Bible (Wycliffe)/2 Paralipomenon

43442Wycliffe's Bible — 2 Paralipomenon

Chapter 1 edit

1 Therfor Salomon, the sone of Dauid, was coumfortid in his rewme, and the Lord was with hym, and magnefiede hym an hiy.

2 And Salomon comaundide to al Israel, to tribunes, and centuriouns, and to duykis, and domesmen of al Israel, and to the princes of meynees;

3 and he yede with al the multitude in to the hiy place of Gabaon, where the tabernacle of boond of pees of the Lord was, which tabernacle Moyses, the seruaunt of the Lord, made in wildirnesse.

4 Forsothe Dauid hadde brouyt the arke of God fro Cariathiarym in to the place which he hadde maad redy to it, and where he hadde set a tabernacle to it, that is, in to Jerusalem.

5 And the brasun auter, which Beseleel, the sone of Vri, sone of Vr, hadde maad, was there bifor the tabernacle of the Lord; whiche also Salomon and al the chirche souyte.

6 And Salomon stiede to the brasun autir, bifor the tabernacle of boond of pees of the Lord, and offride in it a thousynde sacrifices.

7 Lo! `forsothe in that nyyt God apperide to hym, `and seide, Axe that that thou wolt, that Y yyue to thee.

8 And Salomon seide to God, Thou hast do greet mersi with Dauid, my fadir, and hast ordeyned me kyng for hym.

9 Now therfor, Lord God, thi word be fillid, which thou bihiytist to Dauid, my fadir; for thou hast maad me kyng on thi greet puple, which is so vnnoumbrable as the dust of erthe.

10 Yiue thou to me wisdom and vndurstondyng, that Y go in and go out bifor thi puple; for who may deme worthili this thi puple, which is so greet?

11 Sotheli God seide to Salomon, For this thing pleside more thin herte, and thou axidist not richessis, and catel, and glorie, nether the lyues of them that hatiden thee, but nether ful many daies of lijf; but thou axidist wisdom and kunnyng, that thou maist deme my puple, on which Y ordeynede thee kyng,

12 wisdom and kunnyng ben youun to thee; forsothe Y schal yyue to thee richessis, and catel, and glorie, so that noon among kyngis, nether bifor thee nethir aftir thee, be lijk thee.

13 Therfor Salomon cam fro the hiy place of Gabaon in to Jerusalem, bifor the tabernacle of boond of pees, and he regnede on Israel.

14 And he gaderide to hym chaaris and knyytis, and a thousynde and foure hundrid charis weren maad to hym, and twelue thousynde of knyytis; and he made hem to be in the citees of cartis, and with the kyng in Jerusalem.

15 And the kyng yaf in Jerusalem gold and siluer as stoonys, and cedris as sicomoris, that comen forth in feeldi places in greet multitude.

16 Forsothe horsis weren brouyt to hym fro Egipt, and fro Choa, bi the marchauntis of the kyng, whiche yeden, and bouyten bi prijs,

17 `a foure `horsid carte for sixe hundrid platis of siluer, and an hors for an hundrid and fifti. In lijk maner biyng was maad of alle the rewmes of citees, and of the kingis of Sirie.

Chapter 2 edit

1 Forsothe Salomon demyde to bilde an hows to the name of the Lord, and a paleis to hym silf.

2 And he noumbride seuenti thousynde of men berynge in schuldris, and fourescore thousynde that schulden kitte stoonys in hillis; and the souereyns of hem thre thousynde and sixe hundrid.

3 And he sente to Iram, kyng of Tire, and seide, As thou didist with my fadir Dauid, and sentist to hym trees of cedre, that he schulde bilde to hym an hows, in which also he dwellide;

4 so do thou with me, that Y bilde an hows to the name of `my Lord God, and that Y halewe it, to brenne encense bifor hym, and to make odour of swete smellynge spiceries, and to euerlastynge settynge forth of looues, and to brent sacrifices in the morewtid and euentid, and in sabatis, and neomenyes, and solempnytees of `oure Lord God in to with outen ende, that ben comaundid to Israel.

5 For the hows which Y coueyte to bilde is greet; for `oure Lord God is greet ouer alle goddis.

6 Who therfor may haue myyt to bilde a worthi hows to hym? For if heuene and the heuenes of heuenes moun not take hym, hou greet am Y, that Y may bilde `an hows to hym, but to this thing oonli, that encense be brent bifor hym?

7 Therfor sende thou to me a lernd man, that can worche in gold, and siluer, bras, and yrun, purpur, rede silke, and iacynct; and that can graue in grauyng with these crafti men, which Y haue with me in Judee and Jerusalem, whiche Dauid, my fadir, made redi.

8 But also sende thou to me cedre trees, and pyne trees, and thyne trees of the Liban; for Y woot, that thi seruauntis kunnen kitte trees of the Liban; and my seruauntis schulen be with thi seruauntis,

9 that ful many trees be maad redi to me; for the hows which Y coueyte to bilde is ful greet and noble.

10 Ferthermore to thi seruauntis, werk men that schulen kitte trees, Y schal yyue in to meetis twenti thousynde chorus of whete, and so many chorus of barli, and twenti thousynde mesuris of oile, that ben clepid sata.

11 Forsothe Iram, king of Tire, seide bi lettris whiche he sente to Salomon, For the Lord louyde his puple, therfor he made thee to regne on it.

12 And he addide, seiynge, Blessid be the Lord God of Israel, that made heuene and erthe, which yaf to `Dauid the kyng a wijs sone, and lernd, and witti, and prudent, that he schulde bilde an hows to the Lord, and a paleis to hym silf.

13 Therfor Y sente to thee a prudent man and moost kunnynge, Iram,

14 my fadir, the sone of a womman of the lynage of Dan, whos fadir was a man of Tire; whiche Iram can worche in gold, and siluer, bras, and irun, and marble, and trees, also in purpur, and iacynct, and bijs, and rede silke; and which Iram can graue al grauyng, and fynde prudentli, what euer thing is nedeful in werk with thi crafti men, and with the crafti men of my lord Dauid, thi fadir.

15 Therfor, my lord, sende thou to thi seruauntis the whete, and barli, and oyle, and wyn, whiche thou bihiytist.

16 Sotheli we schulen kitte trees of the Liban, how many euere thou hast nedeful; and we schulen brynge tho in schippis bi the see in to Joppe; forsothe it schal be thin to lede tho ouer in to Jerusalem.

17 Therfor Salomon noumbride alle men conuertid fro hethenesse, that weren in the lond of Israel, aftir the noumbryng which Dauid, his fadir, noumbride; and an hundrid thousynde and thre and fifti thousynde and sixe hundrid weren foundun.

18 And he made of hem seuenti thousynde, that schulden bere birthuns in schuldris, and `foure score thousynde, that schulden kitte stonys in hillis; sotheli he made thre thousynde and sixe hundrid souereyns of werkis of the puple.

Chapter 3 edit

1 And Salomon bigan to bilde the hows of the Lord in Jerusalem, in the hil of Moria, that was schewid to Dauid, his fadir, in the place which Dauid hadde maad redi in the corn floor of Ornam Jebusei.

2 Forsothe he bigan to bilde in the secounde monethe, in the fourthe yeer of his rewme.

3 And these weren the foundementis, whiche Salomon settide, that he schulde bilde the hous of God; sixti cubitis of lengthe in the firste mesure, twenti cubitis of breede.

4 Forsothe he bildide a porche bifor the frount, that was stretchid forth along bisidis the mesure of the breede of the hows, of twenti cubitis, sotheli the hiynesse was of an hundrid and twenti cubitis; and he ouergilde it with inne with clennest gold.

5 Also he hilide the gretter hows with tablis of beech, and he fastnede platis of gold of beste colour al aboute; and he grauyde therynne palmtrees, and as smale chaynes biclipynge hem silf togidere.

6 And he arayede the pawment of the temple with most preciouse marble, in myche fairenesse.

7 Forsothe the gold was moost preued, of whose platis he hilide the hows, and the beemys therof, and the postis, and the wallis, and the doris; and he grauyde cherubyns in the wallis.

8 Also he made an hows to the holi of holi thingis, in lengthe bi the breede of the hows, of twenti cubitis, and the breed also of twenti cubitis; and he hilide it with goldun platis, as with sixe hundrid talentis.

9 But also he made goldun nailis, so that ech nail peiside fifti siclis; and he hilide the solers with gold.

10 Also he made in the hows of the hooli of hooli thingis twei cherubyns bi the werk of an ymage makere, and hilide hem with gold.

11 The wyngis of cherubyns weren holdun forth bi twenti cubitis, so that o wynge hadde fyue cubitis, and touchide the wal of the hows; and the tother wynge hadde fyue cubitis, and touchide the wynge of the tother cherub.

12 In lijk maner the wynge of the tother cherub hadde fyue cubitis, and touchide the wal, and the tother wynge therof of fyue cubitis touchide the wynge of the tothir cherub.

13 Therfor the wyngis of euer eithir cherub weren spred abrood, and weren holdun forth bi twenti cubitis; sotheli thilke cherubyns stoden on the feet reisid, and her faces weren turned to the outermere hows.

14 Also he made a veil of iacynct and purpur, of reed seelk and bijs; and weuyde cherubyns therynne.

15 Also bifor the yate of the temple he made twei pilers, that hadden fyue and thretti cubitis of heiythe; forsothe the heedis of tho weren of fyue cubitis.

16 Also he made and as litle chaynes in Goddis answeryng place, and puttide tho on the heedis of the pilers; also he made an hundrid pumgarnadis, whiche he settide bitwixe the litle chaynes.

17 And he settide tho pilers in the porche of the temple, oon at the riytside, and the tother at the leftside; he clepide that that was at the riytside Jachym, and that that was at the leftside he clepide Booz.

Chapter 4 edit

1 Also he made a brasun auter of twenti cubitis of lengthe, and of twenti cubitis of breede, and of ten cubitis of heiythe;

2 he made also a yotun see of ten cubitis fro brynke til to brynke, round bi cumpas; it hadde fyue cubitis of heiythe; and a coorde of thritti cubitis cumpasside the cumpas therof.

3 And the licnesse of oxis was vndur it, and bi ten cubitis summe grauyngis with outforth cumpassiden the brynke of the see as with tweyne ordris; sotheli the oxis weren yotun.

4 And thilke see was set on twelue oxis, of whiche oxis thre bihelden to the north, and othere thre to the west, sotheli thre othere bihelden the south, and thre `that weren residue bihelden the eest, and hadden the see set aboue; but the hyndrere partis of the oxis weren with ynne vndur the see.

5 Sotheli the thicknesse therof hadde the mesure of a pawm of the hond, and the brynke therof was as the brynke of a cuppe, ethir of a lilie crokid ayen, and it took thre thousynde metretis of mesure.

6 Also he made ten holowe vessels, and settide fyue at the riytside, and fyue at the leftside, that thei schulden waische in tho alle thingis, whiche thei schulden offre in to brent sacrifice; sotheli the preestis weren waischun in the see.

7 Sotheli he made ten goldun candilstikis bi the licknesse which he hadde comaundid to be maad, and he settide tho in the temple, fyue at the riytside and fyue at the leftsid.

8 And he made also ten boordis, and settide tho in the temple, fyue at the riytside and fyue at the leftside.

9 Also he made an hundrid goldun viols. `Also he made a large place of preestis, and a greet hows, and doris in the greet hows, which he hilide with bras.

10 Forsothe he settide the see in the riytsyde ayens the eest at the south.

11 Also Iram made cawdruns, and fleischokis, and viols, and he fillide al the werk of the kyng in the hows of God,

12 that is, twei pilers, and pomels, and heedis, and as summe nettis, that hiliden the heedis aboue the pomels;

13 also he made fourti pumgarnadis, and twei werkis lijk nettis, so that two ordris of pumgarnadis weren ioyned to ech werk like nettis, which hiliden the pomels, and heedis of the pilers.

14 He made also foundementis, and holow vessels, whiche he settide on the foundementis;

15 he made o see, and twelue oxis vndur the see,

16 and caudruns, and fleischookis, and viols. Iram, the fadir of Salomon, made to hym alle vessels in the hows of the Lord of clennest bras.

17 The kyng yetide tho in the cuntrey of Jordan, in cleiy lond bitwixe Socoth and Saredata.

18 Forsothe the multitude of vessels was vnnoumbrable, so that the weiyte of bras was not knowun.

19 And Salomon made alle the vessels of Goddis hows, the goldun auter, `and bordis, and loouys of settyng forth on tho;

20 and candilstikis of purest gold, with her lanternes, that tho schulden schyne bifor Goddis answering place bi the custom;

21 and he made summe werkis lijk flouris, and lanternes, and goldun tongis; alle thingis weren maad of clennest gold;

22 also he made pannes for colis to brenne encense, and censeris, and viols, and morters, of pureste gold. And he grauyde doris of the ynnere temple, that is, in the hooli of hooli thingis, and the goldun doris of the temple with out forth; and so al the werk was fillid that Salomon made in the hows of the Lord.

Chapter 5 edit

1 Therfor Salomon brouyte in alle thingis, siluer and gold, whiche Dauid, his fadir, hadde avowid; and he puttide alle vesselis in the tresouris of the hows of the Lord.

2 After whiche thingis he gaderide togidere alle the grettere men in birthe of Israel, and alle the princes of lynagis, and the heedis of meynees, of the sones of Israel, in to Jerusalem, that thei schulden brynge the arke of boond of pees of the Lord fro the citee of Dauid, which is Syon.

3 Therfor alle men of Israel camen to the kyng, in the solempne dai of the seuenthe monethe.

4 And whanne alle the eldre men of Israel `weren comen, the dekenes baren the arke,

5 and brouyten it in, and al the aray of the tabernacle. Forsothe the preestis with the dekenes baren the vessels of seyntuarie, that weren in the tabernacle.

6 Sotheli kyng Salomon, and alle the cumpenyes of Israel, and alle that weren gaderid to gidere, offriden bifor the arke wetheris and oxis with outen ony noumbre; for the multitude of slayn sacrifices was `so greet.

7 And preestis brouyten the arke of boond of pees of the Lord in to his place, that is, to Goddis answeryng place of the temple, in to the hooli of hooli thingis, vndur the wyngis of cherubyns;

8 so that cherubyns spredden forth her wyngis ouer the place, in which the arke was put, and hiliden thilke arke with hise barris.

9 Sotheli the heedis, by which the arke was borun, weren opyn bifor Goddis answeryng place, for tho heedis weren a litil lengere; but if a man hadde be a litil with out forth, he myyt not se tho barris. Therfor the arke was there til in to present dai;

10 and noon other thing was in the arke, no but twei tablis, whiche Moyses hadde put in Oreb, whanne the Lord yaf the lawe to the sones of Israel goynge out of Egipt.

11 Forsothe the prestis yeden out of the seyntuarie, for alle preestis, that myyten be foundun there, weren halewid, and the whiles, and the ordre of seruyces among hem was not departid yit in that tyme;

12 bothe dekenes and syngeris, that is, bothe thei that weren vndur Asaph, and thei that weren vndur Eman, and thei that weren vndur Idithum, her sones and britheren, clothid with white lynun clothis, sownyden with cymbalis and sautrees and harpis, and stoden at the west coost of the auter, and with hem weren sixe score preestis trumpynge.

13 Therfor whanne alle sungen togidur both with trumpis, and vois, and cymbalis, and orguns, and of dyuerse kynde of musikis, and reisiden the vois an hiy, the sown was herd fer, so that whanne thei hadden bigunne to preyse the Lord, and to seie, Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy is in to the world, `ether, with outen ende; the hows of God was fillid with a cloude,

14 and the preestis miyten not stonde and serue for the derknesse; for the glorie of the Lord hadde fillid the hows of the Lord.

Chapter 6 edit

1 Thanne Salomon seide, The Lord bihiyte, that he wolde dwelle in derknesse;

2 forsothe I haue bilde an hows to his name, that he schulde dwelle there with outen ende.

3 And Salomon turnede his face, and blesside al the multitude of Israel; for al the cumpeny stood ententif; and he seide,

4 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel, for he fillide in werk that thing, that he spak to Dauid, my fadir, and seide,

5 Fro the dai in which Y ledde my puple out of the lond of Egipt, Y chees not a citee of alle the lynagis of Israel, that an hows schulde be bildid therynne to my name, nether Y chees ony other man, that he schulde be duyk on my puple Israel;

6 but Y chees Jerusalem, that my name be therynne, and Y chees Dauid, to ordeyne hym on my puple Israel.

7 And whanne it was of the wille of Dauid, my fadir, to bilde an hows to the name of the Lord God of Israel,

8 the Lord seide to hym, For this was thi wille, `that thou woldist bilde an hows to my name, sotheli thou didist wel,

9 hauynge suche a wil, but thou schalt not bilde an hows to me; netheles the sone, that schal go out of thi leendis, he schal bilde an hows to my name.

10 Therfor the Lord hath fillid his word, which he spak; and Y roos for Dauid, my fader, and Y sat on the trone of Israel, as the Lord spak, and Y bildide an hous to the name of the Lord God of Israel;

11 and I haue put therynne the arke, in which is the couenaunt of the Lord, which he `couenauntide with the sones of Israel.

12 Therfor Salomon stood bifor the auter of the Lord euene ayens al the multitude of Israel, and stretchide forth his hondis.

13 For Salomon hadde maad a brasun foundement, and hadde set it in the myddis of the greet hows, and it hadde fyue cubitis of lengthe, and fyue of breede, and thre cubitis of heiythe, and he stood theron; and fro that tyme he knelide ayens al the multitude of Israel, and reiside the hondis in to heuene,

14 and seide, Lord God of Israel, noon is lijk thee; `thou art God in heuene and in erthe, which kepist couenaunt and mercy with thi seruauntis, that goon bifor thee in al her herte;

15 which hast youe to Dauid thi seruaunt, my fadir, what euer thingis thou hast spoke to hym, and thow hast fillid in werk tho thingis, whiche thou bihiytist bi mouth, as also present tyme preueth.

16 Now therfor, Lord God of Israel, fille thou to thi seruaunt my fadir Dauid, what euer thingis thou hast spoke, seiynge, A man of thee schal not faile bifor me, that schal sitte on the trone of Israel; so netheles if thi sones kepen my weies, and goon in my lawe, as and thou hast go bifor me.

17 And now, Lord God of Israel, thi word be maad stidefast, which thou spakist to thi seruaunt Dauid.

18 Therfor whether it is leueful, that the Lord dwelle with men on erthe? If heuene and the heuenes of heuenes `taken not thee, how myche more this hows, which Y haue bildid?

