43444Wycliffe's Bible — 2 Esdras

Chapter 1 edit

1 The wordis of Neemye, the sone of Helchie. And it was doon in the monethe Casleu, in the twentithe yeer, and Y was in the castel Susis;

2 and Ananye, oon of my britheren, cam to me, he and men of Juda; and Y axide hem of the Jewis, that weren left, and weren alyue of the caitifte, and of Jerusalem.

3 And thei seiden to me, Thei that `dwelliden, and ben left of the caitifte there in the prouynce, ben in greet turment, and in schenship; and the wal of Jerusalem is destried, and the yatis therof ben brent with fier.

4 And whanne Y hadde herd siche wordis, Y sat and wepte, and morenede many daies, and Y fastide, and preiede bifor the face of God of heuene;

5 and Y seide, Y biseche, Lord God of heuene, strong, greet, and ferdful, which kepist couenaunt and merci with hem, that louen thee, and kepen thin heestis;

6 thin eere be maad herknynge, and thin iyen openyd, that thou here the preier of thi seruaunt, bi which Y preie bifor thee `to dai, bi nyyt and dai, for the sones of Israel, thi seruauntis, and `Y knouleche for the synnes of the sones of Israel, bi which thei han synned to thee; bothe Y and the hows of my fadir han synned; we weren disseyued bi vanyte,

7 and we `kepten not `thi comaundement, and cerymonyes, and domes, which thou comaundidist to Moises, thi seruaunt.

8 Haue mynde of the word, which thou comaundidist to thi seruaunt Moises, and seidist, Whanne ye han trespassid, Y schal scatere you in to puplis;

9 and if ye turnen ayen to me, that ye kepe myn heestis, and do tho, yhe, thouy ye ben led awei to the fertheste thingis of heuene, fro thennus Y schal gadere you togidere, and Y schal brynge you in to the place, which Y chees, that my name schulde dwelle there.

10 And we ben thi seruauntis, and thi puple, whiche thou `ayen bouytist in thi greet strengthe, and in thi strong hond.

11 Lord, Y biseche, `thin eere be ententif to the preier of thi seruaunt, and to the preier of thi seruauntis, that wolen drede thi name; and dresse thi seruaunt to dai, and yiue thou merci to him bifor this man. For Y was the boteler of the kyng.

Chapter 2 edit

1 Forsothe it was doon in the monethe Nysan, in the twentithe yeer of Artaxerses, kyng, and wyn was bifor hym, and Y reyside the wyn, and yaf to the kyng, and Y was as langwischynge bifor his face.

2 And the kyng seide to me, Whi is thi cheer sory, sithen Y se not thee sijk? This is not without cause; but `yuel, Y not what, is in thin herte. And Y dredde ful greetli;

3 and seide to the kyng, Kyng, lyue thou withouten ende; whi moreneth not my cheer? for the citee of the hows of the sepulcris of my fadir is desert, `ether forsakun, and the yatis therof ben brent with fier.

4 And the kyng seide to me, For what thing axist thou? And Y preiede God of heuene,

5 and seide to the kyng, If it semeth good to the kyng, and if it plesith thi seruauntis bifor thi face, Y biseche, that thou sende me in to Judee, to the citee of the sepulcre of my fadir, and Y schal bilde it.

6 And the kyng seide to me, and the queen sat bisidis him, `Til to what tyme schal thi weie be, and whanne schalt thou turne ayen? And Y pleside `bifor the cheer of the kyng, and he sente me, and Y ordeynede to hym a time;

7 and Y seide to `the kyng, If it semeth good to kyng, yyue he pistlis to me to the duykis of the cuntrey biyende the flood, that thei lede me ouer, til Y come in to Judee;

8 `and a pistle to Asaph, kepere of the kyngis forest, that he yyue trees to me, that Y may hile the yatis of the tour of the hows, and of the wal of the citee, and the hows, into which Y schal entre. And `the kyng yaf to me, bi the good hond of my God with me.

9 And Y cam to the duykis of the cuntrei biyende the flood, and Y yaf to hem the pistlis of the kyng. Sotheli the kyng `hadde sent with me the princes of knyytis, and horsemen.

10 And Sanaballath Oronythes, and Tobie, the seruaunt Amanytes, herden, and thei weren soreuful bi greet turment, for a man was comun, that souyte prosperite of the sones of Israel.

11 And Y cam in to Jerusalem, and Y was there thre daies.

12 And Y roos bi nyyt, Y and a fewe men with me, and Y schewide not to ony man, what thing God hadde youe in myn herte, that Y wolde do in Jerusalem; and no werk beest was with me, no but the beeste, `on which Y sat.

13 And Y yede out bi the yate of the valei bi nyyt, and bifor the welle of dragoun, and to the yat of drit; and Y bihelde the wal of Jerusalem distried, and the yatis therof wastid bi fier.

14 And Y passid to the yate of the welle, and to the watir cundit of the kyng, and no place was to the hors, `on which Y sat `for to passe;

15 and Y stiede bi the stronde `in nyyt, and Y bihelde the wal, and Y turnede ayen, and cam to the yate of the valei, and Y yede ayen.

16 Forsothe the magistratis wisten not, whidir Y hadde go, ethir what Y wolde do; but also Y hadde not schewid ony thing to the Jewis, and prestis, and to the best men, and magestratis, and to othere men that maden the werk, `til to that `place, that is, til to that tyme.

17 And Y seide to hem, Ye knowen the turment, in which we ben, for Jerusalem is deseert, and the yatis therof ben wastid with fier; come ye, bilde we the wallis of Jerusalem, and be we no more schenship.

18 And Y schewide to hem the hond of my God, that it was good with me, and the wordis of the kyng, whiche he spak to me; and Y seide, Rise we, and bilde we; and the hondis of hem weren coumfortid in good.

19 Forsothe Sanballath Oronytes, and Tobie, the seruaunt Amanytes, and Gosem Arabs, herden, and scorneden vs, and dispisiden; and seiden, What is this thing, which ye doon? whether ye rebellen ayens the kyng?

20 And Y yeldide to hem a word, and seide to hem, God hym silf of heuene helpith vs, and we ben hise seruauntis; rise we, and bilde; forsothe part and riytfulnesse and mynde in Jerusalem is not to you.

Chapter 3 edit

1 And Eliasiph, the greet preest, roos, and hise britheren, and prestis, and thei bildiden the yate of the floc; thei maden it stidfast; and settiden the yatis therof, and `til to the tour of an hundrid cubitis, thei maden it stidfast, `til to the tour of Ananehel.

2 And bisidis hym the men of Jerico bildiden; and bisidis hem Zaccur, the sone of Amry, bildide.

3 Forsothe the sones of Asamaa bildiden the yatis of fischis; thei hiliden it, and settiden the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris. And Marymuth, sone of Vrye, the sone of Accus, bildide bisidis hem.

4 And Mosolla, sone of Barachie, the sone of Meseze, bildide bisidis hym. And Sadoch, the sone of Baana, bildide bisidis him.

5 And men of Thecue bildiden bisidis hym; but the principal men of hem puttiden not her neckis vndur in the werk of her Lord God.

6 And Joiada, the sone of Phasea, and Mosollam, the sone of Besoyda, bildiden the elde yate; thei hiliden it, and settiden the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris.

7 And Melchie Gabaonyte, and Jaddon Methonatite, men of Gabaon and of Maspha, bildiden bisidis hem, for the duyk that was in the cuntrei biyende the flood.

8 And Eziel, goldsmyyt, the sone of Araie, bildide bisidis hym; and Annany, the sone of `a makere of oynement, bildide bisidis him; and thei leften Jerusalem `til to the wal of the largere street.

9 And Raphaie, the sone of Hahul, prince of a street of Jerusalem, bildide bisidis him.

10 And Jeieda, the sone of Aramath, bildide bisidis him ayens his owne hous; and Accus, the sone of Asebonye, bildide bisidis hym.

