43484Wycliffe's Bible — Galathies

Chapter 1 edit

1 Poul the apostle, not of men, ne bi man, but bi Jhesu Crist, and God the fadir,

2 that reiside hym fro deth, and alle the britheren that ben with me, to the chirchis of Galathie,

3 grace to you and pees of God the fadir, and of the Lord Jhesu Crist,

4 that yaf hym silf for oure synnes, to delyuere vs fro the present wickid world, bi the wille of God and of oure fadir,

5 to whom is worschip and glorie in to worldis of worldis. Amen.

6 I wondur, that so soone ye be thus moued fro hym that clepid you in to the grace of Crist, in to another euangelie; which is not anothir,

7 but that ther ben summe that troublen you, and wolen mysturne the euangelie of Crist.

8 But thouy we, or an aungel of heuene, prechide to you, bisidis that that we han prechid to you, be he acursid.

9 As Y haue seid bifore, and now eftsoones Y seie, if ony preche to you bisidis that that ye han vndurfongun, be he cursid.

10 For now whether counsele Y men, or God? or whether Y seche to plese men? If Y pleside yit men, Y were not Cristis seruaunt.

11 For, britheren, Y make knowun to you the euangelie, that was prechid of me, for it is not bi man;

12 ne Y took it of man, ne lernyde, but bi reuelacioun of Jhesu Crist.

13 For ye han herd my conuersacioun sumtyme in the Jurie, and that Y pursuede passyngli the chirche of God, and fauyt ayen it.

14 And Y profitide in the Jurie aboue many of myn eueneldis in my kynrede, and was more aboundauntli a folewere of my fadris tradiciouns.

15 But whanne it pleside hym, that departide me fro my modir wombe,

16 and clepide bi his grace, to schewe his sone in me, that Y schulde preche hym among the hethene, anoon Y drowy me not to fleisch and blood; ne Y cam to Jerusalem to the apostlis,

17 that weren tofor me, but Y wente in to Arabie, and eftsoones Y turnede ayen in to Damask.

18 And sith thre yeer aftir Y cam to Jerusalem, to se Petre, and Y dwellide with hym fiftene daies;

19 but Y sawy noon othere of the apostlis, but James, oure Lordis brother.

20 And these thingis which Y write to you, lo! tofor God Y lie not.

21 Afterward Y cam in to the coostis of Syrie and Cilicie.

22 But Y was vnknowun bi face to the chirchis of Judee, that weren in Crist; and thei hadden oonli an heryng,

23 that he that pursuede vs sum tyme, prechide now the feith, ayens which he fauyte sum tyme;

24 and in me thei glorifieden God.

Chapter 2 edit

1 And sith fourtene yeer aftir, eftsones Y wente vp to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and took with me Tite.

2 Y wente vp bi reuelacioun, and spak with hem the euangelie, which Y preche among the hethene; and bi hem silf to these that semeden to be sumwhat, lest Y runne, or hadde runne in veyne.

3 And nother Tite, that hadde be with me, while he was hethene, was compellid to be circumsidid;

4 but for false britheren that weren brouyt ynne, whiche hadden entrid to aspie oure fredom, which we han in Jhesu Crist, to bring vs in to seruage.

5 But we yyue no place to subieccioun, that the treuthe of the gospel schulde dwelle with you.

6 But of these that semeden to be sumwhat; whiche thei weren sum tyme, it perteyneth not to me, for God takith not the persoone of man; for thei that semeden to be sumwhat, yauen me no thing.

7 But ayenward, whanne thei hadden seyn, that the euangelie of prepucie was youun to me, as the euangelie of circumcisioun was youun to Petre;

8 for he that wrouyte to Petre in apostlehed of circumcisioun, wrouyte also to me among the hethene;

9 and whanne thei hadden knowe the grace of God, that was youun to me, James, and Petre, and Joon, whiche weren seyn to be the pileris, thei yauen riythond of felowschip to me and to Barnabas, that we among the hethene, and thei in to circumcisioun;

10 oneli that we hadde mynde of pore men `of Crist, the which thing Y was ful bisi to doon.

11 But whanne Petre was comun to Antioche, Y ayenstood hym in the face, for he was worthi to be vndirnommen.

12 For bifor that ther camen summen fro James, he eete with the hethene men; but whanne thei weren comun, he withdrowy, and departide hym, dredinge hem that weren of circumcisioun.