19 But herto oneli it is maad, that thou, my Lord God, biholde the preier of thi seruaunt, and the bisechyng of hym, and that thou here the preieris, whiche thi seruaunt schedith bifor thee;

20 that thou opyne thin iyen on this hows bi dayes and nyytis, on the place in which thou bihiytist, that thi name schulde be clepid,

21 and that thou woldist here the preier, which thi seruaunt preieth therynne. Here thou the preieris of thi seruaunt, and of thi puple Israel; who euer preieth in this place, here thou fro thi dwellyng place, that is, fro heuenes, and do thou merci.

22 If ony man synneth ayens his neiybore, and cometh redi to swere ayens him, and byndith hym silf with cursyng bifor the auter in this hows,

23 thou schalt here fro heuene, and schalt do the doom of thi seruauntis; so that thou yelde to the wickid man his weie in to his owne heed, and that thou venge the iust man, and yelde to hym after his riytfulnesse.

24 If thi puple Israel is ouercomen of enemyes, for thei schulen do synne ayens thee, and if thei conuertid doen penaunce, and bisechen thi name, and preien in this place,

25 thou schalt here fro heuene, and do thou mercy to the synne of thi puple Israel, and brynge hem ayen `in to the lond, which thou hast youe to hem, and to `the fadris of hem.

26 If whanne heuene is closid, reyn come not doun for the synne of thi puple, and thei bisechen thee in this place, and knowlechen to thi name, and ben turned fro her synnes, whanne thou hast turmentid hem,

27 here thou, Lord, fro heuene, and foryyue thou synnes to thi seruauntis, and to thi puple Israel, and teche thou hem a good weie, bi which thei schulen entre, and yyue thou reyn to the lond, which thou hast youe to thi puple to haue in possessioun.

28 If hungur risith in the lond, and pestilence, and rust, and wynd distriynge cornes, and a locuste, and bruke cometh, and if enemyes bisegen the yatis of the citee, aftir that the cuntreis ben distried, and al veniaunce and sikenesse oppressith;

29 if ony of thi puple Israel bisechith, and knowith his veniaunce and sikenesse, and if he spredith abrood hise hondis in this hows,

30 thou schalt here fro heuene, that is, fro thin hiye dwellyng place, and do thou mercy, and yelde thou to ech man aftir hise weies, whiche thou knowist, that he hath in his herte; for thou aloone knowist the hertis of the sones of men;

31 that thei drede thee, and go in thi weies in alle daies, in which thei lyuen on the face of erthe, which thou hast youe to oure fadris.

32 Also thou schalt here fro heuene, thi moost stidfast dwellyng place, a straunger, which is not of thi puple Israel, if he cometh fro a fer lond for thi greet name, and for thi stronge hond, and arm holdun forth, `and preye in this place;

33 and thou schalt do alle thingis, for which thilke pilgrym `inwardli clepith thee, that alle the puplis of erthe knowe thi name, and drede thee, as thi puple Israel doith; and that thei knowe, that thi name is clepid on this hows, which Y haue bildid to thi name.

34 If thi puple goith out to batel ayens hise aduersaries, bi the weie in which thou sendist hem, thei schulen worschipe thee ayens the weie in which this citee is, which thou hast chose, and the hows which Y bildide to thi name,

35 that thou here fro heuene her preieris and bisechyng, and do veniaunce.

36 Forsothe if thei synnen ayens thee, for no man is that synneth not, and if thou art wrooth to hem, and bitakist hem to enemyes; and enemyes leden hem prisoneris in to a fer lond, ether certis which lond is nyy;

37 and if thei ben conuertid in her herte in the lond, to which thei ben led prisoneris, and thei don penaunce, and bisechen thee in the lond of her caitifte, and seien, We han synned, we han do wickidly, we diden vniustli;

38 and if thei turnen ayen to thee in al her herte, and in al her soule, in the lond of her caitifte, to which thei ben led, thei schulen worschipe thee ayens the weie of her lond, which thou hast youe to the fadris of hem, and of the citee which thou hast chose, and of the hows which Y bildide to thi name; that thou here fro heuene,

39 that is, fro thi stidefast dwellyng place, the preieris of hem, and that thou make dom, and foryyue to thi puple, thouy `it be synful; for thou art my God;

40 Y biseche, be thin iyen openyd, and thin eeris be ententif to the preier which is maad in this place.

41 Now therfor, Lord God, rise in to thi reste, thou and the arke of thi strengthe; Lord God, thi preestis be clothid with helthe, and thi hooli men be glad in goodis.

42 Lord God, turne thou not a weie the face of thi crist; haue thou mynde on the mercyes of Dauid thi seruaunt.

Chapter 7 edit

1 And whanne Salomon schedynge preyeris hadde fillid, fier cam doun fro heuene, and deuouride brent sacrifices, and slayn sacrifices; and the maieste of the Lord fillide the hows.

2 And preestis myyten not entre in to the temple of the Lord; for the maieste of the Lord hadde fillid the temple of the Lord.

3 But also alle the sones of Israel sien fier comynge doun, and the glorie of the Lord on the hows, and thei felden down lowe to the erthe on the pawment araied with stoon, and thei worschipiden, and preisiden the Lord, For he is good, for his merci is in to al the world.

4 Forsothe the kyng and al the puple offriden slayn sacrifices bifor the Lord.

5 Therfor king Salomon killide sacrifices of oxis two and twenti thousynd, of wetheris sixe score thousynde; and the kyng and al the puple halewiden the hows of God.

6 Forsothe the preestis stoden in her offices, and dekenes in orguns of songis of the Lord, whiche kyng Dauid made to preise the Lord, For his merci is in to the world; and thei sungen the ympnes of Dauid bi her hondis; sotheli the prestis sungen with trumpis bifor hem, and al the puple of Israel stood.

7 Therfor Salomon halewide the myddil of the large place bifor the temple of the Lord; for he hadde offrid there brent sacrifices, and the ynnere fatnesses of pesible sacrifices, for the brasun auter which he hadde maad myyte not susteyne the brent sacrifices, and sacrifices, and the innere fatnessis of pesible sacrifices.

8 Therfor Salomon made a solempnyte in that tyme in seuene dayes, and al Israel with hym, a ful greete chirche, fro the entryng of Emath `til to the stronde of Egipt.

9 And in the eiythe dai he made a gaderyng of money, `that is, for necessaries of the temple, for he hadde halewid the auter in seuene daies, and `hadde maad solempnytee in seuene daies.

10 Therfor in the thre and twentithe dai of the seuenthe monethe he lete the puplis go to her tabernaclis, ioiynge and gladynge on the good that God hadde do to Dauid, and to Salomon, and to his puple Israel.

11 And Salomon parformyde the hows of the Lord, and the hows of the kyng, and alle thingis which he hadde disposid in his herte for to do in the hows of the Lord and in his owne hows; and he hadde prosperite.

12 Forsothe the Lord aperide to hym in the nyyt, and seide, Y haue herd thi preiere, and Y haue chose this place to me in to an hows of sacrifice.

13 If Y close heuene, and reyn cometh not doun, and if Y sende, and comaunde to a locuste, that he deuoure the lond, and if Y send pestilence in to my puple;

14 forsothe if my puple is conuertid, on whiche my name is clepid, and if it bisechith me, and sekith my face, and doith penaunce of hise werste weies, Y schal here fro heuene, and Y schal be merciful to the synnes of hem, and Y schal heele the lond of hem.

15 And myn iyen schulen be openyd, and myn eeren schulen be reisid to the preiere of hym, that preieth in this place;

16 for Y haue chose, and halewid this place, that my name be there with outen ende, and that myn iyen and myn herte dwelle there in alle daies.

17 Also if thou gost bifore me, as Dauid thi fadir yede, and doist bi alle thingis whiche Y comaundide to thee, and kepist my riytwisnessis and domes, Y schal reise the trone of thi rewme,

18 as Y bihiyte to Dauid thi fadir, and seide, A man of thi generacioun schal not be takun awei, that schal be prince in Israel.

19 But if ye turnen awey, and forsake my riytwisnessis and my comaundementis whiche Y settide forth to you, and ye goen, and seruen alien goddis, and worschipen hem,

20 Y schal drawe you awey fro my lond, which Y yaf to you, and Y schal caste awey fro my face this hows which Y haue bildid to my name, and Y schal yyue it in to a parable, and in to ensaumple to alle puplis.

21 And this hows schal be in to a prouerbe to alle men passynge forth; and thei schulen seie, wondringe, Whi dide the Lord so to this lond, and to this hows?

22 And thei schulen answere, For thei forsoken the Lord God of her fadris, that ledde hem out of the lond of Egipt, and thei token alien goddis, and worschipiden, and herieden hem; therfor alle these yuelis camen on hem.

Chapter 8 edit

1 Forsothe whanne twenti yeer weren fillid, aftir that Salomon bildide the hows of the Lord,

2 and his owne hows, he bildide the citees, whiche Iram hadde youe to Salomon; and he made the sones of Israel to dwelle there.

3 Also he yede in to Emath of Suba, and gat it.

4 And he bildide Palmyram in deseert, and he bildide othere `citees maad ful stronge in Emath.

5 And he bildide the hiyere Betheron and the lowere Betheron, wallid citees, hauynge yatis and lockis and barris;

6 also he bildide Balaath, and alle `citees ful stronge that weren of Salomon; and alle the citees of cartis, and the citees of knyytis kyng Salomon bildide, and disposide alle thingis whiche euere he wolde, in Jerusalem, and in the Liban, and in al the lond of his power.

7 Salomon made suget in to tributaries til in to this dai al the puple that was left of Etheis, and Amorreis, and Phereseis, and Eueis, and of Jebuseis, that weren not of the generacioun of Israel, and of the sones of hem,

8 and of the aftircomers of hem, whiche the sones of Israel hadden not slayn.

9 Sotheli of the sones of Israel he settide not, that thei schulden serue the werkis of the kyng; for thei weren men werriours, and the firste duykis, and princes of charis, and of hise knyytis;

10 forsothe alle the princes of the oost of kyng Salomon weren two hundrid and fifti, that tauyten the puple.

11 Sotheli he translatide the douyter of Farao fro the citee of Dauid in to the hows, which he hadde bildid to hir; for the kyng seide, My wijf schal not dwelle in the hows of Dauid, kyng of Israel, for it is halewid, for the arke of the Lord entride in to that hows.

12 Thanne Salomon offride brent sacrifices to the Lord on the auter of the Lord, which he hadde bildid bifor the porche,

13 that bi alle daies me schulde offre in it, bi the comaundement of Moises, in sabatis, and in kalendis, and in feeste daies, thries bi the yeer, that is, in the solempnyte of the therflooues, and in the solempnyte of woukis, and in the solempnyte of tabernaclis.

14 And he ordeynede bi the ordynaunce of Dauid, his fadir, the officis of preestis in her seruyces, and the dekenes in her ordre, that thei schulden preise and mynystre bifor preestis bi the custom of ech dai; and he ordeynede porteris in her departyngis bi yate and yate. For Dauid, the man of God, hadde comaundid so;

15 and bothe preestis and dekenes passiden not fro the comaundementis of the kyng of alle thingis whiche he hadde comaundid.

16 And Salomon hadde alle costis maad redi in the kepingis of tresouris, fro that dai in whiche he foundide the hows of the Lord til in to the dai in which he perfourmyde it.

17 Thanne Salomon yede in to Asiongaber, and in to Hailath, at the brynke of the reed see, which is in the lond of Edom.

18 Therfor Iram sente to hym, by the hondis of his seruauntis, schippis, and schippe men kynnyng of the see, and thei yeden with the seruauntis of Salomon in to Ophir, and thei token fro thennus foure hundrid and fifti talentis of gold, and brouyten to kyng Salomon.

Chapter 9 edit

1 Also the queen of Saba, whanne sche hadde herd the fame of Salomon, cam to tempte hym in derk figuris `in to Jerusalem, with grete ritchessis, and camels, that baren swete smellynge spices, and ful myche of gold, and preciouse iemmes, `ether peerlis. And whanne sche was comun to Salomon, sche spak to hym what euer thingis weren in hir herte.

2 And Salomon expownede to hir alle thingis whiche sche hadde put forth, and no thing was, which he made not opyn to hir.

3 And aftir that sche siy these thingis, that is, the wisdom of Salomon, and the hows which he hadde bildid,

4 also and the metis of his boord, and the dwellyng places of seruauntis, and the offices of hise mynystris, and the clothis of hem, and the boteleris, and her clothis, and the sacrifices whiche he offride in the hows of the Lord, spirit was no more in hir for wondryng.

5 And sche seide to the kyng, The word `is trewe, which Y herde in my lond, of thi vertues and wisdom;

6 Y bileuyde not to telleris, til Y my silf hadde come, and myn yyen hadden seyn, and Y hadde preued that vnnethis the half of thi wisdom was teld to me; thou hast ouercome the fame bi thi vertues.

7 Blessid ben thi men, and blessid ben thi seruauntis, these that stonden bifor thee in al tyme, and heren thi wisdom.

8 Blessid be `thi Lord God, that wolde ordeyne thee on his trone kyng of the puple of `thi Lord God; treuli for God loueth Israel, and wole saue hym with outen ende, therfor he hath set thee kyng on hym, that thou do domes and riytfulnesse.

9 Forsothe sche yaf to the kyng sixe scoore talentis of gold, and ful many swete smellynge spices, and moost preciouse iemmes; ther weren not siche swete smellynge spices, as these whiche the queen of Saba yaf `to kyng Salomon.

10 But also the seruauntis of Iram with the seruauntis of Salomon brouyten gold fro Ophir, and trees of thyne, and most preciouse iemmes; of whiche,

11 that is, of the trees of thyne, the kyng made grees in the hows of the Lord, and in the hows of the kyng, `harpis also, and sautrees to syngeris; siche trees weren neuere seyn in the lond of Juda.

12 Forsothe Salomon yaf to the queen of Saba alle thingis whiche sche wolde, and whiche sche axide, many moo than sche hadde brouyt to hym. And sche turnede ayen, and yede in to hir lond with hir seruauntis.

13 Forsothe the weiyt of gold, that was brouyt to Salomon bi ech yeer, was sixe hundrid and sixe and sixti talentis of gold,

14 outakun that summe whiche the legatis of dyuerse folkis, and marchauntis weren wont to brynge, and alle the kyngis of Arabie, and the princes of londis, that brouyten togidere gold and siluer to Salomon.

15 Therfor kyng Salomon made two hundrid goldun speris of the summe of sixe hundrid `floreyns, ether peesis of gold, that weren spendid in ech spere;

16 and he made thre hundrid goldun scheeldis of thre hundrid floreyns, with whiche ech scheeld was hilid; and the kyng puttide tho in the armure place, that was set in the wode.

17 Also the kyng made a greet seete of yuer, and clothide it with clennest gold;

18 and he made sixe grees, bi whiche me stiede to the seete, and a goldun stool, and tweyne armes, oon ayens `the tother, and twei liouns stondynge bisidis the armes;

19 but also he made twelue othere litle liouns stondynge on sixe grees on euer either side. Siche a seete was not in alle rewmes.

20 And alle the vessels of the feeste of the kyng weren of gold, and the vessels of the hows of the forest of the Liban weren of pureste gold; for siluer in tho daies was arettid for nouyt.

21 For also the schippis of the kyng yeden in to Tharsis with the seruauntis of Iram onys in thre yeer, and brouyten fro thennus gold, and siluer, and yuer, and apis, and pokokis.

22 Therfor kyng Salomon was magnyfied ouer alle kyngis of erthe for richessis and glorie.

23 And alle the kyngis of londis desireden to se the face of Salomon, for to here the wisdom which God hadde youe in his herte; and thei brouyten to hym yiftis,

24 vessels of siluer and of gold, clothis and armuris, and swete smellynge spices, horsis and mulis, bi ech yeer.

25 Also Salomon hadde fourti thousynde of horsis in stablis, and twelue thousynde of charis and of knyytis; and `he ordeynede hem in the citees of charis, and where the kyng was in Jerusalem.

26 Forsothe he vside power on alle the kyngis, fro the flood Eufrates `til to the lond of Filisteis, and `til to the termes of Egipt.

27 And he yaf so greet plente of siluer in Jerusalem, as of stoonys, and so greet multitude of cedris, as of sycomoris that growen in feeldi places.

28 Forsothe horsis weren brouyt fro Egipt, and fro alle cuntreis.

29 Sotheli the residue of the formere werkis and the laste of Salomon ben writun in the wordis of Nathan, the prophete, and in the wordis of Achie of Silo, and in the visioun, `ether prophesie, of Addo, the prophete, ayens Jeroboam, sone of Nabath.

30 Sotheli Salomon regnede in Jerusalem on al Israel fourti yeer, and he slepte with his fadris; and thei birieden hym in the citee of Dauid, and Roboam, his sone, regnyde for hym.

Chapter 10 edit

1 Forsothe Roboam yede forth in to Sichem; for al Israel came togidere thidur to make hym kyng.

2 And whanne Jeroboam, the sone of Nabath, that was in Egipt, `for he fledde thidur bifor Salomon, hadde herd this, he turnyde ayen anoon.

3 And thei clepiden hym, and he cam with al Israel, and thei spaken to Roboam, and seiden,

4 Thi fadir oppresside vs with ful hard yok; comaunde thou liytere thingis than thi fader, that settide on vs a greuouse seruage; and releese thou a litil of `the birthun, that we serue thee. And he seide,

5 After thre daies turne ye ayen to me. And whanne the puple was goon, he took counsel with elde men,

6 that stoden bifor his fadir Salomon, while he lyuyde yit, and seide, What counsel yyuen ye, that Y answere to the puple?

7 And thei seiden to hym, If thou plesist this puple, and makist hem softe bi meke wordis, thei schulen serue thee in al tyme.

8 And he forsook the counsel of elde men, and bigan to trete with yonge men, that weren nurischid with hym, and weren in his cumpenye.

9 And he seide to hem, What semeth to you? ether what owe Y answere to this puple, that seide to me, Releese thou the yok, which thi fadir puttide on vs?

10 And thei answeriden, as yonge men and nurschyd with hym in delicis, and seiden, Thus thou schalt speke to the puple that seide to thee, Thi fadir made greuouse oure yok, releese thou; and thus thou schalt answere to hem, My leeste fyngur is gretter than the leendis of my fader;

11 my fadir puttide on you a greuouse yok, and Y schal leie to a gretter birthun; my fadir beet you with scourgis, forsothe Y schal bete you with `scorpiouns, that is, hard knottid roopis.

12 Therfor Jeroboam and al the puple cam to Roboam in the thridde dai, as he hadde comaundid to hem.

13 And `the kyng answeride harde thingis, after that he hadde forsake the counsel of the eldere men,

14 and he spak bi the wille of the yonge men, My fadir puttide on you a greuouse yok, which Y schal make greuousere; my fadir beet you with scourgis, sotheli Y schal bete you with scorpiouns.