11 Forsothe Melchie, the sone of Herem, and Asub, the sone of Phet Moab, bildiden the half part of the street, and the tour of ouenys.

12 Sellum, the sone of Aloes, prince of the half part of a street of Jerusalem, bildide bisidis hym, he and hise sones.

13 And Amram, and the dwelleris of Zanoe, bildiden the yate of the valei; thei bildiden it, and settiden the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris therof; and thei bildiden a thousynde cubitis in the wal `til to the yate of the dunghil.

14 And Melchie, the sone of Rechab, prynce of a street of Bethacarem, bildide the yate of the dunghil; he bildide it, and settide, and hilide the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris.

15 And Sellum, the sone of Colozai, prince of a toun Maspha, bildide the yate of the welle; he bildide it, and hilide, and settide the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris; and he bildide the wallis of the cisterne of Ciloe `til in to the orchard of the kyng, and `til to the greces of the kyng, that comen doun fro the citee of Dauid.

16 Nemye, the sone of Azboch, prince of the half part of the street of Bethsury, bildide after hym til ayens the sepulcre of Dauid, and `til to the cisterne, which is bildide with greet werk, and `til to the hous of stronge men.

17 Dekenes bildiden after hym; and Reum, the sone of Beny, bildide aftir hem. Asebie, the prince of half part of the street of Cheile, bildide in his street aftir hym.

18 The britheren of hem, Bethyn, the sone of Enadab, prince of the half part of Cheyla, bildiden after hym.

19 And Aser, the sone of Josue, prince of Maspha, bildide bisidis hym the secounde mesure ayens the stiyng of the `moost stidefast corner.

20 Baruch, the sone of Zachay, bildide aftir hym in the hil the secounde mesure fro the corner `til to the yate of the hows of Eliasiph, the greet prest.

21 Marymuth, the sone of Vrie, sone of Zaccur, bildide after hym the secounde mesure fro the yate of Eliasiph, as fer as the hows of Eliasiph was stretchid forth.

22 And prestis, men of the feeldi places of Jordan, bildiden aftir hym.

23 Beniamyn and Asub bildiden after hem ayens her hows; and Azarie, the sone of Maasie, sone of Ananye, bildide aftir hym ayens his owne hows.

24 Bennuy, the sone of Senadad, bildide after hym the secounde mesure fro the hows of Azarie `til to the bowyng and `til to the corner.

25 Phalel, the sone of Ozi, bildide ayens the bowyng, and the tour that stondith forth, fro the hiy hows of the kyng, that is in the large place of the prisoun; Phadaie, the sone of Pheros, bildide after hym.

26 Forsothe Nathynneis dwelliden in Ophel til ayens the yate of watris at the eest, and the tour that apperide.

27 Aftir hym men of Thecue bildiden the secounde mesure euene ayens, fro the greet tour and apperynge `til to the wal of the temple.

28 Forsothe prestis bildiden aboue at the yate of horsis, ech man ayens his hows. Seddo, the sone of Enner, bildide ayens his hows aftir hem.

29 And Semeie, the sone of Sechenye, the kepere of the eest yate, bildide after hym.

30 Ananye, the sone of Selemye, and Anon, the sixte sone of Selon, bildide aftir hym the secounde mesure. Mosallam, the sone of Barachie, bildide ayenus his tresorie after hym. Melchie, the sone of a goldsmiyt, bildide aftir hym `til to the hows of Nathynneis, and of men sillynge scheldis ayens the yate of iugis, and `til to the soler of the corner.

31 And crafti men and marchauntis bildiden with ynne the soler of the corner and the yate of the kyng.

Chapter 4 edit

1 Forsothe it was doon, whanne Sanaballath hadde herd, that we bildiden the wal, he was ful wrooth, and he was stirid greetli, and scornede the Jewis.

2 And he seide bifor hise britheren, and the multitude of Samaritans, What doen the feble Jewis? Whether hethene men schulen suffre hem? Whether thei schulen fille, and make sacrifice in o dai? Whether thei moun bilde stonys of the heepis of the dust, that ben brent?

3 But also Tobie Amanytes, his neiybore, seide, Bilde thei; if a fox stieth, he schal `skippe ouer the stony wal `of hem.

4 And Neemye seide, Oure God, here thou, for we ben maad dispising; turne thou the schenschip on her heed, and yyue thou hem in to dispisyng in the lond of caytifte;

5 hile thou not the wickidnesse of hem, and her synnes be not doon awei bifor thi face; for thei scorneden bilderis.

6 Therfor we bildiden the wal, and ioyneden togidere al `til to the half part, and the herte of the puple was exitid to worche.

7 Forsothe it was doon, whanne Sanaballat `hadde herd, and Tobie, and Arabiens, and Amanytys, and men of Azotus hadden herd, that the brekyng of the wal of Jerusalem was stoppid, and that the crasyngis hadden bigunne to be closid togidere, thei weren ful wrothe.

8 And alle weren gaderid togidere to come and fiyte ayens Jerusalem, and to caste tresouns.

9 And we preieden oure Lord God, and we settiden keperis on the wal bi dai and niyt ayens hem.

10 Forsothe Juda seide, The strengthe of the berere is maad feble, and the erthe is ful myche, and we moun not bilde the wal.

11 And oure enemyes seiden, Wite thei not, and knowe thei not, til we comen in to the myddil of hem, and sleen hem, and maken the werk to ceesse.

12 Forsothe it was doon, whanne Jewis came, that dwelliden bisidis hem, and seiden to vs `bi ten tymes, fro alle places fro whiche thei camen to vs,

13 Y ordeynede the puple in ordre, with her swerdis, and speris, and bouwis, in a place bihynde the wal bi cumpas.

14 Y bihelde, and roos, and seide to the principal men, and magistratis, and to `the tother part of the comyn puple, Nyle ye drede of her face; haue ye mynde of the greet Lord, and ferdful, and fiyte ye for youre britheren, and youre sones, and youre douytris, for youre wyues, and housis.

15 Forsothe it was doon, whanne oure enemyes hadden herd that it was teld to vs, God distriede her counsel; and alle we turneden ayen to the wallis, ech man to his werk.

16 And it was doon fro that dai, the half part of yonge men made werk, and the half part was redi to batel; `and speris, and scheldis, and bouwis, and harburiouns, and princes aftir hem, in al the hows of men of Juda,

17 bildynge in the wal, and berynge birthuns, and puttynge on; with her oon hond thei maden werk, and with the tother thei helden swerd.

18 For ech of the bilderis was gird with the swerd on the reynes; and thei bildiden, and sowneden with clariouns bisidis me.

19 And Y seide to the principal men, and magistratis, and to the tothir part of the comyn puple, The werk is greet and brood, and we ben departid fer in the wal, oon from anothir;

20 in what euer place ye heren the sown of the trumpe, renne ye togidere thidur to vs; for oure God schal fiyte for vs.

21 And we `vs silf schal make the werk, and the half part of vs holde speris, fro `the stiyng of the moreutid til that sterris go out.

22 And `in that tyme Y seide to the puple, Ech man with his child dwelle in the myddil of Jerusalem, and whilis be to vs `bi nyyt and dai to worche.

23 But Y, and my britheren, and my keperis, and children, that weren after me, diden not of oure clothis; ech man was maad nakid oneli to waischyng.

Chapter 5 edit

1 And greet cry of the puple and of her wyues was maad ayens her britheren Jewis.

2 And there weren that seiden, Oure sones and oure douytris ben ful manye; take we wheete for the prijs of hem, and ete we, and lyue.

3 And there weren that seiden, Sette we forth oure feeldis, and vyneris, and oure howsis, and take we wheete in hungur.

4 And othere men seiden, Take we money bi borewyng in to the tributis of the kyng, and yyue oure feeldis and vyneris.

5 And now as the fleischis of oure britheren ben, so and oure fleischis ben; and as ben the sones of hem, so and oure sones ben; lo! we han maad suget oure sones and oure douytris in to seruage, and seruauntissis ben of oure douytris, and we han not wherof thei moun be ayenbouyt; and othere men han in possessioun oure feeldis, and oure vyneris.

