the coroun of Melchon fro his heed, and foond therynne the weiyt of gold a talent, and moost precious iemmes, and he made therof a diademe to hym silf; also he took ful many spuylis of the citee.

3 Sotheli he ledde out the puple that was therynne, and made breris, `ethir instrumentis bi whiche cornes ben brokun, and sleddis, and irone charis, to passe on hem, so that alle men weren kit in to dyuerse partis, and weren al to-brokun; Dauid dide thus to alle the `cytees of the sones of Amon, and turnede ayen with al his puple in to Jerusalem.

4 Aftir these thingis a batel was maad in Gazer ayens Filisteis, wherynne Sobochai Vsachites slow Saphai of the kyn of Raphym, and mekide hem.

5 Also another batel was don ayens Filisteis, in which a man youun of God, the sone of forest, a man of Bethleem, killide Goliath of Geth, the brother of giauntis, of whos schaft the tre was as the beem of webbis.

6 But also another batel bifelde in Geth, in which a ful long man was, hauynge sixe fyngris, that is, togidere foure and twenti, and he was gendrid of the generacioun of Raphaym;

7 he blasfemyde Israel, and Jonathan, the sone of Samaa, brother of Dauid, killide hym. These ben the sones of Raphaym in Geth, that felden doun in the hond of Dauid and of hise seruauntis.

Chapter 21 edit

1 Sotheli Sathan roos ayens Israel, and stiride Dauid for to noumbre Israel.

2 And Dauid seide to Joab, and to the princes of the puple, Go ye, and noumbre Israel fro Bersabe til to Dan, and brynge ye the noumbre to me, that Y wite.

3 And Joab answeride, The Lord encresse his puple an hundrid fold more than thei ben; my lord the kyng, whether alle ben not thi seruauntis? Whi sekith my lord this thing, that schal be arettid in to synne to Israel?

4 But the word of the kyng hadde more the maistrie; and Joab yede out, and cumpasside al Israel, and turnede ayen in to Jerusalem.

5 And he yaf to Dauid the noumbre of hem, which he hadde cumpassid; and al the noumbre of Israel was foundun a thousynde thousande, and an hundrid thousynde of men, drawynge out swerd; forsothe of Juda weren thre hundrid thousynde, and seuenti thousynde of werriouris.

6 For Joab noumbride not Leuy and Beniamyn, for ayens his wille he dide the comaundement of the kyng.

7 Forsothe that that was comaundid displeside the Lord, and he smoot Israel.

8 And Dauid seide to God, Y synnede greetli that Y wolde do this; Y biseche, do thou awey the wickidnesse of thi seruaunt, for Y dide folili.

9 And the Lord spak to Gad, the profete of Dauid,

10 and seide, Go thou, and speke to Dauid, and seie to him, The Lord seith these thingis, Y yeue to thee the chesyng of thre thingis; chese thou oon which thou wolt, that Y do to thee.

11 And whanne Gad was comen to Dauid, he seide to Dauid, The Lord seith these thingis, Chese thou that that thou wolt, ether pestilence thre yeer,

12 ether that thre monethis thou fle thin enemyes and mow not ascape her swerd, ether that the swerd of the Lord and deeth regne thre daies in the lond, and that the aungel of the Lord slee in alle the coostis of Israel. Now therfor se thou, what Y schal answere to hym that sente me.

13 And Dauid seide to Gad, Angwischis oppresse me on ech part, but it is betere to me, that Y falle in to the hondis of the Lord, for his merciful doynges ben manye, than in to the hondis of men.

14 Therfor the Lord sente pestilence in to Israel, and seuenti thousynde of men felden doun of Israel.

15 Also he sente an aungel in to Jerusalem, that he schulde smyte it; and whanne it was smytun, the Lord siy, and hadde merci on the greetnesse of yuel; and comaundide to the aungel that smoot, It suffisith, now thin hond ceesse. Forsothe the aungel of the Lord stood bisidis the cornfloor of Ornam Jebusey.

16 And Dauid reiside hise iyen, and siy the aungel of the Lord stondynge bitwixe heuene and erthe, and a drawun swerd in his hond, and turnede ayens Jerusalem. And bothe he and the grettere men in birthe weren clothid with heiris, and felden doun lowe on the erthe.

17 And Dauid seide to the Lord, Whether Y am not that comaundide that the puple schulde be noumbrid? Y it am that synnede, Y it am that dide yuel; what disseruid this floc? My Lord God, Y biseche, thin hond be turned `in to me, and `in to the hows of my fadir; but thi puple be not smytun.

18 Forsothe an aungel of the Lord comaundide Gad, that he schulde seie to Dauid, `that he schulde stie, and bilde an auter to the Lord God in the cornfloor of Ornam Jebusei.

19 Therfor Dauid stiede bi the word of Gad, which he spak to hym bi the word of the Lord.

20 Forsothe whanne Ornam hadde `biholde, and hadde seyn the aungel, and hise foure sones `with hym `hadde seyn, thei hidden hem, for in that tyme he threischide whete in the cornfloor.

21 Therfor whanne Dauid cam to Ornam, Ornam bihelde Dauid, and yede forth fro the cornfloor ayens hym, and worschipide hym, lowli on the ground.