13 And the othere Jewis assentiden to his feynyng, so that Barnabas was drawun of hem in to that feynyng.

14 But whanne Y sawy, that thei walkiden not riytli to the treuthe of the gospel, Y seide to Petre bifor alle men, If thou, that art a Jew, lyuest hethenlich, and not Jewelich, hou constreynest thou hethene men to bicome Jewis?

15 We Jewis of kynde, and not synful men of the hethene,

16 knowen that a man is not iustified of the werkis of lawe, but bi the feith of Jhesu Crist; and we bileuen in Jhesu Crist, that we ben iustified of the feith of Crist, and not of the werkis of lawe. Wherfor of the werkis of lawe ech fleisch schal not be iustified.

17 And if we sechen to be iustified in Crist, we oure silf ben foundun synful men, whether Crist be mynystre of synne?

18 God forbede. And if Y bylde ayen thingis that Y haue distruyed, Y make my silf a trespassour.

19 For bi the lawe Y am deed to the lawe, and Y am fitchid to the crosse, that Y lyue to God with Crist.

20 And now lyue not Y, but Crist lyueth in me. But that Y lyue now in fleisch, Y lyue in the feith of Goddis sone, that louede me, and yaf hym silf for me.

21 Y caste not awey the grace of God; for if riytwisnesse be thoruy lawe, thanne Crist diede with out cause.

Chapter 3 edit

1 Vnwitti Galathies, tofor whos iyen Jhesu Crist is exilid, and is crucified in you, who hath disseyued you, that ye obeyen not to treuthe?

2 This oneli Y wilne to lerne of you, whether ye han vndurfonge the spirit of werkis of the lawe, or of heryng of bileue?

3 So ye ben foolis, that whanne ye han bigunne in spirit, ye ben endid in fleisch.

4 So grete thingis ye han suffrid without cause, if it be withoute cause.

5 He that yyueth to you spirit, and worchith vertues in you, whether of werkis of the lawe, or of hering of bileue?

6 As it is writun, Abraham bileuede to God, and it was rettid to hym to riytfulnesse.

7 And therfor knowe ye, that these that ben of bileue, ben the sones of Abraham.

8 And the scripture seynge afer, that God iustifieth the hethene, of bileue told tofor to Abraham, That in thee alle the hethene schulen be blessid.

9 And therfor these that ben of bileue, schulen be blessid with feithful Abraham.

10 For alle that ben of the werkis of the lawe, ben vndur curse; for it is writun, Ech man is cursid, that abidith not in alle thingis that ben writun in the book of the lawe, to do tho thingis.

11 And that no man is iustified in the lawe bifor God, it is opyn, for a riytful man lyueth of bileue.

12 But the lawe is not of bileue, but he that doith tho thingis of the lawe, schal lyue in hem.

13 But Crist ayenbouyte us fro the curse of the lawe, and was maad acursid for vs; for it is writun, Ech man is cursid that hangith in the tre;

14 that among the hethene the blessyng of Abraham were maad in `Crist Jhesu, that we vndurfonge the biheeste of spirit thoruy bileue.

15 Britheren, Y seie aftir man, no man dispisith the testament of a man that is confermed, or ordeyneth aboue.

16 The biheestis weren seid to Abraham and to his seed; he seith not, In seedis, as in many, but as in oon, And to thi seed, that is, Crist.

17 But Y seie, this testament is confermed of God; the lawe that was maad after foure hundrid and thritti yeer, makith not the testament veyn to auoide awei the biheest.

18 For if eritage were of the lawe, it were not now of biheeste. But God grauntide to Abraham thoruy biheest.

19 What thanne the lawe? It was sett for trespassing, to the seed come, to whom he hadde maad his biheest. Whiche lawe was ordeyned bi aungels, in the hoond of a mediatour. But a mediatour is not of oon. But God is oon.

21 Is thanne the lawe ayens the biheestis of God? God forbede. For if the lawe were youun, that myyte quikene, verili were riytfulnesse of lawe.

22 But scripture hath concludid alle thingis vndir synne, that the biheeste of the feith of Jhesu Crist were yyuen to hem that bileuen.