15 And he assentide not to the preieris of the puple; for it was the wille of God, that his word schulde be fillid, which he hadde spoke bi the hond of Ahie of Silo to Jeroboam, sone of Nabath.

16 Sotheli whanne the kyng seide hardere thingis, al the puple spak thus to hym, No part is to vs in Dauid, nether eritage in the sone of Isai; Israel, turne thou ayen in to thi tabernaclis, sotheli thou, Dauid, feede thin hows. And Israel yede in to hise tabernaclis.

17 Forsothe Roboam regnede on the sones of Israel, that dwelliden in the citees of Juda.

18 And kyng Roboam sente Adhuram, that was souereyn ouer the tributis; and the sones of Israel stonyden hym, and he was deed. Certis kyng Roboam hastide to stie in to the chare, and fledde in to Jerusalem.

19 And Israel yede awei fro the hows of Dauid `til to this dai. Forsothe it was doon, whanne al Israel hadde herd, that Jeroboam turnede ayen, thei senten, and clepiden hym, whanne the cumpeny was gaderid, and thei ordeyneden him king on al Israel; and no man, outakun the lynage of Juda aloone, suede `the hows of Dauid.

Chapter 11 edit

1 Forsothe Roboam cam in to Jerusalem, and clepide togidere al the hows of Juda and of Beniamyn, `til to nyne scoore thousynde of chosen men and werriouris, for to fiyte ayens Israel, and for to turne his rewme to hym.

2 And the word of the Lord was maad to Semeye, the man of God,

3 and seide, Speke thou to Roboam, the sone of Salomon, kyng of Juda, and to al Israel, which is in Juda and Beniamyn; The Lord seith these thingis,

4 Ye schulen not stie, nethir ye schulen fiyte ayens youre britheren; ech man turne ayen in to his hows, for this thing is doon bi my wille. And whanne thei hadden herd the word of the Lord, thei turneden ayen, and yeden not ayens kyng Jeroboam.

5 Forsothe Roboam dwellide in Jerusalem, and he bildide wallid citees in Juda;

6 and bildide Bethleem, and Ethan, and Thecue, and Bethsur;

7 and Sochot, and Odollam;

8 also and Jeth, and Maresa, and Ziph;

9 but also Huram, and Lachis, and Azecha;

10 and Saraa, and Hailon, and Ebron, that weren in Juda and Beniamyn, ful strong citees.

11 And whanne he hadde closid tho with wallis, he settide `in tho citees princes, and bernes of metis, that is, of oile, and of wyn.

12 But also in ech citee he made placis of armuris of scheeldis, and speris, and he made tho strong with most diligence; and he regnyde on Juda and Beniamyn.

13 Sotheli the preestis and dekenes, that weren in al Israel, camen to hym fro alle her seetis,

14 and forsoken her subarbis and possessiouns, and thei passiden to Juda and to Jerusalem; for Jeroboam and hise aftir comeris hadden cast hem a wey, that thei schulden not be set in preesthod of the Lord;

15 which Jeroboam made to hym preestis of hiye places, and of feendis, and of caluys, which he hadde maad.

16 But also of alle the linagis of Israel, whiche euer yauen her herte to seke the Lord God of Israel, thei camen to Jerusalem for to offre her sacrifices bifor the Lord God of her fadris.

17 And thei strengthiden the rewme of Juda, and strengthiden Roboam, the sone of Salomon, bi thre yeer; for thei yeden in the weies of Dauid, and of Salomon, oneli bi thre yeer.

18 Forsothe Roboam weddide a wijf Malaoth, the douytir of Jerymuth, sone of Dauid, and Abiail, the douytir of Heliab, sone of Ysaye;

19 and sche childide to hym sones, Yeus, and Somorie, and Zerei.

20 Also after this wijf he took Maacha, the douyter of Abissalon, and sche childide to hym Abia, and Thai, and Ziza, and Salomyth.

21 Forsothe Roboam louyde Maacha, the douytir of Abissalon, aboue alle hise wyues and secundarie wyues. Forsothe he hadde weddid eiytene wyues, sotheli sixti secundarie wyues; and he gendride eiyte and twenti sones, and sixti douytris.

22 Sotheli he ordeynede Abia, the sone of Maacha, in the heed, duyk ouer alle hise britheren; for he thouyte to make Abia kyng,

23 for he was wisere and myytiere ouer alle hise sones, and in alle the coostis of Juda and of Beniamyn, and in alle wallid citees; and he yaf to hem ful many metis, and he had many wyues.

Chapter 12 edit

1 And whanne the rewme of Roboam was maad strong and coumfortid, he forsook the lawe of the Lord, and al Israel with hym.

2 Sotheli in the fyuethe yeer of the rewme of Roboam Sesach, the kyng of Egipt, stiede in to Jerusalem, for thei synneden ayens the Lord;

3 and he stiede with a thousynde and two hundrid charys, and with sixti thousynde of horse men, and no noumbre was of the comyn puple, that cam with hym fro Egipt, that is, Libiens, and Trogoditis, and Ethiopiens.

4 And he took ful stronge citees in Juda, and he cam `til to Jerusalem.

5 Forsothe Semei, the prophete, entride to Roboam, and to the princes of Juda, whiche fleynge fro Sesach weren gaderid togidere `in to Jerusalem. And he seide to hem, The Lord seith these thingis, Ye han forsake me, and Y haue forsake you in the hond of Sesach.

6 And the princes of Israel and the kyng weren astonyed, and seiden, The Lord is iust.

7 And whanne the Lord hadde seyn that thei weren mekid, the word of the Lord was maad to Semey, and seide, For thei ben mekid, Y schal not distrie hem, and Y schal yyue to hem a litil help, and my stronge veniaunce schal not droppe on Jerusalem bi the hond of Sesach.

8 Netheles thei schulen serue hym, that thei knowe the dyuersitee of my seruyce and of the seruyce of the rewme of londis.

9 Therfor Sesach, the kyng of Egipt, yede a wey fro Jerusalem, aftir that he hadde take awei the tresouris of the hows of the Lord, and of the kyngis hows; and he took alle thingis with hym, and the goldun scheeldis whiche Salomon hadde maad,

10 for whiche the kyng made brasun scheeldis, and took tho to the princes of scheeld makeris, that kepten the porche of the paleis.

11 And whanne the kyng entride in to the hows of the Lord, the scheeldmakeris camen, and token tho, and eft brouyten tho to his armure place.

12 Netheles for thei weren mekid, the ire of the Lord was turned a wei fro hem, and thei weren not don a wei outirli; for good werkis weren foundyn also in Juda.

13 Therfor kyng Roboam was coumfortid in Jerusalem, and regnede. Forsothe he was of oon and fourti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnyde seuentene yeer in Jerusalem, the citee which the Lord chees of alle the lynagis of Israel, that he schulde conferme his name there. Forsothe the name of his modir was Naama Amanytis.

14 And he dide yuel, and he made not redi his herte to seke God.

15 Sotheli the firste and the laste werkis of Roboam ben writun, and diligentli declarid in the bookis of Semei the profete, and of Abdo the profete.

16 And Roboam and Jeroboam fouyten in alle daies ayens hem silf. And Roboam slepte with hise fadris, and was biried in the citee of Dauid; and Abia, his sone, regnede for hym.

Chapter 13 edit

1 Yn the eiytenthe yeer of kyng Jeroboam Abia regnede on Juda;

2 he regnede thre yeer in Jerusalem; and the name of hise modir was Mychaie, the douyter of Vriel of Gabaa. And batel was bitwixe Abia and Jeroboam.

3 And whanne Abia hadde bigunne batel, and hadde most chyualrouse men, and four hundrid thousynde of chosun men, Jeroboam arayede ayenward the scheltroun with eiyte hundrid thousynde of men, and thei weren chosun men and most stronge to batels.

4 Therfor Abia stood on the hil Semeron, that was in Effraym, and seide, Here thou, Jeroboam and al Israel;

5 whether ye knowen not, that the Lord God of Israel yaf to Dauid the rewme on Israel with outen ende, to hym and to hise sones in to the couenaunt of salt, `that is, stidefast and stable?

6 And Jeroboam, the sone of Nabath, the seruaunt of Salomon, sone of Dauid, roos, and rebellide ayens his lord.

7 And most veyn men and the sones of Belial weren gaderid to hym, and thei hadden myyt ayens Roboam, the sone of Salomon. Certis Roboam was buystuouse, `ether fonne, and of feerdful herte, and myyte not ayenstonde hem.

8 Now therfor ye seien, that ye moun ayenstonde the rewme of the Lord, which he holdith in possessioun bi the sones of Dauid; and ye han a greet multitude of puple, and goldun caluys, whiche Jeroboam made in to goddis to you.

9 And ye han caste a wei the preestis of the Lord, the sones of Aaron, and dekenes, and ye han maad preestis to you, as alle the puplis of londis han preestis; who euer cometh and halewith his hond in a bole, in oxis, and in seuene wetheris, anoon he is maad preest of hem that ben not goddis.

10 But oure Lord is God, whom we forsaken not; and preestis of the sones of Aaron mynystren to the Lord, and dekenes ben in her ordre;

11 and thei offren brent sacrifices to the Lord bi ech dai in the morewtid and euentid, and encense maad bi comaundementis of the lawe; and loues ben set forth in a moost clene boord; and at vs is the goldun candilstik and his lanterne, that it be teendid euere at euentid; forsothe we kepen the comaundementis of our God, whom ye han forsake.

12 Therfor God is duyk in oure oost, and hise preestis, that trumpen and sownen ayens you; nyle ye, sones of Israel, fiyte ayens the Lord God of youre fadris, for it spedith not to you.

13 While he spak these thingis, Jeroboam made redi tresouns bihynde; and whanne he stood euene ayens the enemyes, he cumpasside with his oost Juda vnwitynge.

14 And Juda bihelde, and siy batel neiy euene ayens, and bihynde the bak; and he criede to the Lord, and preestis bigunnen for to trumpe.

15 And alle the men of Juda crieden, and, lo! while thei crieden, God made aferd Jeroboam and al Israel, that stood euen ayens Juda and Abia.

16 And the men of Israel fledden fro Juda, and God bitook hem in to the hondis of men of Juda.

17 Therfor Abia and his puple smoot hem with a greet wounde, and there felden doun of hem fyue hundrid thousynde of stronge men woundid.

18 And the sones of Israel weren maad lowe in that tyme, and the sones of Juda weren coumfortid ful greetli, for thei hadden hopid in the Lord God of her fadris.

19 Forsothe Abia pursuede Jeroboam fleynge, and took hise cytees, Bethel and hise vilagis, and Jesana with hise vilagis, and Ephron and hise vilagis;

20 and Jeroboam miyte no more ayenstonde in the daies of Abia, whom the Lord smoot, and he was deed.

21 Therfor Abia, whanne his empire was coumforted, took fourtene wyues, and he gendride two and twenti sones, and sixtene douytris.

22 The residue of wordis of Abia and of his weyes and werkis, ben writun ful diligentli in the book of Abdo, the profete.

Chapter 14 edit

1 Forsothe Abia slepte with hise fadris, and thei birieden hym in the citee of Dauid; and Asa, his sone, regnede for hym. In whos daies the lond restide ten yeer.

2 And Asa dide that, that was good and plesaunt in the siyt of his God, and he destriede the auteris of straunge worschipyng, and `he destriede hiy places,

3 and brak ymagis, and kittide doun woodis;

4 and he comaundide Juda to seke the Lord God of her fadris, and to do the lawe and alle comaundementis.

5 And he took awei fro alle the citees of Juda auteris and templis of idols, and he regnede in pees.

6 And he bildide stronge cytees in Juda; for he was in reste, and no batels risiden in his tymes, for the Lord yaf pees.

7 Forsothe he seide to Juda, Bilde we these cytees, and cumpasse we with wallis, and strengthe we with touris and yatis and lockis, as longe as alle thingis ben restful fro batel; for we han souyte the Lord God of oure fadris, and he hath youe to vs pees bi cumpas. Therfor thei bildiden, and no lettyng was in bildyng.

8 Sotheli Asa hadde in his oost thre hundrid thousynde of men of Juda berynge scheldis and speris, sotheli of Beniamyn he hadde two hundrid thousynde and fourscoore thousynde of scheeld beeris and of archeris; alle these weren ful stronge men.

9 Forsothe Zara of Ethiop yede out ayens hem with his oost ten `sithis an hundrid thousynde, and with thre hundrid charis, and cam `til to Masera.

10 Certis Aza yede ayens hem, and araiede scheltrun to batel in the valei Sephata, which is bisidis Masera. And he inwardli clepide the Lord God,

11 and seide, Lord, no dyuersitee is anentis thee, whether thou helpe in fewe, ethir in manye; oure Lord God, helpe thou vs, for we han trist in thee and in thi name, and camen ayens this multitude; Lord, thou art oure God, a man haue not the maistrye ayens thee.

12 Therfor the Lord made aferd Ethiopens bifor Asa and Juda, and Ethiopens fledden; and Asa and his puple,

13 that was with hym, pursuede hem `til to Gerare. And Ethiopens felden doun `til to deeth, for thei weren al to-brokun bi the Lord sleynge, and bi his oost fiytynge. Therfor thei token many spuylis,

14 and smitiden alle the citees `bi the cumpas of Gerare; for greet drede hadde assailid alle men. And thei rifliden cytees, and baren a weye myche prey;

15 but also thei destrieden the fooldis of scheep, and token multitude without noumbre of scheep and of camels, and turneden ayen in to Jerusalem.

Chapter 15 edit

1 Forsothe Azarie, the sone of Obeth, whanne the spirit of the Lord was comyn in to hym,

2 yede out in to the metyng of Asa; and seide to hym, Asa and al Juda and Beniamyn, here ye me; the Lord is with you, for ye weren with hym; if ye seken hym, ye schulen fynde hym; sotheli if ye forsaken hym, he schal forsake you.

3 Forsothe many daies schulen passe in Israel with outen veri God, and without preest, and without techere, and without lawe.

4 And whanne thei turnen ayen in her angwisch, and crien to the Lord God of Israel, and seken hym, thei schulen fynde hym.

5 In that tyme schal not be pees to go out and to go in, but dredis on al side on alle the dwelleris of londis.

6 For a folk schal fiyte ayens folk, and a citee ayens a citee, for the Lord schal disturble hem in al anguysch;

7 but be ye coumfortid, and youre hondis be not slakid; for mede schal be to youre werk.

8 And whanne Asa hadde herd this thing, that is, the wordis and profesye of Asarie, the sone of Obed, the profete, he was coumfortid, and he dide a wei alle the idols fro al the lond of Juda and of Beniamyn, and fro the citees whiche he hadde take of the hil of Effraym. And he halewide the auter of the Lord, that was bifor the porche of the hows of the Lord.

9 And he gaderide togidere al Juda and Beniamyn, and with hem the comelyngis of Effraym, and of Manasses, and of Symeon; for manye of Israel, seynge that his Lord God was with hym, fledden ouer to hym.

10 And whanne thei hadden comun in to Jerusalem, in the thridde monethe, in the fiftenthe yeer of the rewme of Asa,

11 thei offriden `to the Lord in that dai, bothe of the spuylis and of the prey, which thei hadden brouyt, seuene hundrid oxis, and seuene thousynde wetheris.

12 And Asa entride bi custom to make strong the boond of pees, that thei schulden seke the Lord God of her fadris in al her herte, and in al her soule.

13 Sotheli he seide, If ony man sekith not the Lord God of Israel, die he, fro the leeste `til to the mooste, fro man `til to womman.

14 And alle that weren in Juda sworen with cursyng to the Lord, with greet vois, in hertli song, and in sown of trumpe, and in sown of clariouns;

15 for thei sworen in al her herte, and in al the wille thei souyten hym, and founden hym; and the Lord yaf to hem reste bi cumpas.

16 But also he puttide doun Maacha, the modir of `Asa the kyng, fro the streit empire, for sche hadde made in a wode the symylacre, `ether licnesse, of a mannus yerde; and he al to-brak al `that symylacre, and pownede it in to gobetis, and `brente it in the stronde of Cedron.

17 But hiy places weren left in Israel; netheles the herte of Asa was riytful in alle hise daies.

18 And he brouyte in to the hows of the Lord tho thingis that his fadir avowide, siluer and gold, and dyuerse purtenaunce of vessels;

19 sotheli batel was not `til to the threttithe yeer of the rewme of Asa.

Chapter 16 edit

1 Forsothe in the sixe and thrittithe yeer of his rewme Baasa, the kyng of Israel, stiede in to Juda, and cumpasside Rama with a wal, that no man of the rewme of Asa myyte go out ether entre sikirli.

2 Sotheli Asa brouyte forth gold and siluer fro the tresours of the hows of the Lord, and fro the kyngis tresouris; and sente to Benadab, kyng of Sirie, that dwellide in Damask,

3 and seide, Boond of pees is bitwixe me and thee, and my fadir and thi fadir hadden acordyng; wherfor Y sente to thee siluer and gold, that whanne thou hast broke the boond of pees, which thou hast with Baasa, king of Israel, thou make hym to go awei fro me.

4 And whanne this was foundun, Benadab sente princes of hise oostis to the citees of Israel, whiche smytiden Ahion, and Dan, and Abelmaym, and alle the wallid citees of Neptalym.

5 And whanne Baasa hadde herd this, he ceesside to bilde Rama, and left his werk.

6 Forsothe kyng Asa took al Juda, and thei token fro Rama the stonys and trees, whiche Baasa hadde maad redi to bildyng; and he bildide of tho Gabaa, and Maspha.

7 In that tyme Anany, the profete, cam to Asa, kyng of Juda, and seide to hym, For thou haddist trist in the kyng of Sirie, and not in `thi Lord God, herfor the oost of `the kyng of Sirie aschapide fro thin hond.

8 Whether `Ethiopiens and Libiens weren not many mo in charis, and knyytis, and ful greet multitude; whiche whanne thou haddist bileuyd to the Lord, he bitook in to thin hondis?

9 For the iyen of the Lord biholden al the erthe, and yyuen strengthe to hem, that with perfit herte bileuen in to hym. Therfor thou hast do folili, and for this, yhe, in present tyme batels schulen rise ayens thee.

10 And Asa was wrooth ayens the prophete, and comaundide hym to be sent in to stockis. Forsothe the Lord hadde indignacioun greetli on this thing, and killide ful many of the puple in that tyme.

11 Sotheli the firste and the laste werkis of Asa ben writun in the book of kyngis of Juda and of Israel.

12 Forsothe Asa was sijk ful gretli in the akynge of feet, in the nyne and thrittithe yeer of his rewme; and nether in his sikenesse he souyte the Lord, but tristide more in the craft of lechis.