22 And Dauid seide to hym, Yyue the place of thi cornfloor to me, that Y bilde ther ynne an auter to the Lord; so that thou take as myche siluer as it is worth, and that the veniaunce ceesse fro the puple.

23 Forsothe Ornam seide to Dauid, Take thou, and my lord the kyng do what euer thing plesith hym; but also Y yyue oxis in to brent sacrifice, and instrumentis of tree, wherbi cornes ben throischun, in to trees, and wheete in to sacrifice; Y yyue alle thingis wilfully.

24 And `Dauid the kyng seide to hym, It schal not be don so, but Y schal yyue siluer as myche as it is worth; for Y owe not take awei fro thee, and offre so to the Lord brent sacrifices freli youun.

25 Therfor Dauid yaf to Ornam for the place sixe hundrid siclis of gold of most iust weiyte.

26 And he bildide there an auter to the Lord, and he offride brent sacrifice and pesible sacrifices, and he inwardli clepide God; and God herde hym in fier fro heuene on the auter of brent sacrifice.

27 And the Lord comaundide to the aungel, and he turnede his swerd in to the schethe.

28 Therfor anoon Dauid siy, that the Lord hadde herd hym in the corn floor of Ornam Jebusey, and he offride there slayn sacrifices.

29 Forsothe the tabernacle of the Lord, that Moyses hadde maad in the deseert, and the auter of brent sacrifices, was in that tempest in the hiy place of Gabaon;

30 and Dauid myyte not go to the auter, to biseche God there, for he was aferd bi ful greet drede, seynge the swerd of the `aungel of the Lord.

Chapter 22 edit

1 And Dauid seide, This is the hows of God, and this auter is in to brent sacrifice of Israel.

2 And he comaundide that alle conuersis fro hethenesse to the lawe of Israel `schulden be gaderid `of the lond of Israel; and he ordeynede of hem masouns for to kytte stoonys and for to polische, that the hows of the Lord schulde be bildid;

3 also Dauid made redy ful myche yrun to the nailes of the yatis, and to the medlyngis and ioyntouris, and vnnoumbrable weiyte of bras;

4 also the trees of cedre myyten not be gessid, whiche the men of Sidonye and the men of Tyre brouyten to Dauid.

5 And Dauid seide, Salomon, my sone, is a litil child and delicat; sotheli the hows, which Y wole be bildid to the Lord, owith to be sich, that it be named in alle cuntrees; therfor Y schal make redi necessaries to hym. And for this cause Dauid bifor his deeth made redi alle costis.

6 And he clepide Salomon, his sone, and comaundide to hym, that he schulde bilde an hows to the Lord God of Israel.

7 And Dauid seide to Salomon, My sone, it was my wille to bilde an hows to the name of `my Lord God;

8 but the word of the Lord was made to me, and seide, Thou hast sched out myche blood, and thou hast fouyt ful many batels; thou mayst not bilde an hows to my name, for thou hast sched out so myche blood bifor me;

9 the sone that schal be borun to thee, schal be a man most pesible, for Y schal make hym to haue reste of alle hise enemyes bi cumpas, and for this cause he schal be clepid pesible, and Y schal yyue pees and reste in Israel in alle hise daies.

10 He schal bilde an hows to my name; he schal be to me in to a sone, and Y schal be to hym in to a fadir, and Y schal make stidefast the seete of his rewme on Israel withouten ende.

11 Now therfor, my sone, the Lord be with thee, and haue thou prosperite, and bilde thou an hows to `thi Lord God, as he spak of thee.

12 And the Lord yyue to thee prudence and wit, that thou mow gouerne Israel, and kepe the lawe of `thi Lord God.

13 For thanne thou maist profite, if thou kepist the comaundementis and domes, whiche the Lord comaundide to Moises, that he schulde teche Israel; be thou coumfortid, and do manli, drede thou not `with outforth, nether drede thou `with ynne.

14 Lo! in my pouert Y haue maad redi the costis of the hows of the Lord; an hundrid thousinde talentis of gold, and a thousynde thousynde talentis of siluer; sotheli of bras and irun is no weiyte, for the noumbre is ouercomun bi greetnesse; Y haue maad redi trees and stoonys to alle costis.

15 Also thou hast ful many crafti men, masouns, and leggeris of stonys, and crafti men of trees, and of alle craftis,

16 most prudent to make werk, in gold, and siluer, and bras, and in yrun, of which is no noumbre; therfor rise thou, and make, and the Lord schal be with thee.

17 Also Dauid comaundide to alle the princis of Israel, that thei schulden helpe Salomon,

18 his sone, and seide, Ye seen, that `youre Lord God is with you, and hath youe to you reste `by cumpas, and hath bitake alle enemyes in youre hoond, and the erthe is suget bifor the Lord, and bifor his puple.

19 Therfor yyue youre hertis and youre soulis, that ye seke `youre Lord God; and rise ye togidere, and bilde ye a seyntuarie to `youre Lord God, that the arke of boond of pees of the Lord be brouyt in, and that vessels halewid to the Lord be brouyt in to the hows, which is bildid to the name of the Lord.