6 And Y was ful wrooth, whanne Y hadde herde the cry of hem bi these wordis.

7 And myn herte thouyte with me, and Y blamede the principal men and magistratis; and Y seide to hem, Axe ye not vsuris, `ech man of youre britheren. And Y gaderide togidire a greet cumpeny ayens hem,

8 and Y seide to hem, As ye witen, we bi oure power ayenbouyten oure britheren Jewis, that weren seeld to hethene men; and ye therfor sillen youre britheren, and schulen we ayenbie hem? And thei holden silence, and founden not what thei schulen answere.

9 And Y seide to hem, It is not good thing, which ye doon; whi goen ye not in the drede of oure God, and repreef be not seid to vs of hethene men, oure enemyes?

10 Bothe Y and my britheren, and my children, han lent to ful many men monei and wheete; in comyn axe we not this ayen; foryyue we alien money, which is due to vs.

11 Yelde ye to hem to dai her feeldis, and her vyneris, her olyue places, and her housis; but rather yyue ye for hem bothe the hundrid part `of money of wheete, of wyn, and of oile, which we weren wont to take of hem.

12 And thei seiden, We schulen yelde, and we schulen axe no thing of hem; and we schulen do so as thou spekist. And Y clepide the preestis, and Y made hem to swere, that thei schulden do aftir that, that Y hadde seid.

13 Ferthermore Y schook my bosum, and Y seide, So God schake awei ech man, `that fillith not this word fro his hows, and hise trauels; and be he schakun awei, and be he maad voide. And al the multitude seide, Amen; and thei herieden God. Therfor the puple dide, as it was seid.

14 Forsothe fro that dai in which the kyng hadde comaundid to me, that Y schulde be duyk in the lond of Juda, fro the twentithe yeer `til to the two and threttithe yeer of Artaxerses kyng, bi twelue yeer, Y and my britheren eeten not sustenauncis, that weren due to duykis.

15 But the firste duykis, that weren bifor me, greuyden the puple, and token of hem in breed, and in wiyn, and in monei, ech dai fourti siclis; but also her mynistris oppressiden the puple. Forsothe Y dide not so, for the drede of God;

16 but rather Y bildide in the werk of the wal, and Y bouyte no feeld, and alle my children weren gaderid to the werk.

17 Also `Jewis and the magistratis of hem, an hundrid and fifti men; and thei that camen to me fro hethene men, that ben in oure cumpas, weren in my table.

18 Forsothe bi ech dai oon oxe was maad redi to me, sixe chosun wetheris, outakun volatils, and withynne ten daies dyuerse wynes; and Y yaf many othere thingis; ferthermore and Y axide not the sustenauncis of my duchee; for the puple was maad ful pore.

19 My God, haue thou mynde of me in to good, bi alle thingis whiche Y dide to this puple.

Chapter 6 edit

1 Forsothe it was doon, whanne Sanaballath hadde herd, and Tobie, and Gosem of Arabie, and oure other enemyes, that Y hadde bildide the wal, and nomore brekyng was therynne; sotheli `til to that tyme Y hadde not set leeuys of schittyng in the yatis;

2 Sanaballath, and Tobie, and Gosem of Arabie senten to me, and seiden, Come thou, and smyte we boond of pees in calues, `in o feeld; forsothe thei thouyten for to do yuel to me.

3 Therfor Y sente messangeris to hem, and Y seide, Y make a greet werk, and Y mai not go doun, lest perauenture it be doon retchelesli, whanne Y come, and go doun to you.

4 Sotheli thei senten to me `bi this word bi foure tymes, and Y answeride to hem by the formere word.

5 And Sanaballath sente to me the fyuethe tyme bi the formere word his child; and he hadde in his hond a pistle writun in this maner;

6 It is herd among hethene men, and Gosem seide, that thou and the Jewis thenken for to rebelle, and therfor ye bilden, and thou wolt `reise thee king on hem;

7 for which cause also thou hast set profetis, that prechen of thee in Jerusalem, and seien, A king is in Jerusalem; the king schal here these wordis; therfor come thou now, that we take counsel togidere.

8 And Y sente to hem, and seide, It is not doon bi these wordis whiche thou spekist; for of thin herte thou makist these thingis.

9 Alle these men maden vs aferd, and thouyten that oure hondis schulden ceesse fro werkis, that we schulden reste; for which cause Y coumfortide more myn hond.

10 And Y entride priueli in to the hows of Samaie, sone of Dalie, the sone of Methabehel, which seide, Trete we with vs silf in the hows of God, in the myddis of the temple, and close we the yatis of the hows; for thei schulen come to sle thee, `and thei schulen come `bi niyt to sle thee.

11 And Y seide, Whether ony man lijk me fledde, and who as Y schal entre in to the temple, and schal lyue?

12 Y schal not entre. And Y vndurstood that God `hadde not sent hym, but `he spak as profesiynge to me; and Tobie and Sanaballath `hadden hirid hym for meede.

13 For he hadde take prijs, that Y schulde be aferd, and do, and that Y schulde do synne; and thei schulden haue yuel, which thei schulden putte to me with schenschip.

14 Lord, haue mynde of me, for Tobye and Sanaballath, bi siche werkis `of hem; but also of Noadie, the profete, and of othere profetis, that maden me aferd.

15 Forsothe the wal was fillid in the fyue and twentithe dai of the monethe Ebul, in two and fifti daies.

16 Sotheli it was doon, whanne alle oure enemyes hadden herd, that alle hethene men dredden, that weren in oure cumpas, and thei felden doun with ynne hem silf, and wiste, that this work was maad of God.

17 But also in tho daies many pistlis of the principal men of Jewis weren sent to Tobie, and camen fro Tobie to hem.

18 For many men weren in Judee, and hadden his ooth; for he hadde weddid the douyter of Sechenye, the sone of Rotel; and Johannam, his sone, hadde take the douyter of Mosallam, sone of Barachie.

19 But also thei preisiden hym bifor me, and telden my wordis to hym; and Tobie sente lettris, for to make me aferd.

Chapter 7 edit

1 Forsothe aftir that the wal of Jerusalem was bildid, and Y hadde set yatis, and Y hadde noumbrid porters, and syngeris,

2 and dekenys, Y comaundide to Aneny, my brother, and to Ananye, the prince of the hows of Jerusalem; for he semyde a sothefast man, and dredynge God more than othere men diden;

3 `and Y seide `to hem, The yatis of Jerusalem ben not openyd `til to the heete of the sunne; and, whanne Y was yit present, the yatis weren closid, and lockid. And Y settide keperis of the dwelleris of Jerusalem, alle men bi her whilis, and ech man ayens his hows.