13 And Asa slepte with hise fadris, and he was deed in the oon and fourtithe yeer of his rewme.

14 And thei birieden him in his sepulcre, which he hadde maad to hym silf in the cytee of Dauid; and thei puttiden hym on his bed ful of swete smellynge spices and oynementis of hooris, that weren `maad togidere bi the craft of oynement makeris, and thei brenten on hym with ful greet cost.

Chapter 17 edit

1 Forsothe Josaphat, his sone, regnyde for hym; and he hadde the maistrye ayens Israel.

2 And he settide noumbris of knyytis in alle the citees of Juda, that weren cumpassid with wallis, and he disposide strong holdis in the lond of Juda, and in the citees of Effraym, whiche Asa, his fadir, hadde take.

3 And the Lord was with Josaphat, whiche yede in the firste weies of Dauid, his fadir; he hopide not in Baalym,

4 but in the Lord God of Dauid, his fadir, and he yede in the comaundementis of God, and not bi the synnes of Israel.

5 And the Lord confermyde the rewme in his hond; and al Juda yaf yiftis to Josaphat, and ritchessis with outen noumbre, and myche glorie weren maad to hym.

6 And whanne his herte hadde take hardynesse for the weies of the Lord, he took awei also hiy placis and wodis fro Juda.

7 Forsothe in the thridde yeer of his rewme he sente of hise princes Benail, and Abdie, and Zacarie, and Nathanael, and Mychee, that thei schulden teche in the citees of Juda;

8 and with hem he sente dekenes Semeye, and Nathanye, and Zabadie, and Azahel, and Semyramoth, and Jonathan, and Adonye, and Thobie, and Abadonye, dekenes; and with hem `he sente Elisama and Joram, preestis;

9 and thei tauyten the puple in Juda, and hadden the book of the lawe of the Lord; and thei cumpassiden alle the citees of Juda, and tauyten al the puple.

10 Therfor the drede of the Lord was maad on al the rewmes of londis, that weren `bi cumpas of Juda; and tho dursten not fiyte ayens Josaphat.

11 But also Filisteis brouyten yiftis to Josaphat, and tol of siluer; and men of Arabie brouyten scheep seuene thousynde, and seuene hundrid of wetheris, and so many buckis of geet.

12 Therfor Josaphat encreesside, and was magnified `til in to an hiy; and he bildide in Juda housis at the licnesse of touris, and stronge citees;

13 and he made redi many werkis in the citees of Juda. Also men werriouris and stronge men weren in Jerusalem;

14 of whiche this is the noumbre, `bi the housis and meynees of alle in Juda. Duyk Eduas was prince of the oost, and with hym weren thre hundrid thousynde ful stronge men.

15 Aftir hym was Johannan prince, and with hym weren two hundrid thousynde and foure scoore thousynde.

16 After this also Amasye, the sone of Zechri, was halewid to the Lord, and with hym weren two hundrid thousynde of stronge men.

17 Eliada myyti to batels suede this Amasie, and with hym weren two hundrid thousynde of men holdynge bouwe and scheeld.

18 Aftir this was also Josaphat, and with hym weren an hundrid thousynde and foure scoore thousynde of redi knyytis.

19 Alle these weren at the hond of the kyng, outakun othere, whiche he hadde put in wallid cytees and in al Juda.

Chapter 18 edit

1 Therfor Josaphat was riche and ful noble, and bi affynyte, `ethir alie, he was ioyned to Achab.

2 And aftir yeeris he cam doun to hym in to Samarie; at whos comyng Achab killide ful many wetheris and oxis, and to the puple that cam with hym; and he counseilide hym to stie in to Ramoth of Galaad.

3 And Achab, the kyng of Israel, seide to Josaphat, kyng of Juda, Come thou with me in to Ramoth of Galaad. To whom he answeride, As and Y am, thou art; as thi puple, so and my puple; and we schulen be with thee in batel.

4 And Josaphat seide to the kyng of Israel, Y biseche, counsele thou in present tyme the word of the Lord.

5 Therfor the kyng of Israel gaderide togidere foure hundrid `men of prophetis, and seide to hem, Owen we to go in to Ramath of Galaad for to fiyte, ethir `take reste? And thei seiden, Stie ye, and God schal bitake in the hond of the king.

6 And Josaphat seide, Whether no profete of the Lord is here, that we `axe also of hym?

7 And the kyng of Israel seide to Josaphat, O man is, of whom we `moun axe the wille of the Lord, but and Y hate hym, for he prophecieth not good, but yuel to me in al tyme; sothely it is Mychee, the sone of Jebla. And Josaphat seide to hym, Kyng, speke thou not in this maner.

8 Therfor the kyng of Israel clepide oon of the geldyngis, and seide to hym, Clepe thou soone Mychee, the sone of Jebla.

9 Forsothe the kyng of Israel and Josaphat, the kyng of Juda, saten euer eithir in his seete, and weren clothid in kyngis aray; forsothe thei saten in the cornfloor, `ether large hows, bisidis the yate of Samarie; and alle the prophetis profesieden bifor hem.

10 Forsothe Sedechie, the sone of Cananee, made to hym yrone hornes, and seide, The Lord seith these thingis, With these thou schalt wyndewe Sirie, til thou al to-brake it.

11 And alle prophetis profesieden in lijk maner, and seiden, Stie thou in to Ramoth of Galaad, and thou schalt haue prosperite; and the Lord schal bitake hem in to the hondis of the kyng.

12 Forsothe the messanger, that yede to clepe Mychee, seide to hym, Lo! the wordis of alle prophetis tellen with o mouth goodis to the kyng; therfor, Y preye thee, that thi word disente not fro hem, and that thou speke prosperitees.

13 To whom Mychee answeride, The Lord lyueth, for what euer thingis my Lord spekith to me, Y schal speke these thingis. Therfor he cam to the kyng.

14 To whom the kyng seide, Mychee, owen we go in to Ramoth of Galaad to fiyte, ether take reste? To whom he answeride, Stie ye, for alle prosperitees schulen come, and enemyes schulen be bitakun in to youre hondis.

15 And the kyng seide, Eft and eft Y charge thee, that thou speke not to me no but that that is soth in the name of the Lord.

16 And he seide, Y siy al Israel scaterid in the hillis, as scheep with out scheepherde. And the Lord seide, These men han not lordis; ech man turne ayen in to his hows in pees.

17 The kyng of Israel seide to Josaphat, Whether Y seide not to thee, that he profesiede not ony good to me, but tho thingis that ben yuele?

18 And therfor Mychee seide, Here ye the word of the Lord. Y siy the Lord sittynge in his trone, and al the oost of heuene stondynge nyy him at the riytside and `leftside.

19 And the Lord seide, Who schal disseyue Achab, the kyng of Israel, that he stie, and falle doun in Ramoth of Galaad? And whanne oon seide in this maner, and another seide in another maner, a spirit cam forth,

20 and stood bifor the Lord, and seide, Y schal disseyue hym. To whom the Lord seide, `Wherynne, therfor schalt thou disseyue?

21 And he answeride, Y schal go out, and Y schal be a `fals spirit in the mouth of alle hise profetis. And the Lord seide, Thou schalt disseyue, and thou schalt haue the maystri; go thou out, and do so.

22 Now therfor, lo! the Lord hath youe a spirit of leesyng in the mouth of alle thi prophetis, and the Lord spak yuels of thee.

23 Forsothe Sedechie, the sone of Chananee, neiyide, and smoot `the cheke of Mychee, and seide, Bi what weye passide the Spirit of the Lord fro me to speke to thee?

24 And Mychee seide, Thou thi silf schalt se in that dai, whanne thou schalt entre fro closet in to closet, that thou be hid.

25 Sotheli the kyng of Israel comaundide, seiynge, Take ye Mychee, and lede ye hym to Amon, prince of the citee, and to Joas, the sone of Amalech;

26 and ye schulen seie, The kyng seith these thingis, Sende ye this man in to prisoun, and yyue ye to hym a litil of breed, and a litil of watir, til Y turne ayen in pees.

27 And Mychee seide, If thou turnest ayen in pees, the Lord spak not in me. And he seide, Alle `puplis here ye.

28 Therfor the kyng of Israel, and Josaphat, the kyng of Juda, stieden in to Ramoth of Galaad.

29 And the kyng of Israel seide to Josaphat, Y schal chaunge clothing, and so Y schal go to fiyte; but be thou clothid in thi clothis. Therfor whanne the kyng of Israel hadde chaungid clothing, he cam to batel.

30 Forsothe the kyng of Sirie comaundide to the duykis of his multitude of knyytis, and seide, Fiyte ye not ayens the leeste, nether ayens the mooste; no but ayens the kyng aloone of Israel.

31 Therfor whanne the princes of the multitude of knyytis hadden seyn Josaphat, thei seiden, This is the kyng of Israel; and thei cumpassiden hym, and fouyten. And he criede to the Lord; and the Lord helpide hym, and turnede hem awey fro hym.

32 Sotheli whanne the duykis of the multitude of knyytis hadden herd, that it was not the kyng of Israel, thei leften hym.

33 Forsothe it bifelde, that oon of the puple schette an arewe in to vncerteyn, and smoot the kyng of Israel bitwixe the necke and the schuldris. And he seide to his charietere, Turne thin hond, and lede me out of the scheltrun; for Y am woundid.

34 And the batel was endid in that dai. Certis the kyng of Israel stood in his chare ayens men of Sirye `til to euentid, and he diede, whanne the sunne yede doun.

Chapter 19 edit

1 Forsothe Josaphat, kyng of Juda, turnede ayen pesibli in to his hows in to Jerusalem.

2 Whom the profete Hieu, the sone of Ananye, mette, and seide to hym, Thou yyuest help to a wickid man, and thou art ioyned bi frendschip to hem that haten the Lord; and therfor sotheli thou deseruedist the wraththe of the Lord;

3 but good werkis ben foundyn in thee, for thou didist awey wodis fro the lond of Juda, and thou hast maad redi thin herte, for to seke the Lord God of thi fadris.

4 Therfor Josaphat dwellide in Jerusalem; and eft he yede out to the puple fro Bersabee til to the hil of Effraym, and he clepide hem ayen to the Lord God of her fadris.

5 And he ordeynede iugis of the lond in alle the strengthid citees of Juda, bi ech place.

6 And he comaundide to the iugis, and seide, Se ye, what ye doen; for ye vsen not the doom of man, but of the Lord; and what euere thing ye demen, schal turne `in to you;

7 the drede of the Lord be with you, and do ye alle thingis with diligence; for anentis `youre Lord God is no wickidnesse, nether takynge of persoones, nether coueitise of yiftis.

8 Also in Jerusalem Josaphat ordeynede dekenes, and preestis, and the princes of meynees of Israel, that thei schulden deme the doom and cause of the Lord to the dwellers of it.

9 And he comaundide to hem, and seide, Thus ye schulen do in the drede of the Lord, feithfuli and in perfite herte.

10 Ech cause that cometh to you of youre britheren, that dwellen in her citees, bitwixe kynrede and kynrede, where euere is questioun of the lawe, of `the comaundement, of cerymonyes, `ether sacrifices, of iustifyingis, schewe ye to hem, that thei do not synne ayens the Lord, and that wraththe com not on you and on youre britheren. Therfor ye doynge thus schulen not do synne.

11 Forsothe Amarie, youre preest and bischop, schal be souereyn in these thingis, that perteynen to God. Sotheli Zabadie, the sone of Ismael, which is duyk in the hows of Juda, schal be on tho werkis that perteynen to the office of the kyng, and ye han maistris dekenes bifor you; be ye coumfortid, and do ye diligentli, and the Lord schal be with you in goodis.

Chapter 20 edit

1 Aftir these thingis the sones of Moab, and the sones of Amon, and with hem of Idumeis, weren gaderid togidere to Josaphat, for to fiyte ayens hym.

2 And messangeris camen, and schewiden to Josaphat, seiden, A greet multitude of tho placis that ben biyondis the see, and of Sirie, is comun ayens thee; and, lo! thei stonden in Asasonthamar, which is Engaddi.

3 Forsothe Josaphat was aferd by drede, and `yaf hym silf al for to preye `the Lord, and prechide fastynge to al Juda.

4 And Juda was gaderid togidere for to preye the Lord, but also alle men camen fro her citees for to biseche hym.

5 And whanne Josaphat hadde stonde in the myddis of the cumpeny of Juda and of Jerusalem, in the hows of the Lord, bifor the newe large place,

6 he seide, Lord God of oure fadris, thou art God in heuene, and thou art lord of alle rewmes of folkis; strengthe and power ben in thin hond, `and noon may ayenstonde thee.

7 Whether not thou, oure God, hast slayn alle the dwelleris of this lond bifor thi puple Israel, and hast youe it to the seed of Abraham, thi freend, withouten ende?

8 And thei dwelliden therynne, and bildiden therinne a seyntuarie to thi name, and seiden,

9 If yuelis comen on vs, the swerd of doom, pestilence, and hungur, we schulen stonde bifor this hows withouten ende in thi siyt, in which hows thi name is clepid, and we schulen crie to thee in oure tribulaciouns; and thou schalt here vs, and schalt make vs saaf.

10 Now therfor lo! the sones of Amon and of Moab and the hil of Seir, bi whiche thou grauntidist not to the sones of Israel for to passe, whanne thei yeden out of Egipt, but thei bowiden awei fro hem, and killiden not hem,

11 thei doon ayenward, and enforsen to caste vs out of the possessioun, which thou, oure God, hast youe to vs;

12 therfor whether thou schalt not deme hem? Treuli in vs is not so greet strengthe, that we moun ayenstonde this multitude, that felde yn on vs; but sithen we witen not what we owen to do, we `han oneli this residue, that we dresse oure iyen to thee.

13 Sotheli al Juda stood bifor the Lord, with her litle children and wyues and fre children.

14 Forsothe Hiaziel, the sone of Zacarie, sone of Ananye, sone of Hieyel, sone of Machanye, was a dekene, and of the sones of Asaph, on whom the Spirit of the Lord was maad in the myddis of the cumpeny,

15 and he seide, Al Juda, and ye that dwellen in Jerusalem, and thou, king Josaphat, perseyue ye, the Lord seith these thingis to you, Nyle ye drede, nether be ye aferd of this multitude, for it is not youre batel, but Goddis batel.

16 To morewe ye schulen stie `ayens hem; for thei schulen stie bi the side of the hil, `bi name Seys, and ye schulen fynde hem in the hiynesse of the stronde, which is ayens the wildirnesse of Jheruhel.

17 For it schulen not be ye, that schulen fiyte; but oneli stonde ye trustili, and ye schulen se the help of the Lord on you. A! Juda and Jerusalem, nyle ye drede, nether be ye aferd; to morewe ye schulen go out ayens hem, and the Lord schal be with you.

18 Therfor Josaphat, and Juda, and alle the dwelleris of Jerusalem, felden lowli on the erthe bifor the Lord, and worschypiden hym.

19 Forsothe the dekenes of the sones of Caath, and of the sones of Chore, herieden the Lord God of Israel with greet vois an hiy.

20 And whanne thei hadden rise eerli, thei yeden not bi the deseert of Thecue; and whanne thei `hadden gon forth, Josaphat stood in the myddis of hem, and seide, Juda and alle the dwelleris of Jerusalem, here ye me; bileue ye in `youre Lord God, and ye schulen be sikur; bileue ye to hise prophetis, and alle prosperitees schulen come.

21 And he yaf counsel to the puple, and he ordeynede the syngeris of the Lord, that thei schulden herye hym in her cumpanyes, and that thei schulden go bifor the oost, and seie with acordynge vois, Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his merci is `in to the world.

22 And whanne thei bigunnen to synge heriyngis, the Lord turnede the buyschementis of hem `in to hem silf, that is, of the sones of Amon and of Moab and of the hil of Seir, that yeden out to fiyte ayens Juda; and thei weren slayn.

23 For whi the sones of Amon and of Moab risiden togidere ayens the dwelleris of the hil of Seir, to sle, and to do awey hem; and whanne thei hadden do this in werk, thei weren `turned also `in to hem silf, and felden doun togidere bi woundis ech of othere.

24 Certis whanne Juda was comun to the denne, that biholdith the wildirnesse, he siy afer al the large cuntrei ful of deed bodies, and that noon was left, that miyte ascape deeth.

25 Therfor Josaphat cam, and al the puple with hym, to drawe awey the spuylis of deed men, and thei founden among the deed bodies dyuerse purtenaunce of houshold, and clothis, and ful preciouse vessels; and thei rauyischiden in dyuerse maneres, so that thei myyten not bere alle thingis, nether thei myyten take awei the spuylis bi thre daies, for the greetnesse of prey.

26 Sotheli in the fourthe dai thei weren gaderid togidere in the valey of Blessyng; `forsothe for thei blessiden the Lord there, thei clepiden that place the valei of Blessyng `til in to present dai.

27 And ech man of Juda turnede ayen, and the dwelleris of Jerusalem, and Josaphat bifor hem, in to Jerusalem with greet gladnesse; for the Lord God hadde youe to hem ioye of her enemyes.

28 And thei entriden in to Jerusalem with sawtrees, and harpis, and trumpis, in to the hows of the Lord.

29 Forsothe the drede of the Lord felde on alle the rewmes of londis, whanne thei hadden herd, that the Lord hadde fouyte ayens the enemies of Israel.

30 And the rewme of Josaphat restide; and the Lord yaf `pees to hym `bi cumpas.

31 Therfor Josaphat regnede on Juda; and he was of fyue and thritti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne; sotheli he regnede fyue and twenti yeer in Jerusalem; and the name of his modir was Azuba, the douytir of Selathi.

32 And he yede in the weie of Asa his fadir, and bowide not fro it, and he dide what euer thingis weren plesaunt bifor the Lord.

33 Netheles he dide not awei hiy thingis; yit the puple hadde not dressid her herte to the Lord God of her fadris.

34 Forsothe the residue of the formere and the laste dedis of Josaphat ben writun in the book of Hieu, the sone of Anany, which he ordeynede in the book of kyngis of Israel.

35 After these thingis Josaphat, kyng of Juda, made frendschipis with Ocozie, kyng of Israel, whose werkis weren ful yuele;

36 and he was parcener that thei maden schippis, that schulden go in to Tharsis; and thei maden o schip in to Asiongaber.

37 Sotheli Eliezer, sone of Dodan, of Maresa, profesiede to Josaphat, and seide, For thou haddist boond of pees with Ocozie, the Lord smoot thi werkis; and the schippis ben brokun, and myyten not go in to Tharsis.