Chapter 23 edit

1 Therfor Dauid was eld and ful of daies, and ordeynede Salomon, his sone, kyng on Israel.

2 And he gaderide togidere alle the princes of Israel, and the preestis, and dekenes;

3 and the dekenes weren noumbrid fro twenti yeer and aboue, and eiyte and thretti thousynde of men weren foundun.

4 And foure and twenty thousynde men weren chosun of hem, and weren departid in to the seruyce of the hows of the Lord; sotheli of souereyns, and iugis, sixe thousynde;

5 forsothe foure thousynde `porteris weren, and so many syngeris, syngynge to the Lord in orguns, whiche Dauid hadde maad for to synge.

6 And Dauid departide hem bi the whilis of the sones of Leuy, that is, of Gerson, and of Caath, and Merary.

7 And the sones of Gerson weren Leedan and Semeye.

8 The sones of Leedan weren thre, the prince Jehiel, and Ethan, and Johel.

9 The sones of Semei weren thre, Salamyth, and Oziel, and Aram; these weren the princes of the meynees of Leedan.

10 Forsothe the sones of Semeye weren Leeth, and Ziza, and Yaus, and Baria, these foure weren the sones of Semei.

11 Sotheli Leeth was the formere, and Ziza the secounde; forsothe Yaus and Baria hadden not ful many sones, and therfor thei weren rikenyd in o meynee and oon hows.

12 The sones of Caath weren foure, Amram, and Ysaac, Ebron, and Oziel.

13 The sones of Amram weren Aaron and Moyses; and Aaron was departid, that he schulde mynystre in the hooli thing of hooli thingis, he and hise sones with outen ende, and to brenne encense to the Lord bi his custom, and to blesse his name with outen ende.

14 Also the sones of Moyses, man of God, weren noumbrid in the lynage of Leuy.

15 The sones of Moises weren Gerson and Elieser.

16 The sones of Gerson; `Subuhel the firste.

17 Sotheli the sones of Eliezer weren Roboya the firste, and othere sones weren not to Eliezer; forsothe the sones of Roboia weren multipliede ful miche.

18 The sones of Isaar; `Salumuth the firste.

19 The sones of Ebron; `Jerian the firste, Amarias the secounde, Jaziel the thridde, Jethamaan the fourthe.

20 The sones of Oziel; `Mycha the firste, Jesia the secounde.

21 The sones of Merari weren Mooli and Musi. The sones of Mooli weren Eleazar, and Cys.

22 Sotheli Eleazar was deed, and hadde not sones, but douytris; and the sones of Cys, the britheren of hem, weddiden hem.

23 The sones of Musi weren thre, Mooli, and Heder, and Jerymuth.

24 These weren the sones of Leuy in her kynredis and meynees, prynces bi whilis, and noumbre of alle heedis, that diden the trauel of the seruyce of the hows of the Lord, fro twenti yeer and aboue.

25 For Dauid seide, The Lord God of Israel hath youe reste to his puple, and a dwellyng in Jerusalem til in to with outen ende;

26 and it schal not be the office of dekenes for to bere more the tabernacle, and alle vessels therof for to mynystre.

27 Also bi the laste comaundementis of Dauid the noumbre of the sones of Leuy schulen be rikened fro twenti yeer and aboue;

28 and thei schulen be vndir the hond of the sones of Aaron in to the worschipe of the hows of the Lord, in porchis, and in chaumbris, and in the place of clensyng, and in the seyntuarie, and in alle werkis of the seruyce of the temple of the Lord.

29 Forsothe preestis schulen be ouer the looues of proposicioun, and to the sacrifice of flour, and to the pastis sodun in watir, and to the therf looues, and friyng panne, and to hoot flour, and to seenge, and ouer al weiyte and mesure.

30 Forsothe the dekenes schulen be, that thei stonde eerli, for to knowleche and synge to the Lord, and lijk maner at euentide,

31 as wel in the offryng of brent sacrifices of the Lord, as in sabatis, and kalendis, and othere solempnytees, bi the noumbre and cerymonyes of eche thing contynueli bifor the Lord;

32 and that thei kepe the obseruaunces of the tabernacle of the boond of pees of the Lord, and the custum of the seyntuarie, and the obseruaunce of the sones of Aaron, her britheren, that thei mynystre in the hows of the Lord.

Chapter 24 edit

1 Forsothe to the sones of Aaron these porciouns schulen be; the sones of Aaron weren Nadab, and Abyud, Eleazar, and Ythamar;

2 but Nadab and Abyud weren deed with out fre children bifor her fadir, and Eleazar and Ythamar weren set in presthod.

3 And Dauith departide hem, that is, Sadoch, of the sones of Eleazar, and Achymelech, of the sones of Ithamar, by her whiles and seruyce;

4 and the sones of Eleazar weren founden many mo in the men princes, than the sones of Ythamar. Forsothe he departide to hem, that is, to the sones of Eleazar, sixtene prynces bi meynees; and to the sones of Ythamar eiyte prynces bi her meynees and howsis.

5 Sotheli he departide euer eithir meynees among hem silf bi lottis; for there weren princes of the seyntuarye, and princes of the hows of God, as wel of the sones of Eleazar as of the sones of Ithamar.