4 Sotheli the citee was ful brood and greet, and litil puple was in myddis therof, and housis weren not bildid.

5 Forsothe God yaf in myn herte, and Y gaderide togidere the principal men, and magistratis, and the comyn puple, for to noumbre hem; and Y foond the book of the noumbre of hem, that hadden stied first. And it was foundun writun ther ynne,

6 These ben the sones of the prouynce, `that stieden fro the caitifte of men passynge ouer, whiche Nabugodonosor, the kyng of Babiloyne, hadde `translatid, ether led ouer;

7 and thei that weren comun with Zorobabel turneden ayen in to Jerusalem and in to Judee, ech man in to his citee; Josue, Neemye, Azarie, Raanye, Naanum, Mardochee, Bethsar, Mespharath, Beggaay, Naum, Baana. The noumbre of men of the puple of Israel;

8 the sones of Pharos, two thousynde an hundrid and two and seuenti; the sones of Saphaie,

9 thre hundrid and two and seuenti;

10 the sones of Area, sixe hundrid and two and fifti; the sones of Phaeth Moab,

11 of the sones of Josue and of Joab, two thousynde eiyte hundrid and eiytene;

12 the sones of Helam, a thousynde eiyte hundrid and foure and fifti;

13 the sones of Ezecua, eiyte hundrid and fyue and fourti;

14 the sones of Zachai, seuene hundrid and sixti;

15 the sones of Bennuy, sixe hundrid and eiyte and fourti;

16 the sones of Hebahi, sixe hundrid and eiyte and twenti;

17 the sones of Degad, two thousynde thre hundrid and two and twenti;

18 the sones of Azonicam, sixe hundrid and seuene and sixti;

19 the sones of Bagoamy, two thousynde and seuene and sixti;

20 the sones of Adyn, sixe hundrid and fiue and fifti;

21 the sones of Azer, sone of Ezechie, eiyte and twenti;

22 the sones of Asem, thre hundrid and eiyte and twenti; the sones of Bethsai,

23 thre hundrid and foure and twenti;

24 the sones of Areph, an hundrid and seuene and twenti;

25 the sones of Zabaon, fyue and twenti;

26 the men of Bethleem and of Necupha, an hundrid foure score and eiyte;

27 the men of Anatoth, an hundrid and eiyte and twenti;

28 the men of Bethamoth, two and fourti;

29 the men of Cariathiarym, of Cephura, and Beroth, seuene hundrid and thre and fourti;

30 the men of Rama and of Gabaa, sixe hundrid and oon and twenti; the men of Machimas,

31 two hundrid and two and twenti;

32 the men of Bethel and of Hay, an hundrid and thre and twenti; the men of the tother Nebo,

33 two and fifti;

34 the men of the tother Helam, a thousynde two hundrid and foure and fifti;

35 the sones of Arem, thre hundrid and twenti;

36 the sones of Jerico, thre hundrid and fyue and fourti;

37 the sones of Joiadid and Anon, seuene hundrid and oon and twenti;

38 the sones of Senaa, thre thousynde nyne hundrid and thritti; preestis,

39 the sones of Idaie, in the hous of Josua, nyne hundrid and foure and seuenti; the sones of Emmer,

40 a thousynde and two and fifti;

41 the sones of Phassur, a thousynd two hundrid and `seuene and fourti;

42 the sones of Arem, a thousynde and eiytene;

43 dekenes, the sones of Josue and of Gadymel,

44 sones of Odyna, foure and seuenti;

45 syngeris, the sones of Asaph, an hundrid and seuene and fourti;

46 porteris, the sones of Sellum, sones of Ater, sones of Thelmon, sones of Accub, sones of Accita, sones of Sobai, an hundrid and eiyte and thretti;

47 Nathynneis, sones of Soa, sones of Aspha, sones of Thebaoth, sones of Cheros,

48 sones of Sicca, sones of Phado, sones of Lebana, sones of Agaba, sones of Selmon,

49 sones of Anan, sones of Geddel,

50 sones of Gaer, sones of Raaie, sones of Rasym,

51 sones of Necuda, sones of Jezem, sones of Asa, sones of Phascha, sones of Besai,

52 sones of Mynum, sones of Nephusym,

53 sones of Bechue, sones of Acupha, sones of Assur,

54 sones of Belloth, sones of Meida,

55 sones of Arsa, sones of Berchos, sones of Sisara,

56 sones of Thema, sones of Nesia,

57 sones of Atipha, sones of the seruauntis of Salomon, sones of Sothai, sones of Sophoreth,

58 sones of Pherida, sones of Jacala, sones of Dalcon, sones of Geddel, sones of Saphatie,

59 sones of Atthal, the sones of Phetereth, `that was borun of Abaim, sone of Amon;

60 alle Natynneis, and the sones of the seruauntis of Salomon, weren thre hundrid and two and twenti.

61 Forsothe these it ben that stieden, Dethemel, Mela, Thelarsa, Cherub, Addo, and Emmer, and myyten not schewe the hows of her fadris, and her seed, whether thei weren of Israel; the sones of Dalaie,

62 the sones of Tobie, the sones of Nethoda, sixe hundrid and two and fourti;

63 and of prestis, the sones of Abia, the sones of Achos, the sones of Berzellai, that took a wijf of the douytris of Berzellai of Galaad, and was clepid bi the name of hem;

64 these souyten the scripture of her genelogie, and founden not, and weren cast out of presthod.

65 And Athersata seide to hem, that thei schulden not eete of the hooli thingis of hooli men, til a wijs prest `and lerud roos.

66 Al the multitude as o man, two and fourti thousynde sixe hundrid and sixti,

67 outakun the seruauntis and handmaidis of hem, that weren seuene thousynde thre hundrid and seuene and thretti; and among the syngeris and syngeressis, sixe hundrid and fyue and fourti.

68 The horsis of hem, sixe hundrid and sixe and thritti; the mulis of hem, two hundrid and fyue and fourti;

69 the camels of hem, foure hundrid and fyue and thritti; the assis of hem, sixe thousynde eiyte hundrid and thritti.

70 Forsothe summe of the princes of meynees yauen costis in to the werk of God; Athersata yaf in to the tresour, a thousynde dragmes of gold, fifti viols, fyue hundrid and thritti cootis of prestis.

71 And of the prynces of meynees thei yauen in to the tresour of the werk, twenti thousynde dragmes of gold, and two thousynde and two hundrid besauntis of siluer.

72 And that that the residue puple yaf, twenti thousynde dragmes of gold, and two thousynde besauntis of siluer, and seuene and sixti cootis of prestis. Sotheli prestis, and dekenes, and porteris, and syngeris, and the residue puple, and Natynneis, and al Israel dwelliden in her citees.

Chapter 8 edit

1 And the seuenthe monethe `was comun vndur Esdras and Neemye; sotheli the sones of Israel weren in her cytees. And al the puple was gaderid togydere as o man, to the street which is bifor the yate of watris. And thei seiden to Esdras, the scribe, that he schulde brynge the book of the lawe of Moises, which the Lord hadde comaundid to Israel.

2 Therfor Esdras, the preest, brouyte the lawe bifor the multitude of men and of wymmen, and bifor alle that myyten vndurstonde, `in the firste day of the seuenth monethe.

3 And he redde in it opynli in the street that was bifor the yate of watris, fro the morewtid `til to myddai, in the siyt of men and of wymmen and of wise men; and the eeris of al the puple weren reisid to the book.

4 Forsothe Esdras the writere stood on the grees of tree, which he hadde maad to speke theron; and Mathatie, and Semma, and Ananye, and Vrie, and Elchie, and Maasie stoden bisidis hym at his riyt half; and Phadaie, Mysael, and Melchie, Assum, and Aseph, Dana, and Zacharie, and Mosollam stoden at the left half.

5 And Esdras openyde the book bifor al the puple; for he apperide ouer al the puple; and whanne he hadde openyd the book, al the puple stood.

6 And Esdras blesside the Lord God with greet vois; and al the puple answeride, Amen, Amen, reisynge her hondis. And thei weren bowid, and thei worschipiden God, lowli on the erthe.

7 Forsothe Josue, and Baany, and Serebie, Jamyn, Acub, Septhai, Odia, Maasie, Celitha, Ayarie, Jozabeth, Anan, Phallaie, dekenes, maden silence in the puple for to here the lawe. Sotheli the puple stood in her degree.

8 And thei redden in the book of Goddis lawe distinctli, `ether atreet, and opynli to vndurstonde; `and thei vndurstoden, whanne it was red.

9 Forsothe Neemye seide, he is Athersata, and Esdras, the preest and writere, and the dekenes, expownynge to al the puple, It is a dai halewid to `oure Lord God; nyle ye morne, and nyle ye wepe. For al the puple wepte, whanne it herde the wordis of the lawe.

