43505Wycliffe's Bible — Laodicensis

Chapter 1 edit

1 Poul, apostle, not of men, ne by man, but bi Jhesu Crist, `to the britheren that ben at Laodice,

2 grace to you, and pees of God the fadir, and of the Lord Jhesu Crist.

3 I do thankyngis to my God bi al my preier, that ye be dwelling and lastyng in him, abiding the biheest in the day of doom.

4 For neithir the veyn spekyng of summe vnwise men hath lettide you, the whiche wolden turne you fro the treuthe of the gospel, that is prechid of me.

5 And now hem that ben of me, to the profiyt of truthe of the gospel, God schal make disseruyng, and doyng benygnyte of werkis, and helthe of euerlasting lijf.

6 And now my boondis ben open, which Y suffre in Crist Jhesu, in whiche Y glade and ioie.

7 And that is to me to euerlastyng helthe, that this same thing be doon by youre preiers, and mynystryng of the Holi Goost, either bi lijf, either bi deeth.

8 Forsothe to me it is lijf to lyue in Crist, and to die ioie.

9 And his mercy schal do in you the same thing, that ye moun haue the same loue, and that ye be of oo will.

10 Therfore, ye weel biloued britheren, holde ye, and do ye in the dreede of God, as ye han herde the presence of me; and lijf schal be to you withouten eende.

11 Sotheli it is God that worchith in you.

12 And, my weel biloued britheren, do ye without eny withdrawyng what euer thingis ye don.

13 Joie ye in Crist, and eschewe ye men defoulid in lucre, `either foul wynnyng.

14 Be alle youre askyngis open anentis God, and be ye stidefast in the witt of Crist.

15 And do ye tho thingis that ben hool,

16 and trewe, `and chaast, and iust, and able to be loued; and kepe ye in herte tho thingis that ye haue herd and take;

17 and pees schal be to you.

18 Alle holi men greten you weel.

19 The grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with youre spirit.

20 And do ye that pistil of Colocensis to be red to you.