6 And Semeye, the sone of Nathanael, a scribe of the lynage of Leuy, discriuede hem bifore the king and pryncis, and bifor Sadoch, the preest, and Achymelech, the sone of Abiathar, and to the prynces of meynees of the preestis and of the dekenes; he discriuyde oon hows of Eleazar, that was souereyn to othere, and `the tother hows of Ithamar, that hadde othere vndir hym.

7 Forsothe the firste lot yede out to Joiarib, the secounde to Jedeie,

8 the thridde to Aharym, the fourthe to Seorym,

9 the fyuethe to Melchie,

10 the sixte to Maynan, the seuenthe to Accos,

11 the eiythe to Abia, the nynthe to Hieusu, the tenthe to Sechema, the elleuenthe to Eliasib,

12 the tweluethe to Jacyn,

13 the thrittenthe to Opha, the fourtenthe to Isbaal,

14 the fiftenthe to Abelga, the sixtenthe to Emmer,

15 the seuententhe to Ezir, the eiytenthe to Ahapses, the nyntenthe to Pheseye,

16 the twentithe to Jezechel,

17 the oon and twentithe to Jachym, the two and twentithe to Gamul, the thre and twentithe to Dalayam,

18 the foure and twentithe to Mazzian.

19 These weren the whilis of hem bi her mynysteries, that thei entre in to the hows of God, and bi her custom vndur the hond of Aaron, her fadir, as the Lord God of Israel comaundide.

20 Forsothe Sebahel was prince of the sones of Leuy that weren resydue, of the sones of Amram; and the sone of Sebahel was Jedeie;

21 also Jesie was prince of the sones of Roobie.

22 Sotheli Salomoth was prince of Isaaris; and the sone of Salamoth was Janadiath;

23 and his firste sone was Jeriuans, `Amarie the secounde, Azihel the thridde, `Jethmoan the fourthe.

24 The sone of Ozihel was Mycha; the sone of Mycha was Samyr;

25 the brother of Mycha was Jesia; and the sone of Jesia was Zacharie.

26 The sones of Merary weren Mooli and Musi; the sone of Josyan was Bennon;

27 and the sone of Merarie was Ozian, and Soen, and Zaccur, and Hebri.

28 Sotheli the sone of Mooli was Eleazar, that hadde not fre sones; forsothe the sone of Cys was Jeremyhel;

29 the sones of Musy weren Mooli,

30 Eder, Jerymuth. These weren the sones of Leuy, bi the housis of her meynees.

31 Also and thei senten lottis ayens her britheren, the sones of Aaron, bifor Dauid the kyng, and bifor Sadoch, and Achymelech, and the princes of meynees of preestis and of dekenes; lot departide euenli alle, bothe the gretter and the lesse.

Chapter 25 edit

1 Therfor Dauid, and the magestratis of the oost, departiden in to the seruyce the sones of Asaph, and of Eman, and of Idithum, whiche schulden profecye in harpis, and sawtrees, and cymbalis, bi her noumbre, and serue the office halewid to hem.

2 Of the sones of Asaph; Zaccur, and Joseph, and Nathania, and Asarela; sotheli the sones of Asaph vndir the hond of Asaph profesieden bisidis the kyng.

3 Forsothe the sones of Idithum weren these; Idithum, Godolie, Sori, Jesie, and Sabaie, and Mathatie, sixe; vndur the hond of hir fadir Idithum, that profesiede in an harpe on men knoulechynge and preysynge the Lord.

4 Also the sones of Heman weren Heman, Boccia, Mathanya, Oziel, Subuhel, and Jerymoth, Ananye, Anan, Elyatha, Gaeldothi, and Romenthi, Ezer, and Jesbacasi, Melothy, Othir, Mazioth;

5 alle these sones of Heman weren profetis of the kyng in the wordis of God, that he schulde enhaunse the horn. And God yaf to Heman fourtene sones, and thre douytris.

6 Alle vndur the hond of her fadir weren `delid, ethir asigned, to synge in the temple of the Lord, in cymbalis, and sawtrees, and harpis, in to the seruyces of the hows of the Lord nyy the kyng, that is to seie, Asaph, and Idithum, and Heman.

7 Sotheli the noumbre of hem with her britheren, that tauyten the songe of the Lord, alle the techeris, was twey hundrid `foure scoor and eiyte.

8 And thei senten lottis bi her whiles euenli, as wel the gretter as the lesse, also a wijs man and vnwijs.

9 And the firste lot yede out to Joseph, that was of Asaph; the secounde to Godolie, to hym, and hise sones and hise britheren twelue;

10 the thridde to Zaccur, to hise sones and hise bretheren twelue;

11 the fourthe to Isary, to hise sones and hise britheren twelue; the fyuethe to Nathanye,

12 to hise sones and hise britheren twelue;

13 the sixte to Boccian, to hise sones and hise britheren twelue;

14 the seuenthe to Israhela, to hise sones and britheren twelue;

15 the eiythe to Isaie, to his sones and britheren twelue;

16 the nynthe to Mathany, to his sones and britheren twelue;

17 the tenthe to Semei, to his sones and britheren twelue;

18 the elleuenthe to Ezrahel, to hise sones and britheren twelue;