Chapter 21 edit

1 Forsothe Josaphat slepte with hise fadris, and was biried with hem in the citee of Dauid; and Joram, his sone, regnede for hym.

2 And he hadde britheren, the sones of Josaphat, Azarie, Jahiel, and Zacarie, Anany, and Mychael, and Saphatie; alle these weren the sones of Josaphat, kyng of Juda.

3 And her fadir yaf to hem many yiftis of gold and of siluer, and rentis, with strongeste citees in Juda; but he yaf the rewme to Joram, for he was the firste gendrid.

4 Forsothe Joram roos on the rewme of his fadir; and whanne he hadde confermyd hym silf, he killide alle hise britheren bi swerd, and summe of the princes of Juda.

5 Joram was of two and thritti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne; and he regnede eiyte yeer in Jerusalem.

6 And he yede in the weies of the kyngis of Israel, as the hows of Achab hadde do, for the douyter of Achab was his wijf; and he dide yuel in the siyt of the Lord.

7 But the Lord nolde distrie the hows of Dauid, for the couenaunt which he `hadde maad with Dauid, and for he `hadde bihiyte to yyue to hym a lanterne, and to hise sones in al tyme.

8 In tho daies Edom rebellide, that it was not suget to Juda, and it ordeynede a kyng to it silf.

9 And whanne Joram hadde passide with hise princes, and al the multitude of knyytis, that was with hym, he roos bi niyt, and smoot Edom, that cumpasside him, and alle hise duykis of his multitude of knyytis.

10 Netheles Edom rebellide, that it was not vndir the lordschip of Juda `til to this dai. In that tyme also Lobna yede awei, that it was not vndur the hond of hym; for he hadde forsake the Lord God of hise fadris.

11 Ferthermore he made hiye places in the citees of Juda, and made the dwelleris of Jerusalem to do fornycacioun, `that is, idolatrie, and Juda to breke the lawe.

12 Forsothe lettris weren brouyt to hym fro Elie, the prophete, in whiche it was writun, The Lord God of Dauid,

13 thi fadir, seith these thingis, For thou `yedist not in the weies of Josaphat, thi fadir, and in the weie of Asa, kyng of Juda, but thou yedist bi the weie of the kyngis of Israel, and madist Juda and the dwelleris of Jerusalem to do fornicacioun, and suedist the fornicacioun of the hows of Achab; ferthermore and thou hast slayn thi britheren and the hows of thi fadir, `that weren betere than thou; lo!

14 the Lord schal smyte thee with a greet veniaunce, and thi puple, and thi sones, and wyues, and al thi catel;

15 sotheli thou schalt be sijk `with the worste sorewe of wombe, til thin entrailis go out litil and litil bi ech dai.

16 Therfor the Lord reiside ayens Joram the spirit of Filisteis and Arabeis, that marchen with Ethiopiens; and thei stieden in to the lond of Juda,

17 and wastiden it, and thei token awei al the catel, that was foundun in the hows of the kyng, ferthermore and hise sones, and wyues; and no sone was left to hym, no but Joachaz, that was the leeste in birthe.

18 And ouer alle these thingis the Lord smoot hym with vncurable sorewe of the wombe.

19 And whanne dai cam aftir a dai, and the spaces of tymes weren turned aboute, the cours of twey yeer was fillid; and so he was wastid `bi long rot, so that he castide out also his entrailis, and so he wantide sorewe and liyf togidere, and he was deed in the werste sikenesse. And the puple dide not to hym seruyce of deed men bi the custom of brennyng, as it hadde do to hise grettere, `ether auncetris.

20 He was of two and thritti yeer whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede eiyte yeer in Jerusalem, and he yede not riytfuli; and thei birieden hym in the citee of Dauid, netheles not in the sepulcre of kingis.

Chapter 22 edit

1 Forsothe the dwelleris of Jerusalem ordeyneden Ocozie, `his leeste sone, kyng for hym; for theues of Arabeis, that felden in to the castels, hadden slayn alle the grettere `in birthe, that weren bifor hym. And Ocozie, the sone of Joram, kyng of Juda, regnede.

2 Ocozie was of two and fourti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede o yeer in Jerusalem; the name of his modir was Athalia, the douyter of Amry.

3 But he entride bi the weie of the hows of Achab; for his modir compellide hym to do yuele.

4 Therfor he dide yuel in the siyt of the Lord, as the hows of Achab; for thei weren counselouris to hym in to his perischyng, aftir the deth of his fadir;

5 and he yede in the counsele of hem. And he yede with Joram, the sone of Achab, kyng of Israel, in to batel ayens Azahel, kyng of Sirye, in to Ramoth of Galaad. And men of Sirie woundiden Joram;

6 which turnede ayen for to be heelid in Jezrahel; for he hadde take many woundis in the forseid batel. Therfor Ocozie, kyng of Juda, the sone of Joram, yede doun to visite Joram, the sone of Achab, sijk in Jezrahel;

7 for it was Goddis wille ayens Ocozie, that he cam to Joram. And whanne he was comun, he yede out with hym ayens Hieu, the sone of Namsi, whom God anoyntide, that he schulde do awey the hows of Achab.

8 Therfor whanne Hieu destriede the hows of Achab, he foond the princis of Juda, and the sones of the britheren of Ocozie, that `mynystriden to hym; and he killide hem.

9 And he souyte thilke Ocozie, and cauyte him hid in Samarie, and after that he was brouyt to Hieu, Hieu killide hym; and thei birieden hym, for he was the sone of Josaphat, that hadde souyt God in al his herte. And noon hope was more, that ony of the generacioun of Ocozie schulde regne.

10 For Athalia, his modir, siy, that hir sone was deed, and sche roos, and killide alle the kyngis generacioun of the hows of Joram.

11 Forsothe Josabeth, the douyter of the kyng, took Joas, the sone of Ocozie, and stal hym fro the myddis of the sones of the kyng, whanne thei weren slayn; and sche hidde hym with his nurse in the closet of beddis. Forsothe Josabeth, that `hadde hid hym, was the douytir of kyng Joram, and wijf of Joiada, the bischop, and the sister of Ocozie; and therfor Athalia killide not hir.

12 Therfor he was hid with hem in the hows of God sixe yeer, in whiche Athalia regnede on the lond.

Chapter 23 edit

1 Forsothe in the seuenthe yeer Joiada was coumfortid, and took centuriouns, that is, Azarie, sone of Jeroboam, and Ismael, the sone of Johannam, and Azarie, the sone of Obeth, and Maasie, the sone of Adaie, and Elisaphat, the sone of Zechri; and he made with hem a counsel and a boond of pees.

2 Which cumpassiden Juda, and gaderiden togidere dekenes of alle the citees of Juda, and the princes of the meynees of Israel, and camen in to Jerusalem.

3 Therfor al the multitude made couenaunt in the hows of the Lord with the kyng. And Joiada seide to hem, Lo! the sone of the kyng schal regne, as the Lord spak on the sones of Dauid.

4 Therfor this is the word, which ye schulen do.

5 The thridde part of you that ben comun to the sabat, of preestis, and of dekenes, and of porterys, schal be in the yatis; sotheli the thridde part schal be at the hows of the kyng; and the thridde part schal be at the yate, which is clepid of the foundement. Forsothe al the tother comyn puple be in the large places of the hows of the Lord;

6 and noon other man entre in to the hows of the Lord, no but preestis, and thei that mynystren of the dekenes; oneli entre thei, that ben halewid, and al the tother comyn puple kepe the kepyngis of the Lord.

7 Forsothe the dekenes cumpasse the kyng, and ech man haue hise armuris; and if ony othere man entrith in to the temple, be he slayn; and be thei with the kyng entrynge and goynge out.

8 Therfor the dekenes and al Juda diden bi alle thingis, which Joiada, the bischop, hadde comaundid; and alle token the men, that weren with hem, and camen bi the ordre of sabat with hem, that hadden `fillid now the sabat, and schulen go out.

9 For Joiada, the bischop, suffride not the cumpenyes to go awei, that weren wont to come oon after `the tother bi ech wouke. And Joiada, the preest, yaf to the centuriouns speris, and scheeldis, and bokeleris of kyng Dauid, whiche he hadde halewid in to the hows of the Lord.

10 And he ordeynede al the puple, of hem `that helden swerdis, at the riyt side of the temple `til to the left side of the temple, bifor the auter and the temple, bi cumpas of the king.

11 And thei ledden out the sone of the kyng, and settiden a diademe on hym; and thei yauen to hym in his hond the lawe to be holdun, and thei maden hym kyng. And Joiada, the bischop, and his sones anoyntiden hym; and thei preiden hertli, and seiden, The kyng lyue!

12 And whanne Athalia hadde herd this thing, that is, the vois of men rennynge and preisynge the kyng, sche entride to the puple, in to the temple of the Lord.

13 And whanne sche hadde seyn the kyng stondynge on the grees in the entryng, and the princes and cumpenyes of knyytis aboute hym, and al the puple of the lond ioiynge, and sownynge with trumpis, and syngynge togidere with orguns of dyuerse kynde, and the vois of men preisynge, sche to-rente hir clothis, and seide, Tresouns! tresouns!

14 Sotheli Joiada, the bischop, yede out to the centuriouns, and princes of the oost, and seide to hem, Lede ye hir with out the `purseyntis, ethir closyngis, of the temple, and be sche slayn with outforth bi swerd; and the preest comaundide, that sche schulde not be slayn in the hows of the Lord.

15 And thei settiden hondis on hir nol; and whanne she hadde entrid in to the yate of the horsis, of the kyngis hows, thei killiden hir there.

16 Forsothe Joiada couenauntide a boond of pees bitwixe him silf and al the puple and the kyng, that it schulde be the puple of the Lord.

17 Therfor al the puple entride in to the hows of Baal, and distrieden it, and braken the auteris and symylacris therof; but thei killiden bifor the auteris Mathan, the preest of Baal.

18 Forsothe Joiada ordeynede souereyns in the hows of the Lord, that vndur the hondis of preestis, and of dekenes, whiche Dauid departide in the hows of the Lord, thei schulden offre brent sacrifices to the Lord, as it is writun in the book of Moises, in ioie and songis, by the ordynaunce of Dauid.

19 Also he ordeynede porteris in the yatis of the hows of the Lord, that an vnclene man in ony thing schulde not entre in to it.

20 And he took the centuriouns, and strongeste men, and princes of the puple, and al the comyn puple of the lond. And thei maden the kyng to go doun fro the hows of the Lord, and to entre bi the myddis of the hiyere yate in to the hows of the kyng; and thei settiden hym in the kyngis trone.

21 And al the puple of the lond was glad, and the citee restide; forsothe Athalia was slayn bi swerd.

Chapter 24 edit

1 Joas was of seuene yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnyde fourti yeer in Jerusalem; the name of his modir was Sebia of Bersabee.

2 And he dide that, that was good bifor the Lord, in alle the daies of Joiada, the preest.

3 Sotheli and Joas took twei wyues, of whyche he gendride sones and douytris.

4 After whiche thingis it pleside Joas to reparele the hows of the Lord.

5 And he gaderide togidere preestis and dekenes, and seide to hem, Go ye out to the citees of Juda, and gadere ye of al Israel money, to the reparelyng of the temple of `youre Lord God, bi ech yeer; and do ye this hiyyngli.

6 Certis the dekenes diden necgligentli. And the kyng clepide Joiada, the prince, and seide to hym, Whi was it not charge to thee, to constreyne the dekenes to brynge yn money of Juda and of Jerusalem, which money was ordeyned of Moises, the seruaunt of `the Lord, that al the multitude of Israel schulde brynge it in to the tabernacle of witnessyng?

7 For the worste Athalia, and hir sones, distrieden the hows of God; and of alle thingis, that weren halewid to the temple of the Lord, thei ourneden the temple of Baalym.

8 Therfor the kyng comaundide, and thei maden an arke, and settiden it bisidis the yate of the Lord with out forth.

9 And it was prechid in Juda and Jerusalem, that ech man schulde brynge to the Lord the prijs, which Moyses, the seruaunt of God, ordeynede on al Israel, in deseert.

10 And alle the princes and al the puple weren glad, and thei entriden, and brouyten, and senten in to the arke of the Lord, so that it was fillid.

11 And whanne it was tyme, that thei schulden bere the arke bifor the kyng bi the hondis of dekenes, for thei sien myche money, the clerk of the kyng entride, and he whom the firste preest hadde ordeynede, and thei schedden out the money, that was in the arke; sotheli thei baren ayen the arke to `his place. And so thei diden bi alle daies, and money with out noumbre was gaderid togidere;

12 which the kyng and Joiada yauen to hem that weren souereyns of the werkis of the hows of the Lord. And thei hiriden therof kitteris of stonys, and crafti men of alle werkis, that thei schulden reparele the hows of the Lord; also thei hiriden smythis of yrun, and of bras, that that thing schulde be vndurset, that bigan to falle.

13 Thei that wrouyten diden craftili, and the crasyng of the wallis was stoppid bi the hondis of hem; and thei reisiden the hows of the Lord in to the formere staat, and maden it to stonde stidfastli.

14 And whanne thei hadden fillid alle werkis, thei brouyten bifor the kyng and Joiada the tother part of the money, of which money vessels weren maad in to the seruyce of the temple, and to brent sacrifices; also viols, and othere vessels of gold and of siluer `weren maad therof. And brent sacrifices weren offrid in the hows of the Lord contynueli, in alle the daies of Joiada.

15 Forsothe Joiada ful of daies wexide eld, and he was deed, whanne he was of an hundrid yeer and thritti;

16 and thei birieden hym in the citee of Dauid with kyngis; for he hadde do good with Israel, and with his hows.

17 But aftir that Joiada diede, the princes of Juda entriden, and worschipiden the kyng, which was flaterid with her seruices, and assentide to hem.

18 And thei forsoken the temple of the Lord God of her fadris, and seruyden idols in wodis, and grauen ymagis; and the ire of the Lord was maad ayens Juda and Jerusalem for this synne.

19 And he sente to hem profetis, that thei schulen turne ayen to the Lord; whiche profetis witnessynge thei nolden here.

20 Therfor the Spirit of the Lord clothide Zacharie, the preest, the sone of Joiada; and he stood in the siyt of the puple, and seide to hem, The Lord seith these thingis, Whi breken ye the comaundement of the Lord, `which thing schal not profite to you, and ye han forsake the Lord, that he schulde forsake you?

21 Whiche weren gaderide togidere ayens hym, and senten stonys, bi comaundement `of the kyng, in the large place of the hows of the Lord.

22 And kyng Joas hadde not mynde on the merci which Joiada, the fadir of Zacharie, hadde doon with hym; but he killide the sone of Joiada. And whanne Zacharie diede, he seide, The Lord se, and seke.

23 And whanne a yeer was turned aboute, `ether endid, the oost of Sirie stiede ayens Joas, and it cam in to Juda and in to Jerusalem, and it killide alle the princes of the puple; and thei senten al the prey to the kyng, to Damask.

24 And certeyn, whanne a ful litle noumbre of men of Sirie was comun, the Lord bitook in her hondis a multitude with out noumbre, for thei hadden forsake the Lord God of her fadris. Also thei vsiden schameful domes in Joas;

25 and thei yeden awei, and leften hym in grete sorewis. Sotheli hise seruauntis risiden ayens hym, in to veniaunce of the blood of the sone of Joiada, preest; and killiden hym in his bed, and he was deed. And thei birieden hym in the citee of Dauid, but not in the sepulcris of kyngis.

26 Forsothe Sabath, the sone of Semath of Amon, and Josabeth, the sone of Semarith of Moab, settiden tresouns to hym.

27 Sotheli hise sones, and the summe of money that was gaderid vndur hym, and the reparelyng of the hows of God, ben writun diligentli in the book of Kyngis.

Chapter 25 edit

1 Forsothe Amasie, `his sone, regnede for hym; Amasie was of fyue and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnyde nyne and twenti yeer in Jerusalem; the name of his modir was Joiaden, of Jerusalem.

2 And he dide good in the siyt of the Lord, netheles not in perfit herte.

3 And whanne he siy the empire strengthid to hym silf, he stranglide the seruauntis, that killiden the kyng, his fadir;

4 but he killide not the sones of hem; as it is writun in the book of the lawe of Moises, where the Lord comaundide, seiynge, Fadris schulen not be slayn for the sones, nether the sones for her fadris; but ech man schal die in his owne synne.

5 Therfor Amasie gaderide togidere Juda, and ordeynede hem bi meynees and tribunes and centuriouns, in al Juda and Beniamyn; and he noumbride fro twenti yeer and aboue, and he foonde thritti thousynde of yonge men, that yeden out to batel, and helden spere and scheeld.

6 Also for mede he hiride of Israel an hundrid thousynde of stronge men, for an hundrid talentis of siluer, that thei schulden fiyte ayens the sones of Edom.

7 Forsothe a man of God cam to hym, and seide, A! kyng, the oost of Israel go not out with thee, for the Lord is not with Israel and with alle the sones of Effraym;

8 for if thou gessist that batels stonden in the myyt of oost, the Lord schal make thee to be ouercomun of enemyes, for it is of God for to helpe, and to turne in to fliyt.

9 And Amasie seide to the man of God, What therfor schal be doon of the hundrid talentis, which Y yaf to the knyytis of Israel? And the man of God answeride to hym, The Lord hath, wherof he may yelde to thee myche mo thingis than these.

10 Therfor Amasie departide the oost that cam to hym fro Effraym, that it schulde turne ayen in to his place; and thei weren wrooth greetli ayens Juda, and turneden ayen in to her cuntrei.

11 Forsothe Amasie ledde out tristili his puple, and yede in to the valei of makyngis of salt, and he killide of the sones of Seir ten thousynde.

12 And the sones of Juda token othere ten thousynde of men, and brouyten to the hiy scarre of summe stoon; and castiden hem doun fro the hiyeste in to the pit; whiche alle braken.

13 And thilke oost whom Amasie hadde sent ayen, that it schulde not go with him to batel, was spred abrood in the citees of Juda fro Samarie `til to Betheron; and aftir `that it hadde slayn thre thousynde, it took awey a greet preie.

14 And Amasie, after the sleyng of Idumeis, and after that he hadde brouyt the goddis of the sones of Seir, ordeynede hem `in to goddis to hym silf, and worschipide hem, and brente encense to hem.

15 Wherfor the Lord was wrooth ayens Amasie, and sente to hym a profete, that seide to hym, Whi worschipist thou goddis that `delyueriden not her puple fro thin hond?

16 Whanne the profete spak these thingis, Amasie answeride to hym, Whether thou art a counselour of the king? ceesse thou, lest perauenture Y sle thee. Therfor the profete yede awei, and seide, Y woot, that the Lord thouyte to sle thee; for thou didist this yuel, and ferthermore thou assentidist not to my counsel.