23 And tofor that bileue cam, thei weren kept vndur the lawe, enclosid in to that bileue that was to be schewid.

24 And so the lawe was oure vndirsmaister in Crist, that we ben iustified of bileue.

25 But aftir that bileue cam, we ben not now vndur the vndurmaistir.

26 For alle ye ben the children of God thoruy the bileue of Jhesu Crist.

27 For alle ye that ben baptisid, ben clothid with Crist.

28 Ther is no Jewe, ne Greke, ne bond man, ne fre man, ne male, ne female; for alle ye ben oon in `Jhesu Crist.

29 And if ye ben oon in `Jhesu Crist, thanne ye ben the seed of Abraham, and eiris bi biheest.

Chapter 4 edit

1 But Y seie, as long tyme as the eir is a litil child, he dyuersith no thing fro a seruaunt, whanne he is lord of alle thingis;

2 but he is vndur keperis and tutoris, in to the tyme determyned of the fadir.

3 So we, whanne we weren litle children, we serueden vndur the elementis of the world.

4 But aftir that the fulfilling of tyme cam, God sente his sone,

5 maad of a womman, maad vndur the lawe, that he schulde ayenbie hem that weren vndur the lawe, that we schulden vnderfonge the adopcioun of sones.

6 And for ye ben Goddis sones, God sente his spirit in to youre hertis, criynge, Abba, fadir.

7 And so ther is not now a seruaunt, but a sone; and if he is a sone, he is an eir bi God.

8 But thanne ye vnknowynge God, serueden to hem that in kynde weren not goddis.

9 But now whanne ye han knowe God, and ben knowun of God, hou ben ye turned eftsoone to the febil and nedi elementis, to the whiche ye wolen eft serue?

10 Ye taken kepe to daies, and monethis, and tymes, and yeris.

11 But Y drede you, lest without cause Y haue trauelid among you.

12 Be ye as Y, for Y am as ye. Britheren, Y biseche you, ye han hurt me no thing.

13 But ye knowen, that bi infirmyte of fleisch Y haue prechid to you now bifore;

14 and ye dispiseden not, nether forsoken youre temptacioun in my fleisch, but ye resseyueden me as an aungel of God, as `Crist Jhesu.

15 Where thanne is youre blessyng? For Y bere you witnesse, that if it myyte haue be don. ye wolden haue put out youre iyen, and haue yyuen hem to me.

16 Am Y thanne maad an enemye to you, seiynge to you the sothe?

17 Thei louen not you wel, but thei wolen exclude you, that ye suen hem.

18 But sue ye the good euermore in good, and not oneli whanne Y am present with you.

19 My smale children, whiche Y bere eftsoones, til that Crist be fourmed in you,

20 and Y wolde now be at you, and chaunge my vois, for Y am confoundid among you.

21 Seie to me, ye that wolen be vndir the lawe, `han ye not red the lawe?

22 For it is writun, that Abraham hadde two sones, oon of a seruaunt, and oon of a fre womman.

23 But he that was of the seruaunt, was borun after the flesh; but he that was of the fre womman, by a biheeste.

24 The whiche thingis ben seid bi an othir vndirstonding. For these ben two testamentis; oon in the hille of Synai, gendringe in to seruage, which is Agar.

25 For Syna is an hille that is in Arabie, which hille is ioyned to it that is now Jerusalem, and seruith with hir children.

26 But that Jerusalem that is aboue, is fre, whiche is oure modir.

27 For it is writun, Be glad, thou bareyn, that berist not; breke out and crye, that bringist forth no children; for many sones ben of hir that is left of hir hosebonde, more than of hir that hath an hosebonde.

28 For, britheren, we ben sones of biheeste aftir Isaac;

29 but now as this that was borun after the fleisch pursuede him that was aftir the spirit, so now.

30 But what seith the scripture? Caste out the seruaunt and hir sone, for the sone of the seruaunt schal not be eir with the sone of the fre wijf.