10 And he seide to hem, Go ye, and `ete ye fatte thingis, and drynke ye wiyn `maad swete with hony, and sende ye partis to hem, that maden not redi to hem silf, for it is an hooli dai of the Lord; `nyle ye be sory, for the ioye of the Lord is youre strengthe.

11 Sotheli the dekenes maden silence in al the puple, and seiden, Be ye stille, for it is an hooli dai, and `nyle ye make sorewe.

12 Therfor al the puple yede for to ete, and drynke, and to sende partis, and `to make greet gladnesse; for thei vndurstoden the wordis, whiche he hadde tauyt hem.

13 And in the secound dai the princes of meynees, alle the puplis, prestis, and dekenes, weren gaderid togidere to Esdras, the writere, that he schulde expowne to hem the wordis of the lawe.

14 And thei foundun writun in the lawe, that the Lord comaundide `in the hond of Moyses, that the sones of Israel dwelle in tabernaclis in the solempne dai, in the seuenthe moneth;

15 and that thei preche, and pupplische a vois in alle her citees, and in Jerusalem; and seie, Go ye out in to the hil, and brynge ye bowis of olyue, and bowis of the faireste tree, the bowis of a myrte tree, and the braunchis of a palm tree, and the bowis of a `tree ful of wode, that tabernaclis be maad, as it is writun.

16 And al the puple yede out, and thei brouyten, and maden to hem silf tabernaclis, `ech man in `his hows roof, and in her stretis, `ether foryerdis, and in the large placis of Goddis hows, and in the street of the yate of watris, and in the street of the yate of Effraym.

17 Therfor al the chirche of hem, that camen ayen fro caytifte, made tabernaclis, and thei dwelliden in tabernaclis. For the sones of Israel hadden not do siche thingis fro the daies of Josue, sone of Nun, `til to that dai; and ful greet gladnesse was.

18 Forsothe Esdras radde in the book of Goddis lawe bi alle daies, fro the firste dai `til to the laste dai; and thei maden solempnytee bi seuene daies, and in the eiyte day thei maden a gaderyng of siluer, `bi the custom.

Chapter 9 edit

1 Forsothe in the foure and twentithe dai of this monethe, the sones of Israel camen togidere in fastyng,

2 and in sackis, and `erthe was on hem. And the seed of the sones of Israel was departid fro ech alien sone. And thei stoden bifor the Lord, and knoulechiden her synnes, and the wickidnessis of her fadris.

3 And thei risiden togidere to stonde; and thei redden in the book of the lawe of `her Lord God fouresithis in the dai, and fouresithis in the niyt; thei knoulechiden, and herieden `her Lord God.

4 Forsothe `thei risiden on the degree, of dekenes, Jesuy, and Bany, Cedynyel, Remmy, Abany, Sarabie, Bany, and Chanany.

5 And the dekenes crieden with grete vois to her Lord God. And Jesue, and Cedyniel, Bonny, Assebie, Serebie, Arabie, Odaie, Sebua, and Facaia, seiden, Rise ye, and blesse ye `youre Lord God fro without bigynnyng and til in to with outen ende; and blesse thei the hiye name of thi glorie in al blessyng and preysyng.

6 And Esdras seide, Thou thi silf, Lord, art aloone; thou madist heuene and the heuene of heuenes, and al the oost of tho heuenes; thou madist the erthe and alle thingis that ben there ynne; `thou madist the sees and alle thingis that ben in tho; and thou quikenyst alle these thingis; and the oost of heuene worschipith thee.

7 Thou thi silf art the Lord God, that chesidist Abram, and leddist hym out of the fier of Caldeis, and settidist his name Abraham;

8 and foundist his herte feithful bifor thee, and thou hast smyte with hym a boond of pees, that thou woldist yyue to hym the lond of Cananei, of Ethei, of Euey, and of Ammorrei, and of Pherezei, and of Jebuzei, and of Gergesei, that thou woldist yyue it to his seed; and thou hast fillid thi wordis, for thou art iust.

9 And thou hast seyn the turment of oure fadris in Egipt, and thou herdist the cry of hem on the reed see.

10 And thou hast youe signes and grete wondris in Farao, and in alle hise seruauntis, and in al the puple of that lond; for thou knowist, that thei diden proudli ayens oure fadris; and thou madist to thee a name, as also in this dai.

11 And thou departidist the see bifor hem, and thei passiden thorou the `myddis of the see in the drie place; forsothe thou castidist doun the pursueris of hem into depthe, as a stoon in strong watris.

12 And in a piler of cloude thou were the ledere of hem bi dai, and in a piler of fier bi nyyt, that the weie, bi which thei entriden, schulde appere to hem.

13 Also thou camest doun at the hil of Synai, and spakist with hem fro heuene, and thou yauest to hem riytful domes, and the lawe of trewthe, cerymonyes, and goode comaundementis.

14 And thou schewidist to hem an halewid sabat; and thou comaundidist `to hem comaundementis, and cerymonyes, and lawe, in the hond of Moises, thi seruaunt.

15 Also thou yauest to hem breed fro heuene in her hungur; and thou leddist out of the stoon watir to hem thirstinge; and thou seidist to hem, that thei schulden entre, and haue in possessioun the lond, on which lond thou reisidist thin hond, that thou schuldist yyue it to hem.

16 But `thei and oure fadris diden proudli, and maden hard her nollis, and herden not thi comaundementis.

17 And thei nolden here; and thei hadden not mynde of thi merueils, which thou haddist do to hem; and thei maden hard her nollis; and thei yauen the heed, that thei `weren al turned to her seruage as bi strijf; but thou art God helpful, meke, and merciful, abidynge longe, `ether pacient, and of myche merciful doyng, and forsokist not hem;

18 and sotheli whanne thei hadden maad to hem a yotun calf, as bi strijf, and hadden seid, This is thi God, that `ledde thee out of Egipt, and thei diden grete blasfemyes.

19 But thou in thi many mercyes leftist not hem in deseert; for a piler of cloude yede not awei fro hem bi the dai, that it schulde lede hem in to the weie; and a piler of fier yede not awei `fro hem bi nyyt, that it schulde schewe to hem the weie, bi which thei schulden entre.

20 And thou yauest to hem thi good Spirit, that tauyte hem; and thou forbedist not thin aungels mete fro her mouth, and thou yauest to hem water in thirst.

21 Fourti yeer thou feddist hem in deseert, and no thing failide to hem; her clothis wexiden not elde, and her feet weren not hirt.

22 And thou yauest to hem rewmes, and puplis; and thou departidist lottis, `ether eritagis, to hem, and thei hadden in possessioun the lond of Seon, and the lond of the kyng of Esebon, and the lond of Og, kyng of Basan.

23 And thou multipliedist the sones of hem, as the sterris of heuene; and thou brouytist hem to the lond, of which thou seidist to her fadris, that thei schulden entre, and holde it in possessioun.

24 And the sones of Israel camen, and hadden the lond in possessioun; and bifor hem thou madist low the dwellers of the lond, Cananeis; and thou yauest hem in to the hondis of the sones of Israel, and the kyngis of hem, and the puplis of the lond, that thei diden to hem, as it pleside hem.

25 And thei token citees maad strong, and fat erthe; and thei hadden in possessioun housis fulle of alle goodis, cisternes maad of othere men, vineris, and places of olyues, and many apple trees. And thei eeten, and weren fillid, and weren maad fat; and hadden plentee of ritchessis `in thi greet goodnesse.

26 Sotheli thei terriden thee to wrathfulnesse, and yeden awei fro thee, and castiden awei thi lawe bihynde her backis; and thei killiden thi prophetis, that witnessiden to hem, that thei schulden turne ayen to thee; and thei diden grete blasfemyes.

27 And thou yauest hem in to the hond of her enemyes; and thei turmentiden hem; and in the tyme of her tribulacioun thei crieden to thee; and thou herdist them fro heuyn, and bi thi many merciful doyngis thou yauest hem sauyours, that sauyden hem fro the hond of her enemyes.