17 Therfor Amasie, the king of Juda, whanne he hadde take a ful yuel counsel, sente to the kyng of Israel Joas, the sone of Joachaz, the sone of Hieu, and seide, Come thou, se we vs togidere.

18 And he sente ayen messangeris, and seide, A `cardue, ether a tasil, which is in the Liban sente to the cedre of the Liban, and seide, Yyue thi douyter a wijf to my sone; and lo! beestis that weren in the wode of the Liban yeden and defouliden the cardue.

19 Thou seidist, Y haue smyte Edom, and therfor thin herte is reysid in to pride; sitte thou in thin hows; whi stirist thou yuel ayens thee, that thou falle, and Juda with thee?

20 Amasie nolde here, for it was the wille of the Lord, that he schulde be bitakun in to the hondis of enemyes, for the goddis of Edom.

21 Therfor Joas, kyng of Israel, stiede, and thei siyen hem silf togidere. Sotheli Amasie, the kyng of Juda, was in Bethsames of Juda;

22 and Juda felde doun bifor Israel, and fledde in to his tabernaclis.

23 Certis the kyng of Israel took in Bethsames Amasie, the kyng of Juda, the sone of Joas, sone of Joachaz, and brouyte in to Jerusalem; and he destriede the wallis therof fro the yate of Effraym `til to the yate of the corner, bi foure hundrid cubitis.

24 And be ledde ayen in to Samarie al the gold and siluer, and alle vessels whiche he foond in the hows of the Lord, and at Obededom, in the tresouris also of the kyngis hows, also and the sones of ostagis.

25 Forsothe Amasie, kyng of Juda, the sone of Joas, lyuede fiftene yeer aftir that Joas, kyng of Israel, the sone of Joachaz, was deed.

26 Sotheli the residue of the formere and the laste wordis of Amasie ben writun in the book of kyngis of Juda and of Israel.

27 And aftir that he yede awei fro the Lord, thei settiden to hym tresouns in Jerusalem; and whanne he hadde fledde to Lachis, thei senten and killiden hym there;

28 and thei brouyten ayen on horsis, and birieden hym with his fadris in the citee of Dauid.

Chapter 26 edit

1 Forsothe al the puple of Juda made kyng, Ozie, his sone, `of sixtene yeer, for his fader Amasie.

2 He bildide Hailath, and restoride it to the lordschipe of Juda, after that the kyng slepte with hise fadris.

3 Ozie was of sixtene yeer, whanne he bigan to regne; and he regnede two and fifti yeer in Jerusalem; the name of his modir was Hiechelia, of Jerusalem.

4 And he dide that, that was riytful in the siyt of the Lord, bi alle thingis whiche Amasie, his fadir, hadde do.

5 And he souyte the Lord in the daies of Zacarie, vndurstondynge and seynge God; and whanne he souyte God, God reulide hym in alle thingis.

6 Forsothe he yede out, and fauyt ayens Filisteis, and distriede the wal of Geth, and the wal of Jabyne, and the wal of Azotus; and he bildide stronge places in Azotus and in Filistiym.

7 And the Lord helpide hym bothe ayens Filisteis, and ayens Arabeis that dwelliden in Garbahal, and ayenus Amonytis.

8 Amonytis paieden yiftis to Ozie, and his name was pupplischid `til to the entryng of Egipt for ofte victories.

9 And Ozie bildide touris in Jerusalem ouer the yate of the corner, and ouer the yate of the valey, and othere touris in the same side of the wal; and made tho stidefast.

10 Also he bildide touris in the wildirnesse, and he diggide ful many cisternes; for he hadde many beestis as wel in the feeldi places as in the wastnesse of deseert. Also he hadde vyneris and tiliers of vynes in the hilles, and in Carmele; for he was a man youun to erthetilthe.

11 Forsothe the oost of hise werriours, that yeden forth to batels, vndur the hond of Heiel, scribe, and of Masie, techere, and vndur the hond of Ananye that was of the duykis of the kyng; and al the noumbre of princes, by her meynees, was of stronge men two thousynde and sixe hundrid.

13 And vndur hem was al the oost, thre hundrid thousynde and seuen thousynde and fyue hundrid, that weren able to batel, and fouyten for the king ayens aduersaries.

14 And Ozie made redi to hem, that is, to al the oost, scheldis, and speris, and basynetis, and haburiouns, and bouwis, and slyngis to caste stonys.

15 And he made in Jerusalem engynes of dyuerse kynde, which he settide in touris, and in the corneris of wallis, that tho schulden caste arowis and grete stoonys; and his name yede out fer, for the Lord helpide hym, and hadde maad him strong.

16 But whanne he was maad strong, his herte was reisid in to his perischyng; and he dispiside `his Lord God; and he entride in to the temple of the Lord, and wolde brenne encense on the auter of encense.

17 And anoon Azarie, the preest, entride after hym, and with hym the preestis of the Lord, seuenti `men ful noble;

18 whiche ayenstoden the kyng, and seiden, Ozie, it is not of thin office, that thou brenne encense to the Lord, but of the preestis of the Lord, that is, of the sones of Aaron, that ben halewid to siche seruyce; go thou out of the seyntuarye; dispise thou not; for this thing schal not be arettid of the Lord God to thee in to glorie.

19 And Ozie was wrooth, and he helde in the hond the censere for to offre encence, and manaasside the preestis; and anoon lepre was sprungun forth in his forheed, bifor the preestis in the hows of the Lord on the auter of encense.

20 And whanne Azarie, the bischop, hadde biholde hym, and alle othere preestis `hadden biholde him, thei sien lepre in his forheed, and hiyngli thei puttiden hym out; but also he was aferd, and hastide to go out; for he feelide anoon the veniaunce of the Lord.

21 Therfor kyng Ozie was leprouse `til to the dai of his deeth, and dwellide in an hows bi it silf, and he was ful of lepre; `for which he was cast out of the hows of the Lord. Forsothe Joathan, his sone, gouernyde the hows of the kyng, and demyde the puple of the lond.

22 Sotheli Ysaie, the prophete, the sone of Amos, wroot the residue `of the formere and of the laste wordis of Ozie.

23 And Ozie slepte with hise fadris, and thei birieden not hym in the feeld of the kyngis sepulcris, for he was leprouse; and Joathan, his sone, regnyde for hym.

Chapter 27 edit

1 Joathan was of fyue and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede sixtene yeer in Jerusalem; the name of his modir was Jerusa, the douyter of Sadoch.

2 He dide that, that was riytful bifor the Lord, bi alle thingis whiche Ozie, his fadir, hadde do; outakun that he entride not in to the temple of the Lord, and the puple trespasside yit.

3 He bildide the hiy yate of the hous of the Lord, and he bildide manye thingis in the wal of Ophel;

4 also he bildide citees in the hillis of Juda, and he bildide castels and touris in forestis.

5 He fauyt ayens the kyng of the sones of Amon, and ouercam hym; and the sones of Amon yauen to hym in that tyme an hundrid talentis of siluer, and ten thousynde choris of barli, and so many of wheete; the sones of Amon yauen these thingis to hym in the secounde and in the thridde yeer.

6 And Joathan was maad strong, for he hadde dressid hise weies bifor `his Lord God.

7 Forsothe the residue of wordis of Joathan, and alle hise batels, and werkis, ben writun in the book of kyngis of Israel and of Juda.

8 He was of fyue and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede sixtene yeer in Jerusalem.

9 And Joathan slepte with hise fadris, and thei birieden hym in the citee of Dauid; and Achaz, his sone, regnede for him.

Chapter 28 edit

1 Achaz was of twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede sixtene yeer in Jerusalem; he dide not riytfulnesse in the siyt of the Lord, as Dauid, his fadir, dide;

2 but he yede in the weies of the kyngis of Israel. Ferthermore and he yetyde ymagis to Baalym.

3 He it is that brente encense in the valey of Beennon, and purgide hise sones bi fier bi the custom of hethene men, whiche the Lord killide in the comyng of the sones of Israel.

4 Also he made sacrifice, and brente encense in hiy places, and in hillis, and vndur ech tree ful of bowis.

5 And `his Lord God bitook hym in the hond of the kyng of Sirie, which smoot Achaz, and took a greet preie of his empire, and brouyten in to Damask. Also Achaz was bitakun to the hondis of the kyng of Israel, and was smytun with a greet wounde.

6 And Facee, the sone of Romelie, killide of Juda sixe scoore thousynde in o dai, alle the men werriours; for thei hadden forsake the Lord God of her fadris.

7 In the same tyme Zechry, a myyti man of Effraym, killide Maasie, the sone of Rogloth, the kyng; and `he killide Ezrica, the duyk of his hows, and Elcana, the secounde fro the kyng.

8 And the sones of Israel token of her britheren two hundrid thousynde of wymmen and of children and of damysels, and prey with out noumbre; and baren it in to Samarie.

9 In that tempest a profete of the Lord, Obed bi name, was there, which yede out ayens the oost comynge in to Samarie, and seide to hem, Lo! the Lord God of youre fadris was wrooth ayens Juda, and bitook hem in youre hondis; and ye han slayn hem crueli, so that youre cruelte stretchide forth in to heuene.

10 Ferthermore ye wolen make suget to you the sones of Juda and of Jerusalem in to seruauntis and handmaidis; which thing is not nedeful to be doon; for ye han synned on this thing to `youre Lord God.

11 But here ye my councel, and lede ayen the prisounneris, whyche ye han brouyt of youre britheren; for greet veniaunce of the Lord neiyith to you.

12 Therfor men of the princes of the sones of Effraym, Azarie, the sone of Johannan, Barachie, the sone of Mosollamoth, Jesechie, the sone of Sellum, and Amasie, the sone of Adali, stoden ayens hem that camen fro the batel;

13 and seiden to hem, Ye schulen not brynge in hidur the prisoneris, lest we doen synne ayens the Lord; whi wolen ye `ley to on youre synnes, and heepe elde trespassis? For it is greet synne; the ire of the strong veniaunce of the Lord neiyeth on Israel.

14 And the men werriouris leften the prey, and alle thingis whiche thei hadden take, bifor the princes and al the multitude.

15 And the men stoden, whiche we remembriden bifore, and thei token the prisounneris, and clothiden of the spuylis alle that weren nakid; and whanne thei hadden clothid hem, and hadden schod, and hadden refreschid with mete and drynke, and hadden anoyntid for trauel, and hadden youe cure, `ether medecyn, to hem; `thei puttiden hem on horsis, whiche euere `myyten not go, and weren feble `of bodi, and brouyten to Jerico, a citee of palmes, to `the britheren of hem; and thei turneden ayen in to Samarie.

16 In that tyme kyng Achaz sente to the kyng of Assiriens, and axide help.

17 And Ydumeis camen, and killiden many men of Juda, and token greet prey.

18 Also Filisteis weren spred abrood bi citees of the feeldis, and at the south of Juda; and thei token Bethsames, and Hailon, and Gaderoth, and Socoth, and Thannan, and Zamro, with her villagis; and dwelliden in tho.

19 For the Lord made low Juda for Achaz, the kyng of Juda; for he hadde maad him nakid of help, and hadde dispisid the Lord.

20 And the Lord brouyte ayens him Teglat Phalasar, kyng of Assiriens, that turmentide hym, and waastide hym, while no man ayenstood.

21 Therfor Achaz, after that he hadde spuylid the hows of the Lord, and the hows of the kyng and of princes, yaf yiftis to the kyng of Assiriens, and netheles it profitide `no thing to hym.

22 Ferthermore also in the tyme of his angwisch he encreesside dispit ayens God; thilke kyng Achaz bi

23 hym silf offride sacrifices to the goddis of Damask, hise smyteris, and seide, The goddis of the kyngis of Sirie helpen hem, whiche goddis Y schal plese bi sacrifices, and thei schulen help me; whanne ayenward thei weren fallyng to hym, and to al Israel.

24 Therfor aftir that Achaz hadde take awei, and broke alle the vessels of the hows of God, he closide the yatis of Goddis temple, and made auteris to hym silf in alle the corneris of Jerusalem.

25 And in alle citees of Juda he bildide auteris to brenne encence, and he stiride the Lord God of hise fadris to wrathfulnesse.

26 Sotheli the residue of hise wordis and of alle hise werkis, the formere and the laste, ben writun in the book of kyngis of Juda and of Israel.

27 And Achaz slepte with hise fadris, and thei birieden hym in the citee of Jerusalem; for thei resseyueden not hym in the sepulcris of the kyngis of Israel; and Ezechie, his sone, regnede for hym.

Chapter 29 edit

1 Therfor Ezechie bigan to regne, whanne he was of fyue and twenti yeer, and he regnede in Jerusalem nyne and twenti yeer; the name of his modir was Abia, the douytir of Zacharie.

2 And he dide that, that was pleasaunt in the siyt of the Lord, bi alle thingis whiche Dauid, his fadir, hadde do.

3 In that yeer and the firste monethe of his rewme he openyde the yatis of the hows of the Lord, and restoride tho;

4 and he brouyte the preestis and dekenes, and gaderide hem in to the eest strete,

5 and seide to hem, Sones of Leuy, here ye me, and be ye halewid; clense ye the hows of the Lord God of youre fadris; do ye awei al vnclennesse fro the seyntuarie.

6 Oure fadris synneden, and diden yuel in the siyt of `oure Lord God, and forsoken hym; thei turneden awei her faces fro the tabernacle of `oure Lord God, and yauen the bak.

7 Thei closiden the doris that weren in the porche, and quenchiden the lanternes; and thei brenten not encense, and thei offriden not brent sacrifices in the seyntuarie of God of Israel.

8 Therfor the stronge veniaunce of the Lord was reisid on Juda and Jerusalem; and he yaf hem in to stiryng, and in to perischyng, and in to `hisshing, ether scornyng, as ye seen with youre iyen.

9 Lo! oure fadris felden doun bi swerdis; oure sones, and oure douytris, and wyues ben led prisouneris for this greet trespas.

10 Now therfor it plesith me, that we make a boond of pees with the Lord God of Israel, and that he turne fro vs the stronge veniaunce of his ire.

11 My sones, nyle ye be reccheles; the Lord hath chose you, that ye stonde bifor hym, and serue hym, that ye herie hym, and brenne encense to hym.

12 Therfor the dekenes risiden, Mahat, the sone of Amasie, and Johel, the sone of Azarie, of the sones of Caath; sotheli of the sones of Merarye, Cys, the sone of Abdai, and Azarie, the sone of Jelaleel; forsothe of the sones of Jerson, Joha, the sone of Zemma, and Hedem, the sone of Johaa;

13 and sotheli of the sones of Elisaphan, Samri, and Jahiel; and of the sones of Asaph, Zacharie, and Mathanye;

14 also of the sones of Heman, Jahiel, and Semei; but also of the sones of Iditum, Semei, and Oziel.

15 And thei gaderiden to gidere her britheren, and weren halewid; and thei entriden bi comaundement of the kyng, and bi comaundement of the Lord, for to clense the hows of the Lord.

16 Also preestis entriden in to the temple of the Lord, for to halewe it, and thei baren out al vnclennesse, which thei founden ther ynne in the porche, `ethir large place, of the hows of the Lord; which vnclennesse the dekenes token, and baren out to the stronde of Cedron with outforth.

17 Sotheli thei bigunnen to clense in the firste dai of the firste monethe, and in the eiyte dai of the same monethe thei entriden in to the porche of the hows of the Lord, and thei clensiden the temple eiyte daies; and in the sixtenthe dai of the same monethe thei filliden that, that thei hadden bigunne.

18 And thei entriden to Ezechie, the king, and seiden to hym, We han halewid al the hows of the Lord, and the auter of brent sacrifice therof, and the vessels therof, also and the boord of settyngforth with alle hise vessels,

19 and al the purtenaunce of the temple, `which purtenaunce king Achaz hadde defoulid in his rewme, aftir that he brak the lawe; and lo! alle thingis ben set forth bifor the auter of the Lord.

20 And Ezechie, the kyng, roos in the morwetid, and gaderide togidere alle the princes of the citee, and stiede in to the hows of the Lord;

21 and thei offriden togidere seuene bolis, and seuene rammes, seuene lambren, and seuene buckis of geet, for synne, for the rewme, for the seyntuarye, and for Juda. And he seide to preestis, the sones of Aaron, that thei schulden offre on the auter of the Lord.

22 Therfor thei killiden bolis, and `the preestis tooken the blood, and schedden it on the auter; also thei killiden rammes, and `the preestis schedden the blood of tho on the auter; thei offriden lambren, and `the preestis schedden the blood on the auter.

23 And thei brouyten buckis of geet `for synne bifor the kyng and al the multitude, and thei settiden her hondis on tho;

24 and the preestis offriden tho, and spreynten the blood of tho bifor the auter, for the clensyng of al Israel. For the king comaundide, that brent sacrifice shulde be made for al Israel, and for synne.

25 Also he ordeynede dekenes in the hows of the Lord, with cymbalis, and sawtrees, and harpis, bi the ordenaunce of `Dauid the kyng, and of Gad, the profete, and of Nathan, the profete; for it was the comaundement of the Lord bi the hond of hise prophetis.

26 And the dekenes stoden, and helden the orguns of Dauid; and preestis helden trumpis.

27 And Ezechie comaundide, that thei schulden offre brent sacrifices on the auter; and whanne brent sacrifices weren offrid, thei bigunnen to synge preisyngis to the Lord, and to sowne with trumpis, and in dyuerse orguns, whiche Dauid, the kyng of Israel, hadde maad redi for to sowne.

28 Forsothe whanne al the cumpenye worschipide, syngeris and thei that helden trumpis weren in her office, til the brent sacrifice was fillid.

29 And whanne the offryng was endid, the kyng was bowid, and alle that weren with hym, and thei worschipiden God.

30 And Ezechie and the princes comaundiden to the dekenes, that thei schulden preise the Lord with the wordis of Dauith, and of Asaph, the profete; whiche preisiden hym with greet gladnesse, and kneliden, and worschipiden.

31 Sothely Ezechie addide also these thingis, Ye han fillid youre hondis to the Lord; neiye ye, and offre sacrifices and preisyngis in the hows of the Lord.

32 Therfor al the multitude offride with deuoute soule sacrifices, and preisyngis, and brent sacrifices. Sotheli this was the noumbre of brent sacrifices, whiche the multitude offride; seuenti bolis, and an hundrid rammes, two hundrid lambren.

33 Also thei halewiden to the Lord sixe hundrid oxis, and thre thousynde sheep.

34 Forsothe the preestis weren fewe, and myyten not suffice for to `drawe awei the skynnes of brent sacrifices; wherfor and the dekenes her britheren helpiden hem, til the werk was fillid, and the preestis weren halewid; for the dekenes ben halewid bi liytere custom than the preestis.