31 And so, britheren, we ben not sones of the seruaunt, but of the fre wijf, bi which fredom Crist hath maad vs fre.

Chapter 5 edit

1 Stonde ye therfor, and nyl ye eftsoones be holdun in the yok of seruage.

2 Lo! Y Poul seie to you, that if ye ben circumcidid, Crist schal no thing profite to you.

3 And Y witnesse eftsoones to ech man that circumcidith hym silf, that he is dettour of al the lawe to be don.

4 And ye ben voidid awei fro Crist, and ye that be iustified in the lawe, ye han fallen awei fro grace.

5 For we thoruy the spirit of bileue abiden the hope of riytfulnesse.

6 For in Jhesu Crist nether circumcisioun is ony thing worth, nether prepucie, but the bileue that worchith bi charite.

7 Ye runnen wel; who lettide you that ye obeyede not to treuthe?

8 Consente ye to no man; for this counsel ys not of hym that hath clepid you.

9 A litil souredowy apeirith al the gobet.

10 I trust on you in oure Lord, that ye schulden vndurstonde noon other thing. And who that disturblith you, schal bere dom, who euere he be.

11 And, britheren, if Y preche yit circumcisioun, what suffre Y yit persecucioun? thanne the sclaundre of the crosse is auoidid.

12 Y wolde that thei weren cut awei, that disturblen you.

13 For, britheren, ye ben clepid in to fredom; oneli yyue ye not fredom in to occasioun of fleisch, but bi charite of spirit serue ye togidere.

14 For euery lawe is fulfillid in o word, Thou schalt loue thi neiybore as thi silf.

15 And if ye bite, and ete ech othere, se ye, lest ye be wastid ech fro othere.

16 And Y seie you in Crist, walke ye in spirit, and ye schulen not performe the desiris of the fleisch.

17 For the fleisch coueitith ayens the spirit, and the spirit ayen the fleisch; for these ben aduersaries togidere, that ye don not alle thingis that ye wolen.

18 That if ye be led bi spirit, ye ben not vnder the lawe.

19 And werkis of the fleisch ben opyn, whiche ben fornicacioun, vnclennes, vnchastite, letcherie, seruice of false goddis,

20 witchecraftis, enmytees, striuyngis, indignaciouns, wraththis, chidingis, discenciouns, sectis, enuyes,

21 manslauytris, dronkennessis, vnmesurable etyngis, and thingis lijk to these, whiche Y seie to you, as Y haue told to you `to fore, for thei that doon suche thingis, schulen not haue the kyngdom of God.

22 But the fruyt of the spirit is charite, ioye, pees, pacience, long abidyng,

23 benygnyte, goodnesse, myldenesse, feith, temperaunce, contynence, chastite; ayen suche thingis is no lawe.

24 And they that ben of Crist, han crucified her fleisch with vices and coueytyngis.

25 If we lyuen bi spirit, walke we bi spirit; be we not made coueytouse of veyn glorie, stirynge ech othere to wraththe, or hauynge enuye ech to othere.

Chapter 6 edit

1 Britheren, if a man be occupied in ony gilt, ye that ben spiritual, enforme ye such oon in spirit of softnesse, biholdinge thi silf, lest that thou be temptid.

2 Ech bere othere chargis, and so ye schulen fulfille the lawe of Crist.

3 For who that trowith that he be ouyt, whanne he is nouyt, he bigilith him silf.

4 But ech man preue his owne werk, and so he schal haue glorie in him silf, and not in an othere.

5 For ech man schal bere his owne charge.

6 He that is tauyt bi word, comune he with him that techith hym, in `alle goodis.

7 Nyle ye erre, God is not scorned;

8 for tho thingis that a man sowith, tho thingis he schal repe. For he that sowith in his fleisch, of the fleisch he schal repe corrupcioun; but he that sowith in the spirit, of the spirit he schal repe euerelastynge lijf.

9 And doynge good faile we not; for in his tyme we schal repe, not failinge.

10 Therfor while we han tyme, worche we good to alle men; but most to hem that ben homliche of the feith.

11 Se ye, what maner lettris Y haue write to you with myn owne hoond.

12 For who euere wole plese in the fleisch, `this constreyneth you to be circumcidid, oonli that thei suffren not the persecucioun of Cristis crosse.

13 For nether thei that ben circumcidid kepen the lawe; but thei wolen that ye be circumcidid, that thei haue glorie in youre fleisch.

14 But fer be it fro me to haue glorie, no but in the crosse of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, bi whom the world is crucified to me, and Y to the world.

15 For in Jhesu Crist nether circumcisioun is ony thing worth, ne prepucie, but a newe creature.

16 And who euere suwen this reule, pees on hem, and merci, and on Israel of God.

17 And heraftir no man be heuy to me; for Y bere in my bodi the tokenes of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

18 The grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with youre spirit, britheren. Amen.

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