19 the tweluethe to Asabie, to his sones and britheren twelue;

20 the thrittenthe to Subahel, to hise sones and britheren twelue;

21 the fourtenthe to Mathathatie, to hise sones and britheren twelue; the fiftenthe to Jerymoth,

22 to hise sones and britheren twelue;

23 the sixtenthe to Ananye, to hise sones and britheren twelue;

24 the seuententhe to Jesbocase, to hise sones and britheren twelue;

25 the eiytenthe to Annam, to hise sones and britheren twelue;

26 the nyntenthe to Mollothi, to hise sones and britheren twelue; the twentithe to Eliatha,

27 to hise sones and britheren twelue;

28 the oon and twentithe to Othir, to hise sones and britheren twelue;

29 the two and twentithe to Godoliathi, to hise sones and britheren twelue; the thre and twentithe to Mazioth,

30 to hise sones and britheren twelue;

31 the foure and twentithe to Romonathiezer, to his sones and britheren twelue.

Chapter 26 edit

1 Forsothe these weren the departingis of porteris; of the sones of Chore, Mellesemye was the sone of Chore, of the sones of Asaph.

2 The sones of Mellesemie weren Zacharie the firste gendrid, Jedihel the secounde, Zabadie the thridde, Yathanyel the fourthe,

3 Aylam the fifthe, Johannan the sixte, Helioenay the seuenthe.

4 Forsothe the sones of Ebededom weren these; Semey the firste gendrid, Jozabab the secounde, Joaha the thridde, Seccar the fourthe, Nathanael the fyuethe,

5 Amyhel the sixte, Isachar the seuenthe, Pollathi the eiythe, for the Lord blesside hym.

6 Forsothe to Semeye, his sone, weren borun sones, souereyns of her meynees; for thei weren ful stronge men.

7 Therfor the sones of Semeye weren Othyn, and Raphael, and Obediel, and Zadab; and hise britheren, ful stronge men; also Helyu, and Samathie.

8 Alle these weren of the sones of Obededom; thei and her sones and britheren, ful stronge men for to serue, two and sixti of Obededom.

9 Sotheli of Mellesemeye, the sones and britheren, ful stronge, `weren eiytene.

10 Forsothe of Oza, that is, of the sones of Merarie, Sechri was prince; for he hadde no firste gendrid, and therfor his fadir settide hym in to prince;

11 and Elchias the secounde, Thebelias the thridde, Zacarie the fourthe; alle these threttene weren the sones and britheren of Osa.

12 These weren departid in to porteris, that euere the princes of kepyngis, as also her britheren, schulden mynystre in the hows of the Lord.

13 Therfor lottis weren sent euenly, bothe to the litle and to the grete, bi her meyneeis, in to ech of the yatis.

14 Therfor the lot of the eest bifelde to Semelie; forsothe the north coost bifelde bi lot to Zacarie, his sone, a ful prudent man and lernd;

15 sotheli to Obededom and hise sones at the southe, in which part of the hows the counsel of the eldre men was;

16 Sephyma and Thosa weren at the west, bisidis the yate that ledith to the weie of stiyng, kepyng ayens kepyng.

17 Sotheli at the eest weren sixe dekenes, and at the north weren foure bi dai; and at the south also weren foure at the myddai; and, where the counsel was, weren tweyne and tweyne.

18 And in the sellis, ethir `litle housis, of porteris at the west, weren foure in the weie, and tweyne bi the sellis.

19 These weren the departyngis of porteris, of the sones of Chore and of Merary.

20 Forsothe Achias was ouer the tresours of the hows of the Lord, and ouer the vessels of hooli thingis.

21 The sones of Leedan, the sone of Gerson; of Leedan weren the princis of meynees of Leedan, and of Gerson, and of Jehiel.

22 The sones of Jehiel weren, Zethan, and Johel, his brother, ouer the tresours of the hows of the Lord,

23 Amramytis, and Isaaritis, and Ebronytis, and Ezielitis.

24 Forsothe Subahel, the sone of Gerson, sone of Moises, was souereyn of the tresour;

25 and his brother, Eliezer; whos sone was Raabia; and his sone was Asaye; his sone was Joram; and his sone was Zechry; but and his sone was Selemith.

26 Thilke Selemith, and his britheren, weren ouer the tresours of hooli thingis, whiche `Dauid the kyng halewide, and the princes of meynees, and the tribunes, and the centuriouns, and the duykis of the oost,

27 of the batels, and of the spuylis of batels, whiche thei halewiden to the reparacioun and purtenaunce of the temple of the Lord.

28 Forsothe Samuel, the prophete, halewide alle these thingis, and Saul, the sone of Cys, and Abner, the sone of Ner, and Joab, the sone of Saruye; and alle halewiden tho thingis bi the hond of Salemyth, and of his britheren.

29 Sotheli Chonenye was souereyn and hise sones to Isaaritis, to the werkis with outforth on Israel, to teche and to deme hem.

30 Sotheli of Ebronytis, Asabie, and Sabie, and hise britheren, ful stronge men, a thousynde and seuene hundrid, weren souereyns on Israel biyende Jordan ayens the weste, in alle the werkis of the Lord, and in to the seruyce of the kyng.