35 Therfor there weren ful many brent sacrifices, ynnere fatnessis of pesible sacrifices, and the moyste sacrifices of brent sacrifices, and the worschip, `ethir ournyng, of the `Lordis hows was fillid.

36 And Ezechie was glad, and al the puple, for the seruyce of the Lord was fillid; for it pleside, that this was doon sodeynly.

Chapter 30 edit

1 And Ezechie sente to al Israel and to Juda, and he wroot pistlis to Effraym and to Manasses, that thei schulden come in to the hous of the Lord in Jerusalem, and make paske to the Lord God of Israel.

2 Therfor whanne counseil was takun of the kyng, and of princes, and of al the cumpeny of Jerusalem, thei demyden to make paske in the secounde moneth.

3 For thei demyden not to do in his tyme; for the preestis that myyten suffice weren not halewid, and the puple was not yit gaderid in to Jerusalem.

4 And the word pleside the king, and al the multitude.

5 And thei demyden to sende messangeris in to al Israel, fro Bersabee `til to Dan, that thei schulden come, and make pask to the Lord God of Israel in Jerusalem; for many men hadden not do, as it is bifor writun in the lawe.

6 And corouris yeden forth with pistlis, bi comaundement of the kyng and of hise princis, in to al Israel and Juda, and prechiden bi that, that the kyng hadde comaundid, Sones of Israel, turne ye ayen to the Lord God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Israel; and he schal turne ayen to the residue men, that ascapiden the hondis of the kyng of Assiriens.

7 Nyle ye be maad as youre fadris and britheren, that yeden awei fro the Lord God of her fadris; and he yaue hem in to perischyng, as ye seen.

8 Nyle ye make hard youre nollis, as youre fadris diden; yyue ye hondis to the Lord, and come ye to his seyntuarie, which he halewide withouten ende; serue ye the Lord God of youre fadris, and the ire of his strong veniaunce schal `be turned awey fro you.

9 For if ye turnen ayen to the Lord, youre britheren and youre sones schulen haue mercy, bifor her lordis that ledden hem prisoneris; and thei schulen turne ayen in to this lond. For `oure Lord God is pitouse, `ethir benygne, and merciful; and he schal not turne awey his face fro you, if ye turne ayen to hym.

10 Therfor the corours yeden swiftli fro cytee in to citee thorou the lond of Effraym and of Manasses `til to Zabulon, while thei scorniden and bimowiden hem.

11 Netheles sum men of Aser, and of Manasses, and of Zabulon, assentiden to the counsel, and camen in to Jerusalem.

12 Forsothe the hond of the Lord was maad in Juda, that he yaf to hem oon herte, and that thei diden the word of the Lord, bi the comaundement of the kyng and of the princes.

13 And many puplis weren gaderid in to Jerusalem, for to make the solempnyte of therf looues in the secounde monethe.

14 And thei risiden, and destrieden the auteris, that weren in Jerusalem; and `thei destriynge alle thingis in whiche encense was brent to idols, castiden forth in to the stronde of Cedron.

15 Forsothe thei offriden pask in the fourtenthe dai of the secounde monethe; also the preestis and the dekenes weren halewid at the laste, and offriden brent sacrifices in the hows of the Lord.

16 And thei stoden in her ordre, bi the ordynaunce and lawe of Moises, the man of God. Sothely the preestis token of the hondis of dekenes the blood to be sched out,

17 for myche cumpeny was not halewid; and therfor the dekenes offriden pask for hem, that myyten not be halewid to the Lord.

18 Also a greet part of the puple of Effraym, and Manasses, and of Ysachar, and of Zabulon, that was not halewid, eet pask not bi that that is writun. And Ezechie preyde for hem, and seide, The good Lord schal do mercy to alle men,

19 that seken in al the herte the Lord God of her fadris; and it schal not be arettid to hem, that thei ben not halewid.

20 And the Lord herde hym, and was plesid to the puple.

21 And the sones of Israel, that weren founden in Jerusalem, maden solempnyte of therf looues seuene daies in greet gladnesse, and herieden the Lord bi ech dai; and dekenes and preestis `preisiden the Lord bi orguns, that acordiden to her offices.

22 And Ezechie spak to the herte of alle the dekenes, that hadden good vndurstondyng of the Lord; and thei eeten bi seuene daies of the solempnyte, offrynge sacrifices of pesible thingis, and heriynge the Lord God of her fadris.

23 And it pleside al the multitude to halewe also othere seuene daies; which thing also thei diden with greet ioye.

24 Forsothe Ezechie, kyng of Juda, yaf to the multitude a thousynde bolis, and seuene thousynde of scheep; sotheli the princes yauen to the puple a thousynde bolis, and ten thousynde scheep. Therfor ful greet multitude of preestis was halewid;

25 and al the cumpany of Juda was fillid with gladnesse, as wel of preestis and dekenes, as of al the multitude, that camen fro Israel, and `of conuersis of the lond of Israel, and of dwelleris in Juda.

26 And greet solempnytee was maad in Jerusalem, which maner solempnyte was not in that citee fro the daies of Salomon, sone of Dauid, kyng of Israel.

27 Sotheli preestis and dekenes rysyden, and blessiden the puple; and the vois of hem was herd, and the preier cam in to the hooli dwelling place of heuene.

Chapter 31 edit

1 And whanne these thingis weren doon riytfuli, al Israel yede out, that was foundun in the citees of Juda; and thei braken simylacris, and kittiden doun woodis, and wastiden hiy places, and distrieden auteris, not oneli of al Juda and Beniamyn, but also and of Effraym and Manasses, til thei distrieden outirli. And alle the sones of Israel turneden ayen in to her possessiouns and citees.

2 Forsothe Ezechie ordeynede cumpenyes of preestis and of dekenes bi her departyngis, ech man in his owne office, that is, as wel of preestis as of dekenes, to brent sacrifices and pesible sacrifices, that thei schulden mynystre, and knowleche, and synge in the yatis of the castels of the Lord.

3 Sotheli the part of the kyng was, that of his owne catel brent sacrifice schulde be offrid euere in the morewtid and euentide, also in sabatis, and calendis, and othere solempnytees, as it is writun in the lawe of Moises.

4 Also he comaundide to the puple of hem that dwelliden in Jerusalem, to yyue partis to the preestis and dekenes, that thei myyten yyue tent to the lawe of the Lord.

5 And whanne this was knowun in the eeris of the multitude, the sones of Israel offriden ful many firste fruytis of wheete, of wyn, of oyle, and of hony; and of alle thingis whiche the erthe bringith forth, thei offriden tithis.

6 But also the sones of Israel and of Juda, that dwelliden in the citees of Juda, offriden tithis of oxis and of scheep, and the tithis of holi thingis, whiche thei avowiden to `her Lord God, and thei brouyten alle thingis, and maden ful many heepis.

7 In the thridde monethe thei bigunnen to leie the foundementis of the heepis, and in the seuenthe monethe thei filliden tho heepis.

8 And whanne Ezechie and hise princes hadden entrid, thei siyen the heepis, and blessiden the Lord, and the puple of Israel.

9 And Ezechie axide the preestis and dekenes, whi the heepis laien so.

10 Azarie, the firste preest of the generacioun of Sadoch, answeride to hym, and seide, Sithen the firste fruytis bigunnen to be offrid in the hows of the Lord, we han ete and ben fillid, and ful many thingis ben left; for the Lord hath blessid his puple; sotheli this plentee, which thou seest, is of the relifs.

11 Therfor Ezechie comaundide, that thei schulden make redi bernes in the hows of the Lord; and whanne thei hadden do this thing,

12 thei brouyten in feithfuly bothe the firste fruytis, and tithis, and what euere thingis thei hadden avowid. Forsothe Chonenye, the dekene, was the souereyn of tho; and Semei his brother was the secounde;

13 aftir whom Jehiel, and Azarie, and Nabath, and Asahel, and Jerimoth, `and Jozabad, and Helyel, and Jesmahie, and Maath, and Banaie, weren souereyns vndur the hondis of Chonenye and Semei, his brother, bi the comaundement of `Ezechie the kyng, and of Azarie, the bischop of the hows of the Lord, to whiche alle thingis perteyneden.

14 But Chore, the sone of Jemnya, dekene and portere of the eest yate, was souereyn of tho thingis that weren offrid bi fre wille to the Lord, and of the firste fruytis, and of thingis halewid in to hooli thingis of the noumbre of hooli thingis;

15 and vndur his cure weren Eden, and Beniamyn, Jesue, and Semeye, and Amarie, and Sechenye, in the citees of preestis, that thei schulden departe feithfuli to her britheren the partis, to the lesse and the grettere,

16 outakun malis fro three yeer and aboue, these thingis to alle that entriden in to the temple of the Lord, and what euer thing bi ech dai was hirid in the seruyce and obseruaunces bi her departyngis.

17 To preestis bi meynees, and to dekenes fro `the twentithe yeer and aboue bi her ordris and cumpenyes, and to alle the multitude,

18 bothe to the wyues and fre children of hem of euer either kynde, metis weren youun feithfuli of these thingis that weren halewid.

19 But also men of the sones of Aaron weren ordeyned bi the feeldis and subarbis of alle citees, whyche men schulden dele partis to al the male kynde of preestis and dekenes.

20 Therfor Ezechie dide alle thingis, whiche we seiden, in al Juda, and he wrouyte that, that was riytful and good and trewe bifor `his Lord God,

21 in al the religioun of the seruyce of the hows of the Lord, bi the lawe and cerymonyes; and he wolde seke his Lord God in al his herte, and he dide, and hadde prosperite.

Chapter 32 edit

1 Aftir whiche thingis and sich treuthe, Senacherib, the kyng of Assiriens, cam and entride in to Juda; and he bisegide stronge citees, and wolde take tho.

2 And whanne Ezechie hadde herd this thing, that is, that Senacherib was comun, and that al the fersnesse of batel was turned ayens Jerusalem,

3 he took counsel with the princes and strongest men, that thei schulden stoppe the heedis of wellis, that weren without the citee; and whanne the sentence of alle men demyde this,

4 he gaderide togidere a ful greet multitude, and thei stoppiden alle the wellis, and the ryuer, that flowide in the myddis of the lond; and seiden, Lest the kyngis of Assiriens comen, and fynden abundance of watris.

5 Also he dide wittili, and bildide al the wal that was distride, and he bildide touris aboue, and an other wal withoutforth. And he reparilide Mello in the citee of Dauid; and made armure of al kynde, and scheldis.

6 And he ordeynede princes of werriouris in the oost; and he clepide togidere alle men in the street of the yate of the citee, and spake to the herte of hem,

7 and seide, Do ye manli, and be ye coumfortid; nyle ye drede, nether be ye aferd of the kyng of Assiriens, and of al the multitude which is with him; for many mo ben with vs than with him.

8 Fleischli arm is with him; `oure Lord God is with vs, which is oure helpere, and schal fiyte for vs. And the puple was coumfortid with sich wordis of Ezechie, kyng of Juda.

9 And aftir that these thingis weren doon, Sennacherib sente hise seruauntis to Jerusalem; for he `with al the oost bisegide Lachis. He sente to Ezechie, kyng of Juda, and to al the puple that was in the citee,

10 and seide, Sennacherib, the kyng of Assiriens, seith these thingis, In whom han ye trist, and sitten bisegid in Jerusalem?

11 Whether Ezechie disseyueth you, that he bitake you to deeth in hungur and thirst, and affermeth, that `youre Lord God schal delyuere you fro the hond of the kyng of Assyriens?

12 Whether not this is Ezechie, that distriede hiy places, and auteris of hym, and comaundide to Juda and to Jerusalem, and seide, Ye schulen worschipe bifor oon auter, and therynne ye schulen brenne encense?

13 Whether ye witen not what thingis Y haue do, and my fadir, to alle the puplis of londis? Whether the goddis of folkis and of alle londis myyten delyuere her cuntrei fro myn hond?

14 Who is of alle goddis of folkis, whiche my fadris distrieden, that myyte delyuere his puple fro myn hond, that also youre God may delyuere you fro this hond?

15 Therfor Ezechie disseyue not you, nether scorne bi veyn counselyng, nethir bileue ye to hym; for if no god of alle folkis and cuntreis myyte delyuere his puple fro myn hond, and fro the hond of my fadris, suyngli nether youre God schal mowe delyuere you fro this myn hond.

16 But also hise seruauntis spaken many othir thingis ayenus the Lord God, and ayens Ezechie, his seruaunte.

17 Also he wroot epistlis ful of blasfemye ayens the Lord God of Israel, and he spak ayens God, As the goddis of othere folkis myyten not delyuere her puple fro myn hond, so and the God of Ezechie may not delyuere his puple fro myn hond.

18 Ferthermore and with greet cry in the langage of Jewis he sownede ayens the puple, that sat on the wallis of Jerusalem, to make hem aferd, and to take the citee.

19 And he spake ayens God of Israel, as ayens the goddis of the puplis of erthe, the werkis of mennus hondis.

20 Therfor Ezechie, the kyng, and Ysaie, the profete, the sone of Amos, preieden ayens this blasfemye, and crieden til in to heuene.

21 And the Lord sente his aungel, that killide ech strong man and werriour, and the prince of the oost of the kyng of Assiriens; and he turnede ayen with schenship `in to his lond. And whanne he hadde entrid in to the hows of his god, the sones, that yeden out of his wombe, killiden hym with swerd.

22 And the Lord sauyde Ezechie, and the dwelleris of Jerusalem, fro the hond of Senacherib, kyng of Assiriens, and fro the hond of alle men; and yaf to hem reste bi cumpas.

23 Also many men brouyten offryngis and sacrifices to the Lord in to Jerusalem, and yiftis to Ezechie, kyng of Juda; which was enhaunsid aftir these thingis bifor alle folkis.

24 In tho daies Ezechie was sijk `til to the deth, and he preiede the Lord; and he herde hym, and yaf to hym a signe;

25 but he yeldide not bi the benefices whiche he hadde take, for his herte was reisid; and ire was maad ayens hym, and ayens Juda, and ayens Jerusalem.

26 And he was mekid aftirward, for his herte was reisid; bothe he was mekid, and the dwelleris of Jerusalem; and therfor the ire of the Lord cam not on hem in the daies of Ezechie.

27 Forsothe Ezechie was riche, and ful noble, and gaderide to hym silf ful many tresours of siluer, of gold, and of preciouse stoon, of swete smellynge spices, and of armuris of al kynde, and of vessels of greet prijs.

28 Also he bildide large housis of wheete, of wyn, and of oile, and cratchis of alle beestis,

29 and fooldis to scheep, and sixe citees. For he hadde vnnoumbrable flockis of scheep and of grete beestis; for the Lord hadde youe to hym ful myche catel.

30 Thilke is Ezechie, that stoppide the hiyere welle of the watris of Gion, and turnede tho awei vndur the erthe at the west of the citee of Dauid; in alle hise werkis he dide `bi prosperite, what euer thing he wolde.

31 Netheles in the message of the princes of Babiloyne, that weren sent to hym for to axe of the grete wondir, that bifelde on the lond, God forsook hym, that he were temptid, and that alle thingis weren knowun that weren in his herte.

32 Sotheli the residue of wordis of Ezechie, and of hise mercies, ben writun in the profesie of Ysaie, the profete, sone of Amos, and in the book of kyngis of Juda and of Israel.

33 And Ezechie slepte with hise fadris, and thei birieden hym aboue the sepulcris of the sones of Dauid. And al Juda and alle the dwelleris of Jerusalem maden solempne the seruyces of his biriyng; and Manasses, his sone, regnide for him.

Chapter 33 edit

1 Manasses was of twelue yeer, whanne he bygan to regne, and he regnyde in Jerusalem fyue and fifti yeer.

2 Forsothe he dide yuel bifor the Lord bi abhomynaciouns of hethene men, whiche the Lord destriede bifor the sones of Israel.

3 And he turnede, and restoride the hiye places, whiche Ezechie, his fadir, hadde destried. And he bildide auteris to Baalym, and made wodis, and worschipide al the knyythod of heuene, and heriede it.

4 And he bildide auteris in the hows of the Lord, of which the Lord hadde seid, My name schal be in Jerusalem with outen ende.

5 Sotheli he bildide tho auteris to al the knyythod of heuene in the twei large places of the hows of the Lord.

6 And he made hise sones to passe thorouy the fier in the valei of Beennon; he kepte dremes; he suede fals diuynyng bi chiteryng of briddis; he seruyde witche craftis; he hadde with hym astronomyeris and enchaunteris, `ethir trigetours, that disseyuen mennus wittis, and he wrouyte many yuelis bifor the Lord to terre hym to wraththe.

7 Also he settide a grauun signe and a yotun signe in the hows of the Lord, of which hows God spak to Dauid, and to Salomon, his sone, and seide, Y schal sette my name with outen ende in this hows and in Jerusalem, which Y chees of alle the lynagis of Israel;

8 and Y schal not make the foot of Israel to moue fro the lond which Y yaf to her fadris, so oneli if thei kepen to do tho thingis whiche Y comaundide to hem, and al the lawe, and cerymonyes, and domes, bi the hond of Moises.

9 Therfor Manasses disseyuede Juda, and the dwelleris of Jerusalem, that thei diden yuel, more than alle hethene men, whiche the Lord hadde distriede fro the face of the sones of Israel.

10 And the Lord spak to hym, and to his puple; and thei nolden take heed.

11 Therfor the Lord brouyte on hem the princes of the oost of the kyng of Assiriens; and thei token Manasses, and bounden hym with chaynes, and stockis, and ledden hym in to Babiloyne.

12 And aftir that he was angwischid, he preiede `his Lord God, and dide penaunce gretli bifor the God of hise fadris.

13 And he preiede God, and bisechide ententifli; and God herde his preier, and brouyte hym ayen `in to Jerusalem in to his rewme; and Manasses knew, that the Lord hym silf is God.

14 Aftir these thingis he bildide the wal with out the citee of Dauid, at the west of Gion, in the valei, fro the entryng of the yate of fischis, bi cumpas `til to Ophel; and he reiside it gretli; and he ordeynede princes of the oost in alle the stronge citees of Juda.

15 And he dide awei alien goddis and symylacris fro the hows of the Lord; and he dide awei the auteris, whiche he hadde maad in the hil of the hows of the Lord, and in Jerusalem, and he castide awei alle with out the citee.

16 Certis he restoride the auter of the Lord, and offride theronne slayn sacrifices, and pesible sacrifices, and preisyng; and he comaundide Juda to serue the Lord God of Israel.