28 And whanne thei hadden restid, thei turneden ayen to do yuel in thi siyt; and thou forsokist hem in the hond of her enemyes, and enemyes hadden hem in possessioun; and thei weren conuertid, and thei crieden to thee; forsothe thou herdist hem fro heuene, and delyueridist hem `in thi mercies in many tymes.

29 And thou witnessidist to hem, that thei schulden turne ayen to thi lawe; but thei diden proudli, and herden not thin heestis, and synneden in thi domes, whiche a man that schal do schal lyue in tho; and thei yauen the schuldre goynge awei, and thei maden hard her nol.

30 And thou drowist along many yeeris on hem, and thou witnessidist to hem in thi Spirit bi the hond of thi prophetis; and thei herden not; and thou yauest hem in to the hond of the puplis of londis.

31 But in thi mercies ful manye thou madist not hem in to wastyng, nethir thou forsokist hem; for thou art God of merciful doynges, and meke.

32 Now therfor, oure Lord God, greet God, strong, and ferdful, kepynge couenaunt and merci, turne thou not awei thi face in al the trauel that foond vs, oure kyngis, and oure princes, and oure fadris, and oure preestis, and oure profetis, and al thi puple, fro the daies of kyng Assur til to this dai.

33 And thou art iust in alle thingis, that camen on vs, for thou didist trewthe to vs; but we han do wickidli.

34 Oure kyngis, and oure princes, oure prestis, and fadris `diden not thi lawe; and thei perseyueden not thin heestis and witnessyngis, whiche thou witnessidist in hem.

35 And thei in her good rewmes, and in thi myche goodnesse, which thou yauest to hem, and in the largest lond and fat, whych thou haddist youe in the siyt of hem, serueden not thee, nether turneden ayen fro her werste studies.

36 Lo! we `vs silf ben thrallis to dai; and the lond which thou yauest to oure fadris, that thei schulden ete the breed therof, and the goodis that ben therof, `is thral; and we `vs silf ben thrallis, `ethir boonde men, in that lond.

37 And the fruytis therof ben multiplied to kyngis, whiche thou hast set on vs for oure synnes; and thei ben lordis of oure bodies, and of oure beestis, bi her wille, and we ben in greet tribulacioun.

38 Therfor on alle these thingis we `vs silf smyten and writen boond of pees, and oure princes, oure dekenes, and oure prestis aseelen.

Chapter 10 edit

1 Forsothe the seeleris weren Neemye, Athersata, the sone of Achilai,

2 and Sedechie, Saraie, Azarie, Jeremye, Phasur,

3 Amarie, Melchie,

4 Accus, Sebenye,

5 Mellucarem, Nerymuth, Oddie, Danyel,

6 Genton, Baruc, Mosollam, Abia,

7 Mianymy, Mazie, Belga, and Semeie;

8 these weren prestis.

9 Forsothe dekenes weren Josue, the sone of Azarie, Bennuy, of the sones of Ennadab,

10 Cedinyel, and hise britheren, Sethenye, Odenmye, Telita, Phalaie, Anam,

11 Myca, Roob, Asebie

12 Zaccur, Serebie, Sabanye,

13 Odias, Bany, Hamyn.

14 The heedis of the puple, Phetos, Moab, Elam,

15 Zecu, Banny, Bonny, Azgad, Bebay,

16 Donai, Bogoia, Adyn,

17 Ather, Azochie, Azur,

18 Odenye, Assuyn, Bessaie,

19 Ares, Anatoth, Nebai,

20 Methpie, Mosollam, Azir,

21 Meizabel, Sadoch, Reddua,

22 Pheltie, Ananye, Osee,

23 Anaie, Azub, Aloes,

24 Phaleam, Sobeth,

25 Reu, Asebyne, Mathsie,

26 Ethaie, Anam,

27 Mellucarem, Baana;

28 and othere of the puple, prestis, dekenes, porteris, and syngeris, Natynneis, and alle men that departiden hem silf fro the puplis of londis to the lawe of God, the wyues of hem, and `the sones of hem, and the douytris of hem;

29 alle that myyten vndurstonde, bihetynge for her britheren, the principal men of hem, `and thei that camen to biheete, and to swere, that thei schulden go in the lawe of the Lord, which he `hadde youe bi the hond of Moyses, his seruaunt, that thei schulden do and kepe alle the heestis of `oure Lord God, and hise domes, and hise cerymonyes; and that we schulden not yyue

30 oure douytris to the puple of the lond, and that we schulden not take her douytris to oure sones.

31 Also the puplis of the lond, `that bryngen in thingis set to sale, and alle thingis to vss, bi the dai of sabat, for to sille, we schulen not take of hem in the sabat, and in a dai halewid; and we schulen leeue the seuenthe yeer, and the axynge of al hond.

32 And we schulen ordeyne comaundementis `on vs, that we yyue the thridde part of a sicle `bi the yeer to the werk of `oure Lord God,

33 to the looues of settyngforth, and to the euerlastynge sacrifice, `and in to brent sacrifice euerlastynge, in sabatis, in calendis, `that is, bigynnyngis of monethis, in solempnytees, in halewid daies, and for synne, that `me preie for Israel, and in to al the vss of the hows of oure God.

34 `Therfor we senten `lottis on the offryng of trees, bitwixe prestis and dekenes and the puple, that tho schulden be brouyt in to the hows of oure God, bi the housis of oure fadris bi tymes, fro the tymes of a yeer `til to a yeer, that `tho schulden brenne on the auter of `oure Lord God, as it is writun in the lawe of Moyses;

35 and that we bringe the firste gendrid thingis of oure lond, and the firste fruytis of al fruyt of ech tree, fro yeer in to yeer,

36 in to the hows of the Lord, and the firste gendrid thingis of oure sones, and of oure beestis, as it is writun in the lawe, and the firste gendrid thingis of oure oxis, and of oure scheep, that tho be offrid in the hows of oure God, to prestis that mynystren in the hows of oure God;

37 and we schulen brynge the firste fruytis of oure metis, and of oure moiste sacrifices, and the applis of ech tre, and of vendage, and of oile, to `prestis, at the treserie of the Lord, and the tenthe part of oure lond to dekenes; thilke dekenes schulen take tithis of alle the citees of oure werkis.

38 Sotheli a prest, the sone of Aaron, schal be with the dekenes in the tithis of dekenes; and the dekenes schulen offre the tenthe part of her tithe in the hows of oure God, `at the tresorie, in the hows of tresour.

39 For the sones of Israel and the sones of Leuy schulen brynge the firste fruytis of wheete, of wiyn, and of oile; and halewid vessels schulen be there, and prestis, and syngeris, and porteris, and mynystris; and we schulen not forsake the hows of `oure God.

Chapter 11 edit

1 Forsothe the princis of the puple dwelliden in Jerusalem; the principal men dwelliden in the myddis of the puple with out lot; but the residue puple sente lot, for to take o part of ten, `whiche schulden dwelle in Jerusalem, in the hooli citee; the tenthe part of the puple is chosun for to dwelle in Jerusalem, for the citee was voide; forsothe the nyne partis dwelliden in citees.

2 Forsothe the puple blesside alle men, that profriden hem silf bi fre wille to dwelle in Jerusalem.

3 And so these ben the princes of prouynce, that dwelliden in Jerusalem, and in the citees of Juda; sothely ech man dwellide in his possessioun, in her citees of Israel, prestis, dekenes, Nathynneis, and the sones of the seruauntis of Salomon.

4 And men of the sones of Juda, and of the sones of Beniamyn dwelliden in Jerusalem; of the sones of Juda, Athaie, the sone of Aziam, sone of Zacarie, sone of Amarie, sone of Saphie, sone of Malaleel;

5 of the sones of Phares, Amasie, the sone of Baruch, the sone of Colozay, the sone of Azie, the sone of Adaie, the sone of Jozarib, the sone of Zacarie, the sone of Salonytes; alle the sones of Phares,

6 that dwelliden in Jerusalem, weren foure hundrid eiyte and sixti, stronge men.