31 Forsothe Herie was prynce of Ebronytis, bi her meynees and kynredis. In the fourtithe yeer of the rewme of Dauid there weren noumbred and foundun ful stronge men in Jazer Galaad;

32 and hise britheren, of strongere age, twei thousynde and seuene hundrid, princes of meynees. Sotheli `Dauid the kyng made hem souereyns of Rubenytis and Gaditis, and of the half lynage of Manasses, `in to al the seruyce of God and of the kyng.

Chapter 27 edit

1 Forsothe the sones of Israel bi her noumbre, the princes of meynees, the tribunes, and centuriouns, and prefectis, that mynystriden to the kyng bi her cumpenyes, entrynge and goynge out bi ech monethe in the yeer, weren souereyns, ech bi hym silf, on foure and twenti thousynde.

2 Isiboam, the sone of Zabdihel, was souereyn of the firste cumpenye in the firste monethe, and vndur hym weren foure and twenti thousynde;

3 of the sones of Fares was the prince of alle princes in the oost, in the firste monethe.

4 Dudi Achoites hadde the cumpany of the secounde monethe, and aftir hym silf he hadde another man, Macelloth bi name, that gouernede a part of the oost of foure and twenti thousynde.

5 And Bananye, the sone of Joiada, the preest, was duyk of the thridde cumpenye in the thridde monethe, and four and twenti thousynde in his departyng;

6 thilke is Bananye, the strongest among thritti, and aboue thritti; forsothe Amyzadath, his sone, was souereyn of his cumpenye.

7 In the fourthe monethe, the fourthe prince was Asahel, the brother of Joab, and Zabadie, his sone, aftir hym, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.

8 In the fifthe monethe, the fifthe prince was Samoth Jezarites, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpenye.

9 In the sixte monethe, the sixte prince was Ira, the sone of Actes, Techuytes, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.

10 In the seuenthe monethe, the seuenthe prince was Helles Phallonites, of the sones of Effraym, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.

11 In the eiythe monethe, the eiythe prince was Sobothai Assothites, of the generacioun of Zarai, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.

12 In the nynthe monethe, the nynthe prince was Abiezer Anathotites, of the generacioun of Gemyny, and foure and tweynti thousynde in his cumpeny.

13 In the tenthe monethe, the tenthe prince was Maray, and he was Neophatites, of the generacioun of Zaray, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpany.

14 In the elleuenthe monethe, the elleuenthe prince was Banaas Pharonytes, of the sones of Effraym, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.

15 In the tweluethe monethe, the tweluethe prince was Holdia Nethophatites, of the generacioun of Gothonyel, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.

16 Forsothe these weren souereyns of the lynages of Israel; duyk Eliezer, sone of Zechri, was souereyn to Rubenytis; duyk Saphacie, sone of Maacha, was souereyn to Symeonytis;

17 Asabie, the sone of Chamuel, was souereyn to Leuytis; Sadoch `was souereyn to Aaronytis;

18 Elyu, the brothir of Dauid, `was souereyn to the lynage of Juda; Amry, the sone of Mychael, `was souereyn to Isacharitis;

19 Jesmaye, the sone of Abdie, was souereyn to Zabulonytis; Jerymuth, the sone of Oziel, `was souereyn to Neptalitis;

20 Ozee, the sone of Ozazym, `was souereyn to the sones of Effraym; Johel, the sone of Phatae, was souereyn to the half lynage of Manasses;

21 and Jaddo, the sone of Zacarie, `was souereyn to the half lynage of Manasses in Galaad; sotheli Jasihel, the sone of Abner, `was souereyn to Beniamyn; forsothe Ezriel,

22 the sone of Jeroam, was souereyn to Dan; these weren the princes of the sones of Israel.

23 Forsothe Dauid nolde noumbre hem with ynne twenti yeer, for the Lord seide, that he wolde multiplie Israel as the sterris of heuene.

24 Joab, the sone of Saruye, bigan for to noumbre, and he fillide not; for ire fel on Israel for this thing, and therfor the noumbre of hem, that weren noumbrid, was not teld in to the bookis of cronyclis of kyng Dauid.

25 Forsothe Azymoth, the sone of Adihel, was on the tresouris of the kyng; but Jonathan, the sone of Ozie, was souereyn of these tresours, that weren in cytees, and in townes, and in touris.

26 Sotheli Ezri, the sone of Chelub, was souereyn on the werk of hosebondrie, and on erthe tiliers, that tiliden the lond;

27 and Semeye Ramathites was souereyn on tilieris of vyneris; sotheli Zabdie Aphonytes was souereyn on the wyn celeris;

28 for Balanam Gadaritis was on the olyue placis, and fige places, that weren in the feeldi places; sotheli Joas was on the schoppis, `ether celeris, of oile;

29 forsothe Cethray Saronytis `was souereyn of the droues, that weren lesewid in Sarena; and Saphat, the sone of Abdi, was ouer the oxis in valeys;

30 sotheli Vbil of Ismael was ouer the camelis; and Jadye Meronathites was ouer the assis; and Jazir Aggarene was ouer the scheep;

31 alle these weren princes of the catel of kyng Dauid.