17 Netheles the puple offride yit in hiy places to `her Lord God.

18 Forsothe the residue of dedis of Manasses, and his bisechyng to `his Lord God, and the wordis of profetis, that spaken to hym in the name of the Lord God of Israel, ben conteyned in the wordis of the kyngis of Israel.

19 And his preier, and the heryng, and alle synnes, and dispisyng, also the places in whiche he bildide hiy thingis, and made wodis and ymagis, bifor that he dide penaunce, ben writun in the bokis of Ozai.

20 Forsothe Manasses slepte with hise fadris, and thei birieden hym in his hows; and Amon, his sone, regnyde for hym.

21 Amon was of two and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne; and he regnyde twei yeer in Jerusalem.

22 And he dide yuel in the siyt of the Lord, as Manasses, his fadir, hadde do; and he offride, and seruyde to alle the idols, whiche Manasses hadde maad.

23 And he reuerenside not the face of the Lord, as Manasses, `his fadir, reuerenside; and he dide mych gretter trespassis.

24 And whanne his seruauntis `hadden swore to gyder ayens hym, thei killiden hym in his hows.

25 Sotheli the residue multitude of the puple, aftir that thei hadden slayn hem that `hadden slayn Amon, ordeyneden Josie, his sone, kyng for hym.

Chapter 34 edit

1 Josie was of eiyte yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede in Jerusalem oon and thritti yeer.

2 And he dide that, that was riytful in the siyt of the Lord; and yede in the waies of Dauid, his fadir, and bowide not to the riyt side nether to the left side.

3 Forsothe in the eiytethe yeer of the rewme of his empire, whanne he was yit a child, he bigan to seke God of his fadir Dauid; and in the tweluethe yeer after that he bigan, he clenside Juda and Jerusalem fro hiy places, and wodis, and similacris, and grauun ymagis.

4 And thei destrieden bifor hym the auteris of Baalym, and thei destrieden the symylacris, that weren put aboue. Also he hewide doun the wodis, and grauun ymagis, and brak to smale gobetis; and scateride abrood `the smale gobetis on the birielis of hem, that weren wont to offre `to tho.

5 Ferthermore he brente the boonys of preestis in the auteris of idols, and he clenside Juda and Jerusalem.

6 But also he destriede alle idols in the citees of Manasses, and of Effraym, and of Symeon, `til to Neptalym.

7 And whanne he hadde scateride the auteris, and hadde al to-broke in to gobetis the wodis, and grauun ymagis, and hadde destried alle templis of ydols fro al the lond of Israel, he turnede ayen in to Jerusalem.

8 Therfor in the eiytenthe yeer of his rewme, whanne the lond and temple `of the Lord was clensid nowe, he sente Saphan, the sone of Helchie, and Masie, the prince of the citee, and Joa, the sone of Joachaz, chaunceler, that thei schulden reparele the hous `of his Lord God.

9 Whiche camen to Helchie, the grete preest; and whanne thei hadden take of hym the money, which was brouyt in to the hows of the Lord; and which monei the dekenes and porteris hadden gaderid of Manasses, and of Effraym, and of alle the residue men of Israel, and of al Juda and Beniamyn, and of the dwelleris of Jerusalem,

10 thei yauen it in the hondis of hem that weren souereyns of the werk men in the hows of the Lord, that thei schulden restore the temple, and reparele alle feble thingis.

11 And thei yauen that monei to the crafti men and masouns, for to bie stoonys hewid out of the `delues, ether quarreris, and trees to the ioynyngis of the bildyng, and to the coupling of housis, whiche the kingis of Juda hadden destried.

12 Whiche men diden feithfuli alle thingis. Sotheli the souereyns of worcheris weren Jabath, and Abdie, of the sones of Merari; Zacarie, and Mosallam, of the sones of Caath; whiche hastiden the werk; alle weren dekenes, kunnynge to synge with orguns.

13 Sotheli ouer them that baren birthuns to dyuerse vsis weren the scribis, and maistris of the dekenes, and porteris.

14 And whanne thei baren out the monei, that was borun in to the temple of the Lord, Helchie, `the preest, foond the book of the lawe of the Lord bi the hond of Moises.

15 And he seide to Saphan, the writere, Y haue founde the book of the lawe in the hows of the Lord.

16 And Helchie took to Saphan, and he bar in the book to the king; and telde to hym, and seide, Lo! alle thingis ben fillid, whiche thou hast youe in to the hondis of thi seruauntis.

17 Thei han wellyd togidere the siluere, which is foundun in the hous of the Lord; and it is youun to the souereyns of the crafti men, and makynge dyuerse werkis;

18 ferthermore Helchie, the preest, took to me this book. And whanne he hadde rehersid this book in the presence of the kyng,

19 and he hadde herd the wordis of the lawe, he to-rente hise clothis; and he comaundide to Helchie,

20 and to Aichan, the sone of Saphan, and to Abdon, the sone of Mycha, and to Saphan, the scryuen, and to Asaie, the seruaunt of the kyng,

21 and seide, Go ye, and preie the Lord for me, and for the resydue men of Israel and of Juda, on alle the wordis of this book, which is foundun. For greet veniaunce of the Lord hath droppid on vs, for oure fadris kepten not the wordis of the Lord, to do alle thingis that ben writun in this book.

22 Therfor Helchie yede, and thei that weren sent togidere of the king, to Olda, the prophetesse, the wijf of Sellum, sone of Thecuath, sone of Asra, kepere of clothis, which Olda dwellide in Jerusalem in the secounde warde; and thei spaken to hir the wordis, whiche we telden bifore.

23 And sche answeride to hem, The Lord God of Israel seith these thingis, Seie ye to the man, that sente you to me,

24 The Lord seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal brynge ynne yuels on this place, and on the dwelleris therof, and alle the cursyngis that ben writun in this book, which thei redden bifor the kyng of Juda.

25 For thei han forsake me, and han sacrified to alien goddis, for to terre me to wrathfulnesse in alle the werkis of her hondis; therfor my strong veniaunce schal droppe on this place, and it schal not be quenchid.

26 But speke ye thus to the kyng of Juda, that sente you to preye the Lord, The Lord God of Israel seith these thingis, For thou herdist the wordis of the book,

27 and thin herte is maad neisch, and thou art mekid in the siyt of the Lord of these thingis that ben seide ayens this place and the dwelleris of Jerusalem, and thou hast reuerensid my face, and hast to-rente thi clothis, and hast wepte bifor me; also Y haue herd thee, seith the Lord.

28 For now Y schal gadere thee to thi fadris, and thou schalt be borun in to thi sepulcre in pees; and thin iyen schulen not se al yuel, which Y schal brynge yn on this place, and on the dwelleris therof. Therfor thei telden to the king alle thingis, whiche Olda hadde seid.

29 And aftir that he hadde clepid togidere alle the eldere men of Juda and of Jerusalem,

30 he stiede in to the hows of the Lord, and togidere alle the men of Juda, `and the dwelleris of Jerusalem, preestis, and dekenes, and al the puple, fro the leeste `til to the moste; to whiche herynge in the hows of the Lord, the kyng redde alle the wordis of the book.

31 And he stood in his trone, and smoot a boond of pees bifor the Lord, for to `go aftir hym, and to kepe the comaundementis, and witnessyngis, and iustifiyngis of hym, in al his herte and in al his soule; and to do tho thingis that weren writun in that book, which he hadde red.

32 And he chargide greetli on this thing alle men, that weren foundun in Jerusalem and Beniamyn; and the dwellers of Jerusalem diden aftir the couenaunt of the Lord God of her fadris.

33 Therfor Josie dide awei alle abhomynaciouns fro alle the cuntreis of the sones of Israel; and he made alle men, that weren residue in Israel, to serue her Lord God; in alle the daies of his lijf thei yeden not awei fro the Lord God of her fadris.

Chapter 35 edit

1 Forsothe Josie made pask to the Lord in Jerusalem, that was offrid in the fourtenthe dai of the firste monethe;

2 and he ordeynede prestis in her offices; and he comaundide hem for to mynystre in the hows of the Lord.

3 And he spak to the dekenes, at whos techyng al Israel was halewid to the Lord, Sette ye the arke in the seyntuarie of the temple, which Salomon, kyng of Israel, the sone of Dauid, bildide; for ye schulen no more bere it. But now serue `youre Lord God and his puple Israel,

4 and make you redi bi youre housis and meynees in the departyngis of ech bi hym silf, as Dauid, king of Israel, comaundide, and Salomon, his sone, discryuede;

5 and serue ye in the seyntuarie bi the meynees and cumpenyes of dekenes,

6 and be ye halewid, and offre ye pask; also `make redi youre britheren, that thei moun `do bi the wordis, whiche the Lord spak in the hond of Moyses.

7 Ferthermore Josie yaf to al the puple, that was foundun there in the solempnytee of pask, lambren, and kidis of the flockis, and of residue scheep `he yaf thritti thousynde, and of oxis thre thousynde; these thingis of al the catel of the kyng.

8 And hise duykis offriden tho thingis whiche thei avowiden bi fre wille, as wel to the puple as to prestis and dekenes. Forsothe Elchie, and Zacharie, and Jehiel, princes of the hows of the Lord, yauen to preestis, to make pask in comyn, two thousynde and sixe hundrid scheep, and thre hundrid oxis.

9 Forsothe Chononye, and Semei, and Nathanael and hise britheren, also Asabie, Jahiel, and Josabaz, princis of dekenes, yauen to othere dekenes, to make pask, fyue thousynde of scheep, and fyue hundrid oxis.

10 And the seruyce was maad redi; and preestis stoden in her office, and dekenes in cumpenyes, bi comaundement of the kyng; and pask was offrid.

11 And preestis spreynten her hondis with blood, and dekenes drowen of the skynnes of sacrifices, and departiden tho sacrificis,

12 for to yyue bi the housis and meyneis of alle men; and that tho schulden be offrid to the Lord, as it is writun in the book of Moises; and of oxis thei diden in lijk maner.

13 And thei rostiden pask on the fier, bi that that is writun in the lawe. Sotheli thei sethiden pesible sacrifices in pannes, and cawdruns, and pottis, and in haste thei deliden to al the puple;

14 but thei maden redi aftirward to hem silf, and to prestis; for preestis weren occupied `til to nyyt in the offryng of brent sacrifices and of ynnere fatnessis. Wherfor dekenes maden redi to hem silf and to preestis, the sones of Aaron, `the laste.

15 Forsothe syngeris, the sones of Asaph, stoden in her ordre, bi the comaundement of Dauid, and of Asaph, and of Eman, and of Yditum, the profetis of the kyng; but the porteris kepten bi ech yate, so that thei yeden not awei fro the seruice, sotheli in a poynt; wherfor and dekenes, her britheren, maden redi metis to hem.

16 Therfor al the religioun of the Lord was fillid riytfuli in that day, that thei maden pask, and offriden brent sacrifices on the auter of the Lord, bi the comaundement of kyng Josie.

17 And the sones of Israel, that weren foundun there, maden pask in that tyme, and the solempnite of therf looues seuene daies.

18 No pask was lijk this in Israel, fro the daies of Samuel, the prophete; but nethir ony of the kyngis of Israel made pask as Josie dide, to preestis and dekenes, and to al Juda and Israel, that was foundun, and to the dwelleris of Jerusalem.

19 This pask was halewid in the eiytenthe yeer of `the rewme of Josie.

20 Aftir that Josie hadde reparelid the temple, Nechao, the kyng of Egipt, stiede to fiyte in Carcamys bisidis Eufrates; and Josie yede forth in to his metyng.

21 And he seide bi messangeris sent to hym, Kyng of Juda, what is to me and to thee? Y come not ayens thee to dai, but Y fiyte ayens another hows, to which God bad me go in haste; ceesse thou to do ayens God, which is with me, lest he sle thee.

22 Josie nolde turne ayen, but made redi batel ayens hym; and he assentide not to the wordis of Nechao, bi Goddis mouth, but he yede for to fiyte in the feeld of Magedo.

23 And there he was woundide of archeris, and seide to hise children, `Lede ye me out of the batel, for Y am woundid greetli.

24 Whiche baren hym ouer fro the chare in to an other chare, that suede hym, bi custom of the kyng, and `baren out hym in to Jerusalem; and he diede, and was biried in the sepulcre of hise fadris. And al Juda and Jerusalem biweiliden hym,

25 Jeremye moost, of whom alle syngeris and syngeressis `til in to present dai rehersen `lamentaciouns, ether weilyngis, on Josie; and it cam forth as a lawe in Israel, Lo! it is seid writun in Lamentaciouns. Forsothe the residue of wordis of Josie, and of hise mercies, that ben comaundid in the lawe of the Lord, and hise werkis, `the firste and the laste, ben wryten in the book of kyngis of Israel and of Juda.

Chapter 36 edit

1 Therfor the puple of the lond took Joachaz, the sone of Josie, and ordeynede hym kyng for his fadir in Jerusalem.

2 Joachaz was of thre and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede thre monethis in Jerusalem.

3 Sotheli the kyng of Egipt, `whan he hadde come to Jerusalem, remouyde hym, and condempnede the lond in an hundrid talentis of siluer and in a talent of gold.

4 And he ordeynede for hym Eliachim, his brother, kyng on Juda and Jerusalem; and turnede his name Joakym. Sotheli he took thilk Joachaz with hym silf, and brouyte in to Egipt.

5 Joakym was of fyue and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnyde eleuene yeer in Jerusalem, and he dide yuel bifor `his Lord God.

6 Nabugodonosor, kyng of Caldeis, styede ayens this Joakym, and ledde hym boundun with chaynes in to Babiloyne.

7 To which Babiloyne he translatide also the vessels of the Lord, and settide tho in his temple.

8 Sotheli the residue of wordis of Joakym, and of hise abhomynaciouns whiche he wrouyte, and that weren foundun in hym, ben conteyned in the book of kyngis of Israel and of Juda. Therfor Joachym, his sone, regnede for hym.

9 Joachym was of eiyte yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede thre monethis and ten daies in Jerusalem, and he dide yuel in the siyt of the Lord.

10 And whanne the cercle of the yeer was turned aboute, Nabugodonosor the kynge sente men, whiche also brouyten hym in to Babiloyne, whanne the moost preciouse vessels of the hows of the Lord weren borun out togidir. Sotheli he ordeynede Sedechie, his fadris brother, kyng on Juda and Jerusalem.

11 Sedechie was of oon and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede eleuene yeer in Jerusalem.

12 And he dide yuel in the siyt of `his Lord God, and he was not aschamed of the face of Jeremye, the prophete, spekynge to hym bi the mouth of the Lord.

13 Also he yede awey fro the kyng Nabugodonosor, that hadde made hym to swere bi God; and he made hard his nol and herte, that he nolde turne ayen to the Lord of Israel.

14 But also alle the princes of preestis and the puple trespassiden wickidli, bi alle abhomynaciouns of hethene men; and thei defouliden the hows of the Lord, which he halewide to hym silf in Jerusalem.

15 Forsothe the Lord God of her fadris sente to hem bi the hond of hise messangeris, and roos bi nyyt, and amonestide ech day; for he sparide his puple and dwellyng place.

16 And thei scorneden the messangeris of God, and dispisiden hise wordis, and scorneden hise prophetis; til the greet veniaunce of the Lord stiede on his puple, and noon heelyng were.

17 And he brouyte on hem the kyng of Caldeis; and killide the yonge men of hem `bi swerd in the hows of seyntuarie; `he hadde not merci of a yong `man, and of a vergyn, and of an eld man, and sotheli nether of a man niy the deth for eldnesse, but he bitook alle in the hond of that king of Caldeis.

18 And he translatide in to Babiloyne alle the vessels of the hows of the Lord, bothe the grettere and the lasse vessels, and the tresours of the temple, and of the kyng, and of the princes.

19 Enemyes brenten the hows of the Lord; thei distrieden the wal of Jerusalem; thei brenten alle the touris; and thei distrieden what euer thing was preciouse.

20 If ony man ascapide the swerd, he was led in to Babiloyne, and seruyde the kyng and hise sones; til the kyng of Peersis regnyde,

21 and the word of the Lord bi the mouth of Jeremye was fillid, and til the lond halewide hise sabatis. For in alle the daies of desolacioun it made sabat, til that seuenti yeer weren fillid.

22 Forsothe in the firste yeer of Cyrus, kyng of Persis, to fille the word of the Lord, which he hadde spoke bi the mouth of Jeremye, the Lord reiside the spirit of Cirus, king of Persis, that comaundide to be prechid in al his rewme, yhe, bi scripture, and seide, Cirus,

23 the king of Persis, seith these thingis, The Lord God of heuene yaf to me alle the rewmes of erthe, and he comaundide to me, that Y schulde bilde to hym an hows in Jerusalem, which is in Judee. Who of you is in al his puple? `his Lord God be with hym, and stie he `in to Jerusalem.

Chapter 37 edit

1 Lord God Almyyti of our fadris, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and of her iust seed,

2 which madist heuene and erthe with al the ournyng of tho,

3 which hast markid the see bi the word of `thi comaundement, which hast closid to gidere the depthe of watris, and hast markid to thi ferdful and preysable name,

4 which alle men dreden, `and tremblen of the cheer of thi vertu,

5 and the ire of thi manassyng on synneris `is vnsuffrable, `ether may not be susteyned.

6 Sotheli the merci of thi biheest is fulgreet and `vnserchable, ether may not be comprehendid `bi mannus wit;

7 for `thou art the Lord moost hiy ouer al erthe; thou art pacient, and myche merciful, and `doynge penaunce on the malices of men. Treuli, Lord, thou bi thi goodnesse hast bihiyt penaunce of foryyuenesse of synnes;

8 and thou, God of iust men, hast not set penaunce to iust men, to Abraham, Ysaac, and Jacob, to hem that synneden not ayens thee.

9 For Y haue synned more than the noumbre is of the grauel of the see;

10 my wickidnessis ben multiplied. Y am bowid with myche boond of yrun, and no brething is to me; for Y haue stirid thi wrathfulnesse, and Y haue doon yuel bifor thee, `and Y haue set abhomynaciouns, and `Y haue multiplied offensiouns.

11 And now Y bowe the knees of myn herte, and biseche goodnesse of thee, Lord.

12 Y haue synned, Lord; Y haue synned, and Y knowleche my wickidnesse.

13 Y axe, and preye thee, Lord; foryyue thou to me, foryyue thou to me; leese thou me not togidire with my wickidnessis, nether reserue thou yuels to me withouten ende.

14 For, Lord, bi thi greet merci thou schalt saue me vnworthi, and Y schal herie thee euere in alle the daies of my lijf; for al the vertu of heuenes herieth thee, and to thee is glorie in to worldis of worldis. Amen.