7 Sotheli these ben the sones of Beniamyn; Sellum, the sone of Mosollam, the sone of Joedi, the sone of Sadaie, the sone of Colaie, the sone of Masie, the sone of Ethel, the sone of Saie;

8 and aftir hym Gabai, Sellai, nynti and eiyte and twenti; and Johel, the sone of Zechri, was the souereyn of hem, and Judas, the sone of Semyna, was the secounde man on the citee.

10 And of prestis; Idaie,

11 sone of Joarib, Jachyn, Saraie, the sone of Helchie, the sone of Mossollam, the sone of Sadoch, the sone of Meraioth, the sone of Achitob, `the princis of `Goddis hows,

12 and her britheren, makynge the werkis of the temple, weren eiyte hundrid and two and twenti. And Adaie, the sone of Jeroam, the sone of Pheler, the sone of Amsi, the sone of Zacarie, the sone of Phessur,

13 the sone of Melchie, and the britheren of hem, the princes of fadris, weren two hundrid and two and fourti. And Amasie, the sone of Azrihel, the sone of Azi, the sone of Mosollamoth, the sone of Semyner,

14 and her britheren, ful myyti men, weren an hundrid and eiyte and twenti; and the souereyn of hem was Zebdiel, the sone of myyty men.

15 And of dekenes; Sechenye, the sone of Azab, the sone of Azarie, the sone of Azabie, the sone of Bone, and Sabathai;

16 and Jozabed was ordened of the princes of dekenes, on alle the werkis that weren with out forth in Goddis hows.

17 And Mathanye, the sone of Mycha, the sone of Zebdai, the sone of Asaph, was prince, to herie and to knowleche in preier; and Bethechie was the secounde of hise britheren, and Abdie, the sone of Sammya, the sone of Galal, the sone of Iditum.

18 Alle the dekenes in the hooli citee, weren two hundrid and foure score and foure.

19 And the porteris, Accub, Thelmon, and the britheren of hem, that kepten the doris, weren an hundrid `and two and seuenti.

20 And othere men of Israel, prestis, and dekenes, in alle the citees of Juda, ech man in his possessioun.

21 And Natynneis, that dwelliden in Ophel, and Siacha, and Gaspha; of Natynneis.

22 And bischopis of dekenes in Jerusalem; Azi, the sone of Bany, the sone of Asabie, the sone of Mathanye, the sone of Mychee. Of the sones of Asaph, syngeris in the seruyce of Goddis hows.

23 For the comaundement of the kyng was on hem, and ordre was in syngeris bi alle daies;

24 and Aphataie, the sone of Mosezehel, of the sones of Zara, sone of Juda, in the hond of the kyng, bi ech word of the puple;

25 and in the housis bi alle the cuntreis of hem. Of the sones of Juda dwelliden in Cariatharbe, and in the vilagis therof, and in Dibon, and in the vilagis therof, and in Capseel, and in the townes therof;

26 and in Jesue, and in Molada, and in Bethpheleth,

27 and in Asersual, and in Bersabee, and in the vilagis therof;

28 and in Sicheleg, and in Mochone, and in the vilagis therof;

29 and in Remmon, and in Sara,

30 and in Jerymuth, Zonocha, Odollam, and in the townes `of tho; in Lachis, and in the cuntreis therof; in Azecha and the vilagis therof; and thei dwelliden in Bersabee `til to the valei of Ennon.

31 Forsothe the sones of Beniamyn dwelliden in Areba, Mechynas, and Aia, and Bethel and vilagis therof;

32 in Anatoth, Nob, Ananya,

33 Asor, Rama, Jethaym,

34 Adid, Soboym,

35 Nebollaloth, and in Onam, the valei of crafti men.

36 And of dekenes, `the porciouns of Juda and of Beniamyn.

Chapter 12 edit

1 Sotheli these weren prestis and dekenes, that stieden with Zorobabel, the sone of Salatiel, and with Josue; Saraie, Jeremye,

2 Esdras, Amarie, Melluch, Accus,

3 Sechenye, Reum, Merymucth,

4 Addo, Jethon, Myomyn,

5 Abia, Meldaa, Belga, Semeie, and Joarib,

6 Adaie, Sellum, Amoe, Elceia, and Jadie;

7 these weren the princes of prestis `and her britheren, in the daies of Josue.

8 Certis dekenes; Jesua, Bennuy, Cedynyel, Serabie, Juda, Mathanye, `weren ouer the ympnes, `thei and her britheren;

9 and Bezechie, and Ezanny, and the britheren of hem, ech man in his office.

10 Sotheli Josue gendride Joachym, and Joachym gendride Eliasib, and Eliasib gendride Joiada,

11 and Joiada gendride Jonathan, and Jonathan gendride Jeddaia.

12 Forsothe in the daies of Joachym weren prestis, and princis of meynees of prestis, Saraie, Amarie, Jeremye, Ananye, Esdre,

13 Mosollam, Amarie, Johannam,

14 Mylico, Jonathan, Sebenye,

15 Joseph, Aram, Edua,

16 Maraioth, Elchie, Addaie, Zacharie, Genthon,

17 Mosollam, Abie, Zecherie, Myamyn, and Moadie,

18 Phelti, Belge, Sannya, Semeie,

19 Jonathan, Joarib, Mathanye, Jodaie, Azi,

20 Sellaye, Mochebor, Helchie,

21 Asebie, Idaie, Nathanael.

22 Dekenes in the daies of Eliasib, and of Joiada, and of Jonam, and of Jedda, weren writun princes of meynees, `and prestis in the rewme of Darius of Persis.

23 The sones of Leuy, princes of meynees, weren writun in the book of wordis of daies, and `til to the daies of Jonathan, sone of Eliasib.

24 `And the princes of dekenes weren Asebie, Serebie, and Jesue, the sone of Cedynyel; and the britheren of hem bi her whiles, that thei schulden herie and knowleche bi the comaundement of kyng Dauid, the man of God, and thei schulden kepe euenli bi ordre.

25 Mathanye, and Bethbecie, and Obedie, Mosollam, Thelmon, Accub, weren keperis of the yatis, and of the porchis bifor the yatis.

26 These weren in the daies of Joachym, sone of Josue, sone of Josedech, and in the daies of Neemye, duyk, and of Esdras, the prest and writere.

27 Forsothe in the halewyng of the wal of Jerusalem thei souyten dekenes of alle her places, to bryng hem in to Jerusalem, and to make the halewyng in gladnesse, in the doyng of thankyngis, and in song, and in cymbalis, and in sautrees, and in harpis.

28 Sotheli the sones of syngeris weren gaderid bothe fro the feeldi places aboute Jerusalem, and fro the townes of Nethophati,

29 and fro the hows of Galgal, and fro the cuntreis of Gebez, and of Amanech; for syngeris hadden bildid townes to hem silf in the cumpas of Jerusalem.

30 And prestis and dekenes weren clensid, and thei clensiden the puple, and the yatis, and the wal.

31 Forsothe Y made the princes of Juda to stie on the wal, and Y ordeynede twei greete queris of men heriynge; and thei yeden to the riyt side on the wal, to the yate of the dunghil.

32 And Osaie yede aftir hem, and the half part of prynces of Juda,

33 and Azarie, Esdras, and Mosollam, Juda, and Beniamyn, and Semeye, and Jeremye `yeden aftir hem.

34 And of the sones of prestis syngynge in trumpis; Zacharie, the sone of Jonathan, the sone of Semeie, the sone of Mathanye, the sone of Machaie, the sone of Zeccur, the sone of Asaph.

35 And hise britheren; Semeie, and Azarel, Malalai, Galalai, Maai, Nathanael, and Juda, and Amany, in the instrumentis of song of Dauid, the man of God; and Esdras, the wrytere, bifor hem, in the yate of the welle.