32 Forsothe Jonathas, brother of `Dauithis fader, was a councelour, a myyti man, and prudent, and lettrid; he and Jahiel, the sone of Achamony, weren with the sones of the kyng.

33 Also Achitofel was a counselour of the kyng; and Chusi Arachites was a frend of the kyng.

34 Aftir Achitofel was Joiada, the sone of Banaye, and Abyathar; but Joab was prince of the oost of the kyng.

Chapter 28 edit

1 Therfor Dauid clepide togidere alle the princes of Israel, the duykis of lynagis, and the souereyns of cumpenyes, that `mynystriden to the kyng, also the tribunes, and centuriouns, and hem that weren souereyns ouer the catel and possessiouns of the kyng, and hise sones, with `nurchis, and techeris, and alle the myyti and strongeste men in the oost of Jerusalem.

2 And whanne the kyng hadde rise, and `hadde stonde, he seide, My britheren and my puple, here ye me. Y thouyte for to bilde an hows, wherynne the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, and the stool of the feet of oure God schulde reste; and Y made redi alle thingis to bilde.

3 But God seide to me, Thou schalt not bilde an hows to my name, for thou art a man werriour, and hast sched blood.

4 But the Lord God of Israel chees me of al the hows of my fadir, that Y schulde be kyng on Israel with outen ende; for of Juda he chees princes, sotheli of the hows of Juda he chees the hows of my fadir, and of the sones of my fadir it pleside hym to chese me kyng on al Israel.

5 But also of my sones, for the Lord yaf to me many sones, he chees Salomon, my sone, that he schulde sitte in the troone of the rewme of the Lord on Israel.

6 And he seide to me, Salomon, thi sone, schal bilde myn hows, and myn auters; for Y haue chose hym to me in to a sone, and Y schal be to hym in to a fadir;

7 and Y schal make stidefast his rewme til in to with outen ende, if he schal contynue to do myn heestis and domes, as and to dai.

8 Now therfor bifor al the cumpeny of Israel, `Y seie these thingis that suen in the heryng of God, kepe ye and seke ye alle the comaundementis of `youre Lord God, that ye haue in possessioun a good lond, and that ye leeue it to youre sones aftir you til in to with outen ende.

9 But thou, Salomon, my sone, knowe the God of thi fadir, and serue thou hym with perfit herte, and wilful soule; for the Lord serchith alle hertis, and vndirstondith alle thouytis of soulis; if thou sekist hym, thou schalt fynde hym; forsothe if thou forsakist hym, he schal caste thee awei with outen ende.

10 Now therfor, for the Lord chees thee, for to bilde the hows of seyntuarie, be thou coumfortid, and parforme.

11 Forsothe Dauid yaf to Salomon, his sone, the discryuyng, `ether ensaumple, of the porche, and of the temple, and of celeris, and of the soler, and of closetis in pryuy places, and of the hows of propiciacioun, `that is, of mersi;

12 also and of alle thingis whiche he thouyte of the large places, and of chaumbris bi cumpas, in to the tresours of the hows of the Lord, and `in to the tresours of holi thingis,

13 and of the departyngis of preestis and of dekenes, in to alle the werkis of the hows of the Lord, and alle vessels of the seruyce of the temple of the Lord.

14 Of gold in weiyte bi ech vessel of the seruyce, and of siluer, for dyuersitee of vessels, and of werkis;

15 but also to goldun candilstikis, and to her lanternes, he yaf gold, for the mesure of ech candilstike and lanternes; also and in silueren candilstikis, and in her lanternes, he bitook the weiyte of siluer, for the dyuersite of mesure.

16 Also and he yaf gold in to the bord of settyng forth, for the dyuersite of mesure, also and he yaf siluer in to othere siluerne boordis;

17 also to fleisch hookis, and viols, and censeris of pureste gold; and to litle goldun lyouns, for the maner of mesure, he departide a weiyte in to a litil lyoun and a litil lioun; also and in to siluerne liouns he departide dyuerse weiyte of siluer.

18 Forsothe he yaf pureste gold to the auter, wherynne encense was brent, that a lickenesse of the cart of cherubyns, holdinge forth wyngis, and hilynge the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, schulde be maad therof.

19 Dauid seide, Alle thingis camen writun bi the hond of the Lord to me, that Y schulde vndirstonde alle the werkis of the saumpler.

20 And Dauid seide to Salomon, his sone, Do thou manli, and be thou coumfortid, and make; drede thou not `with outforth, nether drede thou `with ynne; for `my Lord God schal be with thee, and he schal not leeue thee, nether schal forsake thee, til thou performe al the werk of the seruyce of the hows of the Lord.

21 Lo! the departyngis of prestis and of dekenes, in to al the werk of the seruyce of the hows of the Lord, schulen stonde niy thee; and thei ben redi, and bothe the princes and the puple kunnen do alle thi comaundementis.

Chapter 29 edit

1 And kyng Dauid spak to al the chirche, God hath chose Salomon, my sone, yit a child and tendre; forsothe the werk is greet, and a dwellyng is not maad redi to man but to God.