36 And thei stieden ayens hem in the greis of the citee of Dauid, in the stiyng of the wal, on the hows of Dauid, and `til to the yate of watris at the eest.

37 And the secounde queer of men tellynge thankyngis yede euene ayens, and Y aftir hym; and the half part of the puple was on the wal, and on the tour of ouenys, and `til to the broddeste wal;

38 and on the yate of Effraym, and on the elde yate, and on the yate of fischis, and on the toure of Ananeel, and on the tour of Emath, and thei camen `til to the yate of the floc;

39 and thei stoden in the yate of kepyng. And twei queeris of men heriynge stoden in the hows of God, and Y and the half part of magistratis with me.

40 And the prestis, Eliachym, Maasie, Myamyn, Mychea, Helioneai, Zacharie, Ananye, in trumpis;

41 and Maasie, and Senea, and Eleazar, and Azi, and Johannan, and Melchia, and Elam, and Ezer; and the syngeris sungen clereli, and Jezraie, the souereyn.

42 And thei offriden in that dai grete sacrifices, and weren glad; `for God `hadde maad hem glad with grete gladnesse. But also her wyues and lawful childre weren ioiful, and the gladnesse of Jerusalem was herd fer.

43 Also thei noumbriden in that dai men ouer the keping places of tresour, to moiste sacrifices, and to the firste fruytis, and to tithis, that the princes of the citee schulden brynge in bi hem, `in the fairenesse of doyng of thankyngis, prestis and dekenes; for Juda was glad in prestis and dekenes present.

44 And thei kepten the kepyng of her God, the kepyng of clensyng; and syngeris, and porteris, bi the comaundement of Dauid and of Salomon, his sone;

45 for in the daies of Dauid and of Asaph fro the bigynnyng princes of syngeris weren ordeyned, heriyng in song, and knoulechynge to God.

46 And al Israel, in the daies of Zorobabel, and in the daies of Neemye, yauen partis to syngeris and to porteris bi alle `the daies; and thei halewiden dekenes, and the dekenes halewiden the sones of Aaron.

Chapter 13 edit

1 Forsothe in that dai it was red in the book of Moises, in heryng of the puple; and it was foundun writun ther ynne, that Amonytis and Moabitis owen not entre in to the chirche of God til in to with outen ende;

2 for thei metten not the sones of Israel with breed and watir, and thei hiriden ayens the sones of Israel Balaam, for to curse hem; and oure God turnede the cursyng in to blessyng.

3 Sotheli it was doon, whanne `thei hadden herd the lawe, thei departiden ech alien fro Israel.

4 And upon these thingis Eliasib, the prest, `was blameful, that was the souereyn in the tresorie of the hows of oure God, and was the neiybore of Tobie.

5 Therfor he made to him a grete treserie, `that is, in the hows of God; and men kepynge yiftis, and encence, and vessels, and the tithe of wheete, of wyn, and of oile, the partis of dekenes, and of syngeris, and of porteris, and the firste fruytis of prestis, `weren there bifor him.

6 Forsothe in alle these thingis Y was not in Jerusalem; for in the two and thrittithe yeer of Artaxerses, kyng of Babiloyne, Y cam to the kyng, and in the ende of daies Y preiede the kyng.

7 And Y cam in to Jerusalem, and Y vndurstood the yuel, which Eliasib hadde do to Tobie, to make to hym a tresour in the porchis of Goddis hows; and to me it semede ful yuel.

8 And Y castide forth the vessels of the hows of Tobie out of the tresorie;

9 and Y comaundide, and thei clensiden the tresories; and Y brouyte ayen there the vessels of Goddis hous, sacrifice, and encence.

10 And Y knew that the partes of dekenes weren not youun, and that ech man of the dekenes and of the syngeris, and of hem that mynystriden hadde fledde in to his cuntrei;

11 and Y dide the cause ayens magistratis, and Y seide, Whi `forsaken we the hous of God? And Y gaderide hem togidere, `that is, dekenes and mynystris `that hadden go awei, and Y made hem to stonde in her stondyngis.

12 And al Juda brouyte the tithe of wheete, of wiyn, and of oile, in to bernes.

13 And we ordeyneden on the bernes, Selemye, the prest, and Sadoch, the writere, and Phadaie, of the dekenes, and bisidis hem, Anan, the sone of Zaccur, the sone of Mathanye; for thei weren preued feithful men, and the partis of her britheren weren bitakun to hem.

14 My God, haue mynde of me for this thing, and do thou not awei my merciful doyngis, whiche Y dide in the hows of my God, and in hise cerymonyes.

15 Yn tho daies Y siy in Juda men tredinge pressours in the sabat, `men bryngynge hepis, and chargynge on assis wiyn, and grapis, and figis, and al birthun, and `bringynge in to Jerusalem in the dai of sabat; and Y witnesside to hem, that thei schulden sille in the dai, in which it was leueful to sille.

16 And men of Tire dwelliden `in it, and brouyten in fischis, and alle thingis set to sale, and thei selden `in the sabatis to the sones of Juda and of Jerusalem.

17 And Y rebuykide the principal men of Juda, and Y seide to hem, What is this yuel thing which ye doen, and maken vnhooli the daie of the sabat?

18 Whether oure fadris diden not these thingis, and oure God brouyte on vs al this yuel, and on this citee? and `ye encreessen wrathfulnesse on Israel, in defoulynge the sabat.

19 Forsothe it was doon, whanne the yatis of Jerusalem hadden restid in the dai of sabat, Y seide, Schitte ye the yatis; and thei schittiden the yatis; and I comaundide, that thei schuden not opene tho yatis til aftir the sabat. And of my children Y ordeynede noumbris on the yatis, that no man schulde brynge in a birthun in the dai of sabat.

20 And marchauntis, and men sillinge alle thingis set to sale dwelliden with out Jerusalem onys and twies.

21 And Y aresonyde hem, and Y seide to hem, Whi dwellen ye euene ayens the wal? If ye doon this the secounde tyme, Y schal sette hond on you. Therfor fro that tyme thei camen not in the sabat.

22 Also Y seide to dekenes, that thei schulden be clensid, and that thei schulden come to kepe the yatis, and to halowe the dai of sabat. And therfor for this thing, my God, haue mynde of me, and spare me bi the mychilnesse of thi merciful doyngis.

23 But also in tho daies Y siy Jewys weddinge wyues, wymmen of Azotus, and wymmen of Amonytis, and wymmen of Moabitis.

24 And her children spaken half part bi the speche of Ayotus, and kouden not speke bi the speche of Jewis, and thei spaken bi the langage of puple and of puple.

25 And Y rebuykide hem, and Y curside; and Y beet the men `of hem, and Y made hem ballid, and Y made hem to swere bi the Lord, that thei schulden not yyue her douytris to the sones of `tho aliens, and that thei schulden not take of the douytris of `tho aliens to her sones, and to hem silf;

26 and Y seide, Whether Salomon, the kyng of Israel, synnede not in siche a thing? And certis in many folkis was no kyng lijk hym, and he was loued of his God, and God settide hym kyng on al Israel, and therfor alien wymmen brouyten hym to synne.

27 Whether also we vnobedient schulden do al this grete yuel, that we trespasse ayens `oure Lord God, and wedde alien wyues?

28 Forsothe Sanabalath Horonyte hadde weddid a douyter of the sones of Joiada, sone of Eliasib, the grete prest, which Sanaballath Y droof awei fro me.

29 My Lord God, haue mynde ayens hem, that defoulen presthod, and the riyt of prestis and of dekenes. Therfor I clenside hem fro alle aliens, and I ordeynede ordris of prestis and of dekenes,

30 ech man in his seruice, and in the offring,

31 that is, dressing, of trees in tymes ordeyned, and in the firste fruytis. My God, haue mynde of me in to good.