2 Sotheli Y in alle my myytis haue maad redi the costis of the hows of my God; gold to goldun vessels, siluer in to siluerne vessels, bras in to brasun vessels, irun in to irun vessels, tre in to trenun vessels, onychyn stonys, and stonys as of the colour of wymmens oynement, and ech precious stoon of dyuerse colouris, and marbil of dyuerse colouris, most plenteuously.

3 And ouer these thingis Y yyue gold and siluer in to the temple of my God, whiche Y offride of my propir catel in to the hows of my God, outakun these thingis whiche Y made redi in to the hooli hows,

4 thre thousynde talentis of gold, of the gold of Ophir, and seuene thousynde of talentis of siluer most preuyd, to ouergilde the wallis of the temple;

5 and werkis be maad bi the hondis of crafti men, where euere gold is nedeful, of gold, and where euere siluer is nedeful, of siluer; and if ony man offrith bi his fre wille, fille he his hond to dai, and offre he that that he wole to the Lord.

6 Therfor the princes of meynees, and the duykis of the lynagis of Israel, and the tribunes, and the centuriouns, and the princes of the possessiouns of the kyng, bihiyten;

7 and thei yauen in to the werkis of the hows of the Lord, fyue thousynde talentis of gold, and ten thousynde schyllyngis; ten thousynde talentis of siluer, and eiytene thousynde talentis of bras, and an hundrid thousynde of talentis of irun.

8 And at whom euere stoonys were foundun, thei yauen in to the tresour of the hows of the Lord, bi the hond of Jehiel Gersonyte.

9 And the puple was glad, whanne thei bihiyten avowis bi her fre wille, for with al the herte thei offriden tho to the Lord. But also kyng Dauid was glad with greet ioye, and blesside the Lord bifor al the multitude,

10 and seide, Lord God of Israel, oure fadir, thou art blessid fro with outen bigynnyng in to with outen ende;

11 Lord, worthi doyng is thin, and power, and glorie, and victorie, and heriyng is to thee; for alle thingis that ben in heuene and in erthe ben thine; Lord, the rewme is thin, and thou art ouer alle princes; ritchessis ben thin, and glorie is thin;

12 thou art Lord of alle; in thin hond is vertu, and power, and in thin hond is greetnesse, and lordschipe of alle.

13 Now therfor, oure God, we knoulechen to thee, and we herien thi noble name.

14 Who am Y, and who is my puple, that we moun bihete alle these thingis to thee? Alle thingis ben thine, and we han youe to thee tho thingis, whiche we token of thin hond.

15 For we ben pilgrimes and comelyngis bifor thee, as alle oure fadris; oure daies ben as schadewe on the erthe, and `no dwellyng is.

16 Oure Lord God, al this plentee which we han maad redi, that an hows schulde be byldid to thin hooli name, is of thin hond; and alle thingis ben thin.

17 My God, Y woot, that thou preuest hertis, and louest symplenesse of herte; wherfor and Y, in the symplenesse of myn herte, haue offrid gladli alle these thingis; and Y siy with greet ioye thi puple, which is foundun here, offre yiftis to thee.

18 Lord God of Abraham, and of Ysaac, and of Israel, oure fadris, kepe thou with outen ende this wille of her hertis; and this mynde dwelle euere in to the worschipyng of thee.

19 Also yyue thou to Salomon, my sone, a perfit herte, that he kepe thin heestis, and witnessyngis, and thi ceremonyes; and do alle thingis, and that he bilde the hows, whose costis Y haue maad redi.

20 Forsothe Dauid comaundide to al the chirche, Blesse ye `oure Lord God. And al the chirche blesside the Lord God of her fadris, and thei bowiden hem silf, and worschipiden God, aftirward the kyng.

21 And thei offriden slayn sacrifices to the Lord, and thei offriden brent sacrifices in the dai suynge; a thousynde boolis, and a thousynde rammes, and a thousynde lambren, with her fletynge sacrifices, and al the custom, most plenteuously, in to al Israel.

22 And thei eten and drunken bifor the Lord in that dai, with greet gladnesse. And thei anoyntiden the secounde tyme Salomon, the sone of Dauid; and thei anoyntiden hym in to prince to the Lord, and Sadoch in to bischop.

23 And Salomon sat on the trone of the Lord in to kyng, for Dauid, his fadir; and it pleside alle men, and al Israel obeiede to hym.

24 But also alle princes, and myyti men, and alle the sones of kyng Dauid, yauen hond, and weren suget to `Salomon the kyng.

25 Therfor the Lord magnefiede Salomon on al Israel, and yaue to hym glorie of the rewme, what maner glorie no kyng of Israel hadde bifor hym.

26 Therfor Dauid, the sone of Ysai, regnede on al Israel;

27 and the daies in whiche he regnede on Israel weren fourti yeer; in Ebron he regnede seuene yeer, and in Jerusalem thre and thretti yeer.

28 And he diede in good eelde, and was ful of daies, and richessis, and glorie; and Salomon, his sone, regnede for hym.

29 Forsothe the formere and the laste dedis of Dauid ben writun in the book of Samuel, the prophete, and in the book of Nathan, prophete, and in the book of Gad, the prophete;

30 and of al his rewme, and strengthe, and tymes, that passiden vndur hym, ethir in Israel, ethir in alle rewmes of londis.